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Found 25 results

  1. Builder estimate for renovation work on our house was £7,500. Work included removing window & replacing with patio doors, removing two internal walls, fitting insulated plaster board in bedroom, laying hardwood floor, converting a bedroom into a bathroom, including external pipework. We paid an initial £5000. He took over seven months to do the work, with very long, unexplained absences throughout (the longest was 9 weeks). During the work, we also asked him to fit respatex in the shower, board out the new bathroom with plasterboard (uninsulated), he added coving in the kitchen and supplied underlay for the wooden floor. He has now billed us for the remaining £2,500 of the original estimate and a massive £4260 for the extra work. This seems far too high for the additional work. I have asked for an itemised bill, but think I am being taken for a ride. Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I'm on a DMP with StepChange since 2014 and of the 8 accounts 7 have added a default within the 6 months period, apart from Creation. They have sold this to Lowells and I have written to them to ask for a backdated default to be added. they have refused and said they will update the credit reference agencies with details of any payments made. I'm worried that as all the others will drop off in early 2020 this will continue to be an ongoing nightmare. I'm not sure what to next :/
  3. I defended the case and they had to discontinue the claim, but now they sent me a letter, with all the court fees and interest added on a periodic statement, almost £600 added to debt. Can the buyer of defaulted debt keep on adding fees and interest where the default debt was less than £5,000? Or could it be a ploy to get me to make contact with them (to prevent it from becoming time barred) as I never made contact with them since default some 4 years ago?
  4. this has no connection to any other topic ive done before (and i say this because i know ive confused myself and messed things up previously) i have recently gained this letter and a copy of the fee application, however i havent been given the application they are referencing and was hoping somebody could tell me where this form is. i have emailed them but itll be about a month before i get a response.
  5. Hi, I had a previous bank account (but not old enough to be SB) with HSBC which was overdrawn by a large amount. Negotiations to sort things out with HSBC broke down and I've not heard anything from them for 3 years, and have since moved. I came home yesterday to a claim form (dated 29th August) from MKDP LLP who now appear to own the account. I presume they have traced me, but I have had no prior correspondence from them. The amount claimed is a lot higher than the overdraft was, so will doubtless include countless fees. The particulars of claim are 'The Claimant claims the sum of being monies due from the defendant(s) to under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and assigned to the claimant on . The defendant(s) account number was . It was a term of the bank account that any debit balance would be repayable in full on demand. The defendant(s) has failed to make payment as required by the demand for payment sent by . The claimant claims the sum of and costs. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction'. No other supporting documents are included, which I suspect is because there aren't any - the overdraft was originally agreed back in 2001 entirely over the phone and I never signed anything or was sent any specific terms before having it. I'm think defend is the way forward as I definitely do not owe the figure claimed, but I don't know what the actual figure should be so I can't really claim partial admission since I don't know how much to admit, which leaves full defence as the only option, and if they don't back down, a full & final settlement offer to try and avoid a CCJ being issued. I understand that section 77 requests are not relevant to an overdraft, but do I have any other rights under the CCA to demand supporting documentation for the claim and would I be able to use failure to supply this as a defence as you can with a failed section 77 request? Some advice on the best way to approach this would be appreciated!
  6. Ski giant Mark Warner has hiked the cost of holidays to the snow Mark Warner has a clause which allows it to add up to 10 per cent to the holiday price without having to offer any refunds. Up to £50 per head has been added to pre-booked holidays with the tour operator. The reason for the increase is not clear, but follows many other big names increasing prices due to the fall in the pound after Brexit. One of the company’s customers has learned her £869 per head family holiday to a chalet hotel in Meribel in mid-January will be hit with the surcharge,even though the same holiday is currently advertised for £859 per head for new customers. http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/742249/ski-holiday-brexit-surcharge-mark-warner
  7. Hi all Can an Enforcement company add all there fee's on after the compliance stage (£235 and interest) before they try to enforce? I know it would be irrelevant if they take control of goods just curious if that was allowed. leakie
  8. I bought a flight on Bravofly which is a lastminute.com company. I did not tick a box that added on a cancellation Insurance policy to my order. Only found out on the confirmation page when they had charged me £30 extra. Emailed them and they replied the following. Isn't there a cooling off period for insurance policies regardless of what the policy is?
  9. I'm a secure tenant in a property. I've recently contacted the landlord asking if they will give permission to let me build a conservatory. But they are refusing to give it! They say its because it will cause more expense if they need to do any maintenance however there is nothing to maintain above where it would be as everything is plastic and maintenance free. It states in my tenancy agreement that I can make improvements to the property as long as I get the correct planning permission etc. but I don't need it as its within the alowed limit and the are not allowed to unreasonably withhold consent but they are! Anyone help please!!
  10. Well, generally I am a supporter of sky, BUT alongside the £1 increase in line rental (heck they all are) sky are removing the included calls effectively reducing the worth of the package in addition to raising its cost. Now as if the double whammy there wasn't bad enough they are 'automatically' moving people on to an additionally charged calls package - as that gives the nearest call package to the free included ones you had. How are they notifying folk of this - buried in the detail of what superficially looks like just another rubbish mail shot. and to add further insult to injury, the link in the letter to tell them to get some sage, onion and breadcrumbs and apply ... doesn't work. AND of course the phone line are all blocked up with folk telling them to pull their sphincter over their head and whistle dixie. Surely automatically moving folk onto a charged add-on package is illegal - its certainly immoral. Ah well, positive side is many can use the changes to walk away from your contract with them and take up someone elses. Darned disgraceful.
  11. Asked if I could pay an old vets bill in three stages only to be emailed by DCA who had added another £70 but offered to take off £30 for an unposted letter. They addes £40 for the first letter. I did not think they could do this. Am I wrong?
  12. Don't know if we are allowed to mention names here, but here goes anyway. Interested to know if a letting agent can legally switch energy suppliers on a house up for rent without notifying or seeking authorisation from the Landlord/owner? Discovered that Countrywide 'sold' the contract to E.on, (who incidentally have a whole department dedicated to that company). Countrywide get a fee (although E.on would not say how much this was) and E.on get a new customer (we know how apathetic most people are on changing their suppliers) on any tariff they choose to set. E.on said they took the contract on in good faith (ie. that is on the understanding that the Landlord had agreed). Clearly no checks and balances on E.on's part, but then scruples are always thin on the ground when money is one the table.
  13. The Financial Conduct Authority today announced plans to ban opt-out selling in financial services markets. Opt-out selling is the practice of defaulting consumers into buying a product which they then have to opt out of, for example by using pre-ticked boxes to sell the consumer add-on insurance. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/fca-proposes-an-end-to-opt-out-selling-of-insurance-add-ons FCA to ban pre-ticked 'add-on' insurance sales http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/mar/25/fca-to-ban-pre-ticked-add-on-insurance-sales
  14. Hi there, Is it still possible to claim back excessive mortgage arrears fees that have been added.I plan to SAR,then work out what i have been overcharged by and send letter to claim back. Can i do this??? Cheers
  15. Due to poor health, I had to take time of work, Jan and Feb, now from my wages I make sure I pay my Mortgage, Payment to the Debt arrangement scheme, and Council Tax Now I get weekly tax credits of £81, and around the 15 Feb, I received my bill from scottish Power of £298. Now from my tax credits, and working payments out on Excel, I have budgeted £30 per week to my account for Scottish Power, meaning by 5 May account should be paid in full On the 23 Feb, I emailed Scottish Power about my fiancial difficult, and included the payment plan for the account Now a few days later, I received a email, requesting me to phone them to discuss any payment plan I did this today, after receiving a third reminder this week, with " IF WE HAVE TO COME AND VISIT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED £37" Spoke to one of the Customer Service Advisors, explained my problem, have no suffiecent fund to make full payment as they requested, now she wasnt any help, infact all she was interested in doing , was to ask me if I was interested in a prepayment meter...quite honestly I dont want this Seems my problem is, Im a quarterly payment, and payment is due xxx date, and they cant change anything, as it is all down to the computer, I even asked before hanging up, if they would accept my offer of £30 per week for the next 6 weeks, but no I have even today, emailed Scottish Power for a second time, and expressed my concern, if I dont have the funds to pay of in full, but can at least budget £30 per week to my account, this should be good enough I have also pointed out, I find this very stress full, and because of heart problems, this going and coming dosnt help me, if we cant come to an arrangement, I gues I will have to stick it on to my remaining debts,and up the repayments
  16. So my loan details: Capital Payment: £450 Interest Repayment: £183.12 Transmission Fee: £5.50 Other Charges: £20 Total on promise date: £508.62 Paid: £150 --- Defaulted at £734 Paid so far: £230 Balance: £448 (not correct on CRA) --- The £150 above is what I think I got them to remove from my loan as I wasn't paying it. Should I only be paying £450 + £183.12 interest + £12 default fee in total making my balance £415.12 not £448? I really need to go over my emails with them again. I think I need to ask for a breakdown of charges
  17. I have just renewed my insurance with them 2 weeks ago, and last week they sent me a letter stating that they had not received my signed credit agreement within 14 days and so are charging me £24 for this. The issue is that I did not receive the credit agreement in order for me to sign it! is it worth me ringing them to try to get the charge removed or is there little point?
  18. I financed a car from Peujeot with the Just add fuel offer. It was a car on finance and then 1 years free insurance and road tax and servicing etc. I was financing the car for my sister and confirmed with the salesman that she would qualify for the free insurance. He assure me that she would and I even made 2 further phone calls about this before signing on the dotted line. the car was collected and a certificate given to insure for one month, we then had to send in necessary paperwork for the official insurance policy. It then turned out that in fact my sister did not qualify for the insurance. We had picked this car on the basis that the insurace was included. My sister at the time tried to find out if there was anything we could cdo but didnt get anywhre. Is there nothing that can be done we were completely missold. Now shes in financial difficulty and I feel really angry that she basically had to pay out £800 in a year for the insurance that was sold that it was definately included! any advice would be great thank you Bill
  19. Swinton failed to inform customers that the policies were optional and separate from the core cover Insurer Swinton has been fined £7.4m and has set aside more than £11m to compensate customers after the City regulator found it had mis-sold add-on insurance policies over a two-year period. It is the biggest fine of its kind for an insurer and comes days after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced an investigation into the market in add-ons. The FCA said that between April 2010 and April 2012 Swinton had sold personal accident, home emergency and motor breakdown policies to customers without providing enough information about the terms and conditions or cancellation process. The policies, which made the firm £93m, were sold alongside home and motor insurance, but the FCA said Swinton had not made it clear that they were optional extras and separate from the core cover being bought. The insurer failed to properly monitor sales calls and its aggressive sales strategy meant it failed to treat customers fairly, the FCA said. The problems emerged when a new chief executive, Christophe Bardet, was appointed at Swinton and conducted a review of the business, and the insurer reported itself to the regulator. The firm set aside £11.2m to compensate customers who were victims of mis-selling, and in summer 2012 it contacted more than 650,000 policyholders who it believes may have been affected. So far it has returned £1.9m. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/jul/16/swinton-fined-mis-sold-insurance-add-ons So you mis-sell insurance, make £93m, get caught and fined £7.4m, pay out £1.9m and set aside another £11.2m. That still leaves a cool £72.5m that you otherwise would not have earned if there had been no mis-selling at all. I bet they couldn't pay that fine quick enough.
  20. We have had a reposession order suspended on our flat that we rent out for four months now while sale of the property goes through - we have had to extend the lease in order to sell the property...landlords gave us estimate and on that basis we agreed price with buyer...we have just found out that the actual amount they want is far higher and this puts us into negative equity alongside all the other expenses of the sale... We may have no option but to allow the property to be repossessed if thats the case what are the repercussions financially? Is our obligation to mortgage company satisifed on that basis? Thanks very much GIB
  21. Heya I've bui,t up over time an Apple iWorks (Numbers) spreadsheet which I use to manage: 1) WHo I owe Money to 2) How much I've paid 3) When I've Paid 4) Who I called or who called me and when 5) Who I get letters from or send them to and when It's been invaluable to helping me out. I've caught a few people out with their figures being incorrect, and shockingly enough, I've had compliments from quite a few of DCA's in the past at how organised I am Can an admin/mod/site team member look at it and consider for the templates section? I do realise it's MAC only, but quite a few mac users opt for using Numbers etc... rather than Exsmell OH and the file is attached [ATTACH]43089[/ATTACH] Cheers, Adrian
  22. I have a new claim to the ET which is quite detailed. I require more space than is allowed on the ET1 PDF which submits digitally How does one deal with this?.
  23. I used to know how to do it but have forgotten over time as I haven't had cause to use it. I have tried looking for it on site including Bookworm's excellent post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?107001-quot-How-do-I...-quot-A-Dummies-Guide-to-this-Forum I know it requires the use of "color" within parentheses at the beginning and end of the statement, but I cannot remember what the magic words are. Or perhaps some one could kindly tell me where to find it on the site. Many thanks.
  24. On Friday I received an email from the Lewis Group, claiming to be acting on behalf of Ebay and demanding outstanding fees of £72 . I do owe ebay money, which I am now in a position to pay, but it is nowhere near that amount. I replied, asking how they had arrived at that figure and, as yet, have received no response. However, I contacted ebay and they told me that it is probably a phishing email and to ignore it. They also quoted me the true amount that I owe, considerably lower than the amount the Lewis Group told me. What bothers me is that the email from the Lewis Group appears to be genuine, the link in there to go to the payment screen appears to be the same as the one on their website and they give their office address, also the same as the one on the genuine website. It just bugs me that debt collectors can send emails to people claiming that they owe random amounts of money and I wondered if there was anyone I can report them to.
  25. Hi all, I'm in need of some advice regarding the early termination of my Just Add Fuel agreement with Peugeot. I took the scheme out last August, and at the time knew that a year later there could be the possibility of moving abroad, I was told at the time by the dealer that this wouldn't be a problem and that I was free to give the car back at no extra cost whenever I wanted. I am now going to be moving away for 2 years from August so contacted Peugeot to begin the process of returning the car. The lady on the phone was very positive about it and said I would recieve a letter in a few days. I just recieved the letter however which states that in order to return the car I have to pay £3,380 and that in order to return the car I have to send a cheque with that amount. I feel so angry because I was completely misled at the time of taking the agreement out to think that I wouldn't have to pay anything else (I have already paid a deposit and £217 per month). Had I been aware of this situation at the time I wouldn't have gone through with the agreement and I wondered whether I have any rights to avoid paying this. I don't have that money available but can't leave the car if I am away for 2 years. Has anyone been through this or does anyone have any advice? I'm really worried about it
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