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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, so apologies if not. My husband returned a van (voluntary termination) to Advantage Finance Limited a couple of weeks ago (March 2018). We knew the van had to be in a reasonalble condition, which we believe it was. We also only had the MOT done in February which it passed (so no repairs required to result in an MOT fail). However we've just received a letter from Advantage Finance stating that we owe them £294 for repairs to bring the vehicle to a satisfactory standard, with no indication of exactly what repairs?? When my husband returned the van to the garage they told him to take it to, they didn't even look at the van, they just told him to leave the keys. No conditional report was done so my husband took photos inside and out, all around the van. I'm just wondering how we should respond to this as it seems completey ridiculous to ask someone to pay £294 without explaing exactly what for, but besides the point, we don't believe any repairs were actually needed! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  2. Hi, I purchased a car last December using Advantage Finance. I'm up to date on the payments, but lost my job at the beginning of this month. I was employed by my own Ltd company, which lost it's main client and as a result I had no choice but to make myself unemployed. The next payment is due on the 26th of this month (next Wednesday). I'm aware that being in arrears can cause a problem in this situation I need to decide fairly quickly if I need to arrange to hand the car back or to keep it and try to work through the problem. I'm an IT Contractor. It's possible that I may be back in work very shortly, but a former colleague in the same field as me has been out of work for nearly a year. I'm hopeful that I can get some work soon but I need to be prepared for any long term issues. Although there is an image that people in IT are high earning, the realism is that I was earning only just enough to support my family so I didn't get a chance to put any money away. If the car has to be handed back or gets repossessed, my brother has kindly agreed to lend me his car until I can afford a 2nd hand one. So transport won't be an issue for the next few months. I'm aware that I can't VT the vehicle as it's not at the halfway point. However, looking at the figures, the VT figure is £5436, the one third figure is £3624. I've paid £436 plus 8 payments of £286.49 so £2727 has been paid. What would be my best course of action in the circumstances? Should I tell them to just pick the car up and work out an arrangement to pay whatever the remaining figure is, or would it be better to speak to them about possibly arranging to pay the missed monthly payment over the next 2-3 months? What I don't want to do is find myself in arrears and then try to negotiate - I understand the fact I'm up to date at the moment may work in my favour. To add to the mix - as my company has effectively ceased trading it's likely it will be compulsorily liquidated. As a result as I have an overdrawn Director's Loan that I will be liable for it's possible I may be made bankrupt or forced into an IVA - if Advantage Finance do start to get nasty I can just let it happen rather than spend years paying for a car I don't have (the original plan was to negotiate with the Official Receiver).
  3. Hello All, In October 2008 I passed my driving test and, stupidly, rushed out to look at cars so I could get on the road. At the time, I was in full time employment on a reasonable wage so figured it would be fine. I went for the first I really liked from a local garage, a little Vauxhall Corsa at £2799. I got finance through Advantage Finance. Sadly, a year later, I found myself off work due to a medical condition that re-emerged, something that has developed into a full blown disability which means I struggle to walk even a few metres and, as my job entailed being on my feet for several hours a day, I had to leave work after six months on SSP. I am now on Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance, so as you can imagine money is extremely tight. The car was repossessed in February 2010. In June 2010 I received a letter from Advantage Finance stating that the car had been sold at auction for £1325 and that I had an outstanding balance of £5794.14. After a few months of letters from them, they sent me another to say that they would reduce this to £3000. I, reluctantly, agreed to pay this at £50 a month. Under this agreement I still currently owe £2480. Unfortunately, the current state of the economy is weighing heavily on myself and my wife and I am struggling to maintain this payment. I have been reviewing the paperwork I have for this finance and noticed something interesting - in the original agreement, it is stated that "If you do not keep to your side of this agreement but you have paid at least one third of the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £1700.85 the creditor may not take back the goods against your wishes unless he gets a court order." After going through the statement I requested from Advantage, before repossession I had paid £2602.69. I'm not really sure where I stand on this. I feel as if I shouldn't be paying anything more to be honest, but have been "trying to do the right thing". I would really appreciate some advice. Thankyou in advance.
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