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Found 5 results

  1. I am a fan of TV comedies from 70's, 80's and 90's. Programmes such as Are you being served, Only fools and horses, Allo Allo, Yes Prime Minister, Benny Hill. When you watch them now, you realise that some of the content would be considered too risky to be shown before 9pm now to a family audience. As the world has become more PC, some of the jokes would be considered racist or sexist or too adult for a family audience. Meanwhile people can watch some really offensive stuff 24 hours a day on the internet. The same applies to art work in galleries and museums, where there have been paintings and sculptues of nude people, roman orgies etc for hundreds of years. If these are shown now, the galleries and museums receive complaints from the PC brigade. Has the world gone mad, where a minority of people who are so politically correct, control what art is available to the majority of people ? Art of all types are partly meant to provoke a reaction, so there is a discussion. There is so much inconsistency in regard to censorship, that some people feel they can complain about anything. Some even complain about seaside gift shops selling the slightly saucy postcards.
  2. Note by forum administrator:- This problem was very quickly resolved by the owner/admin of the martial arts academy in Chester - to their great credit. Read through this thread for a general understanding of gym clubs - but do understand that some gym clubs can act very decently and responsbily and clearly this is an example of one of them. 2nd May 2014 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, I went to an induction at Family Martial Arts and at the end I had expected a 30 day free trial like it says on the website but instead told I have to sign up to a 6 month contract and if I didn't sign up today then it would be £200 more and I wouldn't get the free extras. I felt pretty pressured into signing up and part of the reason I went to try with then was because it said free 30day trial, no risk, no pressure. I even said I'd rather try real lessons first and he kept saying I'll be fine and can just take them as private lessons if I don't like it and didn't offer this trial that it mentions on his website. It was also a lump sum and I couldn't do 1 lesson a week without paying for 2 and I got pretty confused about it all and was really tired and started to feel stressed from the pressure which isn't good with my Autism so I paid but now I am home and have calmly thought about it like I wanted to and decided I don't want to spend that amount of money when I'm meant to be paying off debt, especially for something I've not even tried properly. So does anyone know if it is possible to give him the free items back and have a refund even though he said it can't be refunded? I know with gyms you get a certain amount of days to decide and then cancel with a full refund so does the same law imply here? If the same law applies, how do I go about approaching him with it? Or is the another way out? Thanks in advance for any advice, it's greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I've had a read through the forum on here but couldn't see anything quite the same as my wee problem. So I joined a local martial arts club a year ago and no longer wish to attend. I was surprised to be then told by the instructor that I had committed to a 24 month contract that I couldn't cancel. At no point has he ever mentioned this to me before. He has since sent me a copy of the contract (below) which states I can't cancel except for reasons such as relocation, injury or unemployment. None of which apply - I just no longer wish to attend. I feel somewhat conned in this as I was unaware that I was tied to a 24 month period and also he had agreed with me that I didn't have to pay monthly fees by direct debit and could instead pay up front for several months at a time - with a discount. This again gave me the impression I wasn't tied to a certain period. Any advice on where I could take this would be welcome. Am I truly tied to paying this or is the fact that he has misled me and kept this hidden in small print of any value? [ATTACH=CONFIG]49451[/ATTACH]
  4. I am new to CAG's but not forums! My problem is this I have numerous PC games that are fairly expensive some of my games have to be registered via the internet when loading a new game onto my PC (I Never Play online games MMO's) you have to put in the CD key code,once you have done this with Electronic Arts and STEAM, then i can never resell my PC game because it is registered to me,so when i have played my games and they become useless to me, in the past up to 1 year ago i sold my used games on Ebay no problem,Now both company's named above have stopped people reselling their games,i find this totally unfair because these games are my property purchased from the High street and via the internet as well,there is lots of legal jargon in the Terms and conditions but that doe's not help me,i have been intouch with Watchdog and i have had no reply this was 3 months ago,i am 65 years old and these people are treating me unfairly because you can resell other Console cd's and purchase these games in the High street store GAME,now game is a great company i have been with them for over 10 years,i have been in contact with Electronic Arts also STEAM but the replies are the same i cannot resell my games if i do i am breaking my Terms and Conditions, also both companys will not let the second hand purchaser register that game, so once again they have closed of the second hand markey for PC games registered to Electronic Arts also STEAM. Has anybody got any answers to this country wide issue..Please do not suggest court action i do not have the money thats why i contacted Watchdog and they have ignored me.
  5. Hi, I am wondering if someone could please advice me on what i can do. This is my story: A few weeks ago my 9 year old little kid collected his pocket money and asked me to purchase a game for him from the PlayStation store, which i did. I paid £15.99 and downloaded the game and all its content, Euro 2012. However the game would not work. Ever time the game was launched it crashes, and he was unable to play it. I googled the problem and quite a few people had the exact same which with this game, so i contacted EA support for help. The emailed me back with a list of suggestions to fix the the problem, i tried all of them but the same issue persisted. i wrote back to them to say it was still not working and they got me to do a bunch of other stuff which unfortunately didn't work either. Two weeks since i bought the game and my son still couldn't play it and becoming increasingly frustrated i contact EA. The response i got was exactly the same as the first they sent me, so the were sending me in circles. Having had enough i called their customer service line, they asked for my sons PlayStation details which i provided and they told me that those details did not appear on their database as having purchased the game so they could not help me and to contact PlayStation for more help, as it was their store i bought the game from. I did so and they confirmed the purchase went through fine and if the game did not work to contact EA directly. The guy on the phone also told me a few people had called them about exactly the same game. When i tried to contact EA again they are refusing to help saying i have not purchased the game!! Is there anything i can do? I know its not a great deal of money but their attitude is unbelievable they have basically took £16 of my/my kids money for something which does not work and they are now refusing to help! Thanks
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