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Found 4 results

  1. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/civil-enforcement-ltd-in-criminal-case.html Civil Enforcement Ltd in Criminal case in Aberdeen Book your front row seat and popcorn for: Aberdeen Sheriff Court Wednesday 4th March 2015 Criminal #17 Civil Enforcement Ltd SCS/2015-025464 AB14012607 Court 1A Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) is being prosecuted for: One count of operating a fraudulent scheme and 11 counts under the consumer contract regulations. This is an initial hearing which CEL are unlikely to attend. However the Procurator Fiscal has indicated that if they do not attend, warrants will be issued for the arrest and detention of directors so that they can be brought before the court. Prankster Note It might well be hard to find an actual director of CEL, what with a dormant shell company and a South African hired name as apparent straw man. The Prankster suggests getting in touch with Ashley Cohen and Gary Wayne to see if they know of the real people in charge. They don't muck about in Scotland! CEL have been abusing the English court system for years, and despite numerous complaints have been getting away with it. They dipped a toe over the border and now are well and truly in the system. Happy Parking The Parking Prankster
  2. I rented a property in Aberdeen via Northwood Aberdeen and I want to share my experiences of when I left the property. I am not looking for any legal advice because I accepted the amount they kept even though it was totally unjustifiable and perhaps i was a little impatient but hey ho! I needed the money and they dragged it on for a whole month right until the end of the deadline from deposit protection. when I handed in my notice a full 2 months in advance (as per contract) they try keeping extra months rent (by saying I have to give notice from same date i moved in of current month) apparently they try this with other tenants as i read on a review site called allagents. is this even legal i mean 2 month notice means 2 month notice why does it have to be same date you moved in?. I eventually got a call when i disputed this and was told landlord said he wont charge (trying to pull a fast one i think, most certainly they would have pocketed this extra rent) Another way of conning ex tenant extra months rent despite given 2months to find another then of course they will get new tenant in by then. It didn't end there they always get you on minor things it's like they have a rule they have to get something out of you regardless. ..I was given a lengthy list of defects in the flat despite having a review and letters/emails saying thanks for keeping flat immaculate on regular inspections. I contested every last point some which were easier than others as had noted them in itinerary or emails. eventually they would just not listen and claimed on such a minor minor issue that it was laughable and of course they charged £40+ as part of the admin fee on top for arranging the work on such a minor issue (apparently) which i do not believe they would even carry out. I disagreed but as they dragged it on so much I simply agreed eventually to letting them keep a small amount just to get my deposit back (or most of it). I do not understand as I have heard from other people as well that they just like to keep something, maybe it pays for the staff coffee (I do not know) but this is totally unfair and was wondering if people could share there experiences on here. oh and they also troll the web and some how manage to remove bad comments about them on yell and other review sites so no doubt this one will also be hijacked by there fake accounts and removed. My dealings with them suggest they are dishonest when it comes to handling other peoples money, I feel for the landlords as during my tenancy on at least one occasion they sent out cow boy workmen who they referred to as "engineers" to fix a simple shower hose, they broke the rest of shower in process and when I informed them it took them a few weeks to put a new one as apparently they had to get permission of the landlord and no doubt put it on his bill. the issue here was not about the money, it was the principle and even though initially I was going to contest it all the way as I believe I had enough proof and photographs in the end the brain dead email replies I was getting just showed the letting manager had no intellect and I just gave in.
  3. Hi i am in debt to aberdeen city council for non payment of rent because we just could not afford it. We also got hit with about a thousand pounds of overpaid rent and council tax because they lost a leeter we handed in a year ago about my earnings.They already take ten pounds off our benefits to pay that arrears but we just went in and tried to make an agreement to try and payoff arrears but the court person we talked to said its still getting logged in court because after we pay our rent, which is now an extra ten pound because they are taking 10 off our benefits which we then have to make up again whatis left of what we said we can afford to pay is only about a pound odd, but they will not accept anything less than five pounds a week before they make an agreement. Can they do that or are they stopping us from paying things off just to get more money. Please help.
  4. Hi, Filled up with diesel from Morrisons in Aberdeen on 19th October and engine would not start following morning (it started for a couple of seconds then died). Has anyone else had a similar issue as I have seen similar problems previously? (Garage checked battery was ok and fuel filter was just replaced last week and receipt does say diesel!) TIA.
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