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Found 4 results

  1. I sent my horsebox (7.5T lorry) in for an MOT which I expect to cost me a couple of hundred pounds for a 7.5T lorry. When I went to collect the vehicle their invoice system wasn't working and being a regular customer (well once a year) they let me take the vehicle and agreed they would call me to take payment. Which they did a few days later, when I was presented with a figure of just under £1000! I then found out they had carried out 2 big pieces of work without my knowledge. My boyfriend is a mechanic and could have carried out this work for the cost of parts only! I told them this and their answer was "well we have done the work now so you have to pay". I told them I haven't even received an invoice and they would have to send one. They continued to chase me for the amount and I repeated that I still hadn't had an invoice! Finally a couple of months later an invoice arrived. In the meantime my boyfriend had looked at the work carried out. They had cut away trim which protected the engine bay and not replaced it. And they had cross threaded several bolt holes and only put 3 of 6 bolts in, a couple of which weren't in correctly as they were cross threaded. And this was to bolt on the exhaust downpipe. I sent a cheque for about £250 detailing why I was not paying for the labour of fitting those parts but did say I would pay for the parts. I also deducted a few hours labour for what it would cost me to get the bolt holes re-tapped by an independent engineer. The cheque was dated 23rd July 2015 and they didn't return it until 7th October 2015 (I'm sure they should have returned it before this!) They have now issued court proceedings for non-payment but I did offer some payment and they didn't want to accept. Has anyone has any similar issues and how did it get resolved or does anyone have any advice to where I stand legally? Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you Katie
  2. Make a long story short: Jan 2014: T-Mobile couldn't provide a usable mobile service due to an ongoing technical fault which lasted 6 months. Let me out of contract early (about 6 months remaining). (Irrelevant why, but) I accepted a handset upgrade for £59.99 which I promptly returned without argument. When I received the credit card bill, there was the charge for £59.99 (handset) and an additional charge of £65.39 Spoke to customer services - they could not explain the charge and they told me that both amounts would be refunded within a few days. Don't get the refund, then eventually (after about five weeks) just contact the CC company to reverse the charges. I had spoken to EE customer service innumerable times before doing this. Nobody has ever been able to explain the £65.39 charge - even up until now. Over the subsequent several months, Moorcroft get involved. I phone them and tell them the whole story. They tell me that they'll speak to their client (EE). Wait about a month or so and I get a letter from Moorcroft just demanding the £125.38 amount again. Finally get so pi**ed off with it, I write to them in January 2015 outlining everything that happened, and what everybody has said, including time and dates I had previously spoken to EE and Moorcroft. I told them in the letter that if I do not get a response regarding the unexplained charges, I will ignore their letters unitl I do. Get a standard response saying that they will speak to their client. Nothing happens until May 2015, just get another letter with the same demand. Ignore it. Get a further two letters in July which I also ignore. Now to what's happened as of now: Email complaints at EE explaining the situation. They still cannot explain the charge. I now appears after some explaination that I did get a refund into my bank from EE but it took them so long that, in order, I did the chargeback, they refunded, then the CC company took about 4 weeks after the request to actually get the money off of them. I have asked them time and again - both Moorcroft and EE - to account for the charges. I have also told them that if a debt exists that I owe, I will pay it. So in the last week I've been looking at my credit report as I failed to get a loan, and everything is green except a default notice every month since the middle of 2014 by EE. I've been back and to via email with EE this week getting nowhere, so I just decide to offer them the £125.38 (which there a chance that it is owed), but they refuse because the debt is with a DCA (Moorcroft). I have already asked them and they told me that the debt has not been sold to Moorcroft, they are just (attempting) to collect it. I've just told them that we are in this situation because Moorcroft did not act in January 2015, and so I refuse to deal with them. So the bottom line is that EE have not sold the debt to Moorcroft. I refuse to deal with Moorcroft. I have offered to pay EE the total amount to stop my (was perfect) credit score being wrecked. Looks like they are refusing to accept my money! What can I do? I don't want to be awkward about it, but I really don't want to give Moorcroft any satisfaction of being able to settle the debt because if it wasn't for them, this could have been sorted several months ago, and my credit rating would now probably be quite good again.
  3. Hi all, I`ll try to be brief! New car hit by coach. Put in garage I was told to. New back door and bumper, old window put back in new door! I "forgot" to tell them the car was supaguard coated which I paid for when I got the car new three months ago. I want the garage to pay for it to be done at a main dealer, they said they could do it but there is no way I am taking it back there. Initially, where do I stand if I don`t trust them to treat the car with respect? I know they were slamming it from D to R in quick succession and driving with handbrake on and threw something on the bonnet and racist comments while in the car. (dashcam was still on the front). Still waiting for solicitors to reply from my ins co. on this matter, but wondered where I stand. I don`t want to give the garage the footage but my solicitors also want a copy. I wonder if it is worth the grief and stress of the fight? Or should I just forget the coating and put the footage on facebook and youtube?
  4. My sister works for the government and was hospitalized for 4 week with alot of health problems. She has been off work for 3 months so her workplace has asked ATOS to give her a telephone consultation. I am going to record the conversation using Trucall - do I have to inform them? I want to record it as I will be doing most of the talking as my sister is on heavy medication, and they will be asking her detailed questions. Also, should they have notes from her doctor about what is wrong with and what her meds are and how severe her illness is or is this something I talk to them about over the telephone?
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