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Found 3 results

  1. I am the RK of the vehicle and received a letter with a parking charge. I have had two previous PCN's from a long time ago when the advice was always to ignore, which I did and subsequently heard nothing off a host of 'solicitors' that sent out begging letters. I think I'm right in assuming after reading many threads the situation has changed because of POPLA and the POFA?? situation in 2012 says I now as the RK have to disclose who was driving as said I am the registered keeper. My partner was the driver. She stopped in the above carpark, tells me she paid for a ticket after entering the reg number in the machine and displayed the ticket on the dashboard. She has used this carpark a few times. we're suprised to get the speculative invoice and hoped for some advice on how to play it Many thanks 1 Date of the infringement....10/4/17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]...14/04/17 3 Date received...20/4/17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] YES 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] NOT YET Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A 7 Who is the parking company? PARKING EYE 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] BRITANNIA ADLPHI, LIVERPOOL sorry I should also have added that on ther back of the letter it says... On April 10th the vehicle entered the car park at 9:58 and left at 11:03 (!hr 05mins) This is 'backed up' by photographic evidence on the front of the letter. I asked the better half if she'd maybe just paid for the hour, because judging by other threads you are allowed a 10 minute overstay as per BPA, but she says she paid for 2 hours
  2. Has anyone established who owns the Adelphi car park and if P.E. have rights to apply penalty charges there?
  3. Visited Liverpool in March stayed at the Adelphi hotel, when we got there we asked at the desk where the car park was, told it's round the back, went to the car park and went over to read the charges as we were under the impression ir was gonna be £3 a day, after reading the signs i wasnt sure what the charges were as it said something about "guests" and i wasnt sure if they meant Car park guests or hotel guests???? well my Missus and her mate went to the desk to find out what the charges would be while me and mate stayed with the car .. .they came back and said they were told it was £12 per day ..... my mrs mate said she'd paid for the day.... i told her to get her £££ back and i would park elsewhere as that was a complete rip off, i left the car park and parked in the one over the road (£3) per day (there is another story concerning this ) i was in the car park for 28 minutes....... after i returned home i received a letter saying i had not paid for a ticket accompanied by in/out photos showing i had been there for 28 minutes, i have replied to them saying as i had not left the car and was attempting to find out the charges this did not constitute parking, as soon as i found out their extortinate charges i left their car park ,they have asked that i provide proof that i was staying at the Adelphi before they make their final decision ,i cant see why they dont just phone the hotel and ask them????? i have sent what i can find (a groupon coupon,parking receipts from the other car park) I did have to laugh at a sign saying the carpark was covered by cctv:-D .. .i remarked to my mate " the only cctv here is to check when you arrive and leave and they were attempting to make out the car park was covered by cctv to keep ya car safe ... .across the road from the carpark was a gang of homeless drinkers who had made themselves comfy under a shelter and i really didnt feel my car would be safe there anyway....... .the Hotel refunded my mates missus after i put the car elsewhere......... just wondering if anyone else had the misfortune to enter the hallowed turf of the Adelphi car park who i assume pay the hotel to run the car park and rip people off?? by accepting that refunded payment ,does the hotel then become the company running the carpark??? .... .. the letter came from Parkin Eye.... ...... any info greatfully recieved
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