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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, My ex hubby has just asked to cash in a pension with Prudential and its value is £25,000. He has just had a terrible thought and now is panicking. He works full time with a wage of £25,000 a year and he has an AOE that goes out his wages every week for Bradfoed and Bingley. Will this pension money affect his AOE ( will he have to pay more) Will the cheque come with the Tax already taken off it or does he have to contact HMRC and pay them direct? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have just gotten a Nottice of Application for Attachment of Earnings Order for a sum of just over £900 for CCJ issued in the CC busines Court Centre on behalf of Cabot Looking on my CC file i see a CCJ was obtained in summer 2015 for Cabot which after some research appears to be Welcome finance related. (i will contact Mortimer Clarke to confirm who the claimed creditor is but am pretty sure it isnt anyone else) It is the first time i have heard about this CCJ/debt. I returned my car to welcome finance in 2011 and changed address three times since then. I dont think ?I owed/owe them anything and I am not going to be paying £900 in any form if i can help it. I understood i had no debt to them but prior to returning the car under the agreement, I had had some arrears which i had cleared. My income is borderline for getting court fees paid An AOE could affect my job as i work for the government in a finance related role. I understand I can apply to have the CCJ put aside. I understand I could apply for a stay of the warrant I understand I can contact Welcome Finance for a Subject Access Request I have to reply to the application in eight days I don't think I had any PPI with Welcome Finance If I complete the N55 notice of AOE order Form do i make offer payment of an amount and then make the other application (vary warrant or overturn CCJ) or should i simply make an application to suspend and tick the box on the N55 saying I want to the order suspended because I have made that application. Or something else ? My income and expenditures are low and in the past i have made requests to vary judgements on grounds of low income that were accepted by courts after applying to stay warrant. but those were for debts i knew I owed and had had a chance to defend. Thank you in advance.
  3. Dear all, Firstly my apologises if this is in the wrong forum, not posted here for a long time and not really thinking straight at the moment. Currently, we are a real financial mess and one big issue is AOE's from the local council. Does anyone know if there is a mechanism through the court to get this suspended or reassessed? The local authority don't want to know in terms of our serious financial hardship, even written to Deputy Chief Exec of council and was told, sorry, no help available as we have previously been 'lenient' with your situation. I have referred this to the Ombudsman as well as my local MP. Currently, latest deduction of £250 from my salary has left us with only £700 to live on for a month as a family of 4. We don't qualify for ANY benefits as I have a salary of £23000 before deductions, so slip though the safety net. Getting extremely desperate, so ANY advice or help would really be welcome Many thanks David
  4. Hi all, I am suffering from stress and depression, am currently under medication and due to be referred to a psychiatrist in the new year. I am just about holding onto my job, but I am taking more and more days off - which is a worry in itself. Last year my council issued an attachment of earnings order for outstanding tax arrears because they didn't accept my proposal to repay. My local MP managed to get it withdrawn (thankfully), but I still had the embarrassment of my workplace being made aware. I told the council about my mental health then, and offered to provide proof, but they didn't want it. The same council have now served another one for arrears going further back. I am owed deposit money from a previous landlord who failed to return it (in the same period as sthe council's claim) and that money was earmarked to pay off my council tax. I'll now have to borrow the money to take him to court. I'm also claiming back PPI which will help pay these arrears and some others. All I need is some more time to get these owed monies and they will be paid in full. So far, the council show no interest in helping me or understanding my situation. They want their money now and that's that. My question is this, should the council pursue me so agressively if I have mental health issues? Very grateful for your advice, am finding it hard to cope. Thanks
  5. Hello - I hope someone can help but I suspect my case is hopeless. Sometime ago I had a debt, this debt was sold to a third Party and then was again sold to Arrow Global - at the time I was suffering due to the death of a partner at a very early age. I ended up with a CCJ that I ignored and eventually an attachment of earnings that I now have deducted from my wage every month. Since reading this forum I have asked the solicitors representing arrow global for a copy of the letter of assignment and a copy of my original credit agreement. After my third letter they finally responded (this was sent on the 9th September and I only got the response today) The letter says ' I confirm that x purchased the portfolio of ys loans on 1st August 2006 and sold them to Arrow Global on 1st December 2006 as a portfolio of consumer loan receivables' xxxxxx office manager Arrow Global This does not look like a letter of assignment to me. They didn't get a copy of my credit agreement. Being as this ccj is live and I am paying off money every month is there anything I can do to fight this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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