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  1. Hi guys massive advice needed. I'll try and get to the point but this is so complex you would not believe. Split up from wife in Jan 14 moved out she stayed in house due to the 2 kids. Morgage solely in my name. Went on credit report Nov 15 due to not being able to get a overdraft credit card or add a tablet to phone contract. Couldn't access it for weeks due to many factors one my own fault did no realise I wasn't on electoral roll. When I did get on it there was quite a bit of debt not a huge amount but things I knew nothing of. Signature forged etc. One debt ended up in a CCJ, but I went to court and had it set aside. I have not reported her for fraud due to the kids. Lots of credit searches in her name to payday loan company's many to a company called welcome finance. Who had been calling me about a debt for a few months prior about a joint account . Yet every time I went down local office when I found out where it was no one would speak to me due to data protection. There is nothing on experian tying me in with this debt no default, no loan account Due to CCJ I contacted land registry to see if anything there and a legal charge secured loan to progressive finance 2006 again not clue how. Do some digging and welcome and progressive same company . I email them for more info. They tell me it's down to a secured loan I took out in 2008? But the charge says 2006 I asked for further information on this? Such as a credit agreement. As I have had no dealings with your company. Other than a few phone calls regarding payments when I went down to the local office in Merthyr and returned phone calls asking for more information no one would speak to me regarding it or provide what I asked for. I requested a CCA which the returned po and asked for my signature I did not sign and told them they gave sent information before so I have no need to prove who I am they emailed a credit agreement dated 2008 which looks like my signature but you can barely make figures out. After the 12 + 2 days were up. I head office they were now in default and they had not provided me with what I'd requested . I then received a sar. I had a default notice asking for arrears from local office , they were sent a debt dispute letter. I had thank you for being a good customer and local branch were moving in April 2016 heard nothing since I look through sar there are blank pieces of paper with my signature on there are loans some look like they are my signature some definitely aren't mine. almost all have her and my signature loans are from 2001 to 2008 the last loan was for 30 grand and 39 grand interest on top 300 months? There are call logs saying mr called in was not me phone calls again not me . But the handful of times I did ring or go down to get answers nothing logged . Am bank statement in this sar are ex wife's. There are some of my bank details for direct debits I've checked my bank there were many payments to welcome. No dockets of mine in there or proof of my wages at all. There a piece of paper saying legal charge 2008 but it hasn't been registered with land registry. There are statements and I have to admit when I left in 2014 I paid money to this company as she worked out who would paid what. Stupid not to question but my head was in shed when I left. . I have calculated that £20.6026 has been paid to loan since 2008 balance on then was £30,514.26 and still stood at £25,384.31 in July 15 no payments since jun 2015 cos I had already wised up by then and thought why am I paying a debt that's hers. The loan before this in 2006 you can't read figures on the fixed loan sum agreement it looks like £429 a month. on the contract and legal charge agreement it says £129.39 180 months they all look like re writes but not all are that readable. Plus they have overinflated house price in 2003. Is this loan legal enforceable? What can I do? Help?? Still haven't heard a pip out of welcome.
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