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Found 16 results

  1. Unsure if I am in the right section to ask this question so apologies if I am not. My daughter is currently on a hairdressing apprenticeship with a local salon and will have been there 2 years in May. She has qualified for level 2 Hairdressing and should be going on to do the level 3 as a designer in the salon. A couple of weeks ago the owner of the salon took her to one side and advised there were no designer places available and she needed to have a think about her options whilst she was off the following week. He didn't advise her what her options were and gave her no indic
  2. My son turned 18 last weekend and has just completed two years at College for a Sports degree. He has been offered an apprenticeship for 35 hours a week at the rate payable for appreniticeships which is around £5+ per hour. Can he claim UC or any other benefits?
  3. Hi everyone, looking for some advice My daughter started an apprenticeship in hairdressing in September and was today dismissed on the spot. She was told it was because the employer had had 2 complaints from clients that she hadn't shampooed their hair correctly, but this was the first she had heard about it. Naturally she is very upset. I called the employer and politely asked why and was told that she didn't do what she was asked, and he had had these complaints from clients. I spoke with my daughter who said the employer gave her a list of things to do in the morning, so she would s
  4. I was enrolled on an advanced level 3 Ict apprenticeship working for xxx. In my interview I was told that I would be building computer systems, installing and maintaining software and dealing with computer repairs. I was also told that up until Christmas time I might have to work in the warehouse for one week every month as they were understaffed in that department. It was November at the time and I agreed as I was desperate to find a placement and this company seemed perfect for what I wanted. I signed a contract with them saying that I was to work there for 12 months and that I was entitled
  5. Hi I would be grateful for some advice on an apprenticeship/employment issue although I'm not sure what forum to start on as the main issue is not with the (former) employer but the negligence of the apprenticeship provider, so please bear with me. Briefly: My daughter started a one year apprenticeship last Autumn. She struggled with the work and despite receiving no help whatsoever from the apprenticeship provider handed her coursework in by the deadlines. Her last attendance at the college was March with subsequent work all to be done online. There have been a trickle of emails
  6. Hi I have been asked to produce a letter of termination for an employee who has completed their 1 year apprenticeship course but is not looking to be kept on by the company. The reason for the termination is due to poor performance and not following company procedures. Has anybody had experience of this and if so could you give me some advice as to how to layout a letter of termination or possibly point me in the direction of a good template to use. Regards Kim
  7. Hi All My son left sixth form 3 weeks ago to start an Apprenticeship with a local established company. At the end of the day yesterday, he was told that his apprenticeship was terminated with immediate effect as he was "under performing". This has come as a total shock. He has only been there three weeks. He has had no issues/warnings etc. He has no time keeping issues, no days off, nothing. He was even paid a bonus this week for recruiting new clients. They would not elaborate on the "under performing", just that they are a professional company and he is not working to t
  8. My daughter is on an apprentiship at a photograhy studio. Over xmas and new year they shut for the 2 week period, my daughter has not been paid for this period and she won't ask her boss whether she is to be paid or not. My partner and I are a bit unsure of asking on her behalf as her boss is also a family friend. Any advice?
  9. Hi i hope someone can help because i dont have the first clue about traineeships and the government courses etc. But my daughter and her friend are being treated so badly by their employer that i am sure that it can not be legal what this woman is doing to these young people. First of all my daughter is a fully qualified beautician and is 19 and left college last year. She came across a shop that was opening and they wanted a beautician and she applied and got the job. My daughter like a lot of young people these days was so made up she got the job she never asked the woman what she got
  10. Hi Guys, need some advice/help if poss - I have several issues/questions so I will try and keep brief initially and ask away if you need anything I havnt put in. Could also do with knowing if ACAS/Tribunal or employing a solicitor is the best way to go? My son has been an engineering apprentice since September 2011 - it is a 3 year apprentice and was due to be completed July 2014. He does have a signed Apprenticeship Agreement. He attended college one day a week. On 22/08 (after a day off to attend a family funeral) he was told 1 hour into work that a meeting had taken place
  11. I'm due to start an apprenticeship as part of the youth contract and was informed I'll be liable to pay £20 rent as I'm classed as a 'non-dependant' on my dad's claim, is this true!? I already have in excess of £35 being taken away from my small wage of £79. I was told it shouldn't apply to anybody on a app. that's part of the youth contract but I'm having a hard time getting the proof needed for them - I'm due to start soon and was only informed of this after signing the contracts with the provider. 0,0 Help? This doesn't seem right in the least.
  12. I hope someone can help me out. Basically, I've been accepted for an apprenticeship and I'm due to start on Monday. I live with my dad, who has been informed that once it starts they want £20 council tax and rent from me. Bearing in mind I have £25 board and lodgings to pay, £5 petrol for my motorbike, insurance of £3 a week and dinners whilst I'm there I'm going to be no better off. Actually, I'll be worse off! I was fine with having £50 a week, but £28 is a joke. I get £56 now. Before anybody says anything about my motorbike, it's cheaper than the bloody bus. I don't want to turn
  13. Iv been in an apprenticeship with a company for 3-4 months, for the first few months we didn't have an immediate manager and I made a lot of progression. We now have a new manager and she has recently told me that she has to let me go because I'm 'not good for the company' what I don't understand is that Iv been waiting for training so that I can contribute to the company that she should have arranged, she hasn't given me any warnings verbal or written, she has stopped me from learning parts of the business then tells me that I'm not good enough for the company. Is there anything at all I can
  14. Hi Folks, Is anyone here over the age of 24 and found that their Apprenticeship Applications are rejected with excuses rather than reasons? I have made several without so much as getting an interview. Recently was rejected for an Junior IT job where I have the neccessary skills but they used my GCSE results from 16 years ago as the reason why I was un-successful. I am aware that businesses are able to apply for funding from the Governments Apprenticeship Scheme for applicants between 16 - 24 years old. They are however obligated to advertise the vacancy to the public. I'm concerned that age
  15. With job cuts and redundancies just around the corner, I was wondering being an apprentice how much I am protected from these? Ive read many things regarding the safe guarding of apprentices, however my main concern is in my contract it states, the employer may terminate the contract at any given time for any reason giving no less than one months notice. So have I thrown all my protection out of the window, or does the law override this?
  16. Hello there, just looking for some advice on the situation I've been placed in, My apprenticeship was recently terminated due to not completing my coursework, for a Level 3 course which I should never of been on, as my contract states intermediate apprenticeship meaning Level 2, I had no warnings prior to the termination, and was literally put into a meeting with a HR manager and she made reference to the apprenticeship agreement I had signed, which she only made reference to the a agreement I did not comply with, which was not completing the college work, I told her this must be irrelevant be
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