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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to have a solid defining answer on this matter please. I thank you in advance for any light you can shed on what seems to be a conflicting issue across the net. I recently received a 'Notice Of Enforcement' letter from Collectica because I defaulted on my payments to the Magistrates court of an initial TV license fine of £207 of which £87 is outstanding. The court has now passed the debt on to Collectica who want a £75 compliance fee. I rang the court to pay in full a settle said debt. They refused or rather said that any money paid to them would be passed on to Collecti
  2. Brief history as follows: Last June, we had some outstanding council tax arrears which we subsequently paid direct to the council, minus excessive bailiff fees (at the time, well over £800!). Shortly after we paid the council, we woke to find wife's car clamped in our driveway. Car was then towed last July and stored until we received a "notice of sale" this June. The notice of sale showed the debt bailiffs were chasing was approx £500 in fees, £200 storage. And the £1100 car was shown as worth only £150 ahead of auction! Heard nothing since, assuming they had sold the
  3. Hi all, I hope somebody can help with my situation. I have received an email from Goodwillie & Corcoran saying that I owe them money from an old council tax debt. This debt was incurred over 2 years ago when I was in a previous relationship. From the breakdown of charges, which I requested from them, the total debt in the beginning was £225, there are now added fees totaling £182 on top, less £88 my ex had paid, therefore £319. I have never received any liability orders from the council and a bailiff has never visited any property I have lived at, but I was aware of the
  4. My partner built up a lot of outstanding CT in 2011 and had a visit from a man from Bristow and Sutor and agreed to make monthly payments of £65. They sent her a DD mandate which she gave to the bank and payments were took every month no problem. about a month after the last payment went a letter was posted while she was out they had visited to remove goods or take payment of £200. it seems the DD Mandate they gave us was a month short. Then we had a visit from them, I said she wouldn't be paying and we had wrote to their office, the bailiff shouted loudly tr
  5. Hi I am new to this forum so not too sure if this is posted in the correct place or not? This morning just about to take the kids to school when I noticed a big yellow clamp on my husbands van which was parked on our driveway. Sign in the window gave us a telephone number to contact which we did. The bailiffs said it was for an unpaid PCN issued to us more that 12 months ago. We were not aware of this PCN nor have we received any of the 5 letters they said we had been sent. The bailiffs returned within 5 minutes to issue us with the paperwork. We asked why they had not knock
  6. I have had a letter from Sherforce which includes their fees which are massive, about 2K. I have had a copy of the regulations that they say is related to certain fees and most of their fees are under "section 12 Miscellanious" does anyone know what this is. Also they are charging me for services that they have not carried out. Please help.
  7. Unfair Bailiff Charges Help Reclaim- Penalty Charge Notice Please Could some one help me with reclaiming unfair bailiff charges The Story: 1) I had a penalty charge notice with Haringey Council which was disputed. 2) I made representations to Haringey Council and did not receive rejection notice in connection with the Penalty Charge Notice. 3) I then filled out a Witness Statement for unpaid penalty charge notice- form TE9, stating that i had made representations within 28 days of service of notice but did not receive a rejection notice, this was done on 20.02.2012.
  8. I'm new to the site but just came across and need some advice. I'm one thats usually very good with finances so this is all new and scary to me. Anyway, about 3 months ago I received a parking ticket, I didn't pay it as I was disputing it due to it being a bank holiday. The rejected my claim but stated I could dispute again, however, due to new job and finishing uni (excuses) I just kept putting it off. The original fine was around £70 and then went to £112. Anyway still putting it off I received a letter from Equita. I barely read it and stuffed it in a draw to deal with the ne
  9. Hi everyone, A friend of mine is being hassled by Phoenix Collections regarding some arrears on a council tax bill, and I've volunteered to help her out. In a nutshell, she ended up 2 months behind with her council tax, which totalled £267. The council passed it onto Phoenix to collect on, they got in touch with her, and she agreed to pay it, which they said the balance associated was 259.50, at £50 a month (phoenix1.pdf). She cleared £200 of it, but missed a payment in September, and they're now demanding the remaining balance - which has jumped to £285.50, regardless o
  10. I was charged for a phantom visit by Marston, enabling them to charge for a second visit and an attendance fee boosting the day's taking by about £280. I can prove that they didn't visit on the first date and have told them so. They claim to have fully investigated the case and conclude that the first visit did indeed occur (which we know didn't). Now I have asked them to provide evidence and guess what, it's gone silent! This is clearly a case of fraud by a thug with the clipboard. TfL have confirmed that once the debt is passed on to Marston it is no longer their responsibility.
  11. Hi there, Don't know if anyone can help. I had a really distressing situation today and wondered if anyone could shed any light as to what the bailiffs can/can't do and if he behaved correctly. Bailiff called, I answered the door to "I have a warrant in my possession and i have come to collect goods from your home to the amount owed." I had remembered I owed a parking fine and was really angry with myself for not sorting it out. The bailiff then demanded I pay him £412. I was astounded! I asked him how I owed £412. He read off of a felt tipped sheet. I asked for a piece of paper with
  12. I have been told that a bailiff should not take assets unless they are valuable enough to pay off a significant part of the bill. What they should do - I am told - in such a case is write to the creditor saying there are insufficient goods. Is that correct and if so what is the backing/law/legal case for it? A bailiff visited the premises and agreed that payment will be acceptable by the end of July. He insisted on taking a walking possession order. However, there are no assets of any value. About £200 was the estimate of the attending bailiff and assets are worth £400 at the most. The on
  13. Hello all, A bit of a lapsed member here; thankfully since the days of my bank charges claim I've had little cause to call upon the help and assistance of the good and kind members here. Anyhow, I've recently had a bit of a run in with Equita bailiffs regarding their efforts to chase an old council tax bill. Soon after the BAILIFF visit I contacted the council directly and settled my outstanding debt to them. Equita have however continued to attempt to pursue their own charges, and I even had a bit of a run in with one of them in the street who was claiming to attending
  14. Hey all, help needed URGENTLY! Yesterday, I found my car had been clamped outside. I phoned the number and the guy on the phone said he clamped it as we have a 2year old parking fine unpaid via the council! I visited the council letting them know that we were never aware of being issued a fine - if there is one I would pay it (fine was £80). The said that as fine so old I have to deal direct with clamper who wants £650! IfI dont pay by 11am, they tow my car and charge £200 for doing so -plus £45 a dy costs. I knew nothing of the £80 fine, and simply cannot afford this! What c
  15. Hi CAGgers My first post. Two wrongs :- 1. My brother had his work van ticketed in an area parking wardens are not allowed to enter. 2. His truck taken away from outside his house by alleged bailiffs who now demand £1100 to resolve it. He was doing major gas pipe work on the main road and had coned off a section of the road for health & safety reasons and to park his van within. A council parking warden entered the coned area and put a parking ticket on his van. He tells me his van, although his, was exempt from parking tickets as the company he wor
  16. hi Few months ago we received a letter from Equita that we own around £500 for unpaid council tax. I paid full amount same day but on the council website. Two weeks later the bailiff came to our flat and because my younger brother was not aware of that he let him in.He called me and I was trying to explain that we paid everything and we don't want pay again. anyway,because we never had anything to do with this situation we decide to pay again to give us some time to sort out this "misunderstanding" Next day we called council to check our balance which was £50 cr and then
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