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Found 19 results

  1. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I don't know how to go forward with this. I have no 'proof' I have attempted payment, so if it did go further it would be my word against theirs. I was thinking of writing a letter requesting the correct PCN reference number from them, but how much information should I include on this letter? Should I put my car registration number and date and time of issue, or just the original number they've issued me and let them deal with it. I know that sounds awkward, but they don't seem to make it easy for you, and the more I have read about them the more anxious I am getting about their response, as I don't imagine they'll still 'honour' the £60 'discounted' charge as by the time I've written to them and received a response it'll be outside the 14 days. Do I have a right to refuse to pay the 'full' amount of £100 based on the fact they have (presumably) written the wrong number on the ticket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, We have been right through the Small Claims process due to a badly built fence, all the way to bailiff leaving a letter, and now the defendant has applied to have the judgement set aside. We don't have long to respond as the court date is a week on monday (at our request due to some other personal circumstances). We are really unsure what evidence we need to supply at this stage and struggling to find helpful advice. This is what he's put on his form: section 3: What order are you asking the court to make and why? To set aside a judgement against my company. The work done for (my name) was according to his specifications. He expressed satisfaction at the time. The damage was caused by weather conditions (torrential rain) six months later. He hasn't ticked any boxes asking what information he will be relying on, but in the next box it says: See box 3. In addition to the torrential rain the entire country suffered damage due to exceptionally high winds as recorded at the met office. As far as I can see, he can ask for set aside if he doesn't owe the money. My question is, what do we need to submit to the court? All the evidence we have already submitted as part of our application, or a statement saying that the damage wasn't due to the weather (we have an independent report on the poor construction of the fence. ) Thanks Confused little Tootles!
  3. Hello all, Noob here so please be kind! After a long time deliberating I'm getting ready to try to reclaim my PPI from MBNA. It will be worth a lot of money so I'd really appreciate any advice towards the wording of my claim. I did a SAR earlier this year and found out that my PPI was taken out at the point I applied for the card when a single form was filled in by a salesperson I met in January 2004. I have a copy of this form, and nowhere on it does it say the "Payment Protection Cover" is optional. There is only a tick box for yes against the statement ".... confirm that you are eligible and have read and understand the terms and conditions" with "We recommend that you take out this cover" in bold underneath. I didn't fill in the form, it's clear the salesperson has done it and made a mark there for me, and no signature was required specifically against the Payment Protection Cover section - there is just one for the credit agreement at the bottom of the form. I have the MBNA customer questionnaire, and in Section E about your complaint I intend to put - "The policy was “sold” to me in person at the Birmingham NEC in January 2004. No information was given to me before “I” took out the PPI, and the costs, benefits and terms of the policy were not explained by the salesperson. No questions regarding the policy were asked by me as it was not discussed. It is now obvious to me that the PPI was taken, without my explicit agreement, as it was made to appear a standard part of the application process. As there weren't any discussions about PPI during my application, it could not possibly have been made clear that it was optional and that I didn’t have to take the policy out in order to have my credit card application approved. The lack of explanation, or presentation, of terms and conditions that would have enabled me to make an informed choice also means I could not have considered whether the policy was right for me. Indeed I now know that on the application form the policy was recommended (in bold print) but there could not have been any investigation taken by the salesperson, or MBNA, to ensure the policy you clearly recommended to me was suitable for my needs. I consider the presentation of the recommendation was made in such a way to make me think that to not follow it would mean my application would be unsuccessful. Further to all of this my explicit agreement to purchase the policy was clearly not given as I did not fill in the form, sign or mark my approval against this clause - the salesperson did." For the section asking when I realised there was a problem with the PPI I am going to put "March 2014 (when I did a subject access review) - clearly mis-sold" Do you think this has a good chance of success, and is there anything you would add or change? Many, many thanks in advance for your consideration and advice.
  4. Hi - pls bear with post as I have included everything financial and personal that I believe to be relevant, there'll Be quite a lot My name Jason I'm 35 yrs old and am going to just say it all straight as I don't know what else to do, some will not approve of me but I understand that, I just would limestone factual advice I separated from wife nearly 5 yrs ago with around 4-5 grand of credit card debt, all mine not hers I have been in recovery now from my drug addiction since April 20th this yr The reason I am saying this is this is how I messed up, I abused prescription medicines for 6+ yrs resulting in a huge benzo ( diazepam addiction) these were not prescribed, I chose to buy them towards the end of an unhappy marriage. In my teens early 20s I had been a recreational drug user, I started again during my marriage and started buying prescription medication through the Internet from abroad. I used daily and developed a strong addiction which would costs £100 - £300 per month which I in my insane state payed for with credit cards The products I bought were all benzo which has to be prescribed in the UK, from abroad I could use my barcleycard / hsbc and many more to buy and run up huge drug debts which I owed to all my credit card companies - hsbc, barcleycard, about 8 cards in total I fell into the usual trap of jumping balances from company to company to try and gain intrest free periods, whilst in my state I also admit to spending unnecessarily as I wasn't well / with it. ( I'm sorry it's all my fault and really appreciate any body reading and replying, I don't ask or expect people to understand) My marriage ended in Jan 2010, this is where debts started to spiraled up to the region of about 22k including hsbc overdraft Come Jan 2013 I had already met and moved in with new partner, I was a mess, I one day walked out of my job (retail manager) which I still hold now somehow!! I went to doctors and blurted out my life… Without too much detail I was taking a elephants sized amount of diazepam, I was now buying from UK company who ships the next day 1000 x 10mg tablets for just under £200 ( the reason I say this is I want u to understand how bad this was) Local Gp cannot deal with or allowed to manage this size of dependency, was even more shocked when I showed him on his Internet how I could order and pay for class c drugs using UK credit cards for such high volumes of illegal drugs (it's probably not relevant but the company's I used still exist now which I can show, they no longer take cc only bank transfer which was an ongoing battle with cc, barcleycard worked everytime ) Come my breakdown it was 2 fold I had to get rid of debt payment far beyond my salary ( obviously always payed my rent and had no debt with councils only with banks and cc) On Jan 25th 2013 I cut up every card I owed and destroyed so I could never use again, plus nobody would give me further credit so I knew I was stopping this access, for personal side I started a rehabilitation programme. I was off of work but still employed for 2 months, my company believed it to be depression I destroyed every bill, threatening letter as they terrified me, this is all my wrong doing but it's done now. I had people come to the door but I hid, at least 2-3 debt collection letters daily and constant phone calls and harassment that I mentally couldn't deal with. April 20th this yr I finally finished my program and am still in recovery now, I worked hard to ensure I never fell behind on any bills, child maintenance and omehow held my job, in 2014 towards the end I had one last melt down where ccjs appeared (which I stupidly ignored) I am currently paying £40 per month to hsbc for one of said mentioned cards which I negotiated to avoid attachment of earnings which they applied for at £70 per month. Next came barcleycard £8500 and I again just hid from, when I got the ccj I defaulted as where I hadn't followed any procedures they obviously ruled in favour and demanded £350 per month which of course I can't pay I have now been issued a Notice of warrant of control from the people who bought my debt many times over. I am now trying to make things right but can't afford the £434.58 warrant plus the now £8436.75 balance I have until the 20th before bailiffs visit and may remove my goods for sale. Now I'm trying to do right and support my recovery I want this to go away, I have a couple of questions and then any advice that may be offered would be greatly reviewed, I need my car to support my maintenance of my 8 yr old son for access, school runs and my own work, this is all I have of value except for what is classed as luxuries - tv, games system, my lads got all his stuff in his room. THANKYOU FOR LISTENING, IM SORRY ITS LONG BUT I WANT TO TELL EVERYTHING Q1 - my debts are 70% roughly drug debt, is there any morale high ground I can use to protect my family? I only ask as it was the usual situation that my limits kept getting raised for me to buy illegal substance, do the lenders have any responsibility over where I used my cards? Q2 - if it wasn't for balance transfers and increased credit limits on cards and overdraft I would of melted sooner but my spending was supported by the lenders, my salary took home £1500 roughly on a fully overdrawn hsbc account each month to its limit of £2250, again is that not classed as unreliable lending? Q3 - Any advice on anything I have mentioned would he amazing Thankyou for listening Ps - just another fact incase it helps is my divorce went through in Oct 2010 for which I claimed nothing of the house I Owned, I signed everything to my wife and son so not to cause upheaval on my son's life. I invested but took nothing as it was the right thing to do, I was the issue.
  5. Restons have been stalling to say the least, I have taken a few days putting this all together and now time is very tight for me to reply to them, I need some feedback quickly please. In 2005 I borrowed £20k+ from Egg and made all my repayments on time, I had a mutually agreed payment holiday for a short period at the end of 2006. In 2009 I got into financial difficulties I telephoned Egg in July to ask if I could arrange lower repayments for the loan and for a couple of credit cards that I had with them. I told them that I could not afford to pay the full amount for the upcoming payments on all 3 accounts and be sure of paying my mortgage, so any arrangement had to be effective immediately. It was agreed to cut the payments by half with immediate affect, the person that I spoke to said that the “original” payments may be debited as it was short notice and advised me to cancel the direct debits, if any money was drawn down then any payments taken would be reversed immediately. I stipulated that if any payment was debited and not immediately reversed that they would have to cease all and any debits until they came back to me and we could then reach a new lower agreement as I could otherwise be financially embarrassed. This was agreed but I was assured that any debit would be reversed immediately if it happened. The new payments were due to start in the middle of the August to give me a breathing space but the main payment of over £400 was debited the next day and despite the assurances it was not immediately refunded, having not refunded the money they took 3 weeks later the “new” debits for the credit cards, the refund was made after the next payment had been due, it was actually refunded 6 days after the first of the new payments were taken for the credit cards. As a result of not having an even remotely quick refund I had cancelled all direct debits to Egg, somehow they got new direct debits set up for the cards but not for the loan. It took many months to get the payments stopped. Egg never came back to me with a revised plan. Despite this Egg proceeded to request payments for the “outstanding balance” on the loan warning me that they may take action against me and gave a Current balance to pay, which was incorrect. They never issued a Notice of Default. They did send me occasional account statements. I wrote to Egg requesting a copy of the Contracts at the beginning of September 2009, at the beginning of September they wrote back enclosing a mostly illegible reduced sized copy (presumably from a microfiche) of the Loan Agreement and totally different Terms and Conditions from the original, it was not even remotely similar. I received a letter from Arrow Global (on Arrow Global headed notepaper) dated 25th June 2011 claiming :- YOUR EGG LOAN HAD BEEN ASSIGNED BY EGG BANKING PLC TO BRITANNICA RECOVERIES S.A.R.L, ACTING IN THE NAME AND ON BEHALF OF ITS COMPARTMENT ARROW (“BRITANNICA-ARROW”). ARROW GLOBAL RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT LIMITED (”AGRML”) IS THE ACTING AGENT FOR BRITANNICA-ARROW IN RELATION TO THE RECOVERY OF YOUR DEBT. EGG LOAN ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXXX. NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT We advise you that Egg Banking PLC has assigned all of its respective rights, title and interest in respect of the above referenced account (including the right to receive payment of the outstanding balance) to Britannica-Arrow, effective 10 May 2011. It went on to state that I should address all payments and correspondence to Wescot Credit Services. I duly wrote to Wescot two times asking for a copy of the Contract, they dropped the case. Similar happened with the next four DCA / solicitors over the next 3 years. In that time:- (a) Arrow Global in December 2011 sent me a more legible reduced sized copy of the Loan Agreement with different Terms and Conditions than Egg had sent, with parts blacked out, still not the original, they must be guessing which one they sent to me in the first place as they do not have the original. (b) I was offered various levels of reduced payments, even a £25 p/month repayment or less. © I received a letter dated 15th of May 2013 telling me Arrow Global had purchased my account from Arrow Global! :- “Arrow Global is writing to let you know that your account was purchased by Arrow Global Limited from Britannica Recoveries S.a.r.l, acting in the name and on behalf of its compartment Arrow (“Britannica-Arrow”) on 28th February 2013”. This was of course on the same headed notepaper that they were previously using and continued using. At the time I thought nothing of it, but….**** I received a letter dated March 26 2014 from Restons re Arrow Global saying if I did not pay them £xxxx by April 9 2014 they would issue a County Court Summons. I immediately wrote back requesting a copy of the Contract and informing them that the debt was disputed, they bounced it back in a letter dated April 01 2014 saying it needed a signature, I added to my typed signature, a digital signature and returned it. Having received nothing from them, I wrote to them again on April 10 2014 again requesting a copy of the Contract. The next thing I received was a Claim Form from Northampton County Court dated 17 APR 2014 which I received on the 23rd of April. The Particulars of Claim were:- The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Egg dated on or about 09/02/2005 and assigned to the Claimant on 28/02/2013 in the sum of £xxxxx Particulars a/c no:- xxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 07/03/2014 Default Balance xxxxxxx Post Refrl Cr NIL TOTAL xxxxx I then received one of my letters back again attached to a letter from Restons dated April 25th 2014 again stating that it was unsigned. I wrote back on 2nd May 2014 returning the letter and enclosing in my reply a request for true copy of my credit agreement pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 enclosing a cheque for £1. They wrote back saying they could not process my request as the cheque should be made payable to Arrow Global. I wrote another letter to Restons on 14th May requesting documents mentioned in the statement of case under CPR 31.14, requesting :- 1. Contract , 2 Default Notice, 3 A copy of the deed of assignment from the Original Creditor. I informed them that I required them in order to file my defence on the 20th May. I received nothing back by May 20th so I filed an embarrassed defence. I received a letter from Restons dated May 20 2014 again returning my cheque for £1. I also received another letter dated May 20 2014 stating: - We acknowledge receipt of your recent request, made pursuant of to CPR 31.14. CPR 31.14 (1) states:- “A party may inspect documents mentioned in – (a) a statement of case; (b) a witness statement; © a witness summary; or (d) an affidavit” The documents you have requested are not “mentioned” in our Particulars of Claim and therefore CPR 31.14(1) does not apply. Now to me in the Particulars of Claim they mentioned a Contract between me and Egg, they mention a Default Balance, they mention the assignment to the Claimant BUT give the date when they assigned the account from Arrow Global to Arrow Global ****. Restons wrote to me again in a letter dated June 02 2014 enclosing the first 2 pages of the Agreement with Egg but no Terms and Conditions, some arrears notices and statements from Egg. They said that as they have now we have given you further details of your account could you confirm you are willing to withdraw your defence. Please complete the Form N9A and return it by 16 June 2014. Thanks for reading this far even if you cannot help me.
  6. I have recently moved out of a property where I was a licensee (i.e. a lodger in a shared house with the landlord). As such, my deposit was not kept in any protection scheme as there is no legal requirement for this. My landlord is now claiming that the bed in my room is damaged, and is trying to deduct the full cost of replacing the bed from my deposit. The bed was in poor condition when I moved in (it is a metal bed and the frame is bent), but it was (and still is) usable so I just left it as it was. There is no inventory at all confirming the condition of the bed, which appears to have been very old when I moved in. I have written to the landlord to say that I do not accept responsibility for the cost of the bed, and have asked him to provide me with evidence of the condition the bed was in at the start of my tenancy agreement and evidence that I have damaged it beyond reasonable wear and tear. Can anyone advise on what I should do next if he refuses to return the deposit? I am willing to go through small claims court but do not know the procedure. Thank you.
  7. Have been reading your good work and am looking for a bit of advice. Eviction is set for monday, am doing the n244 now to take to court shortly. current 9000 arrears total. first eviction date was last sep 3rd where I paid off all arrears due at time. Have 4500 cash. Awaiting government funding for several apprentices I have employed for a while. Funding of 3640 due within next 5/6 weeks. Have all the necessary docs. Going to propose to pay off half arrears now, and rest in 6 weeks. Question1: Is this a realistic proposal with evidence I have? Question2: Do I need to submit my written evidence of forthcoming funds with the n244 or do I take all my proof on Monday? Thanks
  8. hi my son and i are thinking about moving in with my partner he pays csa for his daughter every wk and he was told off someone that if we were to live together that my wages get taken into account and that i would have to contribute to those payments he makes, baring in mind i only work 16hrs a wk i dont think this is right paying for someone elses child .,
  9. I have had a visit to my house today from an enforcement officer. I was not at home at the time and the notice was handed to my son. The notice is for a debt of £ ****** for my business which I run from my home, my business is a limited company. The debt is from a CCJ I had imposed on me and a payment plan was set up to pay in 3 No. equal instalments. I was unable to make the first payment due to cash flow issues. The notice now totals £******* (£ ****** Original Debt; £ ***** Cost of Execution; £ ******) I spoke to the enforcement officer on the telephone and he told me I must pay the full amount immediatley. He told me there is a van arranged to seize assets and could arrive at my house at any time to seize goods to the value of the notice. In which I will incur additional costs of £ 420.00 for the van plus £ 120.00 per hour for each person loading it. I do not have these funds available at the moment and I am now very worried ! I have put him off until 16:00 hrs tomorrow to try and arrange the funds. He said he would help me out by cancelling the van until we have spoken tomorrow. He said that the claimant has paid to fast track this collection and they will not accept another payment plan. Can he just turn up with a van without seeing what goods he can seize ? Can this happen so quickly, is there a way to slow the process so I can raise the funds ?
  10. 8:50am and its raining. I see a police car to the right. Further on (20m) there is a woman (elderly)standing at the lights. The lights are on green. I glance down to check my speed, its between 25 and 30 miles per hour on a 30 mile an hour road. I look up and the woman is running across the road looking the other way (between 5 and 10m away from me). I both break and swerve away from her, but she contionues turning at the last minute to see me coming; she clips the wingmirror and is rotated in a spiral to the floor. The police run over and pick her up; I continue breaking and get out to check how she is? The policeman later tells me that it wasnt my fault, it was an accident and that the lady hadnt seen any car coming. 2 weeks later i get a letter saying that "it is believed that you have committed an offense" (section 3 road traffic act 1988. driving without due care and attention). Do i take the course (£130:00) or go to court (magistrate)?
  11. I have just joined this forum after browsing the threads here in the past and finding that there are some very knowledgeable people here, so I pray one of you can help me! I have had my head in the sand for long enough. I have a total debt of nearly £13000 split between three different catalogues from Shop Direct. My financial situation went belly up last Oct and i haven't paid a penny since. I did write to each catalogue in around December (using a template letter) offering £25.00 a month each, but they turned me down, so I just buried my head in the sand after that. I recieved a few letters from NDR which I worked out was part of Shop Direct, so I ignored them. Now, I have received letters this week - two from Lowell and one from Global something or other, each chasing a single catalogue debt. I decided now was the time to do something about it and have just completed a Money Steps thing which says I have £65 left a month to pay my creditors with. Now I really don't know what to do. Do I write to the debt collectors, hope they accept the payment of around £22 a month each and be paying that for the next 15 years........ or, in typical burying my head style, do I just ignore them and hope they go away? If I ignore them, will they take me to court? Will it look really bad that I didn't make them an offer at all? I've read that the judge will frown on them if they didn't accept any reasonable offer. I just want to run away and hope they don't catch up with me for another 5 and half years....I know it will be statute barred then, but to do that, I can't make an offer or I will be acknowledging the debt? The thought of paying £65 as month for the next 15 years makes me want to cry as I can't see my financial situation improving very much at all in that time. But at the same time, I don't want to have bailiffs round taking my things. I don't want debt collectors turning up at the door. I can ignore the phone calls and have been for months now (caller display). I dont want to be taken to court and the judge do something awful to me because I never made an offer. Help? Please!
  12. Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there can give advice on an issue dealing with Cabot. After reading on here about them they seem anything but legitimate! My mother took out a loan in 1989 with a company called Morely for £5000 plus some dodgy insurance which bumped it up to £7080. She ran into difficulties paying it early on and there was an agreement over the phone that £30 a month would be paid. This continued up until 2002 when suddenly Cabot contacted her say she owed in excess of £52,000 with all the intrerest charges. They obviously had bought the debt and as it was secured on the house decided to go for that. Six months of wrangling saw them reduce it as a 'customer benefit' to £35,000. She was also asked to pay £160 a month which she did. Eventually, struggling as a pensioner, she told me about it in 2007 and after a trip to the CAB it was down to £9,800. This still seemed wrong but the CAB said that the best thing was to keep paying it and not to risk losing the house. On re-examining the paperwork I have realised that Cabot have no real idea about what is owed if anything. They claimed that the only way to refinance the loan was to take the original £7080 and put a 5% interest cahrge on it. This took place in 2007. This means the £3,000 plus paid before 2002 and the £7,000 plus paid between 2002-2007 has just been 'lost'. Not right surely? How can you re-finance the original loan from the original 1989 amount? We should have looked at the paperwork more closely but we took the CAB advice which I now realise was not really good enough. Obviously there is also the last four years of payments so in total Cabot have taken about £15,000 on top of the original monies paid. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? We have stopped paying them altogether now and are awaiting a reply to a letter stating we would not be sending any more money, but I fear that my mother has been taken for a ride by the company and as they will not respond to any contact from our solicitor in the recent months and the fos are being very pedantic about this before accepting we have a case, the chances of getting any money back from them is remote. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated
  13. Hi there, am a newbie so please forgive if I have posted incorrectly I would really appreciate some advice regarding my situation, which I will explain below My husband lost my job in May and immediately contacted Lloyds TSB to see if they could increase the overdraft at all as we were due to incur bank charges for going over the overdraft the previous month. They agreed to increase to around £600. We were told by the bank, this was not to help us out out, but was to cover the imminent charges and also to cover more charges that were due the following month! We felt we had no choice but to agree and the condition was the overdraft was to be reduced by £24 a month until it was back to the original £200 overdraft. Unfortunately we had trouble with JSA (another story), Husband got a new job, then was laid off again! He now have a new job as of two weeks ago but the account has not had regular income payments since May and with their reductions of the overdraft the account has incurred charges which have been unpaid, plus another reduction and more charges. It now stands that the agreed overdraft is showing as £526.00, but the account is £832.97 overdrawn. It is due to continue to be reduced, but as it is now £306.97 over the overdraft, we are incurring more charges daily. We are having his new wages paid into another account, so Lloyds don't swallow it all up. But I really would like to stop the charges to stop it spiralling out of control and we could begin paying it off. I really don't know where to start with this and any advice would be really appreciated. Can I ask for the account to be frozen and no more charges applied? Can I refuse to pay some of the amount that is their charges? Thank you in advance
  14. we bought a used car back in february which we bought for from a used car dealer for £3800 with 3 months warrenty, it was serviced and MOT at the time we only had it a week or so before we started to have problems with it so we took it back to the place we bought it and they said they would repair it, while it was under warrenty we had it back to them several time because we kept having problems with it, loss of power, electronic fault on dash etc, etc each time we took it back they said it was fixed when we went back to pick it up when we kept getting problem with it we told them we werent happy and the fact that we had paid money for a car with problems, in the end we took it to renault and paid for them to do a diagnostic to find out the problem was several faults came up so we took it back to the dealer they didnt offer us our money back just said they would sort it and continue to repair while it was under warrenty, the last time we got it back which was just before the warrenty ran out it seemed to be all fixed, then about 2/3wks after the warrenty ran out electronic fault came on dash board so we took it to the garage we use and trust who found it was the pencil coils needed replacing even though they had already been replaced under the warrenty, so we paid for them replacing and hoped that would be the end that was about 2 weeks ago well that wasnt the end of it electronic fault has been back on the dash board since, so now we are going to have to take it back to our garage again to find out whats wrong with it at our cost. we are at a loss as to what to do because we dont know if we have any rights regarding the used car dealer who has obviously sold us a pig in a poke and we feel we have been ripped off, so what can we do ? help please.
  15. I was travelling with my wife to London from Reigate on Sunday. I wanted to buy 2 return tickets with London travel card for our day out in London. I reached the station the ticket office was closed, so I had to use the ticket machine outside the station to buy my tickets. The menu options is very confusing if you want to buy anything other than a return ticket for a single passenger. I queue was forming behind me and in my hurry I ended up with 2 single tickets to London. When I realised my error, I could do nothing to correct the error as the machine does not returns. I thought it would be easy for the ticket checker to correct. On the entire journey to London, we did not see a ticket checker. On reaching London, I went to the ticket counter and told the person in the counter what had happened. He said, he could not help me as the station in London is managed by a different company. Due to this problem, I had to buy 2 single return tickets and separate travel cards in London. I ended up spending £49.50 for the trip instead of £26.40. I wrote to Southern railways and I got a standard rejection letter stating “Under the ‘National Rail Conditions of Carriage’ it is the customer’s responsibility to check their tickets upon purchase before they depart. You are, however, able to amend your ticket, or apply for a refund at the station before you depart on your journey.” I called the call centre to reason with them that I would have loved to do so, but the ticket office was closed!!! The ticket machine is not sophisticated enough to issue refunds. The person over the phone was very rude and said it was my fault that I bought the wrong tickets in the first place. What can I do? Sen
  16. Hi chaps, Bought a car from a local car dealer in January 2011. On the date of the sale the sales man said the car had a full service history and spare key which he would pass on to me when he received it from previous owner (a doctor as he pointed out several times) and I, probably naively, thought nothing of it and said fine as I needed the car that weekend to start a new job. After three months of chasing, phoning 2-3 times a week for this history and trying to contact the previous owner through the log book details I have not seen one shred of history or spare key. This surely will have an adverse effect on the value of the car when I come to sell it as it has covered nearly 80,000 miles and a full history would surely make a difference to its value. Not only this, if I knew there was no service history I would never have purchased a high mileage car, previous careful lady doctor owner or not! As 3 months have past and I have exhausted all avenues I was wondering whether I have grounds to ask for a full refund, for mis-selling the car and all the aggravation and hassle I have gone through to retrieve the service history and spare key? Finally, how would I pursue this? Trading standards? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  17. I have been demoted out of the office, into the warehouse, without being given any reason why. I had a review on tuesday, and found out that the reason this was was apparently because I was talking too much. I was told that I was moved from one chair to a different chair in the office, to see if this would sort the problem. They then said that this didn't sort the issue, so I was moved outside. I have been outside for 7 weeks now, but my first office move was about 4 or 5 months ago. At no point, until I had my review and questioned this, did they tell me they were having any issues with me. So I had no chance or opportunity to be able to fix what I was doing wrong before being demoted. They now say I have to work my way back up the company to be able to get back into the office. Is there any legal rights I have with regards to this? Are the company in the wrong, because it feels very wrong to me!
  18. Hi I really need advice. I feel suicidal, I am so scared. I messed up.I got a summons to appear in court in a months time. I claimed cares allowance when I wasn't working and my two sons got registered as disabled. Then I started to work, in the back of my mind I had that I couldn't work more than 16 hours. Anyway I worked for less than 10 hours for a while and gradually my hours got increased. I kept claiming carers allowance, I am very bad with money, al long as I can pay my bills I don't really look at my bills, letters or statements, until they are red. During this time, my daughter was born with meningitis, and took 2 years to recover, then my son developed epilepsy and ended up in a coma, and had huge issues at school. I worked on getting him a statement all on my own and did eventually.He's now in a special school. My other son is a chronic asthmatic and is in and out of hospital all the time, I am often very sleep deprived. And recently my daughter contracted Kawasaki desease. I have no family in the UK. My ex husband was abusive to me, and eventually we split up 2 years ago after he hit my son. I know all this sounds like excuses and maybe it is, but it has been a real struggle to hold everything together. I have at time had to go on anti-depressants, and I am on them now because of all this. I had a taped interview with my solicitor pressent and explained everything, I admitted I realised I had done wrong and agreed to pay it all back. £6992! I have been paying £100 a month back for the last 6 months. I am so scared. Will I get a criminal record, will I go to jail, will I loose my children. And if I get a friend to loan me the money and pay it back in full will it make a difference. Please don't put horrible comments on here, I know I am wrong, and all the things you call me , I call myself worse, I really need advice, please.
  19. In the late 1980's my husband and I re-mortgaged our house, for the market value which was arond the £90,000 mark, with the West Bromwich Bromwich Building Society. Due to the ressession and my husband being made redundant we were no longer able to keep up repayments and our house was repossed in 1991. Since this time, we have been lucky enough to purchase another home using an interest only mortgage which we are still paying. Unbeknown to us at the time, as our property had been undersold, a deficit was incurred. It was not until approximately 10/11 years later that we were contacted by West Brom and informed that we owed £112,000. Due to alleged 'compound interest' this figure has now risen to £165,000. Although we have denied the debt, we have been forced by bullying tacticts into monthly repayments of £200 for the last 6/7 years. They also have placed a charge on our present property. My husband and I are both in our 60's. He is retired and unable to assist me in dealing with this due to serious mental health problems. Can any anyone please advise me on the legality of their actions? I can be no clearer on the exact dates as I am not in possestion of the original documentaction and am awaiting duplicates from West Brom. Thank you in anticipation.
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