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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all Wondering what advice you would give for this particular scenario Have received a letter in the post this morning from a company by the name of Marston, It says I have not paid a fine of £660 It says a court order has been made that gives enforcement agents the power to visit me, my address has been identified and traced, as I have not responded to letters delivered to this or a previous address an enforcement officer will be asked to visit within 14 days unless you make payment or discuss your specific circumstances.. I know nothing of this fine or what its for, How do I proceed? Any help appreciated folks
  2. It would seem to be official - if not properly announced Buy an item or win an auction on ebay and the seller (and apparently buyer) can just 'cancel the order' up to 30 days after the win, and even after a buyer pays... So you win an auction * Seller doesn't like the final bid * Seller just cancels the order with some half baked 'reason' like item is lost or damaged * EBAY automatically send you a seller has cancelled with the only responses being an automatic refund if paid through paypal, or say the payer has refunded. There is mention buried in the t&C's that a seller gets a penalty mark if they do it too often, but customers cant see them. What I seem to have discovered so far working with a member of my family on this issue follows YOU SHOULD CONFIRM ALL THESE ISSUES YOURSELF AS I MAY BE MISTAKEN AND EBAY MAY WELL CHANGE THEM AT NO NOTICE - ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY So what seems to be the case is: You win an auction item - the seller (or buyer) can just 'cancel order' up to 30 days after the end of the auction, even if you've paid The seller does NOT HAVE TO CONTACT YOU OR GET YOUR AGREEMENT The EBAY system will automatically send you an email telling you the seller has cancelled your order - it gives you no real options to argue. NOTE: This seems to hide the fact that the seller may NOT GET THEIR FEES REFUNDED if you just dont respond to this Email. Effectively any response means you agree with the cancellation as far as I can see. Our decision is - not to respond to the Email Trying to get a complain option just sends you around the two liner Ebay help system. - at least if we dont accept the email (by not responding) the seller may still have to pay any fees, - accepting the cancellation seems to mean they get their fees back and may mean they dont get their due penalty flag. Ebay also remove all your usual places to leave negative feedback - BUT IT CAN STILL BE DONE and as soon as they cancel. Apparently buyers can do the same. I have no experience of that. Seems to make the auction site rather pointless as it holds no-one to the assumed agreements. I'm no legal expert but perhaps these practices breach trading standards? Hopefully an expert can offer an educated and informed opinion? https://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/sr?query=1482&topicName=Report+an+issue+with+a+seller&st=6&levelHierarchy=2a6a4 "Seller no longer wants to sell or ship the item If you paid for the item, the seller must refund the full amount within 10 business days. If you don't receive the refund on time, report it to us so we can help you resolve the issue." (Trouble with this is it seems impossible or at least extremely difficult to report it) Hers a load of ebay threads on it happening http://community.ebay.com/t5/tag/cancel/tg-p/board-id/bidding-buying-ac
  3. Hi I defaulted on an overdraft with Halifax about 4 years ago, the account kept going round in circles with Halifax charging me for going overdrawn which was putting me back to be being overdrawn or no access to funds. I tried to fight them on it, but they were not budging and i got tired. I stopped using that account and got a new current account and have never looked back. However, Halifax have never contacted me about the debt, I have moved twice since and looking at my credit file it seems they have sold the debt to Cabot and has my current address. Cabot have never contacted me either, no emails or letters. I was thinking of sending a SAR to halifax to see what charges have been added on, what correspondence they think they have sent and the balance when it was sold to Cabot. Before I do that though, i wanted to ask if anyone else had any better ideas of what my stance should be. Thank you in advance
  4. I failed the PIP medical (by a mere few points). I'd gone through the Mandatory Reconsideration and had posted the paperwork to lodge an appeal before the imposed deadline. On chasing this up, I found that the appeal paperwork had not been received by the tribunal. Thankfully, I had help from a welfare rights worker at my local housing association, who contacted the tribunal and managed to fax them a copy of said paperwork. It's really lucky that I chased this up. They will now process my application and get back to me with a date (hopefully not too far into the future). Please, please, please keep on top of your paperwork. I'm sure it's very rare for important letters to disappear in the post, but it does happen. If you have someone to help you, ask them to confirm that everything is proceeding as expected. If I hadn't asked my welfare rights worker if they'd received any news, I'd be none the wiser and my appeal would be going nowhere.
  5. My apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum. I recently emailed a DCA (Lowell) to get details of my debt with them so that I could set up a repayment plan with them. They have informed me today that in June 2015, they applied for a County Court Judgement on the amount, it was awarded and I was ordered to pay back £50 per month. They have obviously not received any payments from me as I did not know anything about it. I moved in March last year. Admittedly, I did not give Lowell my new address as it was a pretty stressful time and it went over my head. I know, this is completely my fault. Because of this though, I literally had no idea about this CCJ until this morning. I'm just wondering, if there is a way this CCJ can be removed as I wasn't made aware? I have no issue with paying the debt, I just don't really want a CCJ over my head. I'd be grateful if any of you could offer any help or advice. Thanks in advance.
  6. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/07/28/tesco-ribena-ban-reaction_n_7885776.html People have taken to twitter and other social media and it seems they are NOT happy
  7. After some advice if poss. Partner has applied for finance on a new van for his business, he is a sole trader, so finance needs to be in his name. Credit record is good with a score in the 900's. He applied for the finance but got a call off of Close Motor Finance stating that he is being reported as deceased under a previous address on some closed Santander accounrts. On looking at his credit report from Credit Expert, under closed accounts there are 3 credit cards, a current account and a personal loan all in his name, all recorded as deceased, all opened AFTER he had moved out of the address and in to our new house in 2008. He has absolutley no knowledge of these and has never had any dealings with Santander. The current account was opened in 2009, the 3 cards in 2010 and the loan in 2011. He has emailed the CRA's to dispute the entries with a copy of his passport and tennancy agreement of where we now live. He has also done the same to Santander with a copy to the CEO to see if that will speed things up at all. My question is, does anyone have any experience of how long these entries will take to be removed as he is waiting on this to get his new van which he cannot go to work without as the old one has died? Thanks
  8. I am M.D. of a reputable limited company which has been trading for nearly 20 years with a 7 figure turnover and a 6 figure balance. My son is a shareholder and wants to start his own gardening business. He had the opportunity to buy into a business and so my business (which has banked with the BOS for 14 years) declared a dividend giving him £5000. The money was transferred into his Halifax account and was frozen. When he asked why he was told to go into the branch with id. When he did he was told he would need a letter from my business to confirm the transfer. When WE went in today with a letter we were told by David and Lyndsay in the Belfast office that they thought my business was a "mule" and that the funds would not be released. I had never heard this term before and googled it when I got home. When I saw what it was I was furious. This is not true. I asked for proof of this allegation and was told that it was not up to them to prove my business is a mule but up to me to prove that it is not. I am not happy. All they have to do to realise that everything is okay is look into our account which they refused to do. David told me that I must provide bank statements and id to release the funds. Trust is now broken and if this can happen with £5k how can I be sure it will not happen again? Obviously I am going to move away from the HBOS group as soon as I can apply for another account (tomorrow). Getting the money back will be easy but it angers me that they can hurt innocent people and get away with it with no consequences. This could have hurt if it had have been an important supplier or if it had have been our last money. I would like to make a point so they are not so arrogant to others in the future. Any ideas?
  9. A Selection Of Especially Stupid Sanctions - article dated July 2013 You can read much more by following the link.... http://birminghamagainstthecuts.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/a-selection-of-especially-stupid-sanctions/
  10. I,or rather my wife got this letter in April. According to Apex, I'm dead and they are asking for a copy of my death certificate! Sorry it's taken so long to post this here but coming back from the dead is a very difficult and time consuming process. The amount of paperwork involved is unbelievable. I can reassure you all I am very much alive and have at no time been deceased. Where Apex got this information from I'll never know. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y157/jamesthecat/CAG%20letters/a18421ba.jpg
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