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Found 5 results

  1. This is going to be a very long drawn out case, unless someone can offer some element of hope for us. We completed renovations to a derelict property about 2 ½ years ago. Our porch needed a new roof which was done with a trocol membrane. In a storm back in January 2016 we returned from a trip to find a metal pole on the flat roof which had a covering of gravel. My immediate suspicion was that it was the remnants of an old tv aerial, but as it was only the pole, I have since found it to be referred to as the mast, not the aerial itself. This is important as it was referred to as an aerial when I rang to make the claim. Because of the gravel I did not notice the membrane had been punctured, but removed the pole and lifted down a bracket/clamp that was on the main roof. In the August of 2016 we noticed a dry rot problem, which had previously been identified and treated during the renovations, had come back with vengeance. I notified the company that treated our house and they began stripping the property apart under warranty to determine the source. It was then that we found the porch roof was compromised which had allowed damp to enter the property. I notified MoreThan/RSA that the pole was suspected and they sent out Building Validation Solutions. Their "inspector" was quick to dismiss the case, suggesting we would get nothing from the insurance company as dry rot was not covered. It was explained that we were not claiming for the rot but for the porch roof, hall, stairs and landing decoration and vestibule door due to the leak, and that everything else was being covered by the rot company. BVS suggested to decline the claim due to rot, but yet some three weeks later, agreed inadequate costs and issued a scope of works for a patch job with inferior materials than what was listed on his first report to insurers. After rejecting this, RSA sent out their own senior loss adjuster, from a fraud unit??? who took a statement and agreed that BVS had not conducted themselves correctly, and asked for estimates for the repairs. These were for different aspects of work, building, plastering, decorating plaster moulding etc and as they were emailed to him, he agreed them individually by email. Over a couple of months, he was aware we had begun the works as it was nearing Christmas and we had a lot of work to do to rebuild our home. 5th December he sent an email giving his account of what he had agreed "as he saw it" and was going to transfer funds. This was an inaccurate figure as he had forgotten to include some aspects of work he had previously agreed to, but after a quick couple of emails he accepted. At this time I had asked him to consider the exterior rendering of the front of the house to match the new render of the porch at our builders request. This went over what he was authorised to pay and he referred it to in house specialists due to escalating costs. We have been fighting ever since. It is worth noting that this loss assessor was happy that we were being fair and reasonable with regards to the claim, considering we were only looking for the porch hall stairs and landing even though the rest of the house was in a mess. At this time, they decided to send out a forensic investigator and she would be accompanied by the same BVS inspector that had been proven to be incompetent in the first place and we have subsequently found out lied on his report, suggesting he used pole cameras outside to assess the origin of the metal pole we found, when he most certainly did not. During the forensic visit we provided some drone images which show that the old pole that was present when we bought the property had been since been removed during renovations unknown to me, and that it could not have originated from the chimney stack after all. My reasonable and logical suspicion of a pole that I was able to prove was on the property before works began from old footage was clearly incorrect. I found out a week or so later after a few anxious nights of no sleep worrying about the implications, that the pole was in fact something my son had used to extend his reach while cleaning gutters out with a trowel, which he had inadvertently left of the large chimney stack while he was cleaning up. This was explained to the insurers, so the forensics wanted to interview my son, which was facilitated and he explained what had happened. The forensic report has recently been forwarded by the ombudsman after I lodged a complaint due to the time that has been involved and their treatment of us throughout. I have found a significant amount of inconsistencies, and the report is heavily based on guess work, estimates and opinion rather than facts. With the porch being completely rebuilt and no pole available to inspect, it is hard to understand how the forensic investigation could have been anything other than an opportunity for the insurers to wash their hands of the case based on conjecture, yet the ombudsman has declined to side with us and given much weight to the forensic report considering it was independent, and have rejected the claim. The costs of these works has been in excess of £30K which was all agreed as the quotes went through, and emails can confirm this. What I would like to know is if the RSA loss adjuster by agreeing these costs and knowing we had begun works has accepted the claim on behalf of the insurers. They are claiming that because I didn't accept the original offer of just over £20K, on the 5th December, even though the loss adjuster accepted in reply emails he had calculated the figure incorrectly, and omitted some of the previously agreed costs, they are not obliged to pay anything. They were entitled to investigate further and a flimsy forensic report with steering by BVS to clear his name was the reason. The title of the report from forensics is "Damage caused by Rot" for instance, which stinks of BVS influence, considering that is not what we were claiming for, and she has not once referred to the RSA loss Adjuster nor has he been involved since the 5th December as he was "sick" and now no longer works for the company. Any guidance would be most appreciated. We are in financial difficulties after heavily loading credit cards, borrowing from family and from our business which is struggling to pay suppliers now, on the strength of this agreed fund coming to pay them all back, and the lack of sleep worrying and what feel like panic attacks, knots in the stomach and sweating are wearing me down. Perhaps RSA policy is to break my spirt but hope I can get a shred of help to fight this one last time. 11 months almost....and counting. Many thanks if you have got this far reading and in anticipation of you helping with advice.
  2. approx.: 10 months ago we had a leak in bathroom. called Royal sun alliance Insurance to make a claim. claim exceeded a fixed amount of money Royal sun alliance handed over to Cunningham Lindsey as their loss adjusters. 10 months have passed and still no works completed. I have attached a letter that I intend to send this week to loss adjusters. we want to know if we are entitled to compensation due to all the stress & inconvenience we have had to endure, such as doctors & hospital appointments. Cunningham Lindsey letter of complaint - Copy.pdf
  3. Hello, this is my first post on the site and I hope someone can help. I had to take my tenants to court in order for them to leave my property. They caused extensive damage to my new build property - removing boiler, radiator's all the built in goods and smashing through walls. The Police have arrested the ex-tenants due to the extent of the damage and the matter is still pending - although the Police have informed me they are not hopeful of prosecution I submitted a claim in April on my Landlords insurance building cover through Endsleigh. A few days after Endsleigh’s loss adjuster visited and carried out an assessment of the property. He stated that the damage was extensive and that the policy would only cover to the value of £25,000 and that I would have to cover the rest. Over the last couple of months I have been emailing and calling the insurance company chasing up the claim. Endsleigh say they are waiting on the loss adjuster and the loss adjuster says its the contractor company. The contractor says its the loss adjuster. I complained a couple of weeks ago and the loss adjuster contacted me and said everything was now submitted and it would be sorted shortly. He also informed me the costs were over the cover level of £25,000 (but would not tell me the amount) and I would have to cover the rest. I was relived as it was finally getting sorted. The rental of the property is a source of income for me (I am retired), having to find the costs for service charges & council tax etc is having a impact on my finances the longer it takes to sort to out and I cannot recoup these charges. Now to my surprise, today I received a message informing me that AXA will be sending out a loss adjuster from a Crawfords. I am informed Axa are the underwriters and they have said it’s because its over £25,000, although I am not insured for anything over £25000 I am now back to square one again. I do not know why they are employing another loss adjuster but this is going to delay matters further. Can I ask Endsleigh 1) To base any settlement on their original loss adjuster’s report ? I am confused as to why they are not doing this anyway as I have waited months for Endsleigh & the loss adjuster to complete their process & report's. 2) Request the original loss adjusters report as they seem reluctant to provide me with this - am I entitled to this ? 3) Can I, not agree to allow Crawford’s to go through this whole process again? as I have read complaints about their process, online . Axa say the reason Crawfords is involved is because the damage to my property is over £25,000 but yet my building cover does not exceed £25,000. I would really appreciate an advice Many thanks
  4. Hi Insurers: Ocaso Management Company - The Davies Group Underwriters - ?? I seem to be involved in a passive aggressive/aggressive aggressive and rather strange encounter with my loss adjuster regarding Alternative Accommodation. I've had a look through all the threads and my Policy Booklet and in desperation, contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, but seem to have ended up with more questions than answers. My alternative accommodation was originally and begrudgingly booked for 21 days (after proof of a medical condition which would have been further exacerbated if I had been present) whilst works were to be completed at my property. During several (recorded) phone calls and emails, I queried how realistic this was and what would happen if the works took longer than 21 days and was told - verbally and via email that it would just be extended as needed. They have indeed extended the accommodation weekly since this time. During the first 3 weeks of the intended works, the management and coordination of the project was disastrous with either nothing being done, or further damage (with extra costs) being caused by contractors. My relationship hit rock bottom with the Loss Adjuster at this point (week 3, day 17), who was extremely annoyed that he had to sort out the mess and felt it appropriate to aim his irritation at me. I received 2 emails after this asking for the details of my contents insurance so they could share the cost of the alternative accommodation. I am unsure whether I had contents insurance at the time of the incident (Nov 2015) and never thought to make a claim as it was all structural damage (water leak from apartment above). I was never asked to provide details of this in the 5 months I was trying to get them to address the works. Apologies for the back story, but the next part wouldn't make sense if I hadn't laid that out. Last Friday whilst I was away due to a bereavement, I received an email from the Loss Adjuster saying that he would be moving me to a second accommodation closer to my (empty and gutted) property??? I emailed him on Tuesday morning to say that there was no need to move me closer to home. I was asked again for my contents insurance details which I have said that I will look into further. I received an email this evening (sent this morning whilst at work) that they have booked me into a second accommodation (B&B) starting tomorrow, no address, just the name of the hotel and no mention of a reason why I have to move again. The email came from the accommodation part of the Davies-Group. I emailed them to say this wasn't feasible, but received no response. I suspect it may be the cost - which does not exceed the policy exclusions etc - however, this has not been stated. If it is the cost, why don't they just say that they want me to move because it is too expensive? If that is the case, why was I offered it in the first place? Why did the loss adjuster originally approve it? (As a project manager and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that these projects never run to schedule, at best, you take the time estimated and times it by 2 - I digress). Can they do this? I live in a 1 bedroomed property, am in an alternative 1 bedroomed property and am now being moved into a hotel B&B. The Financial Ombudsman Service can't raise a complaint until they know who the underwriter of my Policy is and the earliest I can get that information will be Monday morning and that is a process I was advised will take months to sort out. Time I clearly don't have. This doesn't solve the immediate problem of being inexplicably ordered to leave a property that was offered to me, to have to move unnecessarily for a second time. No mention was made of how I'm going to get everything from one place to another, or if it's suitable! At a bit of a loss. The bereavement has knocked me for six and I have a horrible feeling that there is nothing I can do and the aggressive bully of a loss adjuster is intent on making things as miserable as possible for me. (I also discovered on Tuesday that due to yet another mess up with a lack of communication from Davies with the sub-contractors, the works will take even longer to complete!) Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  5. A family member had a robbery where items of jewellery were stolen amongst other things. The person is as straight as they come and that was reflected honestly on her claim - she hates insurance or benefits cheats with a passion so will not put anything which is not true on a claim form, but the loss adjuster is making her feel like a liar and a cheat as they are refusing to pay out on her claim anywhere near what the value of these items were worth and will not pay out on anything which either doesn't have a receipt or an original box. Many items were handed down through the family in France as she is French. Many do not have receipts or the boxes they came in originally, but the insurance company, despite being provided with documents saying they were handed down or given as gifts and provided with pictures of some of the boxes which remained (some got stolen with the items) refuse to make any kind of payment against those. Now I can understand they need to ensure bogus claims are not made, but as she is so straight she feels she is paying for the rogues deceiving the system. I do not know which insurer it is yet, but she has spoken to the Ombudsman but we all know what a chocolate fireguard is don't we? Can anyone tell me what the procedures are for situations like this where it is common practice that people keep things in one or two central jewellery boxes and disguard shop boxes, some people don't keep receipts of everything they buy, and many items of value both sentimental and valuable never have any kind of records when they are handed down through family or given as gifts. What is the normal mode of dealing with this and insurance companies and what should she do to tackle this? She has been offered a few hundred pounds for a claim in excess of 5k. She's panicking.... Thanks A1
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