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Found 9 results

  1. As a landlord I am continuously surprised at what tenants will allow them selves to be conned into, this tale hurts my sense of fair play to tenants and I hope you guys can help. My friend is the 4th tenant T4, in a shared flat above a shop in south London (shop also owned by LL). It seems to be on individual contracts. The LL assigned my friend T4 with the responsibility of paying the metered supply water bill to the water company (lets call them WC as I am not sure who they are as yet). She calls WC and they arrange 1/4ly DD of £300. Although they did not change the name on the bill it remains the name of the previous tenant even though now T4 is paying the DD and collecting the other shared contributions from the T1, T2, and T3 At some point it is discovered that the shop below, with a loo and a kitchen, are on the same meter, and that the WC has them on a commercial rate. T4 asked the WC to come and see what was up and they confirmed single meter, commercial rent, and that meter had not been read correctly since june2018 and they in fact owe 2K in back charges. So T4 and her pals have been paying the water for the shop since June last year, the LL knew this but did not tell T4 or her buddies. They have spoken to resolver who have said because the water comes in via the shop, then they must pay commercial rates - its about twice what a normal water bill should be - now I think resolver probably cannot think outside the box here... Anyway what to do? I am tempted to advise T4 to just stop paying and give the WC the LL name and address as the bill payer. I feel like LL has committed a fraud by a) not telling them they were paying for the shop, and b) not paying to have a 2nd supply added to the flat. T4 is moving out at the end of April 19 and wants to try and resolve it so that she does not have to pay these ridiculous water charges. WC seem ambivalent, (as you would expect, they are making the dough right now) LL said tough **** sort it out with shop below. T's 1-3 are spineless and my friend T4 is trying to sort it out. Any advice?
  2. For the second time this year there has been a leak from the flat above me, first time was not much damage and was stopped fairly quickly Today the damage was more extensive, lucky no plaster work damage but it has stained the ceiling in my bedroom from window to almost the ceiling light fitting and from the wall opposite my bed to the light fitting as well, plus a small amount of decorative damage in the kitchen. I wasn't offered any help to dry out my bedroom, window been open all day and heating on, it still smells damp and musty And no help to repair the paintwork on the ceiling, none offered either for the first leak either. Do the HA have a responsibility to repair the damage at all please?
  3. Myself and my wife moved into a 55 age group housing association flat around four years ago. It's been bliss for the four years, now the housing association has moved in a new tenant above us, he's a 58 year old Heavy Metal fanatic, our worst nightmare! As expected the noise has started to get worse, especially since the tenant purchased a boom box and a sound bar sound system, the noise isn't particularly loud but there is a constant boom boom noise which gets to you after a while. We went to see the tenant and asked him very nicely if he could turn the volume down because the noise is booming in our living room. The person got very angry and said that the housing association informed him that he could play his music whenever he wants and at what volume he wants. The housing officer is calling to see both of us tomorrow, but I dont hold my hopes up because this tenant is so selfish and inconsiderate. What makes matters worse is that my wife suffers with high blood pressure and has had a few strokes, she's been crying for the last two days because of the fear that our home has been ruined by the selfish actions of this tenant. If in the event that the housing association fails to do anything would they be responsible for arranging a transfer for us under the duty of care? I know this is a drastic way to resolve the problem, but I can see nothing but trouble by staying at this tenancy.
  4. So, I've noticed my black glass table has been covered in white flakes or whatever, Anyway, I'm hardly in the flat at the moment because I'm in the process of moving in. Anyway I've came to the conclusion that the up stairs flat must be jumping that hard on the floor it's caused damage to my ceiling... I've got some pictures for anyone who might be able to offer advice, I have a good mind to go to the council office on Monday. Clearly just using the place as a party flat or something. Thanks
  5. My unenforceable journey is coming to the end! At last I have been to County Court to fight ccjs and high Court to fight HCE Bailiffs and only lost once on an un- regulated loan I have been checking through all of my creditors and dca accounts Most are now statute barred or coming up to being statute barred in the next couple of months Most of the dca do not know my current address. I am considering writing to each one in turn once I consider that it is SB notifying my current address so that they can't sneak in and get a ccj at my old address and informing them that the account is statute barred What does the team think about me doing this? Only me again
  6. Hi everyone, I have a contract of 16 hours per week. My average hours worked comes to just over 30 each week. I have always done about this since I started working there 3 years ago. Do I have any rights as to getting my contract hours upped, or do I just have to settle for what I am currently doing? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  7. It is not often that you come across a crime the nobody will investigate. But I have 1 for you. Business Insurance fraud. While individuals can be arrested for false Insurance claims of a few hundred, Insurance company’s & the representatives can do & say anything they want without recourse. 2 examples: I had an Nissan X-Trail that someone used instead of their brakes. It was written off. The insurer’s first offer to was £3,123. Then £4,000 eventually an agreed settlement of £6,421. More than twice the original. An X-Trail is not a difficult car to value so how can insurers or their representatives make such low ball offers? The second is that our home was seriously damaged due to vehicular impact. The insurer & their representatives have been a nightmare. Initially they said there was no damage, then it could be fixed for £200 …. £10,000 …. £40,000 … £140,000 … £200,000+. In this instance the insurer or their representatives undervalued a claim by over £200,000 or more than 1000 times. Individuals can be arrested for dodgy insurance claims of a few hundred pounds. But who is there to protect the consumer? The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (there to promote consumer protection & reduction of financial crime) created the Financial Services Authority (FSA) now the FCA as a regulator and the FOS, however neither will investigate an allegation of Business fraud. The FCA told me to seek legal advice. The FOS advertises that it investigates Fraud but in 14 years has NEVER investigated a Business for fraud or deception. For those unaware, the FOS chairman is the Chairman of Aviva, I guess impartiality cannot be expected. I contacted the Police, to find out that the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) is funded by the Association of British Insurers at a cost of £9,000,000. Action Fraud is run by the City of London Police. Clearly they will not bite of the hand that feeds them. The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has been set up by Insurers to protect themselves. It would seem that the Insurance industry has this well & truly sewn up. The only option open to the private individual is to take legal action at their own cost, as advised by the FCA. UK consumer protection at its best.
  8. Background: I live in flat in house where ground & top floor are separated. Both flats are rented by same owner. Problem happens about year ago. My neighbour had a faulty waste pipe and because of the leak celling in my flat collapse. My landlord sort that and said that from now on every think should to by fine. After few months celling start having a leak water marks with I straight away report to owner. After his visit he told that is a not a big leak and if that will grow up I should let him know. Problem: About a month ago I left the laptop on the table but my 3 years old son move this on a place where over night peace of celling collapse again and damage my laptop. I try to deal with this because I read damage should to be cover by owner of the flat above but he is saying that I should have a Contents insurance. I didn't have one of this and now I'm stuck. I read that even I will have a Contents it still should to be cover by owner of the flat above because it was only his fault. Today he send me text where is saying that if I knew about possibility of leak I shouldn't left it my laptop there. (leak was nearly of the middle of the room) Any advice much appreciated.
  9. If other agencies I pay bills to acted like SCC they would be seen as bullies and reported to the FSA. I have today recieved a summons from SCC for the privilege of paying them £150 in April and £150 in May, but as I didn't pay on the day they want it as I pay when I have the money, they issued me a summons and added £48 costs. Year after year I pay in full before the next years bill is due, but that seems to make no difference in how I am treated. I wanted to turn up at court as you would in this situation with any other agency and asked where my papers were to send in a defence. There was no Claim Form or particulars of claim. They really didn't want me to turn up at court, despite saying this was what I wanted to do. They make Dick Turpin look like a pussycat. If I haven't been served with the Claim Form and the Particulars of Claim then they have not effected service on me I am told. I have to write and appeal to have the 'Authority costs' of £45 and 'court costs' of £3 removed. Surely these charges cannot ligitimately be demanded? I am incensed by this action and the fact that they can get away with this and there is no agency that they have to answer to.
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