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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am in the process of getting payment from my ex boss through the small claims court. I have received judgement from the courts and would like to make a warrant of execution. However, the only addresses I have for him are his parents house (where he used to live) and the apartment block he now lives in. But unfortunately I don't have his flat number. Would I be able to just give the apartment block and hope that the bailiffs would be able to get his flat number from the people on reception at the building or not? Thanks!
  2. Can someone please advise. I own a gf apartment in NI the upstairs landlord wants to install a phoenix gas pipeline to their apartment up the middle of my frontage. Between my front door (only exit) and my living room window.
  3. Several years ago I paid the deposit on my sons rented house. When he left there were deductions as he had made a mess of the decorating. I accepted this amount. Upon requesting the remaining deposit I was told that another house sharer was claiming that she paid the deposit! The agent has since refused to pay me my money until I can sort out the matter. What should I do please?
  4. Hello, Back in October 2015 I was visiting a friend who lives in an apartment complex in Cardiff bay area. Usually concierge there will let you in and inform you of where to park however when I turned up no one there to instruct so friend buzzed me through the barrier. All the visitor parking spaces were full and no where around building to park as double yellows on main roads. There was however an un marked part of the road within the complex which had no obvious signs, no obstruction and no yellow lines, so my friend told me it would be fine to park here until a visitor space became available (all residents have permit spaces that come with the flat for free). When I came back to the car it was stamped with a parking charge notice on the windscreen. They have charged me 60 pounds rising to 100 if not paid within the certain time period. I wrote a letter disputing the charge explaining that there was no concierge present, no visitor parking and no obstruction caused by my car and that the cost does not reflect any loss of business or money spent on their terms. I have today received a reply from them telling me they have rejected by appeal (no surprises there). I would ignore this - considering all the advice given in previous threads but in their letter they wrote this paragraph which unnerves me a little: "In the supreme court on November 4th 2015 it was agreed that BPA are legal, reasonable and fully enforceable. They do not fall under genuine pre estimate of loss as they are designed to deter unauthorised parking. Therefore this charge is not only valid but also fully enforceable in the highest court in the UK. More information can be found at supremecourt.uk" The letter then gives me two options of either settling the charge at the reduced rate or appealing to POPLA but then paying 100 if that gets rejected. I know this may all be scare mongering but when I looked up a case on supremecourt for 4th Nov 15 I did see that an appeal did get rejected. Sorry for the long post- just handy to give all details. Any advice??
  5. Hello there, after getting great advice on my first question I posted here, I thought I'd see what advice I can get with this issue I'm having! I've been renting an apartment for 6 months and the tenancy is due to be renewed at the end of this month, I thought I would just have to phone them up to say I would like to stay another 6 months, but they said I have to come in, and then pay them £99 for mine and the landlords "security"... Is this the letting agency trying to claw more agency fees? If so, is there anything I can say to not have to pay? Thanks a lot in advance
  6. Hello, Im in a spot of bother renting a summer apartment on a 4month contract. I found the apartment on ownersdirect.co.uk and emailed the landlady. (early January 2013) She asked for £2,500 deposit to be payed up front, and £2,500 to be payed on the day of arrival May 20th, and then on the 20th of each month up untill Sept (4months). The apartment sleeps 8, i let her know that i was only going to have 6 of us in there, This was all agreed. but i must stress no contract of any sort has been signed. Then 2 weeks later i find im unable to go, ask is it possible to recieve my deposit back which she declined because of potential missed bookings. So i say to her im going to fill my spaces so the apartment is still taken (meaning i get my deposit back, and the apartment is still filled for the summer), she is fine with this at the time. I then post an advert on facebook to my friends and friends of friends and get a group of 6 lads, and a couple (i receive my 2.5k back) and forward on the names and contact details like the landlady asked. i mention that the couple and the group of lads do not know each other but are now friends on facebook. she is fine with this she says. then after a couple of weeks after me telling her to deal with the others direct and effectively getting me out of the rental. so for a few weeks all is well and i dont hear anything. then i get an email saying i have made the 'agreement' void, by filling my spaces with '8 indivduals' and that im sub letting the apartment (i stress i asked for the exact same amount of deposit that i payed so wasnt making a profit just breaking even and filling the places like she knew about). She also tried to say that because they havent payed the first full months rent 3 weeks before arrival that the 'agreement' is void. (still no contract has been passed over even with the lads asking for it she keeps delaying it on and on). So she expected us to pay 2.5k for the deposit, then pay another 2.5k 3 weeks we get to a apartment with out having signed any kind of contract. All this is a private letting just via ownersdirect.co.uk please can someone advise me where i stand legally having not signed a contract nor seen terms and conditions and if she can just say its 'void' and point blank refuse to return the deposit. we have tried to resolve the problem many times now and she is just refusing all emails now saying she welcomes a letter from my solicitor. Im worried i will have to pay the lads back the 2.5k and she keep mine. id really appreciate anyones helpful input and any questions you have i will answer. many thanks
  7. I know the topic of meter access has been covered but my situation is a little unique and I'm at a complete loss. When I first moved in to this apartment I had noticed that just as I was signing the lease and itinerary that meter keys would not be included... I asked then in my confusion, but was blown off as something normal by my (now former) letting agent and everything progressed as such. My first snag happened as I was setting up my power, I was provided with an estimate to which I would pay until I got my initial meter readings and the current ones at the time I was setting up the new account, I phoned the letting agent to request the initial readings and was told back I should have received them when signing over the lease. They told me they would send another copy of these... they never arrived. Since then it's been a mater of constant estimated bills and no response from that letting agent. The management company will only take notice of faults to the communal facilities, stating that all matters relating to individual flats need to be directed to the landlords or letting agents... ...though there was one instance according to my bills that Scottish Power (my supplier) managed to get hold of my meter readings and increased the charge... it wasn't much so I wasn't that phased by it, but there it was. I still wonder how to this day. Anyway, back to the main problem... As of recently the said letting agent quite silently (with massive amounts of suspicious fraudulence) went bankrupt and liquidated, a few months passed, the agent was switched, and the new agent doesn't know anything at all in regards to the property management or it's meter access, I finally got to talk to my landlord for the first time in 2 years of living here, only to find she's rather stressed out from loss of rent, loss of deposits for pretty much all tenets and she also didn't know about property management OR it's meter readings... ...And just in time when all this is happening I get contacted once again by Scottish Power, asking for them and wanting to send someone to take them themselves. Long story short, I now have a letter from Scottish Power almost demanding meter readings since they couldn't get access, and all persons involved with the property at a loss of what to do (and my landlord is a few hours away by car in another city, so it's not really that easy to involve her directly), and the only people that do are out of the question. I honestly don't currently mind the estimates, they don't break the bank, and would be willing to leave it as is... So what are my options? M.
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