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Found 5 results

  1. Having moved my home phone & broadband recently - without any problems, I thought I would take advantage of the pricing offered - Vodafone - and move my business account to them as well - different address. After making contact they tried at first to say they could not help as my business does not show on their Postcode lookup - yet on Royal Mail PAF it comes up straight away as it does with many others - could it be VF use an out of date system, would have to be years old as have traded from here for the last 10+ years. Eventually overcame the Postcode issues as they input things manually but they now tell me I may have to fork out for a new phone number as the one I have is not recognised. I have suggested they contact my present provider who will tell them otherwise. In this day & age it seems to me as if those connected to the IT industry have the worst values. The bigger the company the worse they are.
  2. Why are people jumping up and down about what he said.. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jan/27/david-cameron-bunch-of-migrants-jibe-pmqs-callous-dehumanising
  3. Bit of an odd one. The wife had a letter today from Barclays: The loan they are referring to is a loan she took out 8 years ago to pay for a new car (in fact the car salesman helpfully arrange the finance package, earning himself a nice fat kickback in the process, but the provide was Barclays). This was before I met her (the good old days), and when we got together I encouraged her to use her savings to get it paid off early, rather than continue to pay high interest rates. So I'm wondering why Barclays are now contacting her offering her money (albeit only a fiver). I'm sure it's not out of the goodness of their hearts. Has there been some recent scandal (like with the misselling of PPI) and they are being forced by a regulator to issue refunds?
  4. Hello, I'm working as a security officer in London from last three years and had some problem with my supervisor rude behaviour so sent a grievance complain to HR and the site manager. Site manager didn't do anything to investigate this and said that i don't have any witness and no one formally complained about him so can cannot investigate further but he did not speak to anyone on site if there is any truth of his rudeness and behaviour with other people on site. 8 out of 11 people have problem from his attitude and don't talk to him because he is grass the people and tell so many lies to manager about other people but on other hand he can't even do spellings when write reports. Today I was called in the head office to speak about my matter with HR and the contract manager. They confirmed that I will not be on his shift from next week. Today i presented my contact manager & HR a collective petition signed and dated by other people on site and he got furious and told me if the client knows about it i will be removed from site straight way..... it was sort of the threatening and shocking to me when he reacted on my petition. Just wondering if i get removed from the site where do i stand ? is there any law which says i cannot signed petition etc ... what laws i can follow in worst case scenario. Thanks
  5. In august 2012 i was summond for one of the famouse atos medical examinations to see if i still qualify for the new improved version of incapacity benefit the second in twelve months i might add, I turn up at the atos so called medical centre in portsmouth early and struggling to walk and in i go into the lions den and im interviewed by yet another so called doctor...(doctor of what is my worrying question at which point he got very angry) anyway after an hour and a quater this [edit] tells me thankk you for your time and my so called medical is now finished and i can now leave and he will email his findings that afternoon and ill hear within a few days what is the decision, well on 22nd of september they send me a letter telling me that contrary to some very eminent surgeons that there is nothing wrong with me and that im now in the view of ATOS and the DWPs decision maker im fit and will no longer be entitled to benefits, im now thinking what just happend...did I.Qs just drop 200 points??, i have had a total knee replacement at 49 years old also 12 major operations on my right arm to try to save my joints also and painfull injections into my lower spine to try to limit the amount of pain from the advanced austeo arthritis in it which by the way did not work and so its extreamly painfull to sit,lie down and stand both were shown proof of the surgeries i have had and i informed both the so called ATOS [edit] and DWP that i have an appointment for major surgery on the 30th of october to my right wrist and the procedure is called a drujj wrist replacement due to advanced degenerative austeo arthritis also that i have a heart condition called EHD i also took along the carrier bage of drugs that i take on a daily basis just so that i can funtion albeit slowley the ATOS [edit] paid absolutly no attention to my answers to his questions and if a resting of the hands on my knees is a medical then he must have thought that he was jesus or possibly that at the very least he had THE POWER TO HEAL!! What a [problem] this government and its cronies have created!!!..... It seems that the decision makers having no medical qualifications can decide who is fit for work and a [edit] with some very questionable qualifications can judge a person having ABSOLUTLY NO PRIOR KNOWLAGE OF A PERSON AND THERE MEDICAL CONDITIONS CAN AND WILL DETROY A PERSONS SANITY, my point is this what happens when these [edit] working for a company built on so much corporate greed are supposed to be qualified doctors take the hypocratic oath which opens and says FIRST DO NO HARM!! JUST FOR THE [edit]S WORKING FOR ATOS IVE WRITTEN THIS IN CAPS, and as for the so called decision makers just what parts of the english written language dont they understand??? are words like DEGENERATIVE, TERMINAL, AND NOT LIKLY TO EVER GET BETTER are these very long words too hard for them to understand or do they not understand medications such as oromorph (morphine in a sugar solution) co-codamol 30/500s perscription strength (only available on and by a doctors perscription) and other rather powerfull drugs that are controlled substances, if you dont understand the responsibility placed on you as a medical professional when you take the oath as a doctor and then you work for [edit] lik ATOS and and as a decision maker you have the RESPONSIBILITY to read digest and fully understand a claiments medical condition and the medications that they are on and the EFFECT that medication DOES HAVE ON A person AND THEN ACT RSPONSIBILY.... YES RESPONSIBLY because if you dont ultimatly the decision you make has a devistating effect on people and families...ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE BEFORE TURNS VERY NASTY you cant continue to crucify the week just because you can!!. this government and there money grabbing corporate friends are all about lining there own pockets and as long as the back pocket gets serviced what do the lower earners and classes matter?? and the short and the long of it is WE DONT MATTER as long as the corporate machine is getting its wheels well oiled!!!
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