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Found 7 results

  1. I hired a barrister directly to deal with suing my ex-builder. The barrister thought it would be okay to talk to her friends (who also happen to be my neighbours) about my case. Apart from the fact I feel humiliated, I now feel that my case with the builder is ruined, as the details of my case could lead back to him. Can anyone tell me if it is worth pursing a legal case against the barrister over her conduct and am I likely to gain compensation for the possible loss of my other case? thanks
  2. As a self-litigant after almost seven years of ongoing PI claim for PSTD which was initially for 40k. My barrister took over my case 2years ago and elevated my claim to 90k. We had two days hearing. I prepared the bundle and delivered personally to his office a week before the date. I asked for his skeleton argument, he replied, that is my own side, I will deal with it. Hearing date the defendant barrister handed his skeleton argument to my barrister my barrister said he didn’t know he had to do one. He borrowed my Ipad and held the court for 1.5 hrs pretext of negotiating. Yes, there was negotiating but only took 5 minutes. The judge rubbish his skeleton argument and he look like idiot when he was asked to comment on the defence case law. I gave her my legal cost for 13k for her to give copy to defendant and the judge. He took it, saying not now, ‘we have not won the case yet.’ Before the hearing defendant offered 12k settlement because they believed that the case was worth 5k. My barrister said it was too low. After the first day hearing which went very bad for the defendant., I asked my barrister to push for more and reluctantly for my barrister the defendant offered 20k, my barrister said no he would get at least 40k for the claim My Barrister won his case and was awarded 5K . I quickly told him to slip my schedule of cost in for the judge to sort it out since he has not prepared one for himself instead he was cherry picking my legal cost. By reading over to the judge. Total pay with cost 7k while I have legal cost of almost 15k for this case. We are still within the week of the decision, can I re-present my cost or go after the barrister. I have waited 7years for this case .
  3. A barrister who dodged train fares for two years has been brought to justice Dr Peter Barnett, 44, was given a 16-week suspended sentence after swindling a rail company out of £5,892. Australian-born Dr Barnett, who won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, had been accused of avoiding £19,689. But his lawyer Angus Bunyan argued successfully that the figure – based on the full single fare for each dodged journey – was too high. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/609167/Barrister-fare-dodger-two-years-sentenced-court http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/569758/Lawyer-prison-rail-fare?_ga=1.49340771.450238813.1443865536
  4. Hi, I recently had costs awarded against me at a PHR. I had not been expecting this. I am picking up the pieces now after the shock of it all. A good friend referred me to this forum and to some recent posts about costs, in particular the fact that the employer is not allowed to charge more than £33 ph for preparing for the hearing. Mine charged £110 ph - this was not challenged by the judge. They also included external solicitor's costs on top. If I apply the £33 limit it works out that I will be paying more in costs than the employer was allowed to claim for. I am incensed by this! What can I do?
  5. I’m a carer to a wheelchair user with whom I attended court with as a witness two weeks ago. Whilst at court, I witnessed the claimant’s barrister and solicitor withhold new evidence before and during a high court hearing and The evidence was then handed to the court after judgment was given. I have no doubt this led to an unsafe judgment against the Defendant. I believe that the claimant’s representatives misled the court and interfered with the administration of justice. How do I go about reporting this and to whom?
  6. I have been self representing myself for a sex/race/disability discrimination and unfair discrimination case. We have had a total of 8 hearings with the 9th one imminent. The respondents hve done all the usual tactics which despite my protest were ignored by the judge and they would have discussions about the merit of the case as if I was not in the room. I was not allowed to cross examine my ex boss over the claims made in his witness statement, and it has felt throughout that the judge had made up his mind about the case from the onset. To add insult to injury at the last hearing the Respondents Barrister encouraged by their seemingly closeness asked the Judge for a job reference at the tail end of the hearing and the Judge agreed to give it to him advising him to send the request to him and mark it private and confidential. Is this allowed? I have had four different people attend the hearing with me and they have all questioned the partiality of the Judge. Is there something I can do?
  7. Hi there, I would like some advice regarding a complaint about a barrister whom represented me at my ET hearing yet did so very badly in fact to my detriment, I would have been better off representing my own case and been a couple of grand better off. I have already made a complaint to the chambers who have denied everything and obviously this is very hard for me to prove as they have all their notes and I have very little in the way of evidence apart from my own factual recollections and my partner's recollections of the day. Is there any hope in perusing this or is it flogging a dead horse? sorry for the rant just frustrated. BB
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