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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys, On the 12th of september I had just had a mis-carriage and been discharged from hospital. I also had a flight that evening at 9pm to a family wedding in spain. I rushed to primark to gather last minute things; whilst grabbing clothes i was struggling to hold all my shopping and couldn't see any shopping bags near me so i places a PJ set and a bra into my actual handbag. Through the stress and rush I went to the cashier and paid for everything in my hand which was (£40+) and did not pay for the two items in my handbag - which is a huge oversight on my half (but i was very stressed and under a time deadline.) I was approached by security staff who told me i had not paid for items in my bag which i instantly gasped at and offered to pay. However, at this point I can not recall if I had technically left the store as I do feel as if the security had approached me just by the exit. I was very cooperative as I was trying to catch my flight - however one of the security officers was making me feel very uncomfortable telling me how pretty i look and asking me loads of personal questions (which i refused to reply to as I did not see the relevance to the issue at hand.) He then began getting rather rude with me and I asked to see the cctv footage to see if i had actually left the store without paying. They refused to show me the cctv and threatened with police. Which on a normal day I would fight but I had a flight to catch and just wanted the day to be over. I have now received the infamous letter from RLP asking for £150.00!! Just wanted to know what steps I could take forward? Do I send an appeal? I actually am moving to NYC and dont want debt collectors coming to my family home whilst away. Thank you!
  2. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  3. Hello I have seen on the site some threads regarding the reclaiming of premiums paid to stonebridge insurance for Barclaycard Accident death cover. As some of the threads seem very similar to my own experience with these two companies I was wandering whether there was any updates available. In my case this goes back to May 2002 when I saw a payment on my credit card statement for £8.59 accident death cvr. As I had no knowledge of this I contacted the number next to the payment stonebridge insurance and asked what this was for and was told that all barclaycard holders had this applied in case of death. Recently I have phoned Stonebridge insurance and said I would like to cancel the policy, but was told that I could not do this as I was not the policy holder and that my wife was now the policy holder. I then phoned barclaycard and told them not to pay this anymore. I have now contacted Barclaycard to tell them that i want to make an official complaint and awaiting some forms to fill. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences this. Thanks
  4. Good morning folks, I'm getting in touch on behalf of my partner. She signed up to Simply Gym back in August, who use Harlands as their money collector She's just received an email this morning stating that she is £97.98 in arrears because a direct debit was cancelled and the last two payments of £25 have not been going through. They also state that if the debt isn't paid by 14th November a debt of £313.89 (yes, £313.89!) will be passed on the a Debt Recovery Company. They stated that they've been sending letters up until this point, but we haven't received anything prior to this. Upon checking, it seems that the direct debit to Harlands was cancelled accidently back in September, and not because she wanted to cancel the membership. We haven't used the gym during this time, anyway, so it's not like she's been using the facilities for free. Is there any way she can just make the two missed payments for the service, and avoid paying all these ridiculous extra charges (£313.89.. , as there was no foul play here, it was a genuine mistake that the DD was cancelled. Kind regards
  5. I was shopping with my husband a few days ago. We spend almost £100 in a shop. Took it out to the car (no alarms sounded when we left the shop) and then my husband returned the trolley to the store. He had to go back in through the entrance to do this (again no alarms sounded) As he went to leave (through the entrance) the alarm went off. Thinking it was because he was leaving through the wrong door he went to the exit. As he did so he got the car key out of his pocket to put the trolley token back in the key ring he realised that there was a pack of hook and eyes costing £1.89 in his pocket. He doesn't remember, but thinks he was holding them when I asked him to lift something heavy into the trolley so must have just done it while he was distracted. At this point the exit alarm also went off. He went over to the till and attempted to pay for the item. The store manager then approached and told the checkout staff that he couldn't pay for the item as he'd attempted to remove it and asked my husband to accompany him to the office. Security was also called. My husband did as asked without causing an issue. He was told that the store policy is to prosecute in 100% of cases involving theft and the police were called. The shop took all of my husband's details. In the meantime, he was told that even if the police did not pursue the case the store would launch a civil prosecution and it would go on his record and he would have to pay a fine/compensation & all associated legal costs. The police arrived quite quickly. Asked him and the store manager what had happened and then told my husband there would be no criminal case as there was no intent to permenantly deprive the store of the item, and said if the store had no more need of him he could leave and they would wait 5 minutes before they would leave to save him from any further embarrassment. We have not yet heard back from the store but then this only happened 2 days ago. This has left us both very shaken. We have little income (both self employed and as the business is only 3 years old we are not currently taking a salary) so a fine of any amount will be pretty devastating for us and leave us in financial difficulty. It's also highly embarrassing to have to deal with this and could have an impact on our business if any of our customers or potential customers saw what happened (we were in a distinctive branded vehicle so anyone seeing us leave could identify us). It was a genuine mistake which he tried to rectify! To me this doesn't seem to be a crime but I'm not sure where he stands as he did leave the shop before returning and realising his mistake. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  6. Hello, I am an apprentice who has accidently told someone unintentionally something I saw on something I was given to photocopy confidentially by a line manager. The nature of the document is something that will most likely be available to colleagues in about a months time. With it spilling out, I then had to see the boss to get a 'slap on wrist' warning, where I openly apologised and said it wouldn't happen again as I realised my error. I was then told that there would be a fresh start. But now a few days later they have decided to make a formal investigation out of it, so I have been suspended until I am told when to return which I don't know when. I am after some advice or encouragement so I don't mess things further.
  7. APologies for a long post but I have actually tried to keep this brief! In March last year, we had a leak reported in our roof, despite instructing the agency to repair, it took a complaint to the director and several months until it was fixed (in July). At the end of October, we had a leak reported in exactly the same place, the agency called back the contractor who said the work was fine and he could see no problem. We were left to ask agent to find another contractor - it took a while for them to come out and do the repair - at one point I even phone the agency who told me the work had been done and the tenant had told them how happy they were - this was simply not true, when they did it didn't work and we were left weeks waiting for them to come back, they never did, despite repeat assurance from the agency that he was coming. (we refused to pay for this work). Despite chasing the agency regularly and even sending photos of the damage that was getting worse there was no urgency on their part - they even sent us an email to say they had emailed 3 contractors ... no urgency despite the weather being terrible and the damage getting worse. Eventually at the turn of the year we had to step in despite being 300 miles away and get the repair done ourselves. The problem was the ageing of the brick work so that when consistent rain, the chimney could only absorb so much and then began leaking through. There was no sign of any other leak either internally or externally - yet due to the time taken by the agency to fix the original repair ie not until summer, we could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the original repair was not uo to standard. So we are left with costs, damage, an unhappy tenant at being messed around by the agency. On a separate note, when it became legal requirement to have carbon monoxide alarms, they emailed to say they would be fitted when they came into stock - by January they had still not dealt with this and again we had to take action ourselves to rectify this. Our agent had left us in breach of the law and also potentially put our tenant at risk. We gave notice of repudiatory breach of contract as we were now having to manage the property our selves, they had failed in their duty of care in numerous ways and neither us nor the tenant simply trust them to manage the property anymore. They however of course have disputed this and stated that they expect the management fee to be paid until the end of the tenancy - ie we would have to evict our tenant. I'm concerned as to the best way to go forward - the property ombudsman is incredibly slow and in past experience tend to side with the agents. I am considering the county court route but am then concerned that if they dispute this I will then have to incur serious legal costs to get this through with the potential cost of losing. I don't want to just stop paying them the fee and then risk a CCJ against my name either. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of matter or can advise on the best options?
  8. Hello all I bought a MacBook Air last summer and bought the extended warranty, which gives me 3 years cover. I had a problem with the screen a few weeks ago contacted Apple to get it repaired. At first I took it into the local Apple authorised reseller and when the technician saw it he advised me to contact Apple directly because if he sent pictures of problem to Apple they would automatically rule that it was due to accidental damage and therefore refuse to repair it under the warranty. I contacted Apple, explained the situation in great detail and the machine was collected by their agent to be repaired. After several phone calls back and forth, Apple are claiming that the problem is as a result of accidental damage and are still refusing to cover the repair. I do not believe this is fair and would like to know if anyone can see a way forward for me please. Yes, the computer is covered by our home contents insurance but I don't see why I should claim the £500+ it will cost for a replacement screen when there is nothing I have done that could have caused the damage. How exactly is "accidental damage" legally defined and upon whom lies the burden of proof? The full details follow, it gets a little long I'm afraid, but the details of this case are very important. What happened is that I closed the laptop one afternoon, left the house, returned a few hours later, opened the laptop again and the screen was distorted. I live with my partner, we were both out of the house together, there was nobody else in the house and therefore it is impossible that anyone used or tampered with the computer in my absence. There was no visible damage to the glass screen, but the display looked as though someone had shot a bullet through it - there was a black roundish mark about the size of a 5p and from that black mark were several horizontal lines. In my discussions with Apple before the computer was sent off for repair they asked if there had been any impact to the screen or if anything had been on top of the keyboard when the laptop was closed. I said no, explained that I am extremely careful with the laptop and would never dream of closing a lightweight, delicate glass screen whilst anything was sitting between it and the keyboard! I didn't say this to them, but I'm not 12, I understand the value of money and I'm not likely to be slapdash with something that cost £1,300! After the computer was sent for repair, the technicians called me to tell me there was in fact a crack in the screen behind/near (I can't remember which) the camera which is housed in the frame of the laptop screen. This of course was not visible until they dismantled the screen for examination. They claim that this sort of problem is "always" (their word) caused by accidental damage and therefore would not be covered by the warranty. I know for a fact that NOTHING has hit, struck, dented, knocked or in any other way caused impact to the screen. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that absolutely nobody had access to that machine while I was out of the house that afternoon. I'd been using it on my lap whilst sitting up in bed and when I went out I placed the laptop on top of the duvet. It didn't fall or slip. The only pressure of any kind that can have been inflicted upon the screen is the pressure between my thumb and fingers as I grasp it to open the laptop; the laptop opens easily and smoothly so no particular pressure is required. I don't carry the laptop out and about. I have been very ill over the last year and leave the house about once a week on average, and even then I've taken as little with me as possible, I certainly haven't been stuffing a laptop into my bag! It sits at home. It has been gently treated and I really cannot begin how to imagine how the damage was incurred. I'm not a technician so I think it's probably pointless for me to speculate, but the only possible thing I can think of is what I mentioned above about opening the laptop. If that is indeed the cause then I think it really should be considered a manufacturing error because opening a laptop is, in my opinion, a perfectly natural part of its operation. Really sorry this is such a long post but I thought the details were relevant. If anyone has any feedback on this I'd be very grateful to hear from you. If I have to accept their decision then so be it, but I think this is a totally unacceptable situation. ETA: I'm so sorry, should have realised that this is a very important detail - I bought the laptop in June last year, so just over a year ago.
  9. Hi guys New to the forum - so please go easy on me Anyways - Having worked in retail for many years, I know a fair bit about shoplifting. Have seen it all - mostly videos by the shop security teams - and being committed by people with my own eyes. Anyways, a few days ago I was in the Manchester branch or T K Maxx. I was downstairs and was trying several pairs of shoes on. Long story short - I put the wrong pair of shoes back on the rack, i.e - the ones I walked in wearing - which I also purchased in the same shop, several months earlier. I had been interrupted by a phone call and was not paying attention when I made the mistake. I left the store and was stopped by a member of the store security who hauled me into their office and after verifying several of my details was told I would be hearing from their representatives through the post. Now the thing is this - througout my life I have always suffered with memory problems. When I was at school, it was bought to my parents attention that I may have Dysprxia. All of my symptoms (poor hand-eye co-ordination, attention span, memory issues, retaining information) pointed to the fact that I may have this disability. Against my better judgement, and the fact that I was too proud, I never sought to have it verified by a specialist, although several of my jobs have come to an end as a result of one of the aforementioned problems - jobs at Barclaycard and Ofsted - due to me not being able to concentrate and retain information due to my mind wandering. I have also missed appointments - leading me to being sanctioned on one occassion, again, due to my poor memory. So, even though it was an honest mistake - is there not anyway I can appeal my case? If the shoes had been tagged for a start, surely this would have helped - if the alarm had gone off at the door, then I wouldn't have left the store, and I could have sorted it out - yet been deeply embarrased! Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
  10. Ahh where do I start its not me its hubby. Hes lived in work recently done 60-70hours a week, wage budgets been cut, hes been busy and under lot pressure. month ago he had rather embaressing incident in work. his trousers split when he was in his office. He works for retailer so asked member of staff to fetch something in his size as he couldent leave the office. His company provides tops but employees expected to purchse their own bottoms. he fully intended to pay for the bottoms but got caught up in day and forgot. If he had been reminded he would have paid intention was not there. hes amazing employment record no history. hes in high ranking position area responsability. hes senior manger who up until this week was golden boy. Hes turned store around hes was brought into trouble shoot so he has ****ed off few staff I dare say. Someones reported hi as he had 2ays off and area manager was there. They then had chat in office in private between them. where he was quizzed. he admitted he took trousers and intended to pay but dident he was very sorry would pay for them there and then, The manager then said they had cctv footage of him wearing the trousers. They been through his purchase history and can find no record of payment they said that after he admitted he tecnnically did steal but there was no intent to steal But basically he has acidentally stolen the work trousers. hes been given letter hes suspended on full pay pending further investigation, But seems to me like that they done all investigation. ie member of staff who reported it cct footage head ofice checking his purchases interveiw between him and area manager next guess would be he intereviw other staff in store ad get wtness statemnets what other investigaton can there be? his line manager said don;t do anything too hasty/stupid it may go disiplinary or maybe be come back to work. But hes not disputing he took them hes disputing the intent. hes convinced will go disiplinary gross misconduct theft he reckons be end next week-hubby that is. as they have to write to him then give him 48hours notice. payday next week so he reckons they do it by then as he reckons it wont drag on. hes shown remorse over genuine mistake which now ruin his career. he had phone confiscated told collect few things, contact no staff and escorted off premises. he came back so upset said what you doing home early. he showed me letter. hes in bits its the not knowing. hes been with company year half so less 2years so think they can just fire him without appeal. the appeak wll go to hr and another area manager who doesnt know him. hes conviced he get fired. ok questions are what mitigataing circumstances can he make will it make a diffrence.. in his old company something siilar happened with another manger he knew and he claimed stress and got final written not sack. is he better off quitting tahn being sacked? dont think he can claim jsa if quit. its the not knowing we cant claim any benefits as hes still employed. hes updated cv applied for some jobs but could take months also looked into agency work hes worried sick really worried about him. any advice greatfully received, even if by some miracle he stays he then has bit longer to look as cant see how he stay in comony now as their be breech trust and damage to his reputation. feel so upset and sick myself.
  11. Hey CAG, I usually have my morning break at 9.00am in the morning and I go to Boots. Today at 9.02 whilst we were close to leaving the building, a test fire alarm went off and me and a friend went out the fire exits like we should but when we was about half-way down the fire exit, the alarms de-activated so we instantly assumed that it was a false alarm again or it was accidentally triggered because they've been doing maintenance on the alarms all week and sometimes the alarms like to trigger and we got told to not evacuate. We left the fire exit and there was nobody at the fire point at all so we assumed nobody left the building and we proceeded to Boots. Upon getting back to the store, all of the employees were outside and the alarm had been re-activated whilst we was in Boots so we were unaware. I have been given a disciplinary for not following the fire safety procedures. What should I do about this? The alarm shouldn't of went off immediately after it was activated. I've spoke to some members of staff who agree that when it happened they hesitated whether to leave which could be the seconds between life and death. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. 4 keys on my laptop have stopped working - now , my techie friend's guess is some form of spillage has caused it. It is under warranty for accidental damage . I informed tech support and they said ask my kids if anyone was responsible - but does it matter if it was my kids, the cat, next door neighbour??? -it's accidental damage. Tech support said "so you're not sure" (even so will anyone admit to it?- and is that relevant???). Tech support themselves have offered no solution/reason as to why 4 keys have stopped working. ...er how about ....accidental damage (Techie friend has tried to clean keys but no success) Tech support pass on to claims company but the tech guy was saying " See problem is you're not sure it is accidental damage" -Sorry for been a dozo as i have never used an accidental damage claim before and how they exactly work but i don't see why any of this is relevant -they should replace keyboard asap surely?
  13. Hello. I am new to this site, so please bear with me! I have claimed on my insurance for my television, which was damaged by my son. When I took out the insurance I listed my television as a specified item, as I paid £1,200 for it when I bought it, as it was above the value that they covered individual items for. When my insurance came through, it was listed as being insured for just over £2,000. However I have been told that it is not the monetry value I paid for it when I bought it that counts, but that I will get a like for like replacement. They state that they can give me a replacement television but that the value of this is £386, my excess is £350, so in effect I will be getting £36. I am annoyed, as I specifically insured the television for that which I paid for it - and I will have been paying more to do this. My policy states that they will give me an equivalent replacement - it does not say anything about the specification - which is what they are saying equates to an equivalent. I have tried to argue that an equivalent replacement should be equivalent to what I originally paid for it? Am I wasting my time? If they will only replace it for a television they say costs £386 then I see no point in claiming. I would appreciate any help.
  14. I own a flat which is tenanted. My tenant contacted me four days ago to say there was water dripping through the lounge ceiling. He had contacted the management agents three times during that day and they only contacted maintenance people at the end of the day. I contacted the landlord of the flat saying that would really appreciate his intervention especially as the obvious remedy was to turn off the water at source! Basically the apathy of the landlord, incompetence of managing agents, unavailability of maintenance has led to this problem continuing depsite daily phone calls, emails to try and get this sorted. the problem getting progressively worse. Finally tis morning a plumber turned up at my flat looked at the ceiling and said - "Looks like the bath!” and there were we thinking it must be the TV! Anyway - currently there is water staining on the ceiling and te potential for theceiling to collapse - does anyone have opinion on who is culpable for repair/decoration? I shoudl say that last year another leak led to another portion of our ceiling collapsing leaving me with (uninsurable) relocation costs for my then tenants who I could not see stay there while repairs took place and insurance excess etc etc. all in all that cost me a fortune I dont see why I should have to take all the pain/workload for something that is wholly originated by the flat upstairs. the landlord upstairs obviously couldnt care less. The flat upstiars is currently untenanted btw. Thanks in advance GIB
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