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Found 4 results

  1. A relative had been renting a house since Dec 2009. She was paying by DD until about 12 months before the end, when the agent started collecting cash, as they had a bank problem. This went on until the end in at the end of April 2016. A mistake there maybe, but he did provide a receipt every time, which she did not keep. Her bank statements will have the DD's on when she requests them. The deposit was not protected, she never knew it had to be, so I checked, it ain't. She phoned him continuously, without answer. When he finally answered, he said it takes 28 days. This has now gone, in fact it's 2 weeks past that. No answer again! I checked the company, it disolved on 1st March https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08781259 Any Idea of how to get her money back.
  2. Hi, A builder/gardener did a job for us early 2013. The workmanship and meteials used was very poor. A job that was supposed to take 14-16 days took 2.5 months and still not finished before he walk off the job. After a few letters, etc we threatened to take him to the small claims court. He said he had replied to my last letter and should get it after a few days. After not receiving anything in the post, i emailed him and found that he had closed both his emails account down, changed his mobile number. Went to his address and found he had moved. I had tracked him down to another address but i am not 100% sure he is living there eventhough it showed in the electoral register that he is there. Is this enough for me to send the court summons to this address? I had read on the internet that i do not have to know for certain that he is living there, as long as i have "reasonable belief" he is there. Is this correct? would be grateful to hear from people who had experience of this or anyone who know where i stand legally? Thanks.
  3. Hi This is my first post on the forum, and hoping you guys can help. In 2007 I got married to my lovely wife, and we had all the usual wedding photos taken (600 I believe). At the time we did not have a lot of money so just had an album off the photographer. He said if we wanted the wedding disc it would cost another £300. We thought we'd save up for it, or have the money to buy it some time later. Anyway the photographer went out of business, but we managed to get his mobile number if we needed to get in touch. At the time he said he would not be changing the number. Some time later we now have the funds to buy the wedding disc, but the photographer has disappeared, and the phone number no longer works. We have tried to track him down, asked other photographers, used online people searches, etc but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas how we could find him? I believe we should have some rights but not sure what we can try? Any help is much appreciated. Jason
  4. I have been using this site for some time now and have taken on board the fantastic advice given, I have just applied for PPI repayment from the Halifax, I recently posted the amount of debt we had and am in the process of fighting off Very and ISME again, they are asking for financial proof and proof of my husbands stroke, which through reading on here, I no I do not have to provide but was willing to do so, now here is an update. In his infinite wisdom, my husband has decided that to enable him to have a full recovery from his stroke he should and has LEFT us. I am devastated as are my two teenagers last week I started a new job (although only 12 hours per week) this enabled my husband to still have full-on care, so this was never an issue, but now I am left HIGH and DRY and at a total loss as to what to do now, I thought things couldn't have got worse following his stroke but little did I no, if any one can advise I would be eternally great-full. I feel like my ship has almost sunk and I am going down very quickly with it. My debts are as follows I have the following Accounts: Credit Card Lloyds TSB outstanding £7161.05 in the hands of BLS reduced monthly payment £81.00 Current Account LLoyds Tsb outstanding overdraft £6409.34 in the hands of BLS reduced monthly payment £60.00 Current Account LLoyds Tsb outstanding overdraft £980.60 in the hands of Apex reduced monthly payment £25.00 Current Account LLoyds Tsb outstanding overdraft £2142.05 in the hands of BLS reduced monthly payment £25.00 Loan Account LLoyds TSB outstanding £10210.00 in the hands of Wescott reduced monthly payment £103 Nat west credit card outstanding £2414.09 £55.00 monthly refusing to lower the payments and freeze interest, because I messed up my I/E form and charging me £12.00 every month for late payments. Halifax Loan outstanding £7072 PPi Included reduced payments £50 in the hands of Blair Oliver and Scott, I have sent off SAR Wonga PDL £553.00 due 28th October, PPP in place £137 for 3 months
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