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Found 6 results

  1. "Protesters who were among almost 50 people arrested following attacks on police and their horses have been told by magistrates to return to court next year - despite refusing to reveal their identities to police or the courts." The charge "Refusing to reveal their names to a constable" Wonders how many will return to face trial, still, good to see the tax payers money going to waste. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11981438/Anonymous-protesters-who-refused-to-reveal-identities-to-the-courts-set-free.html
  2. Hi, can anyone give me some advice. I live at an address with my landlord. But as a tenant in a separate part of the house. He went to court for a repossession 9th Jan 2015. He was then involved in an incident resulting in an assault charge against him. His previous court appearance he pleaded "Not guilty". The warrant of possession was granted 6th Feb 2015 but speaking to the solicitors they cannot act on it until the 2nd court case 6th March 2015. I think this is because it is his bail address. The debt on the house is large, around £400K and has been ongoing for around 2 years now. What is likely to happen? can the bank still send bailiffs in while he is on bail? What happens if he goes to prison.? What happens if the case keeps getting adjourned? I understand that there is no definate answer but just some advice on what might happen would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I received a criminal damage conviction 5 years ago and now I've just had a card through the door asking for pay payment in full, or to attend court this Tuesday 18th Nov. The card reads... Does anyone know if I'll be arrested as soon as I enter the court, and held in a cell for a specific court hearing, or if I can walk in court and pay the fine in full, then walk out a free man? I ask because I will have to make some important arrangements in anticipation of being held in custody. Any advice is appreciated p.s it's been more than 24 hours since i received the card... been 3 days actually.
  4. Hi All yesterday I get home from work and find a letter from equita stated that I have unpaid council tax. the letter says: I have today called to your property with regards to a WARRANT OF ARREST WITHOUT BAIL. which has been issued by Coventry magistrates court. please contact me on the number below to discuss the situation. should you fail to comply with the terms of this letter, we will have no alternative other than to arrest you and take you into custody without further warning. it is signed by warrant office: then there name (not my mistake, that's how it is signed office not officer ) then his mobile number. yes I know I owe council tax, but am still paying 30 pound a month for arrears, I was paying 195. then that finished but still pay the £30 for the previous years c/tax, I did however miss two months paying it but just paid it this month. the £30 is for a different address. this is the first time I have had equita here at my property it used to be newlyn until I joined your site and promptly stopped paying them and went straight to paying the council online through my bank. can they do this and if so what can I do now, I don't remember having a court summons through to attend court at any time. please help as this is stressing me out.
  5. hi I came home from work today and hand delivered through my door is a pale pink slip, attached to a baking card that states it is a no bail arrest warrant and £100 is written in the box with my name and address. there is also a account number which i have never seen and a warrant officer name and telephone number, the number is a mobile and at 5.30 when i got home there was nobody answering the phone. It states HM court Service on the top with the date and visit 1 written on it, i am not sure what this is for, can i be arrest, i though only the police could arrest you? Please help i am worried
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