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Found 6 results

  1. I received my PIP decision and I so upset at the false information that the assessor has stated. I have been awarded standard daily living and ZERO award for mobility. Just briefly 1.The assessor claimed that I could get on and off the medical couch with ease. (This is a lie! She had to lift my legs on and then off the couch) 2.She claims that I can walk 200 metres with no difficulties with a normal walking gait!! (This is a lie! How can she claim this, when there wasn't even 200 metres to walk in front of her, the waiting room to the assessment room is 12-14 steps that I was severely struggling with) 3.She claims I had full mobility in my lower limbs (This is a lie! I clearly showed her that I cannot move my lower limbs, very limited with severe pain) Mentally, I do not know if I have the strength to dispute all this but I feel deeply annoyed and the fact that the assessor has made false claims. I have medical evidence from my GP (who has issued me with an indefinite unable to work certificate due to arthritis,severe spinal injury and poor mobility), I have confirmation from my spinal surgeon that I have a crushed spinal cord,nerve damage etc and need urgent surgery and walk with a wide gait) and the rheumatologist who confirms that my mobility is effected by my arthritis and sciatica. The decision has been made that I scored 8 points for daily living (standard rate) and 0 points for mobility. I am slightly confused how I challenge this. The letter states I have three options: 1.Ask us to explain why 2.Reconsider a decision 3.Appeal I would like to 1. Request an in-depth report, so that I can analyse each section & challenge it, can I request this before I ask them to reconsider? 2.Would I then reply back to them asking them to reconsider based upon the points that I have challenged? 3. If I still disagree with their reconsideration, is that when I would appeal? The one month notice, is this to request an in-depth report or does that include challenging the report aswell? I do not want to request they reconsider their decision at this stage until I see the full report. I was with the assessor approx. 20 minutes in the assessment, how can she make such claims during this time and false ones at that, I am so so stressed by this.
  2. I applied for PIP and was sent for an assessment. It seemed to go fine, but I had a feeling I wouldn't get it, despite having mobility problems due to arthritis, IBS and a heart condition. However, when I received a copy of his assessment, I was quite shocked to see that he blatantly lied in the letter. He stated that he'd carried out physical tests, which he did not. He stated that I could freely get both arms behind my head and back, which I can't, and my doctor would testify to this. He also stated that I could get up down off the chair and walk without difficulty, which I can't. If it weren't for these issues, I'd feel fairly philosophical about being denied PIP, as on a good day I can walk more than 20 meters, albeit slowly, and I can prepare a simple meal, which seems to be the criteria for denying PIP. However, it really irks me that he lied, and my son was with me the entire time and can testify that these tests were not carried out. Is there anything I can do to complain? I'm only aware of an appeal process, but don't feel that the outcome would change so didn't think I had valid grounds.
  3. At the start of the year we had a new bathroom fitted. We purchased all the furnishings so the quote was for labour only. Due to my wife being allergic to dust it was agreed that the fitting would take place whilst we was on holiday. 75% of the labour charge has been paid to him to date On our return home we was shocked to see our new bathroom. The quality of work in our opinion is below standard, fittings haven't been fitted correctly, damaged has occured to several furnishings, we have had a leak going through our living room ceiling and a second leak on the outside wall due to incorrect exterior pipe work being fitted. The bathroom is dangerous in parts. The fitter says he doesn't have personal liability insurance and was too busy to come back for a while to deal with any of the issues. Several months on we are still in the same position. The fitter believes his work is to a high standard. He admits breaking fittings and admits parts of the bathroom are dangerous but thinks the 25% remainder of the balance will cover it, but it doesn't. We have had 8 different companies come to look at the bathroom and everyone of them says it isn't fitted correctly and the bathroom needs pulling out and starting again. I have had no choice but to take this matter to a small claims court. Initially the fitter replied to us when I made our intentions known and said he was willing to resolve issues and the reason for not being able to contact him for 6 months is because he had phone problems. I believe he was deliberately avoiding us. When I have told him about the leaks etc he has said he is happy to proceed down the small claims court route. I am wanting an independent assessor to come take a look at the bathroom and provide me with a report that will support my claim. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend an independent assessor for an ASUS memotab 301 tablet please. In dispute with PCWORLD
  5. My daughter who has been living with me all the time had to leave the country for a training and qualification not provided here. She was unable to get a full time job because of lack of this qualification. I informed the HB and they did not change my HB because it is a temporary leave. But after 9 months an assessor decided that the decision was wrong and cut my HB and asked me for repayment. I receive pension credit and it is impossible to top up the rent or move to a one bed flat then to a two bed flat when she is back. Her absence is for 1 year and now she will be back in about 2 months. I contested the decision. Who is right and who is wrong?I
  6. We used a loss assessor to handle a household insurance claim for us. The fees agreed at the start were 10% of the eventual payout + expenses, which I believe to be fairly standard. However, having just sent us a statement, he's not only charged us the 10% & expenses, but 17.5% VAT on top. Is this correct? That effectively makes it a 27.5% fee - not the 10% I was expecting them to take!
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