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Found 19 results

  1. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I do
  2. Hi, We have been right through the Small Claims process due to a badly built fence, all the way to bailiff leaving a letter, and now the defendant has applied to have the judgement set aside. We don't have long to respond as the court date is a week on monday (at our request due to some other personal circumstances). We are really unsure what evidence we need to supply at this stage and struggling to find helpful advice. This is what he's put on his form: section 3: What order are you asking the court to make and why? To set aside a judgement against my company. The work
  3. Hello all, Noob here so please be kind! After a long time deliberating I'm getting ready to try to reclaim my PPI from MBNA. It will be worth a lot of money so I'd really appreciate any advice towards the wording of my claim. I did a SAR earlier this year and found out that my PPI was taken out at the point I applied for the card when a single form was filled in by a salesperson I met in January 2004. I have a copy of this form, and nowhere on it does it say the "Payment Protection Cover" is optional. There is only a tick box for yes against the statement "...
  4. Hi - pls bear with post as I have included everything financial and personal that I believe to be relevant, there'll Be quite a lot My name Jason I'm 35 yrs old and am going to just say it all straight as I don't know what else to do, some will not approve of me but I understand that, I just would limestone factual advice I separated from wife nearly 5 yrs ago with around 4-5 grand of credit card debt, all mine not hers I have been in recovery now from my drug addiction since April 20th this yr The reason I am saying this is this is how I messed up, I abused prescr
  5. Restons have been stalling to say the least, I have taken a few days putting this all together and now time is very tight for me to reply to them, I need some feedback quickly please. In 2005 I borrowed £20k+ from Egg and made all my repayments on time, I had a mutually agreed payment holiday for a short period at the end of 2006. In 2009 I got into financial difficulties I telephoned Egg in July to ask if I could arrange lower repayments for the loan and for a couple of credit cards that I had with them. I told them that I could not afford to pay the full amo
  6. I have recently moved out of a property where I was a licensee (i.e. a lodger in a shared house with the landlord). As such, my deposit was not kept in any protection scheme as there is no legal requirement for this. My landlord is now claiming that the bed in my room is damaged, and is trying to deduct the full cost of replacing the bed from my deposit. The bed was in poor condition when I moved in (it is a metal bed and the frame is bent), but it was (and still is) usable so I just left it as it was. There is no inventory at all confirming the condition of the bed, which appears
  7. Have been reading your good work and am looking for a bit of advice. Eviction is set for monday, am doing the n244 now to take to court shortly. current 9000 arrears total. first eviction date was last sep 3rd where I paid off all arrears due at time. Have 4500 cash. Awaiting government funding for several apprentices I have employed for a while. Funding of 3640 due within next 5/6 weeks. Have all the necessary docs. Going to propose to pay off half arrears now, and rest in 6 weeks. Question1: Is this a realistic proposal with evidence I have? Question2:
  8. hi my son and i are thinking about moving in with my partner he pays csa for his daughter every wk and he was told off someone that if we were to live together that my wages get taken into account and that i would have to contribute to those payments he makes, baring in mind i only work 16hrs a wk i dont think this is right paying for someone elses child .,
  9. I have had a visit to my house today from an enforcement officer. I was not at home at the time and the notice was handed to my son. The notice is for a debt of £ ****** for my business which I run from my home, my business is a limited company. The debt is from a CCJ I had imposed on me and a payment plan was set up to pay in 3 No. equal instalments. I was unable to make the first payment due to cash flow issues. The notice now totals £******* (£ ****** Original Debt; £ ***** Cost of Execution; £ ******) I spoke to the enforcement officer on the telephone and he told me I must pay the
  10. 8:50am and its raining. I see a police car to the right. Further on (20m) there is a woman (elderly)standing at the lights. The lights are on green. I glance down to check my speed, its between 25 and 30 miles per hour on a 30 mile an hour road. I look up and the woman is running across the road looking the other way (between 5 and 10m away from me). I both break and swerve away from her, but she contionues turning at the last minute to see me coming; she clips the wingmirror and is rotated in a spiral to the floor. The police run over and pick her up; I continue breaking and get out to check
  11. I have just joined this forum after browsing the threads here in the past and finding that there are some very knowledgeable people here, so I pray one of you can help me! I have had my head in the sand for long enough. I have a total debt of nearly £13000 split between three different catalogues from Shop Direct. My financial situation went belly up last Oct and i haven't paid a penny since. I did write to each catalogue in around December (using a template letter) offering £25.00 a month each, but they turned me down, so I just buried my head in the sand after that. I recieved a
  12. Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there can give advice on an issue dealing with Cabot. After reading on here about them they seem anything but legitimate! My mother took out a loan in 1989 with a company called Morely for £5000 plus some dodgy insurance which bumped it up to £7080. She ran into difficulties paying it early on and there was an agreement over the phone that £30 a month would be paid. This continued up until 2002 when suddenly Cabot contacted her say she owed in excess of £52,000 with all the intrerest charges. They obviously had bought the debt and as it was secured on
  13. Hi there, am a newbie so please forgive if I have posted incorrectly I would really appreciate some advice regarding my situation, which I will explain below My husband lost my job in May and immediately contacted Lloyds TSB to see if they could increase the overdraft at all as we were due to incur bank charges for going over the overdraft the previous month. They agreed to increase to around £600. We were told by the bank, this was not to help us out out, but was to cover the imminent charges and also to cover more charges that were due the following month! We felt we had no choice
  14. we bought a used car back in february which we bought for from a used car dealer for £3800 with 3 months warrenty, it was serviced and MOT at the time we only had it a week or so before we started to have problems with it so we took it back to the place we bought it and they said they would repair it, while it was under warrenty we had it back to them several time because we kept having problems with it, loss of power, electronic fault on dash etc, etc each time we took it back they said it was fixed when we went back to pick it up when we kept getting problem with it we told them we werent ha
  15. I was travelling with my wife to London from Reigate on Sunday. I wanted to buy 2 return tickets with London travel card for our day out in London. I reached the station the ticket office was closed, so I had to use the ticket machine outside the station to buy my tickets. The menu options is very confusing if you want to buy anything other than a return ticket for a single passenger. I queue was forming behind me and in my hurry I ended up with 2 single tickets to London. When I realised my error, I could do nothing to correct the error as the machine does not returns. I thought it wou
  16. Hi chaps, Bought a car from a local car dealer in January 2011. On the date of the sale the sales man said the car had a full service history and spare key which he would pass on to me when he received it from previous owner (a doctor as he pointed out several times) and I, probably naively, thought nothing of it and said fine as I needed the car that weekend to start a new job. After three months of chasing, phoning 2-3 times a week for this history and trying to contact the previous owner through the log book details I have not seen one shred of history or spare key. This sure
  17. I have been demoted out of the office, into the warehouse, without being given any reason why. I had a review on tuesday, and found out that the reason this was was apparently because I was talking too much. I was told that I was moved from one chair to a different chair in the office, to see if this would sort the problem. They then said that this didn't sort the issue, so I was moved outside. I have been outside for 7 weeks now, but my first office move was about 4 or 5 months ago. At no point, until I had my review and questioned this, did they tell me they were having any issues with me. S
  18. Hi I really need advice. I feel suicidal, I am so scared. I messed up.I got a summons to appear in court in a months time. I claimed cares allowance when I wasn't working and my two sons got registered as disabled. Then I started to work, in the back of my mind I had that I couldn't work more than 16 hours. Anyway I worked for less than 10 hours for a while and gradually my hours got increased. I kept claiming carers allowance, I am very bad with money, al long as I can pay my bills I don't really look at my bills, letters or statements, until they are red. During this time, my daughter was
  19. In the late 1980's my husband and I re-mortgaged our house, for the market value which was arond the £90,000 mark, with the West Bromwich Bromwich Building Society. Due to the ressession and my husband being made redundant we were no longer able to keep up repayments and our house was repossed in 1991. Since this time, we have been lucky enough to purchase another home using an interest only mortgage which we are still paying. Unbeknown to us at the time, as our property had been undersold, a deficit was incurred. It was not until approximately 10/11 years later that we were contacted by West
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