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  1. Hey all, looking for a quick bit of advice here. I signed up for a membership with X4L on the 14th of May 2018, and have only used the gym a handful of times in that time. I haven't been at all during 2019. I now have free access to a local gym which a friend owns, so I cancelled my direct debit with X4L/Harlands on Jan 4th 2019. I then cancelled my membership via their Online Cancellation Portal not long after. After doing so, I received this email - Then this email the following day, Never realised that I wasn't supposed to cancel the DD until they had taken their last payment, but I didn't think it'd matter since I haven't used their facilities in months, even after cancelling my membership (which they can check, because they use fingerprint scanning to allow you access at my gym). On the 24th of January I received an email from HG (Harlands Group) notifying me that I owed them £45 because of admin fees. I sent them a reply letting them know that I would be fine paying the £19.99 for the remaining month of membership (which I never even made use of), but I would not be paying any of their silly admin fees. They never replied, and then on Feb 16th I received this email, So it has suddenly increased from £45 to £69.99? Am I in the wrong here? TL;DR - Cancelled via direct debit, then online using cancellation portal, received email saying not to cancel the DD (I already had by this point), offered to pay for the remainder of the membership (£19.99), now they're trying to charge me £69.99.
  2. Hi, I have read a few of the debt recovery questions and threads and lots of good information, however, everyone is a little different which brings me to my query. In my case I did not do a runner from any debt and tried to settle everything legally before I left. In 1996 while working out in UAE I bought a vehicle on finance (Oman Bank renamed to Mashreq Bank now were the financiers). I made the repayments regularly until I lost my job a couple of years later when the company was sold and the new owners wanted their own people in. I had difficulty making the rest of the payments and some debt accrued but I managed to bring my payments up to date by bringing money from the UK. In mid 1998 I decided to leave the UAE and return to the UK so contacted the bank and agreed to return the vehicle to them to sell it off and deduct what was owed to them and give me the balance of the money as the vehicle was worth at least double the outstanding amount. For a while upon my return to the UK (Northern Ireland) I did not hear anything from them until a few years later when I received a threatening letter from some agency/solicitor (I really cannot remember). I called them and they threatened me with court cases and arrest upon travelling to any Mid east country. I did explain that it was the bank that owed me money and it seems they were asking for the full amount of the remaining debt plus interest which made me to believe that the vehicle was either sold for a small fraction of its value or for just a nominal amount which again means I was defrauded by the bank or the person who was dealing with the case. The person who I spoke to was unable to provide any paper work. In the meantime I traveled to Oman and Kuwait in 2003; but now a shade over 19 years since I have left UAE I have received letters from a solicitor in Manchester threatening me with legal action within 7 days if I do not settle the debt or contact them to settle the debt. I live in Northern Ireland and own my own property. I am also the nominal director of a company registered in England (I do not own the company nor receive any benefits from it). What is the general advice that I should follow? Ignore the letters or write to the UK solicitor asking for all the documents in English? the solicitors seem to operate from a small office in Manchester and a search showed another solicitor registered there so I assume it is one of those solicitor offices that uses various names although the lady in question seems to have been registered by the SRA. I strongly deny owing any money and again strongly believe that I am owed money. The vehicle was valued at over £4000 while the debt was about half that (in UAE Dirhams). By the way, I have no desire to return to that country due to a lot of bad experiences and although I have been offered work a number of times (companies contacting me directly) including from trusted friends, I have refused to entertain the thought of ever going back there. Sorry for the long post but I thought it is better to provide all the information in the beginning. Cheers and thanks in advance for any help, direction and advice.
  3. Hi, i originally join the gym through lifestyle fitness in February 2017. I then cancelled my direct debit through my mobile banking app in August 2018, just after the payment was made that month on the 15th. It is now December 2018 and I have received a letter from the CRS stating I owe them £250.52, “following our initial letter” even though I haven’t received a letter previously, haven’t received any emails stating I owe them any money or anything. i was under the impression the gym membership was cancelled when the direct debit was and I haven’t heard from them until now which is 4 months after the direct debit was cancelled. I am just looking king for advice as I don’t understand how I should be liable for paying this money when I haven’t been to the gym and had no word from them in regards to “late payments” I literally just assumed it would have cancelled This is also my first time posting a thread so I have no idea how this works haha thanks
  4. Hi, Here's what happened. I posted a parcel to acustomer, the parcel contained a hand made item and my customer paidme £572. I took out the maximum insurance of £300 with Hermes. They lost the parcel attheir Weybridge depot. After over a month andhours spent on the phone and writing letters and messages, they havesaid that they will only offer me the £300 plus my postage cost of£17.45 as I had agreed to their terms and conditions which limitstheir liability. This somehow doesn'tseem fair, they accepted my parcel and agreed to deliver it to mycustomer, they lost it whilst it was in their care. Surely theyshould accept that they failed to fulfill their contract with me andshould therefore compensate me fully for my loss. My question is, if Ieventually land up taking this to the small claims court, am I goingto win or do I cut my losses and accept their miserable offering? Any advice will be muchappreciated Ron
  5. Afternoon all, I purchased a £300 car to use for a parts car whilst restoring another car. As it happens I didn't really need anything so sold it on 3 days ago for a little under what I paid. This morning I received one of those letters from Loans2go starting it's there property and they want it back. I was a little taken back as I HPI checked the car but realised after checking report this morning that it was the cheapo option which didn't include finance. Naturally I only use the more expensive hpi for expensive cars..... I called them up and explained I wasn't aware etc, lady was very nice and kept saying I have 10 days or I could make a offer to settle. I took great delight in winding her up as I won't be paying a penny I said well it's all very well saying I have ten days however you won't be getting anything and I have also sold the car. The irony that it's now being used as a stock car as it's worthless. So anyone know what happens next? V5 was filled in on the night of sale online, I have a receipt with all buyers info and sellers info. Loan was taken out against car in 2016........ I want to know if all my items & cars are safe from sticky hands. Cheers for the help
  6. I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with. Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence. I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre. Does Ingeus have a right to see which company/agency I am applying for when I produce this evidence each fortnight when I go to the job centre and can they send a sanction to the job centre for me not putting down which company/agency I am applying for work at? I'm applying and recording proof of at least ten jobs each day at home and when I'm on a "jobsearch" activity at the actual Ingeus office too. Their claim today is that this is for their "records" but surely the only people who have a right to know which company/agency my applications are for is the job centre adviser when I sign on each fortnight and whom I provide the evidence of job search to every time? Could anyone please provide any feedback or information? Thanks.
  7. I'm currntly on ESA in the Support Group. I received one of these ESA 3 (IBR) this morning, it says I am on CB based ESA but they need to look at my claim to decide if I should be getting IR ESA from Feb 2015. So what is the significance of this date as I have always had CB ESA since they switched over from IB, and I'm sure it was earlier than 2015. And now they want me to fill in a 44 page document to see if I may be entitled to extra money. Surely they only have to check their own records to see if I may be entitled to more money by switching over to IR related ESA. Another point of concern by moving to IR ESA is that doesn't any IR related benefit now come under the dreaded UC umbrella ? Is this form compulsory to fill out ? What are the "Premiums" that they mention that I may get if I am on IR ESA ? There are 3 options to tick if I don't want them to reassess me for IR ESA. 1. You had or have a partner and they were or they are working for more than 24 hours a week 2. You have or had more than £16k 3. You had or have a partner who had or have savings over £16k, or together you had or have savings over £16k To be honest I'd rather eat grass than rely on UC, just tonight I was speaking to a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she is still on basic ESA and this month her UC hasn't been paid !! As if she doesn't have enough to worry about But what the heck, it gets people back to work apparently.
  8. Could someone please point me at the appropriate bit of legislation that best suits the following problem. Hints regarding any known, suitable course of action would be appreciated as well. Rather than ask loads of questions on here, I’d like to try and work out what to do, then ask questions when I’m aware of the basics. There are no names and no pack drill as I don’t want to alienate a dealer -yet. It’s tricky to decide what is unnecessary detail, so I’ll take advice on how much I should post here but in short: We are experienced and extensively travelled motorhomers. We bought a new £60,000+ motorhome last year, part exchanging our old one at approx £42,000. The handover started on 30th November 2017. There were several significant faults discovered during the handover, ie, leaking water system, faulty lighting system, faulty battery charger. They were addressed by the dealer and we took delivery late in the day. We stayed at the dealers overnight but by the next morning we had to get them back to fix others. One (an inoperative fresh water pump) was fixed and an agreement made to return with the remainder, along with any others that arose, at a later date, That’s where it all began. We have had a LOT more go wrong. Some have been fixed, others fixed and reappeared, parts replaced only to fail again. Some are significant, eg: - water ingress from a roof window. - a bed with broken slats, no ventilation and serious condensation problems. - basins and a shower that will not drain properly and smell. I could go on – and on – and on…………………….. We persevered and have spent a lot on improving the specification, eg, solar panels, inverter, water filtration, loo ventilating system, etc, etc, but now, after the latest broken, mouldy bed incident............................. The bottom line is we are so sick of it, we want rid of it. It is NOT what you expect when spending £60,000. Heaven knows if it will ever stop being a problem. Some of the faults turn out to be significant design problems. It is spoiling all our use of it and we cannot trust it any more. What should I be looking at to find out our rights and to what extent can we demand a remedy, up to and including a different vehicle, or refund? Will
  9. I've read through all the threads here, and this seems like the best course of action - to write a letter to CRS (who have now taken over from Harlands with harassing my daughter). It's a similar situation to many on the forum - except she was 17 when she signed up, and there was no "adult" involved in either signing up or payments. We have emailed the gym once saying this (on receipt of the first Harlands email): Dear Sir/Madam I am contacting you after taking advice from your staff onthe phone. I have had a contract with you since 2/9/17, which wassigned when I was 17. I handed in a letter on about 12/7/18 sayingI wished to cancel my membership as soon as my year was up, on 2/9/18. Ihave now cancelled my direct debit, and received a slightly threatening letterfrom Harlands Group, asking me to reinstate my DD or pay an admin fee. I have tried to ring Harlands, and have evidence of being onhold for over 30 minutes. I have tried to use Harlands' online system, but thisdoesn't accept the reference number given by them (again, I have evidence). I would be grateful if you could provide some clarity onthis situation, as I have taken legal advice, and would like this mattersettled quickly, and to not receive any further harrassing emails fromHarlands. I wish to cancel my contract as of 2/9/18, as stated in myprevious letter, and would like you to action my cancellation as soon aspossible. As stated in my previous letter, please let me know if thereanything else I need to do. Regards I think it's time for a letter to go to them, so I wonder if someone would give me their thoughts on the text below? I'm a bit doubtful about the dates - it could be that daughter was a bit keen to cancel the DD, and that it hit before the notice period was up, hence the offer of £9.99. She will send this by regular post. She is very worried, but has been ignoring their emails/texts. Thanks in advance for any comments. Your reference: xxxxx WITHOUT PREJUDICE I have received an email letter from CRS on 14/12/18. It once again makes unlawful threats and harassing comments. My Xercise4Less membership was cancelled, in writing, to the gym on 12/07/18. The gym did not inform me of any additional requirements to accepting this notice (copy enclosed). I cancelled my DD mandate in September, and this can also be considered notice that my membership was to be terminated. I will offer a final payment of £9.99 as a fee for a final month’s additional notice. You have 14 days in which to accept this full and final settlement, and to provide details of where I should send the payment. It will not be made by direct debit. I will not pay any administration or penalty fees. Further to this: I was 17, and therefore a minor, when I signed this contract. There is no guarantor or co-signer for the contract. The staff used high pressure selling techniques on me. I will robustly defend any legal proceedings you bring against me. I will not respond to any text messages, email messages or phone calls from you or any other organisation on this matter. Any correspondence will be done in writing. If you continue to harass me via electronic means, I will raise a complaint with Trading Standards, the Financial Conduct Authority, the OFT and the Financial Ombudsman. I also reserve the right to pursue court action for harassment and seek damages. Under GDPR rules, I also withdraw my consent for your organisation to hold data about me, or to pass it to other organisations or entities.
  10. hi, my Dad passed away earlier this year, and the executors have been compiling a list of his gifts to me for inheritance tax. I have now had a letter from a different firm of solicitors stating that they have taken over and that there are a number of transactions which "require an explanation". I wrote to the original solicitors querying this, who passed on my email to the new solicitors. Their response was that the original firm had a right to take legal advice and to employ solicitors to act on their behalf in relation to possible claims that the estate may have. They want to see my bank statements back to 2011 (one account was closed down 2 years ago), and evidence (which I've got ) that he wanted to pay my rent Basically because I gave up trying to move away. Every time I tried to do anything, he would have a fall and be in hospital and i would have to stay with my mother. When I asked who was paying them, they said the fee would come from the estate, but could be borne by the defendants to that claim if the court ordered it. I feel as if I want to say, "Take me to Court then" as I have evidence for everything. I am not involving my solicitor in this because I have already wasted approx £8000 paying him. Money that my Dad gifted me to live off. They want a response by next week. My mother has alzheimers and I am moving her into a care home. I am finally leaving a town which I have been trying to leave for 4 years. Their care has taken over my life, and unless you've been in this situation, you have no idea what a nightmare it is. The Best Interest meeting held earlier this year agreed that she should be near me, I have been unable to work for over three years due to both my elderly parents' deteriorating health, and a psycho brother not helping at all. I have also spent all year trying to get a Care Provider contracted through the Council sacked. This involved a Safeguarding meeting, and a formal complaint with responses from the CQC, CEO, Head of Commission, etc and my MP is backing me. This is just one more thing thrown at me, and I wonder if anyone could suggest anything I can say to them without getting my solicitor involved. Do I need to respond? Do I have to present my bank statements? Will they send bailiffs to my door or will they take me to Court? I would rather go to Court. IMO, my response should be to ask more questions. I don't have time to chase bank statements, especially from closed accounts, and why do they want to know anyway if the gifts were in the nil bracket? You have to be so careful with solicitors as anything I say could be twisted. I will go to Citizens Advice on Monday, but wondered if anyone could help me now. I am in the middle of selling the apartment and moving miles away, plus I can't find a home for her until I've got a date. Thanks
  11. Hi, I run a small retail operation, bricks and locks building..., I am disputing the bill Britisg Gas have sent me, they said it's a smart meter and up to date, it still doesn;t seem right.. One of the last letters have threatened with bailiff or coming in to change the meter, how heavy are they on this stuff? Need I worry till I can try sort it out with them? How long do they normally take to take action?
  12. Hi All, Possibly a hypothetical question but like to be prepared. Had an interview earlier, job sounds great but when I got home invite to interview from another employer in my inbox for next Wednesday. This 2nd job would suit me better (nearer home, more akin to my current role and better hours). I was told at this morning's interview that they would let me know either way today. If I am lucky enough to get the offer, I would be mad not to accept, but still inclined to go for next week's interview as well. What are the ethics of accepting a possible offer today, then changing my mind if I get the other offer next week? Other half says I need to do whats best for me, and if I end up needing to rescind my acceptance its not a big deal, but I hate to let people down. Might not even get the offer from today, but trying to get my head straight on what to do if it does come good ... Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I can see this issue is really common and I've already read some excellent advice on here. I just wanted to make my own thread just to double check I do everything correctly! Hope this is okay I've recently decided to cancel my gym membership at Lifestyle Fitness as I am now using a newly opened gym next to my work place. My membership was just a monthly rolling, no contract, cancel at any time thing.. I followed the FAQ available on the Lifestyle Fitness website which states to email any cancellation request to Harlands. I sent an email to cancel on 01/03/18. The same evening I also cancelled my direct debit as I did not believe I owed them any further money. My direct debit payments were paid on the fifth of each month. On 06/03/18 I received an email from Harlands with the below letter attached as well as a text informing me that I had an important email: re: Your membership to Lifestyle Fitness Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agreement with Lifestyle Fitness. Your bank have advised us that your March instalment has been returned unpaid "instruction cancelled". You have therefore been charged a £ 25.00 administration fee which means you need to pay £ 46.99 to bring your account up to date. Call LIFESTYLE FITNESS HELPLINE - 01444 449171 immediately so we can collect this by DEBIT / CREDIT card and reinstate your Direct Debit over the telephone. If you wish to pay by another method, you must still phone to discuss your options. If you do not call us by 26 March 18 you will be charged a further £ 25.00 administration fee. Our telephone lines are open 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday & 9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday. They also left me 'helpful' information on what I had to do to cancel my membership - pay the above figure as well as another months notice. Despite this exceptionally prompt contact, my original cancellation email is still unanswered - who woulda think it Following advice on these forums my plan is to send the following letter: Dear Harlands, I refer to my membership at Lifestyle Fitness gym in XXX which was a rolling monthly agreement. Following Lifestyle Fitness guidance I informed yourselves of my cancellation on 01/03/18. I also cancelled the Direct Debit mandate. I now realise that I did not provide 30 days notice. I therefore offer to pay the outstanding £21.99 for the notice period. I will pay you no administration or cancellation fees and no further membership amounts. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £21.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any higher amount, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours Sincerely, My only real concern here is that they have my phone number. Letters or emails would just amuse me but phone calls would be rather annoying. Is there anything I can do at this stage to try to prevent that.. is contacting the gym themselves worth a shot? Thank you all for any help!
  14. I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can give me some advice. I work in a small hotel. I'm the Head Chef. We have 2 other chefs working in the kitchen. One of the chefs is known to be very lazy. Likes to take time off saying he is ill when isn't, spends more time playing on phone than working etc. Earlyer this week on the Tuesday I was working with him and he started going on about how he had just got a new xbox and the new call of duty game that had just come out. He started moaning that his friends were already much higher level than him and that he need to catch up. He had his days off Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning we hear from him and he has apparently been to doctors and been signed off works for 2 weeks due to stress. He is not stressed, he is only 25, is not married and has no children. He has only just come back off holiday a week ago. I'm sure he has lied to Dr to get time off to play his new video game. He has been playing his new call of duty game for nearly 80 hours straight. And is still online playing at 3am. Would some one who is under that much stress that they can't work be able to play videos games non stop. I am really angry, I have young children and my youngest son is very poorly. He has hospital appointments next week and weeks after. I had booked days off for both weeks, over a month ago. So I could look after my other children whilst my wife takes our youngest to hospital. These hospital appointments are very important. And include Nurosurgery appointments and appointments at eye hospital. We have no family to ask for help, and no friends so my wife relies on me to help. A lot of the hospital appointments are over 3 hours away at specialist hospitals, and a lot they require that my youngest son is bought alone, so it's not possible for my wife to take are other children with her. We are going to have to cancel all appointments as I have now got to cover for this other chef and will have no days off next week or the week after. Its so wrong that he gets to sit at home playing stupid video games and still gets paid whilst I'm left having to pick up the pieces covering for him working my self in to the ground and it will effect my children as they will not see me, and expecially my youngest as he won't get to his hospital appointments. I also feel sorry for my boss as she is a old lady in her 80s and I feel he is taking advantage of her, he lies to her and she believes him. I don't like to see him walking all over her, he laughs at her behind her back. She ended up in a simular situation with a different employee many years ago and she did sack them but then end up being sued for apparent unfair dismissal. Although that situation sorted its self out she is afraid to do any thing or sack any one else. Is there any thing I can do about this chef, how can I get my boss to see what he really is like. I have physical evidence to back up my claims that he wanted time off to play call of duty. Is it worth me mentioning to my boss. Surely as Head chef I should have a say in who works in kitchen. I don't want some one lazy, I want some one hard working who I can trust and who is reliable. If my boss will listen what should be her first step to dealing with this so she doesn't end up in same situation as last time. Any advice would be much appreciated If you wondering why I'm awake posting this at 3.50am is because a neighbours parrot escaped and is sitting in a tree out side my window sqauking like crazy so cant sleep. Thanks in advance.
  15. Usio Energy are the latest electric supplier to cease trading with Ofgem awarding First Utility all their current customers. https://www.usioenergy.com/
  16. Hi I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay. I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for . . I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'. Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken. Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress. Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my credit file and a letter from the courts saying they made a judgement. Luckily i had 30 days to pay the £273 and they will lift the CCJ so without haste i paid and the CCJ is now gone. two days ago i receive yet Another! Gladstone solicitors letter on behalf of UKCPM. new reference number so a new claim, this one as before £160 before court action. and again , no letters from UKCPM beforehand. Now, i know this will go to CCJ if i ignore it, but what can I do? the carpark is free for 4 hours ! i used it almost every day for the Gym. the carpark is poorly marked, paint very worn on disabled bays, no phone number to call to extend your stay. you have to display a ticket but half the time the machine was out of order however i still am aware of PCN's being issued for non ticket when the machine is not operational. What shall i do? Many thanks for your help
  17. I will do my best to ask my question without making it too complicated. I have 14 separate diagnosis. I live currently in the home I raised my children in, which was recently transferred from the council to a housing association. All my children have left home. I have carers coming in to help with personal care and domestic tasks and taking me out into the community, i.e. shopping, coffee out, for 7 hrs per week, the remainder of the time I am at home, in doors and extremely lonely. It is having a real impact on some of my diagnosis. I have a friend that is returning from outside the UK after 14 years and they are hoping to return to their home town in Yorkshire. I live in the south east and I would like to be able to share a 2 bedroom flat or house with him in Yorkshire for companionship. There is no relationship other than friends between myself and this person who happens to be male. We have known each other for 33 years. At home I feel as if I am just waiting for the inevitable....I have social services involvement but what I want to know is this....Is it possible to move to Yorkshire and move in with a friend that would for my benefit reduce the amount of care I would require, reduce and potentially stop some conditions from occurring and have a normal happy life as much as possible, without being accused as him being my partner? Thanks
  18. Hello, recently my NatWest bank account was unexpectedly closed due to an apparent commercial decision by the bank. So as I've only now got 1 bank account I apply to open a basic bank account with HSBC which was accepted. I received the pin and was waiting for the card to arrive and today I receive this letter. It states that following a review of my application, we regret to advise you thar we no longer wish to provide you with a bank account and that they are closing it. Closing a basic bank account seems extreme, feels like I've been blacklisted or something. It's signed by the fraud operations, financial crime risk operations team. This is really concerning as I know I haven't done anything wrong, but something strange is going on here. Makes me wonder if my main account where my income goes will end up being closed too? Will this kind of thing affect my disability benefits? I have enough to deal with given all my health problems let alone all of this.
  19. I have just realised I have another SPPL Loan. I had one that I have already posted earlier but this one is more straighforward although it was taken out in 2001 and paid off in 2002 so dont know if this is a problem. I had a loan for £15,000 that was a second mortgage on my home. They sent the paperwork and just added the ppi at £2,500. I was self employed and never asked for the ppi was never told why it was on there or anything about it. When I paid it off in 2002 I paid a sum of £17,723.00. Should I send directly to SPPL or to FOS with it being an old loan?
  20. Hi whilst getting advice about a different ticket, my husband now received one from Smart parking. We were away for a weekend somewhere we don't know and parked outside a bowling alley. Didn't even occur to us we'd have to pay (even in London we don't pay in such locations!) It was pouring we rushed inside without looking at notices. Is this another dodgy private company or not? As we are going away this Thurs need to deal with it asap. Many thanks.
  21. Hello all, I was a university student who signed up to my local gym. My last payment to the gym was in February of this year. I believe the payment was set up at £19.99 pcm. I ran into some financial troubles in February and the direct debit for this membership was revoked by my bank (HSBC). I viewed the email sent to me by the gym group and assumed that next month when they came to debit my account, they would take the amount owed + the next membership instalment. I recently started receiving phone calls from CRS, of which I have not picked up. I then checked my emails and found one from them stating I owed them in excess of £300 due to late payments. What has gone from a (relatively small) 'admin' fee from the gym of £50 has now shot up over six fold. I will admit that I probably should have kept on top of this (phoning the gym/bank to discuss how payments should be made) but other reasons and a lack of checking my email account associated with the gym lead me to do otherwise. I suppose I am creating this thread for advice on how I should proceed with CRS with regards to this issue. I have already read that CRS have no legal power with respect to collecting debt owed. I also have read that it is not advised to answer their phone calls. However, I fear as time passes and the debt racks up, it may get to a point where I 'owe' them much more than the current £350 as they keep on adding 'admin' charges to my name. As a student who does not necessarily have those kind of funds, what would be the advised next step for me? I am hesitant to contact CRS to work out a payment plan without fully understanding my rights. If anyone could assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hello. I am another one to add to the list of finding my car not being on the hpi basic check. Got the car in February and today got visited by two people and a car transporter from Burlington Group acting on behalf of Car Cash Point. The bill of sale was never produced from the Burlington operative when i asked for it, instead proceeded to get the police involved. I should have stood my ground but instead agreed to pay off the remaining debt to keep the car. Wouldn't be able to work without it. All i can do now is find the registered keeper and put my claim to get the money back. My problem is with Car Cash Point & The Burlington Group who refused to give me the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle who got the loan against the car. My initial foray into the Data Protection Act only gives me request for information on myself. Where do i go for a request for information on a person from the files of a private company ie, (Car Cash Point). It has been found that the past keeper of the vehicle had another registration logbook from the DVLA to sell the vehicle onto a dealership the same day they took out the loan. I am in the process of back tracking to the two dealerships the car belonged to before me in order to get the original keepers details. However i feel they will also abide by the data protection act. How do i legally get this persons details. Thank you. Caissons Disease. (Ex diver)
  23. Hi, Like most posters, I'm having an issue with Harlands over cancelling my DD prior to filling out their online form. I received a letter in the post today demanding the £19.99, as well as a £25.00 admin fee. I'm not going to pay the admin fee, but am happy to pay the £19.99 as I recognise that I cancelled the DD within the 30-day period. I am going to use the letter template below, which I found on another post with exactly the same issue. However, I'm a recent graduate who is working nights to save for travelling, which means I have all the time in the world to deal with these people. Given the widespread nature of this issue, would it be worth contacting a TV Programme such as Rip-Off Britain to try to nationally shame these bullies? It makes my blood boil that they are effectively spoofing more vulnerable people out of their money. "I refer to my membership at Xercise 4 Less gymi in XXXXXXXXX which was a month to month agreement. I cancelled my direct debiticon mandate in September but realise now that I should have given 30 days’ notice to cancel. Cancellation of the DDicon mandate was adequate notice of my wish to cancel. I now offer to pay £19.99 for the notice period. I will not pay you any administration or cancellation fees. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £19.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any higher amount, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours Faithfully, XXXX" Edit: Forgot to say.. First direct debit went out of my account 18/09/2017, I cancelled shortly after as I wasn't impressed with facilities. They tried to take the next monthly £19.99 payment on 04/10/2017 which obviously got rejected.
  24. hello everyone. I am in deep mess with harlands, due to automatic membership renew. i joined Bromley Self Defence in May 2013 with my son. Monthly fee was ridicules but because I was attacked carjacked few months earlier I would pay for anything that will restore confidence and ease the stress. I paid monthly £80. anyway I have signed the contract. from what i understood i was tied up for 6 months, but after 8 months I realized that they keep charging me. at that time me and my son didn't attended classes anymore. I cancelled my DD and start receiving letters from Harlands demanding monthly repaiment and admin fee. I contacted Bromley Self Defence but received information that my contract stated that i will be renew with contract after 6 months if didn't cancel in advance and that also Harlands sent me letter saying i have two weeks to cancel or will be renewed. i didn't received any letter. now my balance is £210 and I seriously don't know what to do. please advise me, this is beyond my understanding.
  25. Hi, This morning I had a very important meeting that I could not miss and went to park in my usual car park. Unfortunately it was full, this has never been the case before, but I sucked it up and used the larger car park across the road where the minimum stay is 4 hours and they charge £2.50, this is why I never use it. This car park is never more than half full, but was full today. Obviously something local was going on as this has never happened in all the years I have been parking. After driving around for 10 minutes and no space appearing I saw a space that was not blocking anyone at all, and it looked like a space. There was a small triangle of yellow lines right in the corner of the space, that made it look like you could maybe not park there, but I checked all around and it was blocking no one at all, there was ample room. I took the chance as I really could not miss this meeting and paid my ticket. When I came back I had a ticket on the car, this small triangle in the corner was half obscured by leaves and was not the easiest to see. I took a pic of the leaves covering it down the side and at the back, I also took a pic of the front of the car as it really did look like a parking space with white lines at the front and to show it was not blocking anything. It was just this small half obscured yellow triangle at the back that made me doubtful, but that made no sense as it blocked nothing. I am not trying to say I am in the right as I thought it maybe a non parking spot, but paid my money and had no choice but to take my chance, missing the meeting would have cost me far more than the ticket. Is there any point trying to challenge this ticket or do I just suck it up and take it, the least they could do is take the £2.50 off is the ticket was invalid. Thanks for any help Paul
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