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  1. I am having a right nightmare with Kensington mortgage company and need some much appreciated help . I had a suspended possession order granted in oct 2007 as I had lost my job at the nhs and my wife business had collapsed the suspended possession order was issued in oct 2007 for my monthly payment plus £50.00 i think i need to dig it out as it was nearly 6 years ago i will post later the exact amount I have been making payments over the last few years to Kensington but also built up massive arrears on my council tax and second secure loan with welcome finance at the mo long story short I have now cleared my 7000 pound arrears with council tax (rossendales ballifs ) april 2013 and got my arrears down to £1095 with welcome finance (was over £5000) however with doing this I have now got arrears of £20,018.46p as of 19th august 2013 with Kensington. I had an arrangement in feb ,march,april, to pay £636 (monthly payment) to Kensington of which I paid march £640.00 april £650.00 may £800 i only paid £160.00 in feb due to having several other debts elsewhere stupid of me i know !! on the 28th of april when i paid £800 i was charged arrears fee of £50 and i was told my arrangement had finished and i needed to fill in income expenditure form send bank statements in and wage slips to consider a new arrangement for may after filling in all sheets and sending in the above i offerd £636 + £64 off the arrears (£700.00 a month after 19 days i got a letter stating this had been declined and was advised to up my offer so i didn't make a payment in may as i wanted an arangement setup so i knew what i was paying i will explain later (don't want to go on but arragrements have been declined lots of other times over the past 5 years until i offered a lot more even if i couldn't afford it so im at the end of my tether and on the verge of giving up ! after clearing more debts in mid april and doing a new budget sheet i could offer £636 + an extra £200 .a month off the arrears i sent again budget form, wage slip, bank statements and again the payment proposal was declined after 16 days stating i couldn't afford the above (even tho the budget form stated i had an extra £204.00 at the end of the month ) offer as i had stated i would like to pay weekly and the computer calculates some months as 5 weeks the payment would be nearly £1000 in certain months i didn't pay anything in june as im holding onto my money incase thy issued possession which they kept stating every time i called them unless an aragement was agreed after sorting the above over the phone along with been told Kensington had inputed my child benefit of £134 into child benefit and also the same figure int family tax wrong (not £179.00 as stated on the budget form) and explaning the weekly thing i put a new proposal of £640 a month + £200 a month of my arrears which would take roughly 8 years to clear (still have 22 years on mortgage term) i advised i would start paying at the end of august and was advised the new payment proposal was affordable and would be given to the senior team (5th of august and boom i get a letter today dated 19th august stating unless i pay £20,018.46 in 7 days evershields (solicitors ) will apply to the court for the issue of a warrant of possession im holding onto my £840 incase i need to pay a rent deposit in the past i have an arrangement for 3 months pay it then it ends then seems to take 4-6 weeks to get a new arrangement i get charged £50 a month arrears fee and i can never get an arragemnt set up that's affordable they always decline 1 or 2 times until i offer a silly amount once i pay that for 3 months the same again the arrangement ends i have to update my budget forms and again charged £50 a month arrears except this time agfter 3 months arrangement they wont renew it.. please help i don't know what to do !! i called Kensington this evening and was told they sent a letter dated 15th august stating my 3rd proposal had been declined and due to previous arrangemnts not been kept and arrears building up they are seeking evection sorry for the long thread but don't know what to do regards mark
  2. Hi all, So after being left alone for more than 4 years despite their view that I'd be fully recovered from my genetic condition in 2 years, the dreaded envelope finally landed on the doormat this morninng. Absolutely perfect timing as it's been hanging around in the ether for 6 days so I basically have 3 weeks to return it with a family reunion event this weekend, my son's wedding the following weekend previewed by various family members arriving and wanting entertaining and followed by a 2 week holiday - we get back 2 days after the form is supposed to be in, and whilst we're away the renewal form for my PIP should arrive. For various reasons, it would normally take me 4-6 weeks to get a form like this done, and DWP know but haven't bothered to tell whatever the tossers are called now that I need an electronic version of the form, though I'm sure I'll be able to locate one online somewhere. I know I'm not going to starve if we end up in a fight over this so I'm much better off than most ESA claimants, but even so I feel sick and I'm shaking. After the last fiasco with ESA then the repeat with PIP, I feel I have every right to be scared about what this will do to me this time. For anyone interested, my previous ESA thread is here :- https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?337937-IB-to-ESA-migration/page16 and the PIP thread is here :- https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452510-Blatant-discrimination-by-DWP-RENEWED-FOR-3-YEARS
  3. The other half's PIP is not due for renewal till next year (the end of april I believe it is) however he got a phonecall last week to say he hadn't replied to a letter he had never received saying he was to go for assessment. Now I'm raging about that to say the least as they are not supposed to contact him by phone on instruction of myself and his GP but that's a different issue. We are obviously going to have all the same issues we had a few years ago with regards to him getting a home assessment rather than going to the assessment centre. And given their 'health professional' apparently thinks he is not on any medication for mental health, only for pain when he is on max dose anti-depressants, I do not hold out hope for this going well. However my question is, given we are almost 11 months away from him actually needing this reassessment, is there any way to get it delayed even slightly? We are in the middle of moving house and I am actually off on the sick right now so the timing is just awful. We are moving out of the area we were in so that means all the health professionals he currently sees will be changing very soon. the stress of the move and the idea of moving away from health professionals he knows and trusts is more than enough for him to be dealing with right now without ATOS or whatever they are calling themselves these days joining in. Even if I could get it delayed till I have a new GP/CPN/Psychiatrist sorted for him that would be a huge help I think. is it worth asking the DWP for a delay? anyone have any experience of this?
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been a long time lurker. First of all apologies for how long winded this is, but I hope I include all the relevant information. Alleged card debt from card taken out in 1998. Alleged debt approx £5k. Card sold to IDEM Capital Securities August 2012 Alleged Card default August 2013. Idem Capital Securities assigned alleged debt to Arrow Global November 2015 About three years ago I received multiple claims for alleged credit card debts, and with the help of this forum managed to get one claim dropped and ended, one victory in court and a few claims stayed, so thanks for the help there! Anyway, one of them doesn't appear to have gone away, and Shoosmiths appear to be applying to Northampton County Court to get a stay lifted and have my previous defence struck out pursuant to CPR 3.4 and obtain summary judgement pursuant to CPR 24.2 they claim I have no grounds for defending the claim. This was my original defence: So my defence was submitted, along with two other defences on the same date. Nothing further was received from Shoosmiths or the courts, and the claims were stayed. I should have asked to have them struck out, but I wasn't fully aware of the procedures, and couldn't afford to pay anything to the courts. So roll on two years and three months, and Shoosmiths start writing to me again, saying they did not receive my original CCA request or CPR18 letter in 2016 (funny how two more were received, and returned, and they were all sent in the same recorded delivery envelope!) They now claim they have provided all of the relevant information, and I still dispute this. Their alleged agreement is an application form for a card around the time I had allegedly taken out a few credit cards. Their "terms and conditions" is a reconstituted partial list, it even says for items X,Y,Z refer to your terms and conditions! They then have another set of terms including MBNA web address details, the web address didn't exist in 1998! Their letters also refer to one credit card number, then it changes to a new card number that they have assigned, which to me just points to multiple pieces of incorrect or fabricated information. I chose to ignore all of this further correspondence, as the claim was stayed. Then earlier this week, they have sent a further copy of this "information" along with a covering letter to me as follows: This covering letter includes a copy of their N244 Application Notice to lift the stay and all previously submitted information. Again, apologies for the long winded post, but I ask, how should I either try to stop this dead, or again defend? I am actually happy to attend court if it comes to that. I read on one of the other threads that this could be submitted. Would I be able to use it as a reply, as it has taken them over two years to get incorrect information that they think they can use in court? If anyone can reply, I'd like to say thanks now, and I will be extremely grateful. Will come back with the results.
  5. hi all, i am in a bit of a panic with this lot and hoped someone can tell me how Blemain function with there charges, ,i have two secured loan accounts around 4 years ago i fell behind with payments, i have since cleared this up however it has left me with charges of £1000 on each account which are collecting interest. i phoned them today because at minimum i really need to cover the interest at least to stop them increasing, if i make a normal payment via online it wont come off the charges it comes off the account balance, this was said today over the phone, i have to make a phone payment and request it comes off the charges, i ask on here where are the charges if there not on my account balance do they make a sub account for them? i would be most greatfull of any help with this, one more thing, is it worth going to the FOS to try and get them to dump these charges i have had to post an update to my post, i have spoken to blemain today and my charges are separate from my main accounts and have arranged to at least cover the interest on the £2000 by paying something in monthly, that's no problem and my accounts are maintained however the loan balances on the two accounts have hardly come down over the last 6 years and i nearly owe as much as when i started off, ,,why is this when i paid the arrears off and the charges are separated from the balance, ,,im at my wits end and its making me ill if anyone can assist with any thoughts please do so as i dont know what to do thanks in advance
  6. Folks, Long time since I've been on the CAG. I have had a couple of issues sorted with the help of this site, and I'm very grateful for the support so far. I am now wanting to end another 2 barclaycard accounts, which has balance amounting to 15K in total. One of these (the largest) is an old morgan stanley card bought by barclaycard few years ago. The balance was built up very quickly when the account was opened (circa 2004), and I have managed minimum repayments for many many years. Those are more than £200 a month. I have certainly paid well over 20K on that account over the years, and it's time to end it. So where do I go from here? I'm guessing a SAR for both accounts, CCA for the morgan stanley one? are the rules still similar to those from 2011? e.g. if they cannot produce an enforceable agreement, I can end this quickly? also, i understand there's new legislation around over-limit and late fees which can be claimed back? in my case i'm sure these are significant! Any other advise? I need to end these debts once and for all. Thanks all. NC
  7. One year on and they have been charging me for some months. This time I kept all statements and sent off prelim in September. Just sent lba off to discover they had written to me (got letter late) saying we settled in January 2008 and they regard the matter as closed. Nice try but I still have old spreadsheet when I end up filing (just to prove I'm not stupidly claiming twice) and I'm going for contractual again. It is almost £200 now without the court costs. Will they pay up any sooner than last time or shall I see pigs in the sky? It will work out at 6 months interest payments so I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Hi Guys, Need some help i was on DLA mobility low rate which was due to review December 2019. My GP referred to community health support worker who advised me to apply for PIP as i have high chances getting care and mobility higher rate than low rate mobility due to my mental and physical illness. I was little bit hesitant as i heard a lot of horror stories about PIP rejection rate. Anyways my health support worker rang DWP and arranged a home visit to fill the PIP form. A lady from DWP came to my house on 13th August 2018 and filled all the paper work and contacted DWP to apply for PIP over the phone. The DWP lady also advised that i might receive another PIP form which she advised me to ignore. After 10 days i received new form which i ignored but after 3 weeks i received another letter telling me that they still not received the form. I rang DWP and told that the from already filled by DWP lady after searching on their computer the lady over the phone told me that they got the form but it still not scanned to put on their systems, the lady over the phone also advised that it should be on the system by two weeks and i should contact after two weeks to confirm. After that i was bit relaxed and i totally forgot to ring them back, now i received their letter saying that they rejected my claim is i failed to provide further information. One more thing i never received any further letter from DWP apart from the form which they sent to fill in. The date on the letter is 10th of october and i received the letter on 18th october and i am abroad seeing my parents and coming back 12th of november. The dead line will be finishing 10th of october, i do not know what to do now its not my fault they messed up with my form they also said in the letter that my DLA will be stopped from 23rd october. Thank
  9. Ill start by stating i have never had any dealings with Lloyds Bank in my life but they have registered accounts on my credit report. There is two accounts on my file one mortgage for an address which is not mine and also a credit card again which is not mine. The mortgage is in serious arrears and the credit card is listed as defaulted.I am also receiving debt collection letters. I have had problems with Lloyds in 2010 - 13 where they also had a CCJ against me. They also sent a letter from there solicitors to my address stating i was a fraudster. (see attachment) I managed to get things erased from my credit file eventually through a lot of hard work , and eventually i went to the newspapers and FOS who helped me sort it. I received a disgraceful amount of compensation for what they had put me through and now they have managed to wreck my credit file again. I have sent SAR off and i am awaiting response. Again this is for a person with the same name and DOB as me but this person has a middle name and i do not. Any help or similar experiences with this kind of thing would be good to know so i can again chase them. Thanks. Sorry attachment here from mentioned above. see my other links https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488056-Barclays-default-not-mine-!!!&p=5129009#post5129009 Lyons Letter.pdf
  10. Morning everyone. My wife this time receives the attached. The ticket was placed very carefully on the dashtop correct side up. Whats the best way forward please. Many thanks CCF14062018_00000.pdf
  11. Hi guys just hoping for a little advice. First off I will give you a little background I am disabled and have congenital spinal deformities etc I was Medically retired by Her Majesties government back in 2009 due to my condition serverly worsening etc. in 2016 I had an op on my spinal cord because to release certain nerves etc and the day after my release had to go for a medical for the DWP, passed that but then 4 - 5 months later had to go for another , again another 5- 6 months later into 2017 had to go for another again passed that . Yet again they have decide to send me for another one even though I have sent them all my medical info my medical retirement info which they done yet keep wanting a medical ... I wonder if they know that congenital problems don't fix them selves. My main question is this normal ? I've sent evidence which shows i have bladder and bowel issues which i use devices, i use a wheel chair, my MRI results and letters from consultants etc
  12. I joined the Swansea branch during 2014 and am certain that I went down to the branch, filled out the cancellation forms and cancelled the membership before I left. I've only just now been going through my financial statements and it turns out even after 3 years Harlands are still charging me the £9.99 a month. I am trying at present to cancel my membership once again through the online cancellation form on the website of xercise 4 less; but I keep getting runtime error. There is no way for me that i can see to contact either group through emails. I also cannot login through the onsite portal to see my profile; as although my email address is correct; it still says I have no details relating to that email address. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get my money back considering I already cancelled but if I just did something wrong and had to cancel harlands payments through direct debit itself then fine - ill write it off as money lost. Just would love to get rid of them.
  13. Its a long first post, but please bear with me...desperate? In 2001 i had a major epileptic seizure while at work, i have never had a seizure before and was taken to hospital.(where i spent the next 4 days) Over the next 6/12 months i was having quite a lot of tests done to see what brought on this seizure. In 2002 my wife and i bought our ex-council property,when we took out this mortgage we took out PPI i disclosed my illness which hadnt stopped me from working, and the seizures were now only partial and unfrequent there was no pattern to them at all. I was perhaps having maybe 1 or 2 every 3/4 months. When the PPI was taken out as i said i disclosed the illness, it was a fixed term of 3 yrs and they contacted the hospital and my GP for eveidence. However in late 2002 i was eventually diagnosed with a ''cerebral brain tumour of the right temperal lobe which was causing the seizures'' The insurers were made aware of this i think at the time i was paying around £62 per month PPI. In June 05 i had a call from my insurers they said my fixed term was now ending and did i want to contuine it, also had my condition chnaged at all. I said yes i did want to contuine it, and yes my condition had got worse. The reply was ..well as you havent claimed against this policy before there is no need for any further medical eveidence. But my premium was now going to be £65 per month, thats ok i said. My seizures were now getting very frequent and i was having 2/3 per week i was taken back into hospital for tests. Where lucky enough they caught this one on VT test and it showed that i was blacking out but having only partial complex seizures (not full ones). I was advised by the hospital to stop working and they would go for removal of the tumour (i was having regular MRI scans that showed the tumor was not growing , not cancerous, but was sitting on a part of the brain that was giving me seizures) and the removal of it was the best option, it was in a good position to be removed. Because my mortgage was taken out after 1995 i would have to wait 28 weeks before i got any help from the DSS. I wasnt unduly worried as i had the PPI...But they neglected to pay out!!! Their get-out-clause was A) It was a pre existing medical condition. B) it was a new policy? It wasnt a new policy i had just carried on the old one, and they knew of my medical history ...so what were they covering me for and why was it a higher premium? I went thru the Financial Ombdsmen/LLoyds back and fourth went the letters and then they changed the reason they were not paying out to: ''they didnt ask me to go for a medical i wasnt covered for the only thing that was wrong with me''?? Where can i go from here as to trying to get redress from either the insurers or brokers (was the policy mis-sold)? Anyway late 05 the mortgage company try to reposess and take us to court, the judge awards them 28 days? I borrow some money and employ a barrister who takes it back to court and this time we get a good judge who sees we have done all we can to resolve things and allows 3 months to sell the property, which we do in a week and are now in rented accomodation. We have a 17 old at college and a 13 yr old at school. When we were in court on the second time the mortgage company sought reposseion or £146k settlement. That was the figure they asked for. When we get the last statement after the sale we see they mortgage company have taken £156k, They say £8k on early settlement figure £2k on fee's. IMO an early settlement is the same as penalt clause in this situation (ie we were forced to sell) and therfore a penalty clause is NOT ENFORCEABLE in a court of law. I have now asked the barrister to look into this, he said the Penalty clause is NOT ENFORCEABLE IN A COURT OF LAW, but they are trying to get round it by saying it was an Early settlement figure, which they would be intitled to ''if i moved mortgage companys to find a better rate'' for example. Does anyone know of a case like this? What was the outcome? ANY help would really be appreciated, although we could really do with the money i would rather the barrister had in fees, than let the mortgage company have it!!! Thanks for taken the time to read this long post...appreciate it! well second like an idiot i posted in the wrong forum i posted under ''general consumer issues'' insted of looking at the site properly, so appologies to the MODS and other users of this board. please have a look in the general forum under ''repsosesion/PPI/early settlement'' I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at for me or if the MODS could possibly move it to this forum. I never knew so many people had probs with gmac/eversheds llp (solictors) Thanks again all and i will update if i get some news from the barrister Three threads merged
  14. Hi. I'm in a similar boat to others. I was stupid not to read the small print and cancelled my gym membership in December 2017. Since then I've been plagued by calls and texts and now electronic messaged left on my voicemail. I am tempted to write to CRS but am reluctant to start. I'm wary of giving them my address but I'm sure Xercise4less must have it as I had a contract with them. I think my fees are now up to about £200!! Should I continue to ignore it or send them a letter asking them to stop? Thanks in advance for advice
  15. Yet another dissatisfied customer. I live in France and because bedding is so dear here ordered a mattress in January delivered to my daughter in the UK. I'd already found the Shiply site and had a quote. Of course, the mattress was collected but never delivered and I am £600 out of pocket. Small beer compared to some of the complaints here, but just another reason never to go near them. ETA I have discussed at length the problem with my bank today and they were most interested to hear of the 18 pages of complaints here. They say they are reviewing the company's acceptance as a supplier. Yes or no, we have nothing to lose. my bank is Lloyds, and maybe if we all try, we can get them well and truly screwed.
  16. Hi, I have been looking at the various info in the various threads and was hoping that someone could confirm or even advise if I have got the process correct. Some 12 weeks ago I had an ATOS 'assessment' which was to move me over to ESA from Incapacity Benefit and have today been notified that I have been placed in the ESA WRAG Group. I know having read all the guides on filling in the forms that I would/should score 15 points on one condition alone thus meeting the Support Group criteria, so I now intend to seek a reassessment of the decision. So my steps should be: Phone and state that I wish to appeal the decision, request a copy of the Atos Assessment, a copy of the score sheet relating to the criteria I was judged on and a copy of the decision makers statement clarifying the reasons for the decision. Are these three separate documents ? The one part that I'm a bit confused about is the rates of benefit if I continue to the appeal and if they change from the moment I phone up to Appeal. Any advice is more than welcome. Thanks
  17. hi, i had a membership with xercise4less in late 2014/early2015. i was sold this membership with the understanding that there was no contract and that it was a flat rate of 9.99 per month and that cancellation was simple. i used the gym for a few months and then was due to be out of the country for the best part of a year on ops at with work. i called the gym and asked if i could cancel my direct debit and that id restart when i got home. i was told that this wasnt an issue and my membership was terminated and that was that. a few months later i realised that the money was still being withdrawn from my account i called again and again i was told ' yes, cancellation is confirmed'. a few months after this, the money was still being withdrawn from my account and at this point i cancelled the direct debit. i heard nothing after this. until i got home to some red headed letters from harlands and crs demanding over £200 in unpaid fees and admin fees. i tried to dispute this but received no reply from xercise4less i reluctantly paid it (early 2016). id heard nothing since. The past few months ive been hounded by crs with calls, emails and letters demanding almost £200 in unpaid membership fees. after explaining and them confirming that i had already paid these fraudulent fees, i was told that i still had to pay as there was still a contract. i called xercise4less and was told that i hadnt been active on their system since mid 2015 and they would try and sort it. i heard nothing for a few weeks assumed it was done with. a few days ago i got an email from crs demanding money i emailed xercise4less again and have been completely ignored but im still recieving voicemails etc from crs asking me to set up a payment plan... **crs** I have emailed the manager at xercise4less, again. I am trying to sort this as fast as possible but as usual, they appear to be using their usual tactic of ignoring people until they give in and pay. I am only one of hundreds of people that have fell victim to their staff incompetent, fraudulent business and complete lack of moral fibre. I will be in contact as soon when/if they decide to speak to me. From: Sent: 19 February 2018 11:13 To: Subject: CRS Ref No: ,,,,,, Dear Mr .... Re: CRS Ref No: ..../ Xercise 4 Less Ref No: ...... Further to your recent email, It is true that you have not had a contract with them for a number of years, but this debt has been outstanding for a number of years. We have been passed your file by Xercise 4 Less in regards to unpaid arrears due under the terms of your Membership Agreement. On you entered into a Membership Agreement with Xercise 4 Less. You agreed to pay £9.99 a month and give a months notice when you wished to terminate your Agreement. Xercise 4 Less have not received the relevant notice from you to cancel your Membership, but payments stopped in Autumn 2015. As your payments were not honoured and you failed to rectify your breach of Agreement charges were applied to your account and your file was referred to ourselves. Please contact us within the next 7 days on 01444 449165 to discuss repayment of your balance. Yours sincerely, David Castle Collections Department **xercise4less emails** I’m still receiving emails from this debt collection agency. As said in my previous email, I had already paid an ‘outstanding balance’ of over £200. I had been told by your reception staff numerous times that my contract was cancelled. Can you please contact me regarding this. I know I am only one of hundreds of people that are in this situation, brought on by what I can only assume is staff incompetence. As such an amount of time has passed, I can only hope that the current staff has had proper training to stop this fraudulent behaviour happening to other people. Please reply asap as I am being hounded for money that I have already paid, for a contract that has been cancelled for 3 years. Many thanks thank you if youve taken the time to read this far. all suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated. many thanks
  18. Hi i need help. I applied to take my employer (major big employer) to employment tribunal. Their 28 days to respond was up today. I rang the tribunal centre before they shut at 5pm and they said to their knowledge they had not recieved anything from the respondent. They said it was possible if theyd only sent it this afternoon they might not have picked it up so check next week. If they have not responded they can apply to extend the deadline? In what circumstances can they extend it? Ive read that they dont even have to say why they did not respond? I dont know if they are just trying to drag it out but it doesnt make sense that they wouldnt fight it. Its a massive case, im representing myself and im going to prove they are guilty but if they werent able to have a say it would make it easier
  19. Came home to a letter dated 1/9/17 from Excel informing me my "account" has been passed to BW legal, and a letter dated 1/9/17 from BW legal stating same. It's an ANPR PCN, date of contravention 25/6/17, contravention - "parked without purchasing a valid pay & display ticket", location - Peel Centre Pay & Display Car Park Stockport, balance due £160 (£100 PCN charge plus Excel's "initial legal costs of £60", ha ha, very funny). "As you have failed to make a payment or raise an appeal within 28 days from the date of the PCN, the Balance Due remains outstanding and we require payment in full within 16 days from the date of this letter. If you fail to make payment or provide reasons for non payment blah blah legal proceedings blah County Court blah CCJ blah blah future creditworthiness and employability blah" and so on. The letter doesn't state where the vehicle was parked, for how long, why the ticket was invalid (wrong reg? expired? by how long?). I haven't received any previous correspondence relating to this. AT ALL. I wasn't the driver, and wasn't at the Peel Centre that day. The driver got into a tizzy that day, couldn't remember the reg (to enter at the ticket machine) then couldn't remember where she'd parked the car, and now can't remember whether or not she even bought a ticket, had anything stuck to the windscreen, or how long she was there for. Is this a simple one line denial letter job or what?
  20. A mate has had a "Pre Legal Assessment " letter from lowlifes, I was told account was Cap One card opened around 2001 via post due to job loss nothing apart from token £1 paid from 2010, for a year or so until C1 stopped them from being able to make online payments, they then phoned them constantly asking for payments, given to Lowell in 2014 whereupon it appears they added their own default. I think the balance of around £3.6K is chock full of charges and late payment fees. Would SAR to Cap1 help establish original default date, and what are lowlifes chances on this one? Have told them to register with Clearscore and Noddle to check what else might be lurking in there.
  21. Have received a letter from MMF addressing me by my former surname (renounced in 2009). "We write further to our previous communications [blah blah] yet to receive a reply. If you have more than one account with us, you will find the breakdown enclosed." I have received no previous communications regarding the customer reference number given, there is no breakdown of the alleged debt, nor even a hint as to who the original creditor might be. The "balance" (£350.00) is also suspiciously nice and neat. I've dealt with these muppets before when they re-defaulted me for a fictitious Cash Genie default. Could do with cutting to the chase with them to avoid similar hassles.
  22. Hi folks. Just a quick one. I've recently been made redundant, and Rosendale's bailiffs are swift on their heels coming to collect debts. The problem is I owe money to three creditors: HMRC, a parking fine, and a court fine. Rosendales are collecting the debts on behalf of all three clients. My question is, is this allowed? I thought a single agency can only chase an individual for the debts of one client; or have I misconstrued information somewhere? We're struggling terribly financially at the moment and Rosendale's agents are visiting at least once or twice a week. Three different Rosendales bods for three different debts. If I pay one then I still lose out to the other two. I'm in a no-win situation here and feel it's wholly unfair that I'm being harassed to the extent I am at the moment. To add, I've also got a disabled teenage daughter who's 19 years old living with us and she's about to have her first child any day now. The pressure we're under just to eat and pay for the roof over our heads is bad enough, and these leeches are making life almost intolerable. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Cheers. Craig
  23. Just a quickie I think: I'm preparing WS for my wife to be issued tomorrow, Lowell (J D Williams) 1. Agreement sent has no date, credit limit or signature 2. Agreement is for Fashion World not JDW 3. T&C's are for Ambrose Wilson not JDW or FW 4. T&C's are dated 24/05/10 5. The above does not correspond to the agreement. 6. Lowell are unable to lace original default notice so no proof one was even issued correctly. Are these issues valid in our defence. Any thoughts? Debt is for £400 and court date set for July. Thanks
  24. This is not for me but for my ex partner In 2013 she got a claim form for on old Three debt (sent to my address she she had not lived for 12 plus years) I helped her with the claim form and to cut the story short she went into mediation and agreed a settlement. Which she paid by DD to the account as specified by Lowell/Howard Cohen. So all paid up and completed, no CCJ, no action, no more letters. Now jump forward to 2017, letters start coming through my letter box from Lowell for her, which I pass on. They claim the debt is still owed, they have CCJ and now if she doesn't pay up (again) they will enforce the CCJ they think they have. Any advice I can pass on. There have been a number of letters now and I am thinking that she goes for harassment?
  25. Hello all- I've been reading a million MBNA related postings and while I broadly get the jist, I am really looking for a concise 'step by step' action plan. I have had an MBNA card for many years (probably 15 ish in total). The credit limit (was) high and the balance has gone up and down. Around 7 years ago, I foolishly injected cash into my company with the card as a 'temporary' cashflow prop. I never repaid the sum but continued to pay the minimum payment (the company failed a few years ago). Last month, a payment was missed - genuine stupid error while I was out of the country and wasn't looking at my bank account. MBNAs reaction has been extreme. There were at least 30 missed phone calls. Many letters, the last one was withdrawing the facility - I had made the payment (about 2 weeks late). I spoke to MBNA about lowering the interest and potentially paying the balance more quickly. They were entirely hostile to this idea. Actually, they were hostile generally. A fag packet calculation tells me that I have more than paid the balance in interest (actually double the balance!). My view is that MBNA have had their pound of flesh. They have already doubled their money and I need to get rid of this unnecessary monthly outgoing. I have sent my £1 postal order and my CCA request letter . And I have to admit that I have cancelled the direct debit for minimum payment. I don't need any credit for the foreseeable but equally don't want a completely trashed credit rating. What should I be looking for in the CCA? Ultimately, what manoeuvrability do I have to get rid of this card at a reduced / write off rate? I can't remember how I applied for this card in the first place so have no idea what evidence will be forthcoming in the CCA response (if I get one). Having paid double the original borrowed sum back, I don't feel that I am behaving unfairly in wanting to make this go away now. Thanks in Advance.
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