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Found 4 results

  1. I got letter from solicitors, on behalf of Robinsons Way acting as agents for HPH (ex Barclaycard) on a debt they say originates from a legal agreement from 2004. This I believe relates to an old Egg debt, but BCard bought my Egg debt in 2011/12. I was paying Egg card small amount monthly, Egg stopped taking payments (not me defaulting) when BCard bought debt. Bcard wrote to me said I needed to change SO to their details and quote my Bcard as a reference!!! I didnt have BCard, it was an Egg card. I wrote and told them, they didnt reply, I didnt resume payments (Never made any payments to Bcard). That was in 2011/2012 not too sure of last payment date - have to scroll thru old bank statements, but never made any payments to BCard. Had various letters from Bcard, Robinson Way and other companies over the ensuing years, debt been passed off from one co to another. Now just received a Letter of Claim from solicitors saying they have legal agreement between me and original creditor (who they seem to be implying was BCard as no mention of Egg), and the date of that agreement. Said their "client" (think they mean BCard) purchased the account and it was legally assigned in July 17, Notice of Assignment sent to me - I not received! I have drafted a letter asking for a copy of the CCA, a full breakdown of the costs involved in the debt, and a copy of the Notice of Assignment. Will send recorded delivery tomorrow. I know they have 14 days to supply a legible true copy of the CCA -. My main thought is why has it taken them so long to initiate legal action if they have a good case? Any thoughts or advice please on what else I can do, Sorry for War and Peace!!
  2. Hello I am "tidying up" my credit files! In January 2007, I received a Default Notice for a Barclaycard account. A few nominal payments were made and then, since June 2007, I have been paying a regular monthly amount, without missing any payments. My credit file with Noddle shows that this account is under "an arrangement to pay" and does not show the Default. Additionally, some of the monthly entries, although showing "AR" for all months, also state that "the lender hasn't been able to give the account status for this month". The Balance History is reducing monthly, in accordance with the payments made but the Payment Amounts recorded on the file do not reflect all the monthly payments, and the Statement Balances shown are all for the same amount, the Balances do not reflect the monthly payments and the Balance History. I have raised a dispute with the CRA. Am I correct in thinking that, as I received a Default Notice in January 2007, this account really should not be shown on my credit file now? What is the best course of action to get it removed? Thanks t
  3. Egg/B'card/Marlin - I will give an overview, but may be better to just skip to the end... I had an account with Egg. 1st problem Egg took direct debit of too much and took it twice in 2 days. Complained, and I got a half hearted sorry; but it cost me bank charges so I cancelled the DD and paid by cheque from then on. Even though I was paying they harassed me and sometimes phoned me 3 times day (the staff were lovely - they thought because my name was unisex they could make weak puns and just be extremely rude to me each time they called.), even after I sent the usual 'only dealing in writing', 'don't phone me' and eventually reporting them to the police and FSO. Police and FSO did nothing calls kept coming. Work circumstances changed, and eventually I was struggling to pay. At which point, I started going through the claim back charges and CCA routine. (AS I had heard that their CCA may be invalid, not that I don't want to pay my debts, but they had harassed me and caused me so much harm, I would have been happy to see them without their money - I feel I could/should have sued them for much more.) I had printed off my agreement when I first signed up, and what they sent me was a totally different document. I used the internet 'way back engine', and they had just copy pasted a CCA from about 18 months after I had signed up and appended a screen shot of a tick box with my name next to it. I complained...then it was transferred to Barclaycard, still unresolved. Now Marlin. I replied to a letter of theirs, I had no idea it was about the Egg card. I replied with a 'prove it' - nothing. I again wrote and CC'd to trading standards and the SOA, and belatedly I got a letter with no proof, just telling me that it referred to an Egg account. I replied stating that their letter did not provide any proof, and that without that forthcoming, I would not enter into any further correspondence. I basically said that I did not know them from Adam, and as such saw no reason to give any personal details. Today I got a letter saying that they will come to visit me to 're-establish contact'. I will send the 'do not come to my property letter'. But what does this say about the situation regarding Marlin's Egg cards: do we know if they have the documentation? As I have asked for proof and they have acknowledged this and not provided any, surely they could not take me to court? Are they just fishing?
  4. Hi All Just had a letter from Barclaycard/Egg and they have upheld my complaint. This was for PPI that was added to my account when i was self employed (and also not in good health) won't bore you with all the details but i basically sent a generic complaint form from the web. They acknowledged reciept. After not hearing anything again for approx 50 days i sent a letter chasing it up and politely asking if i should go through the FOS. Got a letter of apology within 4 days requesting more time (which i granted) 2 weeks later got an offer letter together with an acceptance form. God only knows why i ever thought about using a no win no fee company for this, if I had it would of cost me £2000+ and it was a sinch even though i had no paperwork and i am pretty fick! The offer is for the refund of all my payments plus 'simple interest' the interest works out at twice the amount of the payment refund. I know that compound interest would calculate to more but finding myself in financial difficulty at the moment i have wimped out. The only down side is that they have suspended a totally differant credit card account which is a bit of a bumma and they have also demanded that they clear the balance of the previous egg card account from the awarded funds (but i would've done that anyway) One last point, i have given them 14 days to pay the funds directly in to my account, they have earnt enough interest off me by now. I informed them that if it isn't done by then i will pursue compound interest for the whole amount from day 1. Sorry if i've waffled, but hopefully the ease of which i have won will spur people on to get back what they are entitled to. All the best, Bad G
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