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Found 15 results

  1. Hi I have received a Magistrates Liability Order for 2 people who do not live at my address and the debt relates to a different address they have advised they will be taking goods in the next few days !!! Help I cannot get any advice
  2. 6.30 am - knock at door. Look through window. Evident bailiff. 6.35am - once he was off my front garden went out and spoke to him. Seeking my ex partner from August 2016. 6.45am - provided driving licence from inside house, my car was clamped. 6.50am - my car was now clamped for a fine that had nothing to do with me and not my name on the court warrant. 6.55am - I remained calm and was told on presenting my identification to take my ugly mug back inside 8.30 - phoned authority who's parking services team advised me no discussion until full payment is made I said I am not xxx xxx their response..... your card number is 9.00 - phoned courts to file a complaint advised speak to authority. 9.10-11.30am spoke to Andrew James who refused to speak to me as I was not named on the warrant yet they had my car clamped. Spoke to authority who failed to take action swiftly. 12.30 N16a injunction application filed at court and served on authority and Andrew James 1.10pm the clamp was being removed followed by a grovelling telephone call from the parking services director in the authority. Advice needed for next steps for this unlawful action and claiming lost working hours and damages for public embarrassment
  3. I have seperated from my partner ex partner just over a year ago and some how I'd allowed her too put all of our debts into my name. Shock horror when we split up she stopped paying for them and I today had a bailiff call from Andrew jones enforcement. They've apparently sent out 6/7 letters too my previous address but I have only received one at this address. today he visited and has told my partner if I don't phone him within the hour he is going too be back too arrest me. Firstly the debt is £410 from council tax. The original amount owed was £80. I have had bailiffs send back debts previously due too the fact I have ADHD and severely struggle too deal with such people. I accept the debt but am struggling financially as I have recently been through court to gain custody of my eldest child [removed - dx]. However I have not yet been able to start claiming for her child tax credits etc. I have sold my car, tv everything worth anything except my phone during this time. Everything in the house is owned by my partner. Firstly can the bailiff arrest me ? Secondly am I classed as a vulnerable person with ADHD as it is classed as a mental health disorder ? What's the best plan of action from here he is due back shortly an I have no idea what to do ? J
  4. On Wednesday, 4th Nov 15, a JobCentre Workcoach at Seven Kings Jobcentre, instigated a full scale row with me about my apparent job search failure, even though I applied for 33 vacancies for period 21/10/15 – 4/11/15 - so she's clearly insane and her judgement is off at best and worst she doesn't listen to reason nor pay attention to months of evidence. (This is my 2nd complaint against this particular Work Coach for bullying – the first complaint being the 10th September 2014) She battered me about why I hadn't secured interviews for the amount of jobs applied for, I explained that many job sites sold advert slots to recruitment agencies, and that many jobs aren't offered to me due to me being over qualified, and too old for entry-level posts. At precisely 12:40pm, she aggressively challenged me and said “If I'm so experienced, then I should be in work” - and she didnt mean it as a compliment either, she was goading me, doing her absolute best to wind me up, and she's clearly a lunatic of the highest order and unprofessional to boot. I mean, does she really think that repeatedly bashing out the same questions really helps motivate jobseekers or changes a job-market fluctuation situation that's completely out of my control – it doesn't. The 'Work Coach' also kept banging on about her 'job coach' credentials, she told me she was a qualified job coach (seems the majority of DWP staff do this too, but from what I've seen they don't have the skills/knowledge required to coach anyone) . Is the DWP sure they should be using self-appointed titles, as I thought their titles were Compliance/Customer/Client Advisor?? although the Work Coaches seems to think its fine to promote themselves and bully others.... (It seems the title of 'Work Coach' is an official title according to the DWP). She then turned to giving low-level CV tips, 'advising' that I should change it so its 'targeted'. Well, I've removed 4 positions to make it so – but this has now left a huge gap of 4 years employment that is tough to explain to interviewers, hmmm, great advice She then threatened to repeat the same pathetic questioning every time I attend my signing day, and I'm not being spoken to like that, nor will I stand for her ridiculous threats and told the Jobcentre, I will take this to the highest complaints level as this is the 2nd time these pathetic power games has occurred and the 3rd advisor complaint put forward by myself, although I couldn't be bothered to take it to the maximum complaints stage last time, but I will now.
  5. The pay packet of Crossrail chief Andrew Wolstenholme increased by almost a quarter to £700,000 this year — making him one of Britain’s highest paid public sector bosses. A total of 81 TfL and Crossrail executives earned more than the Prime Minister’s salary of £142,500. Link Says it all I think, when did the likes of Joe Public have a 25% pay increase on public money.
  6. Ok here is the deal. Around Feb 14 - We had a parking fine in Swansea council car park. Appealed to the council, got rejected. Went to the court (TEC) and the amount reached £82. Andrew James got involved, TEC helpline suggested I do an out of time application. Somebody from Andrew James visited the business premises to inform us that we need to pay £392. He went away that time without much hassle. Did out of time application but the appeal was rejected. Amount o/s at this time - £82 I spoke with Swansea Council who didn't accept the payment and told that I deal with Andrew James. I took a chance and posted a cheque for £82 to the Swansea council with Parking Ticket ref on the back of the cheque - Jan 15. Council banked the cheque and it cleared. Somebody from Andrew James came again to the business premises (owned and operated by a Limited Company) in Feb 15 to pay or they will take goods. Informed that it has been dealt with the council. He went away. 17 March 15 - Two bailiff's arrived at the business premises and didn't leave. Police were called but didn't do anything. Bailiff's started removing Ltd co's good and told us that they are aware that we have paid council the £82.00 but must pay another £420.00 there and then in cash or they will take half the shop away. I didn't agree and they started moving the items in front of many customers. To save embarrassment, we took cash from the till (£420.00) and they took the cash, gave the receipt, said thanks to the police for not doing anything and went away. Same day, I MCOL'd a £420 + court fee on Andrew James Limited and the claimant was my Limited Co. A few days ago their solicitors wrote to me to advise me that they shall be their legal rep in the court and they need particulars of claim. They also requested to know why the limited company has started the claim and not the "individual" on the TEC warrant of control. Any advise would be kind.
  7. Just a bit of initial advice. Just had a friend on the phone who has received a NOE from Andrew Wilson. Background; Friend split from his wife and moved out. He has moved in with a friend for the time being. He had a dispute with his accountant over extra fees that were charged that he did not agree to. He is not sure if this went to court (told him to check credit file) but I feel that it may have done. AW say they will be visiting the address he is now living at on Monday. He is the director (sole) of his Ltd company and the NOE is in that name not his personal. He has no personal possessions (other than clothes) where he is now living but does have the company van, tools etc. I have told him to register on here to give the story in more detail but he won't be back from work until after 5pm. Any advice that I can may be give him. Thanks
  8. I have been visited twice by Andrew James Enforcement Ltd in Swansea due to an outstanding council tax bill. I do not deny my owing and on the visit we met, I was courteous and polite (as was he). However on both counts, it is my belief that they were applying more charges than lawful, on three walking possession orders, the same items were listed but charging multiple times; this has been challenged and won many times it seems. One levy was frivolous but despite my providing evidence and precedent in a complaint to the council, they simply withdrew Andrew James Enforcement Ltd's involvement in my case and did nothing to suggest they've done anything in response. On their second visit I wasn't in, but they did exactly the same thing again. Again on complaint, Swansea council brought my debt back to them without admitting nor denying any wrongdoing on the part of Andrew James Enforcement. I am adamant that they have broken a few rules both times and would like to see if it's isolated and if not prove that it is wrong higher up. After some investigation, it seems as if my 2 cases aren't the only ones and I would like anybody else with Andrew James Enforcement Ltd to come forward where they feel the rules have been broken. DO NOT SEND ME PERSONAL DETAILS! All I'm interested in is a list of people to potentially discuss this organisation with because if I discover a great number of cases, I would like to consider taking this further. I am not a lawyer, nor a solicitor, I'm simply a businessman who fell on hard times. If this did go further, appropriate legal advice and representation will naturally be sought. So if Andrew James Enforcement Ltd have charged excessive fees, made frivolous levies, charged multiple times for one visit on separate walking possession orders, please let me know either below or via pm. If you believe they have done something criminal, please drop me a message. The only prerequisite is that you have some evidence of their visit like receipts, walking possession orders etc (DO NOT SEND ME THESE AT THIS TIME! I DON'T HAVE NOR WANT SECURE DATA STORAGE) Continue to pay any agreed payments and charges and continue taking responsibility for your debts in whatever way is appropriate. This is simply a hunch that I would like to investigate to see if my case is isolated or if Andrew James Enforcement Ltd is actually committing offences on a regular basis. If they are, we'll discuss as a group what the options are in the presence of experts because I don't like the idea of them screwing over people when they are at their most vulnerable just for extra profits. If indeed that is the case, we've yet to find out obviously.
  9. Can someone offer some advice please? My husband had a dispute with a solicitor and they got a CCJ. He should have defended the case but didn't and it was ages ago now so I believe he is stuck with it. He has been paying them sporadically as and when he can afford to and the debt is now down to £660. He received a letter from an enforcement agency a few weeks ago and ignored it, he just paid another instalment to the solicitor who had the CCJ and thought no more about it. Now we have had a notice put through the door from this bunch at Andrew Wilson & Co which says they have a Writ. We have not received any notification from the High Court about any Writ (although I don't know if they have to notify us) and the enforcement details on the note only mention the CCJ from the County Court as the enforcement details, not any High Court claim number. There is however a Writ number at the top of their note but I don't trust this to be anything other than their reference number, it is just a number, no letters in it as you see in county court claims. We have no intention of letting these people into the house, which is owned by me and not him in any event. We have revoked their license to enter the premises with a notice in our porch window, which they must have read when they visited today. My husband intention is to carry on paying the solicitor direct as and when he can until the original debt is paid (they waived the right to interest in a letter to him). What I want to know is what rights, if any these enforcement people have? Can they take his car if it is on the drive despite the licence to enter the premises being revoked? If we pay the solicitor in full will they have to go away or are we stuck with them now banging on the door every few days? They have added over £1,000 to the alleged debt that they are now demanding, is this legal? My instinct is to ignore them and make sure they can't get in but I need some guidance please. Thanks for such a good and interesting forum.
  10. I own a hotel and came back from shopping to find a letter had been hand delivered through the post box. It was from an Enforcement Agent from Andrew Wilson & Co addressed to a former guest who stayed at my hotel many months ago. The letter states the EO will come back to take control of goods. I rang the number on the letter and got nowhere. I was told the EO has the right to force entry if necessary to carry out the Writ of Control. How do I stop this from happening.... Its not my debt, the person they are looking for is not here. They were quite intimidating when I phoned. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
  11. Hi there, Andrew James are enforcing for a parking ticket which was from March 2013. The car was sold not long after, and I also moved address. Andrew James state they have sent letters and made visits to the former address to get the ticket paid for. For some reason they have now identified one of my gf's work premises as my home and are enforcing the debt there threatening to remove goods for auction... I have nothing to do with either her business, nor the address in question. Also the car was never registered to the business or the address they are enforcing. I do not dispute owing £112 for the parking ticket, however the £340 of charges Andrew James have added by sending letters and bailiffs to addresses where I have not been present seems unfair. I have spoken to Andrew James and was told - Pay up or they will continue to enforce my gf's business.... I spoke to the Director of Transport at the local authority who has said he cannot do anything at all for me and suggested I pay the charges. Could someone please let me know their thoughts regarding this matter? I have tried the citizens advice on numerous occasions but can never seem to get through to them. Thanks
  12. We are paying a charge of £3054.06 at £100 per week agreed. Charges of bailiff are £25 per £100 - also charged us walking possession fee, enforcements under fee 5 disbursements under fee 12 etc totalling bill of £1255.40. This is a business rent debt that went to court and landlord agreed above terms. No possessions were taken, no letter sent to indicate court proceedings, no seizures; nothing. Can bailiffs charge on these terms and this amount? Thank you!!!
  13. Hi, We arrived home from work to find a distress notice: seizure of goods & inventor, posted through our door inside a white envelope that looked like it had been hand delivered. There are charges for two previous visits, but this is the first we have heard from them!! My husbands car was parked on driveway and they have written details of car on form. When my husband phoned Andrew James office, they demanded full payment of arrears to which my husband explained was impossible to pay. They were rude to him and then put phone down on him. I have phoned them today asking for details in writing of previous visits and name of bailiff who supposedly attended. They refused to give me any information and told me to email them and then they put the phone down on me. There is no email address on the form! I phoned the council and asked them if they would take the debt back in to their administration, but they said no and that i had to deal with the bailiffs. I told them the bailiffs have unlawfully charged me and were refusing to speak to me, only to tell us to pay in full or they would come and collect car in 5 days. But still the council will not help us in anyway. We are not refusing to pay the debt but asked if we could come to a reasonable weekly amount. my husband is feeling very suicidal and i am very scared.
  14. Hi I am after some advice! My sister has had a bit of trouble paying her council tax and it appears that the arrears was sent to Andrew James Enforcement Limited who are a bailiff. She has not received any communication from this company until she had a knock on the door yesterday. She wasn't at home at the time, and they posted a red removal notice through her door. The notice says that they had attended to Remove her goods and take them to auction. The amount due on the notice is £367. Are the bailiffs allowed to issue a red final notice without prior communication? I have spoken to the council today on her behalf, who have confirmed that the initial arrears was only for £153. I have paid this off directly with the council. Does this now mean that the Bailiff are no longer entitled to remove goods from the house? I don't know what to do now with this Bailiff company!! I assume that she will only owe them the difference?
  15. Today we have recieved through the door a "notice of seizure " for my daughter for college fees. Debt £1015 - their charges £960 from Andrew wilson and co. She finished school with a levels - went on to university and did an HND in fashion buying, the recession then hit -no jobs in fashion so she got a job with a full time media company, one year later was made redundant so she decided to go to college to do an access course for teaching and as she was claimimg jobseekers she would get the course paid for ( or so she thought) . During all this time and still now to pay her car insurance she worked at a pub but was still able to claim jobseekers which was 40p most weeks as she only worked a few hours),this was 2 years ago. she is now at university doing primary teaching aged 25, he has 2 jobs to pay her rent, etc (obviously not claiming jobseekers now) My point is during all this time she has worked to try and better herself and make a career , and this is what happens for trying to educate yourself for a better life. As far as she was concerned these fees were covered by the jobseekers ( i helped her fill out the forms) . She or I at my address have never had a ccj for this or any communication in fact. Most certainly should this have been the case she would have contacted the college to argue the case. what can we do - she doesnt live here anymore but I feel so strongly about this I am happy to do whatever to defend her - she is an honest hard working girl and this is wrong.Please help
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