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Found 15 results

  1. I received a ccj through the post which looked like it had originally been sent to my old address then amended and sent to my current address. I checked my credit report and turns out I have 3 at old addresses. I missed the 30 day deadline to pay them due to going to the wrong addresses but don’t have the money to pay them anyway. They are 1. Lowell’s £241 for a H&M account 2. Lowell’s £549 for a credit card 3. BW legal £414 pay day loan -i took out for partner but he never paid they we’re all due to be statute barred this year accord to my credit report. ive lived at my current address 18 months and on the electoral roll since day one. Two ccjs went to my last registered address which I left in 2016 and one went to the address before that which I left in 2012. 2016 I moved into a woman’s refuge due to domestic abuse inc financial abuse where my partner would give me “pocket money” and clearly hid letters about debts as he’d told me he’d paid them! He even lied to hmrc about his income causing an over payment that I now have to pay back! I haven’t worked since 2013 as had to stay home with the kids while he worked and since being on my own childcare proved to expensive to go back to work. I called step change and they’ve said to offer a token £1 payment using form N245 as my income is -£250 a month so I don’t have the money to pay the ccjs. i was thinking a DRO might be better as I have other debts on my credit file too including another pay day loan coming up for statute barred so they’re likely to apply for another ccj. i really don’t want bailiffs turning up
  2. Disclosure and Barring Service Email addresses are changing READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dbs-email-addresses-are-changing
  3. A major crackdown on the abuse of county court judgments is announced today following a Daily Mail investigation. Ministers are pledging to block banks, debt firms and parking companies from sending court claims to old addresses. The move would halt the scandal that leaves thousands of families financially crippled because of debt judgements passed against them without them knowing, or having a chance to defend themselves. The pledge is made today by the Ministry of Justice as it launches a public consultation on the judgments, known as CCJs. It follows an investigation by the Mail, which found firms are obtaining hundreds of thousands of CCJs every year over alleged debts of as little as a penny. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4060508/Victory-Mail-debt-rulings-cripple-families-Ministers-block-companies-fro-sending-court-claims-old-addresses.html#ixzz4Te39AKtE
  4. Hello, Its my first time when i am trying to claim my PPI - can someone help me where to send complains I had a few store cards, all now closed and all information are from my Equifax account DEBENHAMS 2009 - 2013 - NewDay MONSOON 2007 - 2012 - NewDay TOP SHOP - account closed 2009 - GE Money River Island - NewDay NEXT - (2006 - 2012) I had as well Personal loan from Ocean money and again I dont have idea which address to use? Any help will be appreciated
  5. Statements Data Protection Team (Statements) Chatham RCSC Kent ME4 4RT Credit Card Agreements Senior Customer Advisor Customer Management Retail Operations, Business Services 2nd Floor, Thanet Grange Southend On Sea SS0 0EJ Loan Agreements - have received response Lending 6 RPO 4th Floor 1 Hardman Boulevard Manchester M3 3AQ thanks to timid80
  6. Hi everyone, I've been trying to contact Sunny to arrange a repayment plan for the past 3 months. Each attempt to contact them has been ignored and on occasion my emails have been deleted without being read (I get 'read' confirmations automatically, which also tell me if the email is deleted without being opened). Yesterday I received an email telling me that my account had been passed to MMF, which is a shock when you consider that I have been making repayment offers for the past three months. So today I have sent them a further email raising a formal complaint regarding their conduct during this period of time and requesting a response to my complaint so that I can escalate it to the FOS and forward all info to the FCA and guess what? That email was deleted without being read too! the only email address that I can find for them is help (at) sunny (dot) co (dot) uk, where I'm having no luck at all. Does anyone know of any alternative email addresses that I can send my email to? Thanks in advance, any help gratefully received. Cheers, MB78.
  7. Does anyone have email addresses for the following companies and an idea of an email I can send to say I wont be paying tomorrow and to offer a reduced payment? Or would it be better to phone them? Cash converters loans Lending Stream Clear Account Thanks
  8. Hi All, I am currently trying to negotiate a repayment plan with PRA Servicing Ltd (they are dealing with it on behalf of portfolio recovery associates ) and they have not replied to the letter I sent them. Does anyone know of any email addresses for them, I wanna chase up their lack of a response but IMO they are not worth the price of postage so want to email them instead. Any help from you guys and girls would be much appreciated
  9. It seems the British government is extending this government gateway address past Universal Jobs Match. Even MCOL is asking for a gateway address. Who next, DVLA, Passport, etc, etc My question is on what servers will this data be secured on? Is it monster world wide who administer the UJM site? Some sort of confirmation will be nice
  10. I am in the process of writing letters to my credit card creditors, do I use the mailing address on my statements? Some of them contain more than one address, so it's not absolutely clear where I should address these letters. The cards in question are Mint, Barclaycard, MBNA and Bank of Scotland. Any pointers much appreciated, I need to make sure these go to the correct places!!
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9994089/DVLA-made-10m-in-a-year-by-selling-on-names-and-addresses.html
  12. Could someone tell me where on this site to find bank contact details (Santander and EGG). There used to be an easily accessible list in "bank charge" days gone-by. regards Splitty
  13. Does anyone have any useful email addresses for SAR issues? Any help would be most appreciated. ty
  14. Hello I have gotten into a bit of a mess with these Payday Loans ... I have five, all of which I am not going to be able to pay on Friday ... Following advice on this site I have already set up my new bank account and transferred all my DDs (except the PDL ones) ... tomorrow I am closing my old bank account (just to make sure they cant take me overdrawn), changed my bank details with work for my salary and contacted HMRC for my child benefit ... I have also contacted Payplan and done my budget with them and they are going to set up a DMP for me (I have older debts which I am still paying off also). My question is ... do I wait for the payday loan companies to contact me (I will not speak them on the phone other than to give them my Payplan reference number and that PP will be in touch), or do I inform them tomorrow of my situation (this I would prefer to do by e-mail). Does anyone have the e-mail addresses for the following ... Wonga Quick Quid Payday UK Payday Express WageDayAdvance Advice appreciated Thankyou
  15. Hi all. Been doing a lot of reading on this forum and the advice and help is amazing. I'm hoping I can take advantage of some of this advice too!Does anyone know the relevant addresses for the following so that SAR's can be sent - enabling the SAR to get to the correct office and department. Each company lists several different addresses on their websites and I can see them using the "we have not recieved it/it must have gone to the wrong department" excuse to lengthen the already long 40 day period they have to respond. I have made a couple of calls and on each occasion, the member of staff does not know and gives me the main head office address - whcih may or may not be correct!EggBarclaycardVirginMBNACapital One.Also - does anyone know the correct name each £10 cheque should be made out to?Any help is very much appreciated - I can see this being a very long road to potential success! Thank you in advance.DG
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