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Found 2 results

  1. I think this is probably a general question but in my case it applies some very expensive private dentistry work I had done. The treatment finished in April 2016 and is covered by a 12 month "aftercare" or guarantee. Since then I have had to go back to the dentist to re-insert a loose crown and bridgework which he fitted. This was done free of charge. The twelve month period is coming to an end and again I have problems with the same two teeth - a crown fallen off and a loose bridge. Unfortunately the company I used (a larger cosmetic surgery company) no longer offers dentistry and have passed any remedial work out to another dentist. I have an appointment for three weeks hence but I'm now thinking they are trying to wait out the twelve month period so that my cover expires as this is a very long wait. What I am wondering is whether the twelve month period is just that or whether it is extended to cover any remedial work they have done for a further twelve months? It seems that otherwise they might fix the problem again short term now, knowing they will have no responsibility after April. I've looked online and can't find anything on this.
  2. Our TV had two faults It turned itself on randomly from standby and it also had grey panels across the screen when the screen had a white image on it. Everything else was MINT condition, not a scratch on it. They turned up to take it away, they didn't wrap it in any kind of protective covering ie: bubble wrap etc. It was jammed into a tv container including the metal stand attached to it, it clearly wasn't meant to all fit in the box. I called them to see what was happening, they tell me they've fixed the turning on from standby randomly issue, I ask them if they've fixed the grey panels when a white image is shown and they have no clue. I get a call from them saying they've sent my tv to the wrong depot and the return delivery is delayed by about a week. We randomly got sent a Samsung remote through the post with my partners name on it and our job number, the buttons on the remote had been chewed so god knows who's this controller was, just goes to show how completely incompetent they are! The tv is returned, the delivery guy puts the tv down in my hallway which is very dark and hurry's me to sign the papers saying "nothing wrong with it is there, sign here please" rushing me to do it whilst I'm trying to look. I take the tv into my living room and the outside high gloss plastic edge is cracked and scratched! Obviously done when they took the tv away, I ran out to the delivery guy, got him to come back in and look at hit, he proceeds to lick his finger and try and rub the scratches off making more scratches saying "oh it's just tape" I said it's obviously not tape! It's cracked and scratched! I phone them up furious that they've taken it away to fix it and it's come back damaged. To top it all off they didn't even fix the grey panels issue previously mentioned. They arrange to come pick it up in a couple of days time. I phoned them up today as it's been over a month now they've had the tv (bar 2 or 3 days when it got dropped back and then sent off again) I asked the lady on the phone if they had fixed the damage, all she said was "They've replaced the screen and fixed some scratches on the back of the tv" I didn't even report any scratches on the back of the tv, the scratches were on the front, on the plastic edge. I get fobbed off again with "I'll speak to the person who dealt with the tv and I'll phone up the place where the tv is now to see if they've fixed the damage then I'll call you first thing tomorrow" I know damn well I won't get a call and I'll have to call them for the hundredth time. I get a call back saying they're going to deliver the tv back on saturday, my predicament is if the tv returns wit the damage that the delivery people caused to it, what do I do? We've been without a tv for over a month now, I'm looking for advice on what I should do, any light you can shed will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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