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  1. How horrible can some women be! I had a similar with an ex. She had a credit card on my account. When we split up the card company wouldn't cancel it. They said i had to cut it up and return it to them. One day she called at my house and left the card - so i cut it up and returned it. I even phoned them and told them what i had done, again asking them to stop the card. They refused - "until it arrived". My ex made one call, said the dog had eaten the card and they immediately sent her a new card. Naturally they refused to do anything for me. Ditto the police. I was told by a [removed] that my only option would be to declare myself bankrupt. Moral of the story? Be a woman.
  2. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised management would contact me and they would rearrange. I received no contact. I repeatedly called to rearrange as I was aware I was now out of my contract date (phoned Audi to advise of situation). Was unable to get a response. Monday 19th March BCA turn up at my front door at 7:45am unannounced to collect the car. I advise that it has not been inspected and the collection date was 17th. Two collection agents then sat in my living room for approximately 2 hours trying to get through to their head office to check if they could collect the vehicle. Eventually advised that they could not, and went on their way advising BCA would contact me to rearrange. Fast forward several weeks of trying to arrange the collection and inspection and fit with BCA's availability and I mange to arrange inspection and collection (difficult as I work away for long periods of time and they have limited availability). Car was inspected Tuesday 17th April (another half day annual leave) and collected Friday 20th (half day annual leave). I have now received an invoice from Audi for the additional rental. I have spoken to Audi via telephone who agreed that this is BCA's error and they should cover the invoice, however Audi are still invoicing me as it is my contract! Audi have tied to contact a manager at BCA and also ha zero success. I am going down the formal complaint route and any tips on acts, cases, precedents or what I should include / not include in the letter would be gratefully appreciated. My first thought was to list it chronologically as above. I can go through phone records if required and list every call made and received (all via my mobile). I would like the invoice covering by BCA, and if possible compensation for the annual leave taken whilst waiting for their failed inspection and collection. Also, to add to this. I queried if I should even be responsible for this complaint as I did not employ BCA, Audi did.(my original complaint was to Audi) They advised that they are satisfied that the complaint against Audi has been resolved and I need to pay the bill and try to recover the costs from BCA. Please help!!
  3. I have a client initally wanted to pay for the extra work I done on their website, but after many excuses of paying the wrong person and not having the time it was clear that they did not want to pay. Can I change the passwords to the domain provider pending payment where I will change the password back and they can move to another provider. Am I allowed to do this ? I know I can not suspend the website as the payment is for extra work done on it and not for the actual website hosting.
  4. This is a long story, so I'll try and cut to the chase. Back in 2013 we moved into a property. The landlady who we were renting off asked if she could continue to be registered at the address. She agreed that she would cover all the council tax bills for the property. Two years later we received a letter from the council to "the occupiers" asking us when we moved into the property. We truthfully told them the date. Two months later, we received a massive bill from the council for two years worth of council tax, backdated to the date we moved in. We got in touch with the landlady who admitted she had not paid the council tax. We were now stuck with a £2300 debt when in fact it wasn't our debt. To add to our problem, the landlady admitted she had been illegally claiming benefits from the property whilst we were living there and she could not admit that she was due to pay the council tax as that would lay her wide open to prosecution. We contacted the council and explained the situation, but they wouldn't discuss it. As far as they ( capita ) were concerned, we were liable and they had passed the debt onto Ross and Roberts for collection. We rang Ross and Roberts, who were in fairness understanding, and they agreed a repayment plan which we stuck to like glue. In December 2015 I contacted them to make a payment and they gave us a figure which they said was the amount needed to clear off the debt. I then paid that amount and was told by the lady on the phone that the debt was now paid and we owed nothing more. They would cease any action against us. We didn't think any more about it We got a letter from the council saying we were in arrears with our council tax and they were taking us to court. I went into the offices to talk to them they told me that there was still £470 owing from the previous liability order and that they'd used my council tax payments for that year to clear this off. I explained everything about Ross and Roberts, how they said we'd paid it all off, but the woman insisted that they hadn't collected the full amount and had left £470 uncollected. That was why they were using 2016s council tax payments to clear off those arrears first. After much arguing, they agreed to cease the court action and use the money we had paid for the current years council tax. As for the £470 owing they would simply add it onto the bill and we could repay that on top of the current years council tax over the year. Owing to financial problems we fell into arrears with the council tax, and because as they put it "you have a bad history of paying" they just sent the matter to the courts and we were given another LO. When we contacted Ross and Roberts to sort out payments, they told us that there was still a LO for £470 owing which they were treating seperately, and had added £310 costs onto that bill. Not only that, they added £310 onto the amount for that current year as well. Had Ross and Roberts not told us that we had paid off the full bill, back in 2015, then we would have carried on making all the payments as planned and we wouldn't have been hit with a huge amount of fees, not only for the £470 that they incorrectly didn't collect, but also because that then had a knock on effect for the current year, and owing to us owing the grand sum of £110 for the current year, they whammed us with £310 charges for that. So if you can understand it, we ended up paying £620 in bailliff fees for two liability orders. One for £110 which I accept we owed, and £470 which Ross and Roberts had themselves told us we didn't owe it was their mistake when they didn't collect it as they should have done back when we were willingly making payments to clear off a debt that wasn't even ours in the first place as the landlady should have paid it.
  5. I took out a policy on my car 2 years back for alloys and light scratches to the body work. Last month I ended up scratching the alloys and scratching the rear bumper. I reported this last week and was advised that they would not entertain the claim for the following reasons 1. The claim for the alloys needs to be reported within 14 days. I missed this by 2-3 days. I simply wasn't aware of this. 2. They claim the rear bumper is two panels where as its one rear bumper with a silver edging going across it. They don't cover two panel claims. its not two panels. A panel is a rear bumper as a whole. I was not advised any of this when I took out the policy. It was imply a we cover it all sales pitch. Do I have any rights here? Bump.... Anyone?
  6. I need some advice as to what I should do... here are the details of my situation. I purchased in to a property scheme run by a vendor in Nov 2008 , where you pay the vendor £2000 and for this they find a buy to let property for you where the rent covers the mortgage payment , the vendor takes care of the purchase of the property, they take care of the solicitor, all the management, (renting, any bills) all bills after two years you have the option to sell the property or to continue to use their services. The Solicitor used was in this with the vendor, the valuation from the surveyor showed that the property was worth more than what I was paying After three months after purchasing the property, the rents stopped coming in I started to chase the vendor who told me they were having some cash flow problems and I will get the rents to cover the mortgage, this went on for a two to three months and soon the vendor had disappeared. I visited the property I had purchased and asked the tenant for the rent and to pay me directly, and found out that that the rent came very short of the monthly mortgage payment , I got a local estate to come and value the property and they valued it less than £120K of the purchase price. I went to the police and told them about this, they said there is nothing they can do as this is a civil case I then instructed a solicitor to investigate and their findings showed that the property was bought and sold in a very short period less than a month, where the price sold at was over inflated by 120k, without any work done to the property. I told the mortgage company and told them there is no way I can afford the to pay the mortgage, this was around June 2009, The mortgage company repossessed the property and sold it in 2010, this is where the shortfall of 110K is. The conveyancing solicitor was part of a fraud, the solicitor is now no longer around, they were an LLP and I have tried to take them to court and sue them and claim damages from their indemnity insurance, but the indemnity insurers have said they will not cover this as this was a fraudulent act intentionally done by the solicitor. Now the bank has passed the debt to a number of debt collectors , this is the third one who is contacting me. To make things even worse, at the time, back in 2008 I actually bought three properties via this vendor, so I actually have three mortgage shortfalls that I need to deal with. I have been living with a lot of stress ever since this has happened, it is really getting me down, has affected my whole life, mentally, physically, affecting my family. I feel I have been let down by the whole system, I purchased these properties in good faith, thinking this will be an investment for the future but in reality it has been nothing but a nightmare. I need to find out what I can do to stop the debt or not pay the shortfall the debt collectors are asking for. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction
  7. RBS have acknowledged by complaint however they have asked 35 questions and given me 4 days to answer. The questions are all financial, employment, medical and status related and refer to 1997. I ma afraid I don't really have answers for the majority and therefore I am seeking opinions or information about the possible outcome should I not be able to provide the information they require. I would appreciate any help or advice that is available.
  8. I wonder if anyone can help? I received a PCN for parking in a disable bay at a private residential underground car park. I challenged this through both the appeal routes (parking operator and The IAS) based mainly on lack of clear signage at the bay. The ground markings are small and painted in red which were not visible while reversing in to the space and not visible once parked. There was a sign on a pillar however this was high up and to the side of the space and again not visible when reversing. My argument is that signage should have been directly behind the space in keeping with signs at other disabled bays in the car park. There was a perfectly pillar immediately behind the bay that a sign could have been attached to. I believe the current signage is unsatisfactory and amounts to "predatory tactics". What are people's thoughts? I also wonder what thoughts people have on on terms and conditions signage at the car park stating that the parking operator is a member of the BPA and appeals are heard by POPLAR when it transpires that they are not as they a new members of the IPC who use the IAS to hear appeals Does this incorrect signage have any baring on the arguments I can make at Court?
  9. Hello, My house is a semi detached, next to my garden fence is a piece of land of which I m trying to acquire . What it is, is that there is public footpath which runs diagonally across it next to my fence. But then round the edge of the land is a ready alternative foot path too Which people also use. I have tried contacting the council, they own the land, but it has been adopted by the Essex highways they said, because of the footpath. One of the reasons for wanting the land is because passers by keep kicking and damaging my fence as the said path is just next to my fence, I have children and does not feel safe leaving them in the garden. Also because of the lay out, dog walkers without lead always stun us when leaving the house. I have reported the fence damages to the police and have a reference number. Another reason is because I have a very substantial garden and an additional portion of this piece of land will give me an opportunity to build a new property on it, I have invited an agent who has done the measurements and would only need like one third of this land. Is there any one to advise on the best way to approach this please?
  10. Hi, Need some advice. I sent Vanquis a DSAR request over 4 months ago. I enclosed a £10 cheque which was duly cashed however they failed to provide me with any of the reqested documents (CCA, Terms & Conditions, Default Notices, Deed of assignment etc) I received a 3 page letter consisting of a demand for a further £1 for CCA and a 2 page document consisting of an abreviated table of transactions (I believe this is supposed to constitute a statement) Can someone confirm to me whether the £10 paid for the sar superceeds the requirement for an additional £1 for the cca. My understanding was the £10 sar fee covers ALL docs & data. Thanks
  11. I recently moved out of a shared flat and the lettings agent sent through a dilapidation report detailing any damage to the property, missing items etc. and the deductions from our deposit that would be made as a result. About half of their claims were reasonable, but about half weren't so we disputed what we felt we needed to. We asked for a detailed breakdown of the costs and evidence of the damage (costs had been lumped by room rather than by each item). In response they asked for a counter offer, said a breakdown of costs was not possible, and made reference to 'expensive work' that would need to come out of the deposit but that was not mentioned in the original report. At this point it felt like they were trying to intimidate us into accepting the original offer. We sent a counter offer and they said they would pass it to the landlord. We did not receive a response to the counter offer, but rather a list of costs for additional work done to the flat far exceeding our deposit (painting, carpet replacements, things like that) that had not been outlined as necessary in the original report. They made no mention of the original report, nor our counter offer, but said a compensatory charge amounting to our full deposit would be required. Their behaviour has been odd and has seemed like the longer the dispute has gone on the more they are trying to charge us. I get the feeling they are trying to intimidate us to forking over the whole deposit but I don't want to gamble that, call their bluff, and wind up owing them much more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello all, I've spent the last couple of hours reading various threads and I have learnt a great deal. However, I need some advice and opinions from you good people. I was involved in a non-fault accident last month. At a four way junction, I was travelling straight ahead and the third party was travelling the opposite way indicating to turn right. At the centre of the junction, where the third party should have stopped and waited for me to clear his path, he did not and hit my car on the front drivers side corner. Dashcam is installed in my car, shows the accident clearly. Also shows a satnav obscuring the third party view of the road quite clearly! Third party is a taxi driver driving a taxi and told me that his vehicle was also fitted with a dashcam. The third party admitted liability the moment he stepped out of the vehicle, although, I'm quite aware this verbal acceptance doesn't mean anything. Police were called as my car was not able to move, so they had to make the area safe until my car could be recovered. Fast forwards to this last week. My car was deemed a total loss, my insurance and GAP insurance have agreed a price and currently I am waiting for the money to enter my account from both companies. Now to the matter of my excess which has been deducted from my settlement payment. My insurance company has informed me that the third party/his insurance has not responded in any way to accept liability for the accident and that I will need to use their recommended legal service (Carpenters Solicitors) to reclaim my excess. My question is, at this moment in time as I have not accepted any help from Carpenters Solicitors, although, they have been instructed by my insurance company to contact me, do I have to use them? Or am I better to try and reclaim the excess by myself by approaching a local solicitors? The only reason this thought has crossed my mind is after reading numerous negative reviews for Carpenters Solicitors. There are two amounts I wish to claim for: My excess and £80 for my private numberplate to be transferred from the old car to the new car. I'll be very thankful for any advice and opinions.
  13. Hi. I've had a really bad experience with a dealership from whom I purchased a car. That's in another thread and it looks like I am now stuck with a car that I cannot drive. However, when I purchased the car, I also agreed to some additional after sales services. For an additional £995 I got a "Delivery Pack" which included 2 services, 60 valets, 3 MOTS, and the application of a Diamondbrite Paint Protection System. And a full tank of fuel. The only one of these that I have so far had is the tank of fuel when I picked up the car. The only place all this is recorded is on the vehicle order form. There doesnt seem to be any terms and conditions anywhere or any information relating to a right to return or cancel. I have requested from the dealership that I cancel this agreement and reimburse for the fuel but have been told that I cannot. That I agreed to it as part of the sale. Can anyone suggest any Acts that I might look at that would allow me to return this service? Surely I must have fourteen days or twenty eight days to change my mind? Thanks
  14. just made the final payment on my ge loan this month it was 10500 over ten years i now recived a letter saying your loan expired on march 2013 . your outstanding balance is4202.61 and needs to be paid in the next 14 days if the balance is not paid your account will continue to attract interest. they have rang me today demanding i must settle this outstanding balance and could do so on monthly payments i told them i would have to get some professional help on the matter before agreeing to any payments i asked what this outstanding balance came from as i made all the payments over the 10 years even though i did have some problems along the way, told me it was for late payments and interest over the loan period . just wondering where i stand on this cos if i have to pay they will keep adding on the interest, any help on this would be great regards joe
  15. I recently ordered a Vanity unit from Bella Bathrooms (online store). After receiving and installing I found a pin hole size mould crack at the bottom of the sink (manufacturing fault). This was causing a leak under the wash basin. After contacting Bella Bathrooms they agreed to replace the damaged sink for a new one however I have following 2 issues 1) I will now have to pay one day plumber call out charges £100 for removing the old sink and replacing and sealing the new wash basin. 2) After agreeing to deliver the item I've now been told that they wouldn't have same item in stock until June which is nearly a month away. I will be suffering as currently installed sink is leaking due to having a mould crack. Can someone kindly advise if I am entitled to claim £100 that I would now have to pay to re install my wash basin (this doesn't even include any extra cost such as cost of silicone and other materials that I would have to pay to re seal the wash basin), and what are my options apart from waiting until June. Am I covered by any rights as this purchase was not physically made with in a store? At present I've contacted Bella Bathrooms to get compensated for £100 labour charges and they have blatantly refused saying its not their policy. Any help will be highly appreciated
  16. Don't know if we are allowed to mention names here, but here goes anyway. Interested to know if a letting agent can legally switch energy suppliers on a house up for rent without notifying or seeking authorisation from the Landlord/owner? Discovered that Countrywide 'sold' the contract to E.on, (who incidentally have a whole department dedicated to that company). Countrywide get a fee (although E.on would not say how much this was) and E.on get a new customer (we know how apathetic most people are on changing their suppliers) on any tariff they choose to set. E.on said they took the contract on in good faith (ie. that is on the understanding that the Landlord had agreed). Clearly no checks and balances on E.on's part, but then scruples are always thin on the ground when money is one the table.
  17. Hello all. I hope I'm in the right place. My pension fund has taken a LARGE (£1000+) amount out of my recent payslip. I did not request this additional deduction, but they are arguing that I applied for it online by logging in through my workplace portal. Again I have no knowledge of this, so I immediately changed my login details. However, they are refusing to return the money as they feel they have done nothing wrong. I cannot afford to lose this money. Please tell me where I stand in terms of getting it back? Thank you.
  18. My wife currently gets Additional State Pension on top of her State Pension because she made extra contributions before she retired in 2011. When the new State Pension comes into effect in 2016 it will be at the new rate of £148 for everyone. Will she still get Additional State pension on top of the £148? Or will the £148 be the maximum she will get? It will be unfair and a complete waste of time her making extra contributions if she doesn't get extra!
  19. I've had a motorbike insurance policy for less than six months, which I paid in full up-front. I've now sold the motorbike, which I'm not replacing, so rang to cancel the insurance. I was hoping for a small refund, but I've been told I need to pay AN ADDITIONAL £15 to cancel the policy (over and above the annual premium I've already paid). Regardless of how this is calculated (and whatever the small print says), this is just madness. If they said "OK, we've cancelled the policy, but you don't get a refund", I'd be disappointed. But to be told I have to pay them extra after using less than 6 months of the policy, means I've vowed never to use Hastings again for any bike or car insurance.
  20. The company I work for has decided to pass on the cost of the WPL to its staff. which is fair enough. However, they have also decided to add on an additional amount of money which they say will go towards installing a new barrier and other controls. The amount isn't small either. If you want a 5 day permit, the actual cost is £334, but the company is charging £450. Is this legal and can I refuse to pay this additional charge? The more I think about it, it can't be right?! Your advice and thoughts would be much appreciated.
  21. Eon, our energy supplier has slapped us with a £10 charge for late payment of our bill. We pay for our energy on a monthly basis using readings from our smart meters. Readings are taken on 7th of each month and we pay usually just before the end of the month always around the same date give or take a couple of days this month being no different. We have contacted them and demanded that this charge be withdrawn and they have refused. We have asked for a breakdown of how this charge is arrived at and they have not given this breakdown instead referring to their"terms and conditions". We think that this charge is a penalty and is not lawful and have informed Eon of this. Also of our intention to escalate this matter if the charge is not removed. Any advice would be welcome.
  22. Hi, Having trolled through the various discussions on the forum i think i still need help. I recently received acknowledgment for a claim recently submitted to Barclays on a loan taken out 13yrs ago & they are requesting for additional information, most of which has been provided already or that they know about. Please provide details relating to how the policy was sold to you. You might wish to recall details where the sale took place, who you spoke to.. (surely this is info they should have - after all they sold me the loan, and as it is now 13 years ago i cant be 100% certain where i got this) Provide documentary evidence of your employment status at the time. I only have an offer letter from my employer i started working for in 2000 which stipulates life assurance, health insurance, private healthcare and company pension. Do you think this document would suffice? Please provide further details or, if possible, documentary evidence relating to the savings you had at the time. (This is also information they should have as my main bank at the time and they have details of my balances within my saving accounts at the time. At the time I would have also relied on my family to support me financially had the need arisen) Please provide any additional details that would support your claim (If there are any other guidelines and tips you can provide here that would truly be appreciated) Thanking you in advance!!! GeeGee
  23. I wonder If anyone has any thoughts. I’ve just successfully passed my post graduate diploma in architecture [RIBA Part 2] and today have received a letter from the university [of Greenwich] stating that I owe them over £500 still – I found this odd as I pay my fees myself and I paid them upfront in September as you basically have no choice and are booted off the course if you haven’t paid in full by December. So I contacted student finance and they state I haven’t paid for and 'extra' 20 credits. A little background – the diploma is 240 credits and it paid for on a per credit basis – the University had a major shake up half way through the course and we had a new Dean of school who basically came in, sacked all the tutors, brought in new ones and turned the course on its head. Whilst this was disruptive I seemed to get along fine with the new course structure but the problem is the balance of credits has been changed around so when I started the course was structured something like this: Yr 1 80 credits Yr 2 100 credits Yr 3 60 credits The reshuffle came about after Yr 1 with further adjustments to after yr 2 so what I ended up doing was: Yr 1 80 Yr 2 80 Yr 2 100 New students do 3x80 credits but somehow with the re-shuffle of the course one of the units that is key to the course is now worth more credits than it was when I first stated and as a result has to be tagged onto my final year… …basically I’m not happy that they want £500 for the ‘extra’ credits that I didn't sign up for and had no choice but to do because they decided the final year is now worth more...ts essentially the same as it was when i started but now its 'worth' 20 credits more than it used to be. I can’t just ignore it as I still have to go back and do a further course to become an architect and they won’t let me register for this until the balance is paid in full! I've spoken with the head of finance and the people that assign the credits – they won’t budge. thanks J
  24. My husband received his argos card today, and i got mine as he asked for additional card holder. The limit is 750, but is that for both cards or 750 for each card??
  25. I have put myself off from writing this because I am already on this site in regards to another situation I am currently going through, and the two people who have been assisting me with that may well see this and think to themselves: “Oh God - not them again”. I left Glasgow in May 2009 with a council tax (ct) debt of, apparently, £1000, covering 3 ct years and 2 addresses. While at these addresses I spent a vast majority of my time unemployed, only being employed for 2 christmas temp jobs from Nov/Dec 07 and Aug/Dec 08. Other than that I was in receipt of JSA. When I left Glasgow I was only due to pay for April and May 09 ct of £45.58. However, due to the nasty people at the letting agency I rented my flat through I am now, what appears to be, being charged a full year of £395.41 and not £45.58. Apparently, my former letting agency are holding me liable until the terms of my lease agreement (I don't know what they are or what they mean), and because they couldn't rent the flat between May and September 2009, rent they are trying to obtain from me but to date have done nothing about, I am being charged full (no 25% single person's deduction) council tax of £108.72. Now it appears to be £395.41. I received a letter in March 11 from STIRLING PARK informing me I owe GCC £907.98. After getting my act together I started to pay SP £5 per month as from March 12, which was all I could afford as I am on ESA due to having mental health problems and difficulties. In February 13 I received a letter from BPO Collections demanding the full amount of £960 19. I was confused about this as I had assumed that SP were dealing with this debt, and after writing to SP was informed that they are no longer dealing with GCC and BPO Collections have taken it over. To date I have paid them £5 (I pay £2.50 per fortnight), and to date I have paid £65 towards this debt as from March 12. In January 12 I received a letter from GCC informing me of a how much I owe in regards to each outstanding (os) year and address, and it was broken down for me to see. The total was £606. 41. I wrote to both GCC and BPO Collections, with enclosures of this letter, requesting GCC to amend their records and to inform BPO Collections of this amount. I have just received a letter from GCC informing me that I owe £950.19, and that since the letter of January 12 the amount has increased. However, I was not sent any paperwork in regards to this increase or any thing else. Basically I am to take their word for it and pay it. Tough on that. How can a debt go from £907.98 to £960.19 to £950.19 and no sign of the £65 I have already paid? As James Stewart says in REAR WINDOW: “Since when do flowers grow shorter”. I have just written a letter to GCC asking them to send me EVERYTHING they have on these os debts and I will get someone to look over the paperwork, but in the meantime any help and advice will, as always, be gratefully appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Bohomiz
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