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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, Just had a quick read of the other threads but haven't found anyone in this exact situation. Background: I signed up to Bannatynes back in Nov 18. Living in Edinburgh and starting a new job in Livingston (right next to the Bannatynes) I was delighted to find that both gyms were in the same "tier" for cross usage. I was given the tour by the membership girl who told me all about this and advised me to sign up online (weird? they're usually very pushy to get you to sign there and then). When I went to do so I noticed that it was £3-4 cheaper per month to sign up at Edinb
  2. Hi, I am having a problem with Bannatynes in Crewe and a debt collector called ARCEurope. I was a former member at Bannatynes and they are claiming I owe them money (£77.31), hence the debt collector who has been in touch. I have attached some documents for you to look at. Do I cough up the money or do I stand my ground? I would appreciate some advice on what to do. Thanks Bannatynes complaint.pdf
  3. Hi, Never done one on these before so not sure how to begin. I joined Bannatyne's on a 12 month contract for the gym I think I may have been 6 months within my contract and then due to relocation I wanted to cancel my contract. I sent bannatynes an email on the 16th April expressing I was relocating therefore out of courtesy I would make one final payment in May of £35 and cancel my direct debit. I had an email saying I could freeze my account or pass my membership on, but no one wants to buy a contract for a gym from someone & I was in no position to freeze
  4. I informed (in writing) my local Bannatynes gym I was leaving. I was under the impression that under the new OFT ruling the cancellation period was 30 days. This would have meant my contract ended on 14 February. However I received a letter from Bannatynes informing me my membership would not end until 28th February as its 30 calendar days. When I called Bannatynes they explained this was in my contract. I'm sure I have the contract somewhere so I haven't checked yet but surely any ruling would supercede this? I know it's only 14 days but I've already made plans to join another gym o
  5. I have been trying to join Bannatynes for a while, myself and my wife are keen to sign up on a joint membership in the Dunfermline gym. We have been asked to pay 100 pounds a month for on peak in total for a joint membership, this is an awful lot of money and I don't see how Bannatynes can justify this amount in the current climate and id be surprised if many if any sign up on those terms!. Off peak is not an option which im sure is the case for 90% of working families! Is there anything you can do to challenge this ridiculous monthly fee?, has anyone else been asked to pay such a
  6. HI can anyone tell me how i go about cancelling bannatynes membership. who do i email or write to, i was given an email address which is for my gym, or they said i could either write a letter and bring it to them, i thought maybe i had to write to head office or email head office. Dont really trust those workers at the gym might not do what they say they will. Or am i doomed and have to go through the gym im joined too. Im aware of the 9 month thing and will have to still pay for another 3 months and by reading some posts. I actually wanna get the letter in before the end of t
  7. Hi, Can someone please help me with cancelling memberships with Bannatynes which I feel I have been mis-sold. The reason I feel this is because when we went in for the intial chat and look around, I specifically asked: 1. Are the childrens clubs full ? (this is a huge thing for me as I didnt want to be paying £12.50 per month for my 5yr old daughter is going to be alone) I was told "yes, they are really popular" 2. Are there any inflatables in the pool for my child? I was told.... "no, but you are more than welcome to bring your own" 3. So, we can attend anytime at the wee
  8. Hello All, Back in October, I joined the local Bannatyne's Gym for the reasons people usually join gyms. I thought I'd be fine to pay the £37 charge for the 6 month contract. Sadly in December, my hours at work were cut and so the gym was the first thing to go. Since then, Bannatyne's have sent me two letters asking for the money, which I accept they are fully owed and I am fully prepared to pay. My only issue is, I cannot pay the whole amount upfront. Does anyone know if Bannatyne's accept payment plans? I have drafted them a letter explaining my circumstances and offering to p
  9. Hi there Here's a summary of my situation: - Joined Bannatynes in 2008, 12-Month Contract. £39/month for Multi-Gym Membership (Base gym in Skelmersdale) - Moved to Manchester in 2010. Started to use the Manchester gym which was fine under my multi-gymmembership. - As it wasn't my base gym I had to sign in everyday which took about 10 mins as they also had to call skelmersdale to verify my account - I did this for a long time as they wouldn't let me transfer to the manchester gym even though it was the only one I was now using - I told the guys in manchester and s
  10. HI Help rquired please. Having stopped using the club due to money trouble, we have now received an invoice for £600! from Bannatynes, staing that this is as per terms of the agreement. I looked at my agreement and there is no amounts on the invoice, or that the remainder of the membership would become due? I have no idea what the amount relates to. Can you help as they have stated breach of contact? Help please as im not sure how they can charge me £600 for services I havent used? help me please thanks Le
  11. I am thinking about sending this letter to Bannatynes as they are threatening to take me to court. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. Without prejuice : I am writing to express how very disappointed I am with your company. I feel you have failed to address my complaints, and your use of heavy handed collection techniques which I believe have no place in the business of dealing with consumers, as stated in the unfair contract term act 1977. I feel no contract has been broken myself, as I have signed no contract with you. so no terms and conditions were told to me. I believ
  12. Hi, I started a 12 month contract with bannatynes on the 20th sep 2011. I want to cancel my account ASAP but not sure how to do it after hearing of peoples 'lost' letters ect. So I have a few questions. what information do I need to put in the letter other than my name and cancellation message where do I send the letter/can I just hand it into my local ranch How can I avoid them saying they lost my letter thanks,
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