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Found 20 results

  1. Name of Claimant: Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd re Lowell Finance Ltd Documents and payments send to: Bryan Carter Solicitors. Date of Issue: 23 May 2014 What is claim for: This claim is for 800 the amount due under an agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and /or services and/or goods. This debt was assigned to/purchased by Lowell Portfolio on XX 07 2013 and notice served pursuant to the law of property act 1925. Particulars Lloyds A/C No xxxxxxxxxxx And the claimant claims 800. The claimant also claims interest pursua
  2. Afternoon, Back in 1999 I purchased two items, a TV & a Hifi (on separate occasions) from Dixons on higher purchase over 48 months, on each loan. At the time I was a student with a job, and I wasn't informed about PPI being applied to the loan. It only came to my knowledge recently when rummaging through old paperwork, whilst clearing out my old room at my parents house. I have the account number for the TV loan (taken from a payment book) but nothing else. For the Hifi I have the account number, the credit agreement with amounts and printed on X in the Credi
  3. Help! To cut a long story short, I am so useless when it comes to getting back bank charges and it is not as easy as I thought it would be! I currently get Income Support, Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit into my bank account, this is ALL that's goes into my account. I heard that because of it being a benefit the banks can not legally take it from my account, I have seen a few stories where no judgement was made and Barclays refunded, so I gave it ago. On the phone the lady actually lied to me and told me they treat all their customers the same, if they
  4. I claimed bank charges to Barclays 2007, small claims I received a Court date but it was stayed. What do you do with this, I have had no communication regarding this with Barclays or the Court .
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general so please forgive any lack of etiquette. I am in very serious trouble and have been for years, and will shortly be going bankrupt and making myself homeless in order to get out of it. With what i'm reading and hearing, I may have cases to bring which I've decided to look into before going Bankrupt. I'll try to be as brief as possible. Below is a list of what i have going on and my comments & questions. I appreciate any assistance or advice for any of it. My problems stem from setting up my own business and it subsequently failing in th
  6. Hi kaz320, I have just written out a long winded message detailing where I am upto, only to be told I don't have a high enough score to send it to you and then it was lost. Pretty infuriating but there you go. I have an interest-only mortgage with Spml/ascenden/capstone. it was sold to me by a broker in 2005 for 92k. it now stands at 98k. What can you tell me about mis-selling of mortgages of this type? Do you know of cases that have been successful? How do I go about it? I am going to be chasing them for charges also, but this is a s
  7. In September 2012 my 20 year old daughter stopped using her Santander account on a regular basis, as, after a short period of self-employment, her circumstances had changed and she was now living on a budget, paying cash for everything. She had two months’ of direct debits still to come out of the Santander account and a £100 payment (loan repayment from a friend) that was due to go into the account would have covered that, so she assumed it was OK simply to leave her account unmonitored as she thought all would be covered. She’s temporarily living away from home, so didn’t see her ban
  8. So I approached Cap One prior to xmas with a claim on PPI misselling, I reckoned about £100 + interest + 8%, they've offered £90+interest+8%, close enough as not to matter. I have checked all of the statements for this account and there is about £400 in late charges and overlimit charges, ranging from £15, £18 and £20 and dated as far back as 2004. Question: given that this card is long closed and settled, would it be prudent to accept the PPI offer and then go after the charges refund once the cheque has cleared, would they be likely to concede charges as easily as they have PPI?
  9. Hi my mortgage was with gmac from 2001 to 2009 hit with dd charges and late paments 50 pounds a month these were added to mortgage arrears i calculated at least £3500 in charges what can i claim back plus interest
  10. I have read of many individuals considering attempting to recover mortgage arrears charges and I have read the FSA's statements on the subject but I have never read of anyone successfully recovering a meaningful amount of mortgage arrears charges back. Have you?
  11. Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me. I have had quite a number of credit cards and loans in the past whilst trying to pay off student debt and haven't got the details as when I closed or settled the accounts I shredded the documnets. I am getting lost in the procedure and the more guides I read the more confused I seem to be getting. I don't know whether some of the cards are worth persuing or whether to forget about them and keep my £10 for SAR's etc. Some are quite old. I have opened an Experian account to view details but not all the cards I had have appeared and I wondered wh
  12. Hi all, Need some help with my barclays account, which I have held for years like many of you from what I have read so far. I am in a spiral of reserve fee charges, and overdraft debt. My wages go in each month pay all the bills, then the charges, interest account fee, etc, come out and I am straight back in the the reserve amount and incurring charges to be paid out the following month..it's a never ending circle. I do not want to count how many reserve charge letters I have received but I could easily pay off my 1800 overdraft and some, with what they equal . I phoned barc
  13. Hello Everyone I would like to share my terrible experience with you all... HSBC and then the Ombudsman.... My concern started in October 2009... personally I am a Financial Analyst and decided to invest some money in a HSBC Invest Direct (share dealing) account, which is DD to my HSBC Plus account, which means I have got 2 different contract with HSBC. I made quite few thousands in couple of years... In October 2009 unfortunately I was diagnoised with swine flu and could not manage to get out of the bed, in the meanwhile few days before couple of my orders were executed and
  14. Hi Hope someone may have some ideas on this. My husband took out a business loan in around 2003 with HSBC. He had a business account and personal account with them for a few years already. The business got into difficulty at the end of 2004 and he had charge after charge on his business account and overdraft. All the accounts were shut mid 2005 and refered to debt collection solicitors D and G who deal with HSBC the total debt including hundreds of charges was about 20k. We had an agreement to pay 400 a month which was tough but we kept it up. We then went th
  15. Hey Everybody I've been lurking on this wonderful forum for a couple of months now reading up on as much as possible whilst familiarising myself with knowledge through the conversatoins being carried out here - phew. I'm kinda stuck now but here's where I'm at: I sent my SAR's letter mid December and received all my statements first week in January. I'm now in the middle of completing Mindzai's easy-to-follow spreadsheet and looking to claim contractual compound interest at 29.84%. I have a Royalties Premier account. I selected Minzai's contractual daily rate sheet as
  16. Hi all, I'm just about to leave Santander (Metro Bank - in case you're curious). However, they have hammered the final nail into their coffin this month. The month before last I received some (fair) bank charges for going over my limit -about £35. Santander took these out on circa 16th of the month, at which point there was no money in my account - thus I went overdrawn. The next month they charged me - again - for going overdrawn, when my bank charges were taken out (no other occasions). I seem to recall it being against policy for a bank to 'charge for ch
  17. Hello all. I have been reading this forum for a while with great interest and gleaned some extremely useful information. I currently have a problem and I would be grateful for some advice. During 2002 bought £950 worth of items from a store on 1 years interest free credit. I didn't pay the balance within a year so it became a storecard with Clydesdale Financial Services (CFS). I kept the account in good order for a while but got into financial difficulty. CFS responded by placing charges on the account of between £20-£35 a time for sending out late payment letters (sometimes thre
  18. I am thinking of taking a few credit card banks to court because my complaint to each has not been settled as the bank is unwilling to offer a refund to me. I have been requesting information such as breakdown, agreement, assignment etc under CPR but the bank in each case will not send anything and I get the standard 'your complaint has not been upheld' letters again and again. Should I issue proceedings but tell the court I need information from the bank before I can fully particularise my claim? Or can I ask the court to make an order for the bank to provide me with the reques
  19. Hi all, I'd be really grateful if anyone could please explain this one to me, I don't understand it. I received a letter from Ashurst LLP dated 17th December regarding the bank charges test case, and telling me that Alliance & Leicester's business has been transferred to Santander. It goes on to the findings of the test case, and that the OFT would not continue its investigation into the fairness of the charges. It then says that many of the complaints are in template form, and are often not particularised, and goes on 'All of the complaints (which have been on hold pursuant to t
  20. I hope this isn't inappropriate but I have been an ardent follower of CAG for years and have on a number of occasions referenced the site to gain information on how to proceed against banks and even again the inland revenue. So far I have won all four of my cases. I am not quite sure if posting links to other sites would constitute spam aunder the sites rules but I am hoping that the members and those who run the CAG site will be behind me on this. I have started a cause online in regards to Unfair Bank Charges: Opt-in to prevent exceeding overdraft limits. Effectively, I am at
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