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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I purchased two hot air balloon flights in 2015. Due to weather conditions the flights I booked and subsequently booked were cancelled - this happened 4 times. The person I purchased the tickets for is now pregnant so cannot fly so I have asked for a refund. I have been refused any refund and it is in the t&c's that the vouchers are non refundable. Would I have any chance of success challenging this in county court citing the consumer rights act 2015 - unfair terms in a consumer contract provision? I have paid £204.00 and not received a service. Thanks
  2. after 12 months of trying to book our balloon flight - it was booked, on my calendar for tomorrow. With all the stress and disruption the last few weeks have brought - I had put the wrong date down! It should have been today! The weather was awful this morning, extremely cold and freezing and guess what - the flight actually happened! All the beautiful days we had it booked on and it didn't go -- Paul even taking time off work on a couple of occasions. Rang VirginBalloons this morning to be told to ring back after mid-day - to be told tough - you missed it! You can pay another £80 each to book another date! disgusted Virgin Balloons no heart! and guess what - even Tom at Virgin said he was surprised the flight went ahead as most others had been cancelled. Sums up everything! * to expand a little further - my mother has just had two heart attacks since the beginning of October and with my sister, I am helping with her care, This has been extremely stressful - as she has been in hospital twice and sent home quite unwell. Normally I am very good with administration and keeping records of appointment/meetings/important dates.
  3. Hi All HELP! Following a court order we have been paying £325 monthly for last 14 months. A balloon payment of £4275 is now outstanding. In total, so far we have paid £11,500 for this car. I contacted the solicitor (acting on behalf of Alfa Romeo Finance) who we have been making these payments to and requested that we continue with our current arrangement. We do not have the outstanding balance. They are unwilling to negotiate and say unless they receive all money owed the car will be taken. We have dealt with this firm before as they originally pursued court action - in spite of all our efforts to make an arrangement regarding arrears. The lady I spoke with was unmoved by my pleading and was aggressive/intimidating. The car has been valued at £4000. We cannot be without the car as its needed for work, school runs etc. We cannot get credit and have been struggling to meet all our financial obligations. So selling the car leaves a shortfall and letting them take the car leaves us without transport I was advised (online) to request an amendment to the court order? However, I think they can take the car regardless? The outstanding balance is due May 31st!! I naively thought we could negotiate with them. I contacted the solicitor today and pleaded for them to give us until next Fri to find the money - they were noncommittal and said they need to discuss with creditor to see if this is acceptable. Stressed out and worried sick!! Anyone please please can you advise me what do do?
  4. Hi All First time on this - can anyone help me . I have the last of a 48 payment agreement next week and then a balloon payment is required within 7 days , think I will have problems raising cash due to tax bill - car is registered in my name but their letter is threatening repossession if the payment is not with them within the 7 days. Not an approachable company who have constantly threatened repossession throughout the 4 years if payment 1 day late. Any advise would be fabulous sleepless nights as need car for job !
  5. Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having with Virgin and the poor service I've received from them? I read lillboy's previous thread about them in the hunt for information and my situation is similar but there's a difference which I think may be important. I did not purchase the vouchers from Virgin, I bought them in CostCo in September 2009 (just under 18 months ago). I think this is important as I did not agree to any terms and conditions as you would be subjected to if you bought them from their site? As I have come to find out by myself and other upset customers, booking a flight is difficult at best, and is troublesome for us as we also have to arrange childcare for our son and arrange time off work, etc. Every time I tried to book a flight there were no slots available or available slots were at inconvenient times for us. Since I bought the tickets we have got engaged and will be married in May this year. I thought it would be a great idea to try to use the vouchers while we are on our honeymoon which we are taking in the UK. This is where my troubles begin... As I understood it when I bought the tickets they were valid for 18 months from the date of purchase (as opposed to 12 months for the vouchers purchased on the site) and this was confirmed to me by a guy I spoke to at their call centre. However there is an expiry date printed on the ticket which I did not notice which says the 1st of February 2011. I questioned how they could justify an expiry date on a service which is still running and he told me it was so they could keep track of how busy they are likely to be. I asked him about the 18 month validity period further and he advised me to write to the customer services manager, which I did by email. I received a reply stating there was nothing she could do and if I wanted to I could take them up on their 'generous offer' of buying two more tickets at a fantastic discounted rate of £80 each. Given that I didn't specifically accept their terms and conditions and I am still within 18 months of purchase, do I have a leg to stand on, or have I wasted the best part of £250? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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