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Found 28 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can advise, back in October I applied for a loan through Admiral but the application was unsuccessful. My credit score (i use Clearscore) went down this month with a note saying: What changed in July 2018 : Hard Search performed by Admiral Loans for Credit Application The October application is showing the exact same information - why would they simply perform another hard search without my consent? and is there anything i can do about it? Thank you H x
  2. Hi, Im desperately hoping someone can advise... To cut a really long story short, i took a career break from my bank job to care for my sick husband in 2012. It left us with minimum income other than disability allowance and carers allowance as because i was still classed as employed we were told we couldnt claim any other benefit, not that we wanted to. We never have had any state benefits. My husband passed away in 2013 and i had to pay his funeral costs, half of which i paid upfront. His family were meant to pay the other half but never did. Subsequently the co-op billed me. I had gotten in to a mess financially since still being off work, entitled to no benefits and trying to deal with my own grief aswell as supporting my 9 year old daughter with hers. Falling behind with mortgage payments and council tax i had to agree to pay almost double on them both to avoid reposession of the house and removal of goods for bailiffs. I counted these as my priority debts and put everything else to the bottom of the list including the coop bill. They issued a ccj against me which unfortunately then meant i couldnt go back to my old job (i work for a bank and policy is no ccjs). I have since started up my own business and draw £100 a week wages when there is enough money to take of course. I also now get working tax credits so a tiny bit better off. The solicitors dealing with the case sent me an enforcement notification. I rang straight away to see if i could make some kind of arrangement but they said no. The original outstanding was £2200. The ccj had £2900 and now ive had a letter through the door telling me its £3900!! The bailiff has said in the letter he will come back and take my car. And other goods within 7 days, i have tried to speak to the solicitors but they've said its pay the lot or nothing. Ive submitted for n245 to the court with a copy if my income and expenditure but i really need a bit of advice. Will the bailiff allow me to make payments by instalments or will they just keep coming back and taking my things regardless of the fact i can prove i dont have the means to pay. If they take everything i have and its still not enough what will they do then?? I feel totally helpless Hoping for some/any kind of advice... Shelley
  3. We had a car on a 4 year lease with Lex which ended in March this year. Late last year I got 3 or 4 private parking notices in London - Parking Eye and suchlike. Lex say that if you don't pay fine then they will pay any reminder on your behalf as they have liability as the registered owner. When I got the first notice I wrote to Lex saying I did not authorise them to pay any fines on my behalf, but they could provide my details to the parking companies which then moves the liability onto the driver. Lex did this initially but paid 3 fines on my behalf, which I disputed. My credit rating has now gone through the floor because they added the fines to my account which now shows that I have missed 3 months payments on parking charges of £450 odd quid. Does anyone know if they can do this as the parking charges don't form part of the credit that I was given? cheers
  4. Hi. I want to add some side windows to my Landrover Defender but cannot get any guidance on if I need to let the DVLA know re taxation class. Everywhere on the internet talks about adding windows AND adding seats which creates all sorts of trouble with the tax. I just want windows. Can anyone sign post me to what I need to do legally. My vehicle is currently registered as Light Goods Vehicle. Many thanks Kilo
  5. Having booked a 17 day Sydney 2 day hotel room only stay and 15 day NCL cruise of Austria and New Zealand for Nov 2017. As the tv presenters had stated if you want to add any extra days on please just call back after booking as we are travel agents also so will make sure you get the best price? We contacted Cruise 1st customer service to request a quotation to stay an extra three days earlier in our hotel and change our flights out date. The email reply I have received offered to change our flights for £100 each and the extra three days in the same holiday hotel would be for a room only deal £845 each making a total cost £945 each to extend our booked holiday by three days. I found this quote unbelievable and therefore went online putting the three extra dates in for the same Sydney hotel for the double room only quotation. It came back £625 for the room and not each. so a different of over £1000 from the Cruise 1st one. I contacted Cruise 1st C/S and was told in an email reply that is the price we were given by our suppliers Travel Cube and if you can get it cheaper then I suggest you just pay for us to alter your flights and book your own accommodation yourself as that is the best price we can get. I replied I would be reporting this to the Salford Trading Standards and their suppliers Travel Cube as I and many others I have told think there is no way this can be treated as a fair profit and has to be a customer rip off price as it is done to a large tv audience and many may thing that is the best price and pay it? I feel strongly about this so I have reported this to both Salford Trading Standards and Travel Cube who are both investigating I have been told and will be in touch in due course. i have been told since a £100 per return flight each alteration charge is too high as well and more than Emirates would charge Cruise 1st to do it, also Cruise 1st have told me there is no refund to cancel my transfer cost from the airport to the hotel if arriving three days earlier on a coach!!! After my last email threatening to contact trading standards and Travel Cube there has not been a reply from Cruise 1st. So I have joined this forum to make sure other UK wage earners and retired people wanting a cruise don't get ripped off if wanting extras added. Thank you all Soundguy
  6. All can any one help I had a car repossessed by Private and Commercial Finance PCF on a conditional sale agreement they got CCJ, court set payment at £10 in September 16 November 16 , they appealed court set at £40 today i have received a statement (notice of sums in arrears) from them , they have added several legal charges since, is this allowed July 16 - Legal Fees Adjustment £5088.36 - this doubled the debt, after car was sold at auction. October 16 - Legal Charges £280 november 16 - legal charges £28 december 16 -legal charges £250 January 17 - legal charges £75 court split costs of appeal hearing 50/50 at £100 per party Are these charges allowed ? can i challenge them
  7. Hi thank you for adding me to your community I have been running a shop for about 12 months that my parents ran for many years it has been closed for a 7 years and i find laws & regulations have changed so much. The forums i am sure will help thank you again. Kind regards Dick Tate
  8. Hi, I don't know if anyone is able to give me any advice. Three or four years ago I had some financial troubles. Recently I decided to get my head out of the sand and I ordered copies of my credit files. I have found that in addition to the actual accounts that have been defaulted (bank account and storecard etc) Lowell Financial have also added their own default. The main question that I have is can Lowell do this? I was intending to try and pay back as many companies as I could, but I object to paying two people for the same debt. In addition to this my credit file will never clear as Lowell's default date on some of the accounts is nearly a year after the original holders date. Thanks in advance.
  9. Guys, The wife and I have each received claim forms from South West Water after missing 2 payments which were missed because the direct debit was cancelled (but not by us!!!). We've had no correspondence from them whatsoever regarding the arrears which we're more than happy to pay but they're claiming for the whole year's payments upfront. Now I'm not sure what to do about this claim, I can't afford the full year in advance so I presume I'll have to fight this. I've acknowledged the form so have to think of something soon. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do but I've been directed to this site just incase.. I had an old lloyds tsb credit card that defaulted in 2008 and was sent over to Ind Ltd, they did nothing for 3 years then decided to send me a ccj form from Northampton county court. I made an offer of payment which was accepted, I didn't end up paying and fast forward to 2015 I was taken to actual court and another amount was set to pay (which I have been) I rang them today to get a balance and just as an enquiry I asked for a breakdown of all the added charges as I thought it was very high considering I have paid £300 off the balance. The breakdown is as follows.. They took the debt of £2165.77 on 12/11/08 (NOT bought) 16/09/2011 £75 Court fees 16/09/2011 £80 Solicitors Issue notice 16/09/2011 £492.77 Their own interest 06/10/2011 £40 Solicitor judgement fee 14/03/2012 £50 OE court fee 27/02/2015 £50 OE court fee I've been told that they shouldn't have added almost £500 interest as they dont own the debt, they are collecting it on behalf of Lloyds tsb.. Is this correct and is there any way I can have the interest charges removed? I understand that I need to pay the debt and I'm making monthly payment but if they are breaking the law then surely there should be some way of removing the interest? I have none of my original court papers as the debt was my exs (all in my name) and I firmly stuck my head in the sand for a long time.. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  11. Is there a court form for such an application ?
  12. Hi all, I've looked through and tried to find a similar case, and was wondering if someone could help shed some light on the issue I detail below: 1 - my wife received a letter stating a £65 private parking charge from NGP (New Generation Parking) for supposedly parking in an unauthorised area of Capital Retail Park (Cardiff) in October/November 2012.......subsequently ignored the letter as per instructions elsewhere on the web. This letter had been sent to an old address for my wife. 2 - received a letter from DCBL saying they had been instructed to claim the 'debt' by NGP, and had added charges so the new sum 'owed' was £180. This letter had been sent to an old address for my wife. 3 - as my wife had not received the letter in point 2, we were not aware of the charges/actions, and have recently been sent another letter stating (something along the lines of) ''as all attempts of contact have been ignored, more charges, now totalling £340 are payable immediately to DCBL, or they shall instruct their client to file for a CCJ. If possible, could someone please advise on the following points? 1 - What right do NGP have to chase the debt and what proof do they need to provide? 2 - My wife's name is spelt incorrectly (2 letters different) on all correspondence, is this a 'strike out' and therefore unenforceable? 3 - My wife has changed her name, as we got married in the 2 years during the time where there was no contact from NGP/DCBL. Should either/both parties have conducted any relevant identity/address checks? Again, can this be struck out and therefore unenforceable? 4 - My wife sold the car around 18 months ago, therefore she is no longer the registered keeper, is the 'debt' therefore enforceable? 5 - Are DCBL legally allowed to add on £275 in charges if they are now returning to NGP and advising them to try and obtain a CCJ? 6 - Would NGP/DCBL be successful in obtaining a CCJ if (as per above) my wife has changed name, address and sold the vehicle? Sorry for all the questions, am hoping that I've covered all the points and some of you experienced people will be able to help! Thanks
  13. Hello-question please re CCa or lack of one, Barclaycard and Amex didn't send a proper CCA but still adding % and even late payment charge on BCard x 2 -can I send a letter telling them this is wrong whilst in dispute or are they allowed to carry on like this -I stopped payments several months ago after the terms and conditions came instead of CCA. ..can anyone help with advice on what to do next please -Thanks I have requested CCA from Barclaycard x 2 and Amex-neither sent CCA just terms and conditions. Now BCard are adding % and late payments to my account and Amex wrote saying the account is being sent to NCO for collection-help please as really worried.....
  14. Under CPR 19.2 (4), can parties be substituted or added after default Judgement? Any case laws would be welcome. Thanks
  15. Today i had to travel to a county court approx 180 miles from my home to contest an application to set a side a judgement. The defendant failed to turn up so the judge threw out their application and has allowed the judgement to stand. My question is; the judgement is for a specific amount of money, however since this was calculated there has been a number of additional expenses that i have had in relation to the case, fuel costs to the hearing and postage of various forms. Is there a way of claim this back? On a related issue, my partner was signed off work for a 6 week period due to the stress that the case put them under, and therefore has incurred a loss of earnings can anything be done about this?
  16. I just got a bill from 'STUDIO' which is a kind of catalogue. It states my balance is £330 odd + 23/01/2014 Default Sum £12 + 23/01/2014 Service charge £16.22 I can only think 'Service charge' is an excuse to add more. Is this legal? What shall I do? £28.22 extra for paying late is a bit much isn't it?
  17. Hi all, hope I'm posting in the correct place? I need some help about an old debt with Barclays. I had just bee made redundant and explained this to Barclays at the time and asked the m not to put any more charges on my account as it was crippling me financially. They continued to add charges on to the tune of £530. Anyway I changed bank accounts and got myself sorted out again. I got a few letters demanding money from Barclays, but wrote back saying that I wasnt going to pay their unlawful charges and if they wanted their money they were going to have to take me to court. I heard nothing more untill.................................................... Several years later I had a letter from lowells demanding this money. I was getting several calls a day from them and despite blocking their calls they would use another number. Finally managed to get hold of them and gave them an ear bashing as I work nights and calls every 20 minutes in the day was continously waking me up. They have finally stopped calling thank god. However on checking my credit record today, which is 960, I have noticed that Lowells have added a default on this debt. Barclays had defaulted it on 25/06/2008 but now Lowells have put on a default on the same debt for 03/12/13. I dothey dont really understand about defaults but had thought that they drop of your file after 6 years. But surely if Lowells keep adding defaults this will stay on my file forever. Sorry for being long winded but can Lowells keep adding defaults?
  18. Stupidly I took a loan from Wonga for £500 and about 100 interest.... 3 days before the promise date, I entered into a repayment plan but my first payment not due until October 1st...but when I logged in, its now saying I owe £631 and a few pence even tho a repayment plan is in place. I emailed Wonga, and their response was that the interest will accumulate until my first instalment of my r/p plan has been paid... Can they do that? what can I do?
  19. I had an agreement to pay Rossendales each month for outstanding council tax, and this was being paid. I then had an issue with their website, where it did not reflect payment on their end, despite me showing them proof via an online screenshot. I had to do a chargeback to get the money back. They then sent another bailiff in the middle of March to come and they then added on another £161.00 to the outstanding amount. They then reset my agreement to the original amount each month, which i paid the beginning of April, May and June, leaving the original council tax amount fully paid up, and the total remaining of £161.00, which was their additional fees they had placed. I emailed Rossendales and said I would not pay their additional fees, as this was a mistake on their part, and received today in the post a response to my complaint. Of the original amount that I had paid, this consisted of the following: 1. Outstanding Council Tax: XXXX.XX 2. First Visit Fee: £24.50 Then when bailiff came to visit middle of March, they added on £161.00, and according to the letter of complaint, this consisted of the bailiff applying a levy to a vehicle, so fees were applied to our account of £110.00 and the levy fee of £51.00 No 2nd visit fee was added. According to the person who wrote the letter, these fees are correct and have been applied in line with Regulation 45 2(a) and 2(b) of Schedule 5 of The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 as amended. Now I have a problem with them stating that they placed a levy on a vehicle: Neither my wife nor I own a vehicle! I drive a company car, and that car was not on the property as I was at work when my wife phoned me about the bailiff being at home, so he would not even have my mistakenly seen my company car. So I disputed the charges, and Rossendales returns with the letter saying that according to Regulation 52(4) of the Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992 (as amended), stipulates that all monies received will discharge any fees first, and therefore I actually still owe £161 on the liability order. The letter ends by saying the account will be put on hold for 14 days to allow me to pay £161.00 in full, failing this it will be placed with a bailiff for further action. Please help! I don't know how to respond. I'm assuming the £110 fee is related to the percentages charged, as well as the levy fee on a vehicle I don't own, so therefore surely both these charges are illegal? Please help, I need to write a letter to them and dont know what to say.
  20. Just a quick question regarding what a DCA can and cannot add to a debt. We received a letter today as a debt has been passed onto STA International. As well as the original debt there is an extra £63.83 for 'Collection Costs'. This seems a little ott just to send a letter. Are there any guidelines as to what they can add to the debt? Thanks Lee.
  21. Hi, Many many years ago I opened a Beneficial Credit Card (a moisten and seal application) which later was sold to Marbles and then to Capquest. From 2008 I made token payments to HFC (Beneficial) as I was struggling with my finances (due to disability etc). Beneficial were not the most pleasant to deal with, defaulted the debt quite early and sold to Marbles. Marbles were a pain in the ****, and refused to correspond in regards to the debt. I stopped token payments at this point. Marbles did not contact me at all for the whole year they owned the debt, nor provided any statements (as the account was already defaulted) before selling on to Capquest. Then I had the 'experience' from Capquest merry go round of harassment so I CCA'd capquest as well as writing many formal complaints. also SAR'd both Marbles and Capquest and received numerous 'constructed' documents. It was quite shocking. In response to the CCA request, they were unable to attain a copy of my CCA, and stated they were trying to attain a copy from Marbles (good luck there!!). I finally received a copy of the original app form (moisten and seal) dated in the late 90's. Along with some Marbles T&C's which were never applicable as the account was defaulted long before Marbles purchased the account. Capquest then stated they were 'waiting' for further information from Marbles in reference to the account, although not stating exactly what. For the last 3 years I have heard nothing from Capquest, no statements, nothing further on my CCA request etc. No arrears notices. Nothing. However I have just looked at my CRA and they continue to add quite a bit of interest every month. I thought that a DCA was only allowed to add interest if the T&C's permitted them too - and as they have declined to provide any T&C's relating to when the account was defaulted or anytime before then I do not believe this interest should be added. I know I shouldn't really worry about this, my CRA is trashed anyway for another couple of years but I have concerns that if they manage to take this to court then the balance is wrong by over £3000! I dont feel as though I should contact them (sleeping dogs and that) but at the back of my mind this is wrong and I wonder if I should get the reporting stopped? Any advice? MT
  22. I have a personal loan that I had with Santander for £4200. When I lost my job due to an accident at work I was unable to make the payments. After speaking to them regarding my prombles in paying the loan, they agreed to freeze the interest and accept a payment of £1 per month which I have been paying now for three and a half years. I wrote to them three years ago to advise them of my change of address. I have now received a statement sent to my old address showing that interest is still being added to the account! I now owe £5120 and at the current payment of £1 per month will continue to ac-cur interest. Any information regarding how to deal with this would be appreciated.
  23. hi recently moved back in with my mum and we are thinking of adding my name to the house deeds so things might be a bit easier in the future if one of us was to pass away the property is mortgage free so was just wondering if I need a solicitor to sort it or can I deal with land registry direct? thanks
  24. I received a judgement from the courts saying I owed council tax to Mendip Council. I immediately started paying £30 per week every week to the council via my bank account. Yesterday Equita turned up demanding the full amount PLUS £260 in charges for delivering the letter by hand. I rang the council asking if they would consider asking the bailiffs to back off as I am paying them weekly. The bloke on the phone aknowledged I was paying regularly but said that the debt now belonged to Equita and that once I paid the council all monies I was paying the council were forwarded onto Equita. Given that people are being advised to pay the council direct on here, rather than pay the Bailiffs, what exactly is the situation, as if I am paying the council directly and they are forwarding the money to Equita, it seems very very odd that Equita then have to send that money back to the council. Can someone clear up what happens when I make payments directly to the council, and why, if what the man is saying is true, that money is being sent to Equita when its sole purpose is to clear off the arrears of council tax not pay Equita bailiffs ridiculous amounts of charges.
  25. Hi I've a judgement issued by Northampton Bulk in favour of Robinson Way that I've been gradually clearing. I've noticed on this month's statement from them that my balance has suddenly increased by £72.25. No indication that it's increased or why, just £72.25 more than it should be. Before I contact them is there any reason for them to do this and how do I get them to put it back to where it should be? Cheers
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