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Found 4 results

  1. As per a previous post Cash Genie/Ariste Holdings are currently close to entering Administration (confirmed by the FOS). On the off chance I complained to FOS stating my loans were mis sold. These dated back to 2011 when I was in a financial mess. Id pay the loan on the 28th pay day and then due to having to pay it, take another one out literally a few days later. I did this 4 times. Now Cash Genie/Ariste Holdings have written my final debt off (I owed £473) as they admitted there was no cooling off period in between loans being paid and re taken out. :-):-)
  2. hi there i had a payday in august 2013 for 250 pounds, couldnt make the payment the next month so just paid the interest which was around 50 poounds , the same next month and up until nov 2013. in december i assumed that they had taken the interest rate again like they did in aug, sep, oct, nov, but i didnt have money in my account for them to do this ( i was unaware of this). anyway today jan 2014 they have gone into my account without my approval and taken out 5 different sums adding up to 222 pounds(probably would have taken more if there was mmore to take) so i rang the bank and they asked if i had a loan of CASH GENIE in which i replied yes. The lloyds representative on the phone said that i had better ring cash genie then as i had dealt with them before it was my fault. i rang cash genie and they basically said i owe them the money so they had every right to take it Question is is there anything i can do to get my money back from the bank? surely they should of stopped the transactions? especially when there were 5 for varying amounts? cheers in advance
  3. Ok, so I took out a loan two months ago with Cash Genie, (Ariste Holdings), the repayment dates were as follows last day of november last day of december Now, Ariste Holdings has taken out £200 from my account today, 14 days ahead of the scheduled repayment date, which just happens to be the day before my rent is due (how fun) Does this count as an unauthorised transaction? Is there anything at all that I can do about this? Surely they can't just take money as and when they want to? Thanks
  4. Hi, any advice or previous experience greatly appreciated! I have recently had my account emptied by ARISTE HOLDING LTD, which you probably know is a trading name of cash genie. I got paid on 07/09/12 for the first time since March as I have been out of work. I checked my balance on-line at approx 1pm, after using my debit card at a well known and reputable retailer. By 4pm I had £70 available. Now, the cash genie loan I took out was on 14th December 2011 for £180. I paid them £60 on 23/12, but was unable to pay them the remaining balance in January. Also worth noting that at the start of January I lost and so ordered a new debit card meaning cash genie could not possibly have my new card details, right? Anyway in the recent months I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and spoken on the phone to a company called Carter Forbes who I believed were now in "charge" of collecting this debt. I did also have quite a long conversation with them at one point telling them my situation, how I was unemployed, and that I simply couldn't commit to any kind of pay back schedule until I was back in employment. Also that once I was, I would arrange some kind of settlement. They didn't seem to understand this and were extremely keen to get me to sign up to any sort of repayment; I now know why! So the charges they made on Friday were as follows: £200, £193, £100 and £10. There were also a list of about 15 other charges for varying amounts which didn't go through as the bank had stopped my card by that point. I saw this list in person in a branch of my bank (HSBC). An employee of the bank told me I would definitely get the money refunded and even allowed me to withdraw £200 cash over the counter, money which I didn't have available. I have since spoke to the bank over the phone and they say I need to wait for the charges to leave the account before they can look into it further. I am planning to ring them tomorrow morning as the charges now appear on my on-line banking statement. I have read several similar stories on line but none seem to have such a delay from the original loan to the "stealing" of money. Also I don't know how they got my card details or if they even need them? Can they charge with just your account number and sort code? Also are they allowed to charge a different card to the one that I've knowingly supplied them, without first contacting me? Their T's & C's aren't the most transparent. I feel that as long as I can prove that they have acted unlawfully I should be fine. Ultimately what I want is my money back! I would very much appreciate any help and advice on this matter as I am completely lost as to what I should do first. I have no idea exactly what is and isn't allowed and have realised from searching the internet that my bank are not going to just hand me my money back no questions asked. Likewise contacting one of the many associates of Cash Genie seems to be.. pointless. Please let me know if you need any more details about myself or this whole situation. Many thanks,
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