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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My son moved back in with me in 2012, due to him repeatedly stealing from me I had to tell him to leave my house forever a couple of weeks ago and subsequently changed the locks. When attempting to clean his bedroom amongst various disgusting things i discovered many letter's from debt recovery companies and bailiffs plus receipts from Cash Convertors. After collating these it appears there are 12 (is that a record) debt collectors chasing him for money, these debt's cover thing's such as payday loans, mobile phone bills, bank overdrafts, goods and a parking fine (bailiffs). The total outstanding amounts add up to approx £4k. Since he left I have returned every letter addressed to him, unopened as no longer living at this address. Last week when I was out the bailiffs visited to take my son's car, which was obviously not here and saying they would now get an order to remove goods from my house to sell at auction. I am now terrified that they will come and take my property. I have little money and not much of value (except for the house itself). Probably the most valuable goods for resale are my laptop and tv, it gets worse as both these items were bought online under his name (we have different christian names but the same initial, as at the time of the purchases he worked for a major retailer and I used his staff discount car number though I paid with my debit card. Other things such as my golf clubs/fishing gear have been accumulated or given to me over the years, so no receipts. Do they have the legal right to seize any of my property because my son lived here at the time these debts were incurred. In regard to my son he is 23 he neither has a job or signs on. The only thing he has left of value is his car, his tv(£50) and 2 gold rings(£70) are both with cash convertors. I have no idea where he is living/in hiding. He is a drug addict and from the discoveries in his room his only sources of income are as a small time drug pusher, to his friends, and stealing from my 83 year old mum who is housebound and has Alzheimers. This has all left me feeling mentally and physically drained and paranoid to the point I will not answer the door or phone and sit in darkness, so any help or advice anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I hope somebody can help with my situation. I have received an email from Goodwillie & Corcoran saying that I owe them money from an old council tax debt. This debt was incurred over 2 years ago when I was in a previous relationship. From the breakdown of charges, which I requested from them, the total debt in the beginning was £225, there are now added fees totaling £182 on top, less £88 my ex had paid, therefore £319. I have never received any liability orders from the council and a bailiff has never visited any property I have lived at, but I was aware of the original debt. I therefore have a few questions: 1. can the bailiff claim those fees from me as they had never visited me? 2. Are those charges excessive, given the amount of the original debt? 3. Can a bailiff even claim anything from me personally as I had never received the liability notice? 4. If the council do take the debt back and cut out the bailiffs, is the amount due £225 less £88? The breakdown of the fees are: Visit Fee 1 - £24.50 Visit Fee 2 - £18.00 Levy Fee - £29.50 Attendance Fee - £102 Debit Card Fees (£2 x4) - £8 I cannot find any information online about what a levy fee is As an FYI - I had agreed with my ex she would settle this debt as I had cleared all the others when we split, and this one popped up a couple of months after the time. When she told me it had gone to bailiffs I agreed to pay my half and had wired her over £100 already before becoming suspicious and asking for a breakdown of what was left. She has now done a runner, hence why I guess the bailiffs are turning their attention to me. Please help Thanks in advance Chris
  3. Being new here, I will do my best to get the detail to you. I have no debts, judgements, or other oustanding items. I named my first born after me, some 27 years ago. He moved out of my home in Sept this year. I found a flyer in my letter box "REMOVAL 5pm TODAY" dated 20th Nov. The bailiffs buzzed on my garden entrance intercom on 21st Nov.(3pm) He said he had clamped my car and wanted £495ish or would remove it. I told him that it was my car and I was not the person he was looking for. He was rude, beligerant and somewhat threatening because he thought I was lying. I called the police and after some time an officer turned up to stop any "breach of the peace" The bailiff had no interest in my explanation of what the true circumstances were. The officer entered my house, checked all my documentation and was wholly satisfied that I was indeed the owner of the vehicle, and that my son was indeed the debtor. He relayed all those facts to the bailiff, and was perplexed at the bailiffs stance that he intended to leave my vehicle clamped. The officer felt that he had no power to act and suggested I ring the council, which I did. They saw that there indeed there could be an issue and I am led to believe they contacted Jacobs Bailiffs. After phone calls to and fro (me & council / me & Jacobs ) the bailiff left, leaving my car clamped and it was clamped for 24 hours before they came to release it. Because it was clamped in front of my garage, my wifes car was also unavailable. I have processed a Form 4 complaint. Do you think I have a valid case. There are two issues here. The wrongful clamping and the excessive and I believe illegal fees that they are attempting to charge my son. At this point I am only trying to deal with the clamping issue. I have never been in debt in my life and they treat me like a common criminal.
  4. I urgently need advice, in April 08 I made a verbal agreement with the owner of a boatyard to rent ground for my 2 containers & narrowboat we agreed a figure of 65 pounds a week, I made numerous unsuccessful attempts to gain a rent book or any form of agreement, he always deferred the matter, at no time have I signed anything I attended my container 31/10/12 to find the owner with a bailiff who had a warrant for 6,700 pounds If I don`t pay this amount by the 7 Nov , he intends to distrain my containers & narrowboat, they are going on the assumption that I still own the boat, it was sold some months ago, the new owner returns to this country on 4/11/12 I will inform him on the matter ASAP, I have checked my bank & have paid him 11,000 pounds in standing orders other payments into his various bank accounts and some payments were made by foolishly giving him cash in hand & therefore unrecorded he denies he was ever paid this way the owner is alcoholic and appeared regulary intoxicated and sometimes in a state of in continence, I have always found him intimidating. The owner has not issued me with a default notice or any type of breakdown as to how he has arrived at these totals or that he intended to hand the matter over to bailiffs he has also barred me from entering the yard without him being there, can he do that?, can they take property not belonging to me i.e. the narrowboat? can they take my containers & van?, are these exempt as they are my tools, I am sick with worry can anyone help S.O.S.
  5. Hi Guys, This is my first time on here, and i was wondering if someone could help me!! I received a letter from the commonly know Marston Group bailiffs demanding £883.34 Offence: Keep a vehicle without a valid vehicle Licence 14/06/2011 letter reads: 'we are in possession of a Magistrates Court Order as a consequence of non payment of the above amount. We are instructed to demand immediate payment in FULL from you. We must inform you that unless the TOTAL sum due is paid into out office within 7 days of the date of this letter;our bailiffs will attend to levy distress and remove your goods for the sale by PUBLIC AUCTION. This action will involve a minimum further cost of £215!!' Now i understand that i was in the wrong for my offence hence pleading guilty at the time in the magistrates court. At the time i agreed to pay a sum of £50 per month to clear this debt which then decreased to £30 per month with the help of the fines officer at the court. i had made payments until i think 3 months ago. i had not received any notice or letter about missed payments at the time. I also became unemployed and i was and still continuing to look for work so the £30 per month payment slipped my mind and secondly i could not have able to afford it in the first place. so im guessing its my fault not informing the court of my change of circumstances but like i said that completely slipped my mind as i was on frantic search for new work. As it stands i am currently staying in my friends house for which i am lucky enough not to pay rent, she is of the opposite sex (female). most of belongings are in the second bedroom which actually looks like an office. i also own a vehicle which is parked outside of the property. i am afraid if i loose the vehicle then i will be doomed as my line of work (when i get a job) requires me to travel i would say its the most valuable thing i have in my possession apart from my clothes. I am not sure what to do next , what if they come to the door demanding payment?? there is no way i can pay for this at all. should i contact the court or call the bailiffs so that they do not come to the house. i am also afraid that they will things in the house that do not belong to me ( how do i prove that?) IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS WILLING TO GIVE ME SOME ADVICE PLEASE HELP AS I AM VERY AFRAID AND CLUELESS AS TO WHAT I DO NEXT. Thank you in advance
  6. Hi I am new to this forum and am having trouble with bailiffs. I stupidly allowed bailiffs into my home on two separate occasions and received a levy on household goods against council tax debts. They levied the same goods on three different liability orders and I think this is incorrect. Does anyone know if this procedure is right.
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