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  1. Hello all In the Autumn of 2017 I moved into a new property. Both Gas and Electricity were provided by Npower on a PostPay meter. I immediately contacted them to advise them who I was and they set up new accounts for the property in my name. I then went to a comparison website and ended up switching both fuels to Iresa. Npower did not object to the Gas being switched but did initially object to the Electricity being switched. I contacted Npower who said that they no longer objected and Iresa should apply for the transfer. I subsequently received final bills from Npower which I promptly paid and closure of the accounts and commenced paying Iresa by monthly Direct Debit. I continued to receive bills for Electricity from Npower, some were issued and cancelled and they appeared to have some confusion, then re-issued with different amounts. I ignored the lot. However, it got to the point where Npower were threatening action including adverse credit reports. I wrote a letter of complaint and this was duly investigated, if that is the right word. Npower claimed that Iresa had not requested that the electricity be switched over the second time and that I was still liable for it. To complicate matters Iresa has gone bust and the new supplier is busy absorbing the accounts into their own operation. I believe having contracted with Iresa, paid my final bill with Npower and been notified of account closure by Npower that I owe them nothing. This is currently out with Face2Face, their field agents which is likely the last debt collection action before an application for Disconnection (or a prepay meter) is made. Anybody got any advice? Thanks in advance for reading and contributing.
  2. I came to return my brother's car and parked on the suspended bus stop which had been closed due to Gasworks mains replacement. Below is my letter to Newham, I have appeal on 18th Jan 2019 and need some guidance. The PCN ….. was issued while the vehicle was parked on the Bus Stop on Plashet Road. Plashet Road was closed due to Mains Replacement work on Green Street. Stukeley Road had notices stating that it was closed from 28th July to 5th October. The works overran the above schedule and I wasn’t aware of its completion until after I was informed about PCN. My brother was replacing carpet at his home and had borrowed by Toyota Previa to dispose off old carpet at the tip in Jenkins Lane. I came on Sunday to replace the car, I parked his little Swift and drove off with my Previa. Later my brother found the above-mentioned PCN on his car and sent me a message. I accept parking his Swift on the bus stop as the bus stop was suspended since the start of the work, all buses were being diverted via Stukeley Road. Had the notices stated the correct date and if the notices were removed after the completion of the works I would have realised the bus stop suspension was removed and not parked the Swift where I did. I will appreciate if you will revoke this penalty as I didn’t park the Swift to cause any obstruction and nor was it intentional. I hope to hear from you very soon.
  3. I found out yesterday that RBS have closed my account with no warning and they have said I can't get any funds out of the account. They say there is a letter on it's way - it leaves me in a bad way just a few days before Christmas. They told me to contact them in the New Year to see if there is any update. How long can they keep my money for? I had an old debt with Natwest going back 20 years - can they take this from my RBS funds??
  4. Hi, I've received a Notice of Assignment letter from Hoist Finance UK Holdings 1 Limited. It relates to an MBNA credit card debt that I paid off in full October 2017. There were no late payments for the duration of time I had the debt, and the balance they have on the letter looks to be from many years ago. I've seen from other posts here that you can send the holding company a request for more information and what data they hold on you, but since I don't owe any money and they currently have extremely out-of-date information about me (only address is correct), I don't really want this to become a dialogue. My question is: how can I make sure I don't get any more of these letters? Also, if I can, I want to be able to take further action - it is amazing to me that debt buyers can chase old data in the hopes they can get grab money of people that either don't know that it is out-of-date (not everyone is a credit report nerd) or that they no longer are legally required to pay. I found it a little scary to receive the letter, and that's with full knowledge that it is trash. You know when something is legal, but horribly wrong?!
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding my credit file & 4 Lowell accounts which were closed as a "goodwill gesture" due to my ongoing mental health illness. Due to them constantly contacting me via telephone and threatening letters, I contacted them first email to request they stop contacting me via my telephone and also to try and setup some kind of affordable repayment plan to clear these accounts. I also explained my health circumstances and my very low income. They requested I complete a income/expenditure and some proof of my illness. I replied with my doctor's report and explained I will send a income / expenditure form once I have some advice from the National Debtline. One of the accounts was being administered by BWLegal who had issued a warrant of control which Lowell advised would be stopped and they would take over the account. A few weeks later, Lowell wrote to me to explain all accounts have been closed and no further action will be taken to collect any outstanding amounts. (Although they didn't inform the bailiff who turned up at my door and left a card, but having spoken to him he is now aware the debt has been cancelled, so all good) Should all these closed accounts (all equal around £1500 combined) be updated as "closed" on my credit file? Obviously I realise defaults / and the 1 CCJ remain on file for 6 years, but should the other accounts be listed as closed rather than as still active with there outstanding balance? (which they presently are) Lowell closed the accounts about 6 weeks ago, which did surprise me but obviously took a weight of my mind. Due my present circumstances I obviously won't be applying for any credit etc for some time, so I'm not too bothered about my credit file status but I like to make sure information on it is kept up to date nonetheless. Any advice appreciated, thanks
  6. My personal current account was recently suspended pending a 'compliance review' and then about 3 days later immediately closed with no warning. No reason was given so got absolutely no idea why it was closed. They are also saying that the balance (approx £3-4000) will be credited back to the most recent accounts that have paid in, but this won't be done for 6-10 weeks, "possibly longer". They blocked a payment out for my rent (made approx 4 days prior to them suspending the account initially) which they were informed about right away, and which caused the payment to be 10 or so days late - causing a lot of distress as I got grief from my landlord and had to find somewhere to borrow the money from to pay the rent. Can they just do this?
  7. I bought a car for £6K but it was faulty and so I rejected it. The dealer promised a refund but has not paid it and I have obtained a CCJ. However they have now ceased trading. I have a name and address for the owner and will pursue via bailiffs. However is there anything more I can do? It seems rather odd if there is no criminal offence.
  8. Hello everyone I’m looking to get some help if possible please my partner recently applied to open a new HSBC bank account for the cash incentive via the online system. The account she applied for some reason was declined but then instantly offered a standard basic account instead which she accepted and the card and pin arrived a few days later. The following week another letter arrived in a large envelope again from hsbc this time stating they had now closed the account without warning or notice due to not meeting the banks criteria. Strange but ok fair enough she’s not wanted as a customer until she noticed it was hand signed by someone from the fraud analyst department Becoming very worried she contacted the bank who refused to tell her anything and was then advised to send a SAR request to HSBC bank and also CIFAS. Friday she received a letter from CIFAS with a Single CIFAS FRAUD listing from HSBC BANK under the heading APPLICATION FRAUD that she did not list a previous address with adverse history APPLICATION GRANTED This is absolutely disgusting she’s done nothing wrong currently been living in the same house since June 2014 so we’ll over 4 years now. HSBC application page clearly asks for 3 years address history which she’s obviously listed her current address so nothing makes sense at all. She’s sent the HSBC ceo a email who’s replied today with this ( I can understand your frustration in that we ask for any addresses in the last three years and you moved four years ago, so shouldn't have to supply another address. However, we had information there was adverse credit data accrued in your name at a different address within the last three years. I'm very sorry for any confusion caused but we have correctly followed our process. We also correctly reported the instance to CIFAS, as we have an obligation to do. I'm understand this may not be the outcome you were looking for but I hope this has helped to explain our position. If you feel the information we had was incorrect, you may want to check with the Credit Reference Agencies. We use three agencies, Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. ) We are both extremely upset and worried about this issue as she’s done absolutely nothing wrong and is now obviously petrified that all her other financial dealings with other banks etc will see this and close everything down. What do you suggest we now do and has anyone else had issues like this previously that could advise we would be very grateful
  9. Hi everyone - I'm in a sticky situation. I went to live abroad for some time in 2015 and I'm back now. I was sure before I left that my UK HSBC account was at 0 but it wasn't due to some overdraft that I gone into without knowing which later led to the account being closed. I just received a letter from Cabot today saying that I owe them a balance of £1347.86. I spoke to HSBC earlier in 2017 and they said to me that the account in question was closed and that I owed something in the region of £200 due to overdraft. I can't remember the exact details but I assume they said the debt was written off, otherwise I would've paid the debt right away then. This also makes what Cabot are saying quite confusing because they're saying I still owe this debt and that the fee is larger than I was told by HSBC. I phoned Cabot right after I got the letter and they told me that it was probably Direct Debit that caused the fee to be so high. I had no Direct Debit and I never admitted liability. I asked whether they have the T&C's of the agreement I had with HSBC, to which they said no. I also asked if I could have evidence of the debt but they said they didn't have anything on their side and they'd need to make a dispute with HSBC. For that I said, I'll contact them myself and get the details so they'll put the account on hold. What do you guys think? Someone told me to get this all in writing sent to them either in email or post. Should I do that? Please let me know what to do since I have no idea! Many thanks in advance.
  10. I took out a mortgage with Alliance & Leicester in 1981 and remained with them until I paid it off in 2003. During that time I had many personal problems which, coupled with their often intransigent attitude, resulted in many Admin and arrears charges, together with astronomical Legal charges, incurred on the five separate occasions when they tried (unsuccessfully) to repossess my home. So...... on the 22nd February, I sent them the Library letter and DPA request, asking for my money back and a list detailing all the charges, going back six years. This morning I received a letter from Chris Baker, Team Manager, Collections Dept, Narborough: "Although I am mindful of the exhaustive research you have undertaken into case law (NOT ME! Stephen, Bankfodder, Dave et al, to whom I will be eternally grateful) in order to challenge the Alliance & Leicester charging policy, I am comfortable that as far as the arrears charges are concerned we have acted within the law. I draw your attention to mortgage condition 18.1 enclosed, which confirms our right to charge expenses incurred in recovering any monies owed. I enclose a statement showing all arrears levied to your account since 1999 as requested." Enclosed were several A4 sheets headed "Mortgage Statement", but which were unlike any Mortgage Statement I had ever received. They dated back to 1991, and, although Legal Charges were highlighted in yellow,there was NO mention of Arrears or Admin fees. Neither was there any reference to the mortgage balance, just, on each line, a balance showing the amount in credit or, more usually, arrears. At the end of the last sheet was the footnote: "Please note that charges are added to the mortgage balance and are NOT arrears bearing. Any charges applied to your account will be shown on your annual mortgage statement." It took me quite a while to work this out, but, when I had, I telephoned the contact number at the beginning of this forum. Unfortunately this was for A & L credit cards, But the kind lady I spoke to put me through to the 0870 number I had been given. I spoke to a young lady called Helena, who sounded quite fed-up. I explained that I intended to claim back all the charges applied to my account, between 1999 and 2003, with the exception of the Legal Charges, which I might pursue at a later date, and that I had requested, under the DPA, a list of these charges, which had not been sent to me. Helena pointed out Chris Baker's comment that the charges were correct. I told her that unless Mr Baker was a legal expert, then it was merely his opinion, and that I was quite happy to let the County Court decide whether the charges were lawful, or not. Furthermore, I told her that she had until the 5th April to provide the information I had requested, or I would be issuing Court papers for a "near estimate" of the sum owed, and inform the Court of A&L's inability to furnish information, despite my DPA request, enabling me to claim an accurate amount. ( Fortunately, I do have my own Mortgage Statement for 2002, which shows charges amounting to £474.00. According to Stephen's formula, this would make a total, in excess of £2000.00.) She told me she would make sure the information, I needed would be sent off as soon as possible. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll let you know what happens next.
  11. Hello, recently my NatWest bank account was unexpectedly closed due to an apparent commercial decision by the bank. So as I've only now got 1 bank account I apply to open a basic bank account with HSBC which was accepted. I received the pin and was waiting for the card to arrive and today I receive this letter. It states that following a review of my application, we regret to advise you thar we no longer wish to provide you with a bank account and that they are closing it. Closing a basic bank account seems extreme, feels like I've been blacklisted or something. It's signed by the fraud operations, financial crime risk operations team. This is really concerning as I know I haven't done anything wrong, but something strange is going on here. Makes me wonder if my main account where my income goes will end up being closed too? Will this kind of thing affect my disability benefits? I have enough to deal with given all my health problems let alone all of this.
  12. resident came to see me as a community Councillor. they are on SSP and are signed off work for at least a month. They put in a claim for UC and so did their partner, and linked the claims. A message came through that he cannot get UC as he is on JSA, strange that as he has been working and up until this potentially long term illness worked and received Tax Credits. from 2012. Turns out that when they closed his JSA they didn't put an end date when they closed the claim so it technically is still live. Very sloppy form design where it allows a critical field to be left blank on saving. If it isn't sorted by their interviews what redress could be claimed as he will not get UC due to the error? The problem then is they can't pay rent etc are DWP then liable for any consequential loss if they became homeless as a result? Is there a data breach as the DWP has been potentially unlawfully processing their data due to not actually claiming JSA? Is it worth him informing ICO? SAR under GDPR? Thoughts team?
  13. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I need to remortgage my house and don't have sufficient means. My son earns more than me and I tried with my sons help to remortgage only to be told my son has a bad credit score? we did a credit check and we found out hed closed a Natwest account in 2005 to open a new Natwest current account and according to the credit check there was still £400 owing on the closed account, there was fraudulent activity on the account, he went through the NatWest fraud team and they cant do anything as the account is more than 9yrs old. He complained and paid the amount owing june 2017 and Natwest said they would remove it from his file. We did another credit check and they've only marked it as satisfied April 2018, we spoke to Natwest who had the account arrears as written off! on their system and he could not have a mortgage or account with Natwest, the account was paid in full and hes had a Natwest account for 7rs?? is there anything else we can do please.
  15. I was in a car crash in October with my husband and our children, the car was written off and we ended up having to pay the entire years premiums within 7 days. We weren't in the wrong, but the knock on effect of an open claim has left us having to pay higher insurance premiums and we were unable to replace our car for months. I've wrote this in depth, but I can't paste it from here, unless somebody else can. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if so, how long did it take until it came to an end? My husband, our children and I were in a car crash in October 2017 after a man decided it would be a good idea to turn his head 90 degrees to the left whilst driving at the national speed limit, going around a corner! We were travelling in the opposite direction to this man, when my husband noticed him. My husband drove us completely off the (county) road, to the left and stopped the car. The man then decided to look at the road he was driving on and noticed us, then his instincts told him to swerve his car, head on into us! We were off the road, there was no other traffic in either direction. The road was clear for him, but he ran his car into us on his right!! He started up his car and tried to drive away, but his car made a crunching sound and stopped him. The police just happened to drive by and it was (we thought) clear who was at fault, but his insurance company is big and ours are small, and someone on the drivers side is denying liability, even though the driver had previously accepted it. Our car was written off, car seats were rendered unsafe and we were faced with an insurance bill of almost £1k, to be paid in 7 days, because apparently, when your car is written off, you need to pay the remaining balance to your insurer and we were 2 weeks into our new insurance cycle. We live in an isolated rural area, a 2-hour drive away from our nearest family and my husband had a 2 hours drive to get to work and back each day. 'Luckily' this happened on my husband's first day of our holiday week, so we had a bit of time to try and sort something out. We eventually got a courtesy car, but it wouldn't accommodate all our family and the cost of replacing the car seats was too high for us to cover. Just the cost of getting a courtesy car cost us a small fortune, having to go back and forth (40+ miles) to the hire company and garage by bus, over 4-5 days. We were foolish to think that this would be resolved easily. We were on the right side of the road, the other driver wasn't, simple right? We were faced with the reality that the £1k we'd just paid the insurers, to pay off our annual car insurance bill, was not going to be finding it's way back to us anytime soon and now Christmas and 2 of our kids' birthdays were here! Credit cards and overdrafts were now needed to do the shopping and we were unable to spend Christmas with our family, which had never happened before. It devastated my parents and the kids' missed spending the day surrounded by all their family, like they'd grown up with. I can't drive and buses don't run here very often, and the cost of getting to the nearest town with the kids is over £20 to get there. I wasn't able to leave the house until January, when we were able to buy another car. We have continued back and forth with the insurance company, but it's now June 2018 and all our money went into paying the insurance company and replacing our car. I can't believe that this is our reality! Our insurance company has told us it's now our word against theirs, and we've been advised to back down, but we weren't in the wrong, so we told them no and that we wanted to fight the decision, but that now means that there's no end in sight and that money we paid, will not be returned until the case is closed. We are unable to have a holiday this year, we haven't had one for years, but we'd saved for the previous few years and all that saving paid the insurers and replaced a previously decent car. The kids don't feel as safe as they did and I don't feel like I can keep them safe anymore. This man is still on the road, driving around our area and that's the worst thing. He's a danger to himself and everyone else. I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer and if anyone knows how long this is likely to go on, that would help greatly. I know there are so many more needy cause on here, we have a house and we have staple foods like pasta, so we're not in as much need as those with ill children, so I don't expect or want funds that could otherwise help those causes. I just wanted to share our story and perhaps make a change to the way these things are dealt with, because our problems are very real. Thank you for reading.
  16. Hello, Barclays closed my wife's account and would not give any information at all after a lot of phone calls they forwarded me to their fraud team who said they will check this and call us back. Few days later we got a letter saying as per advised previously on the phone Barclays have retained their decision to keep this account closed. However we never received any calls at all. I then called back and the same happened where they kept on telling us they are not obliged to give us any information. I said to them why is my wife's account handled by fraud department and if you have accused her of fraud she has the right to know. They said they cannot help us. since then my wife applied for another bank account with a different bank and her credit check failed assuming Barclays have put a CIFAS marker or something else against my wife's name. Please advise what is the best way forward to have this looked into further ?
  17. Hi, I have had my bank accounts closed and told I will have to wait for 30 days to get my money. Ive had an account with a main bank and always used my mums address, this account is about 5 years old and with a small overdraft and no problems.I have been living with my GF for about two years so thought I could get an account at her address so I just did it with the other bank that is linked to my main bank but was told if I wanted to close my old account I would have to go into the branch to do so. I carried on using both accounts and even set up fastpayment with my new account and sent over a small amount. A week later I transfered over a larger amount and it never arrived so I called up the bank and was put through to the fraud team. I explained what I had done and they said OK and put the payment through. The next day I went to login online and it wouldnt let me so I called the bank and was put through to the account closure team, they said they could not give me any information and I would get a letter in the post. Five days later a letter arrived at both addresses saying exactly the same thing that my account was closed and I was to go into the bank with I.D and withdraw my money. Now between the two accounts I have about £10k so I called the bank and was told I could not have my money as they where making checks and I have to wait 30 days. I explained that I had received letters saying to withdraw my money and they just said they where doing checks and I could call back every week to see if there had been any updates. Is there some sort of protacol for this, after 30 days will they just say sorry no decision made, my Contract mobile is fine and also my credit card etc. From what I have read it seems they will be checking for fraud and money laundering but all the information inc D/L and passport are legal. Cheers Zoom
  18. Rogue pension and finance companies closed down after abusing millions of pounds READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/rogue-pension-and-finance-companies-closed-down-after-abusing-millions-of-pounds
  19. Hi How do I get rid of a closed account on my credit account which was a default from 2012? Thanks in advance.
  20. I bought an item from Etsy about a month ago and since I have been going back and forth with the seller because it never showed up. They showed me a proof of postage with my postcode that they had generated from the post office (no tracking) and this sufficed for them to win the non delivery case. The seller and Etsy are telling me it is my responsibility since they can show they shipped it. I am new to Etsy but this is a stark contrast to eBay who hold the seller responsible until they can show proof of delivery. I do not know what to do but file a chargeback which I am feeling isn't worth the hassle for £25 but I am furious! They didn't even try to help or contact Royal Mail or file a lost item case at all. I have asked at the delivery office and nothing is being held for me there or misdelivered to neighbours. Non-delivery can only occur when a seller receives payment and fails to ship the buyer's order. It seems that this purchase has, in fact, been shipped by the seller. If the shipment hasn't been received, it may have been lost or delayed in the mail. We realize this type of situation can be difficult for all parties involved. However, Etsy is unable to hold a seller responsible for shipping delays or errors, as long as the seller is able to prove that they shipped the order. As the seller has provided sufficient proof of shipment, we must close this case. Although the case is closed, you're welcome to work together to resolve this transaction outside of the case system. We recommend that you contact the shipping service for assistance with locating the package.
  21. Hi everyone. Need some a little bit of help. Got a letter from westcot, saying my account with them had been fully paid, and was now closed. And to stop making more payments to them. Also it said the balance was: minus £303. Phoned them up as I thought there was more to pay on this, and the lovely lady, after putting me on hold for a while, explained that the originator of the debt had informed them it had been paid, then retract that message later. She would contact them, to get an explanation. But there was still £1400 owing. Where does this leave me? I have a letter saying the debt is cleared. Can they comeback and say "oops, mistake, keep paying" or is the letter legally enforceable? In the eyes of the law, is the debt now clear? Thanks doomsponge
  22. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a debt account from lowell which they have just closed (due to my health taking a turn for the worse) they obtained a CCJ against me on this account about a year ago. i am paying this off at £1 per month, the CCJ has been active since jan 2017. They have only just closed the account down due to me submitting doctors letters etc to backup my health issues. do i contact Lowell? i am a bit reluctant to after what i have heard about them. do i stop paying it? do i need to wait a bit longer for account to get processed? can i apply for the CCJ to be removed or at least have its status changed. i just feel if i do nothing then nothing will happen. Thanks for any help i receive.
  23. Hi All, I am looking for some experience or advice from anyone around cardonebanking. I set-up my business with them back in July and although their charges are high, they have been reasonable enough. Today I have been informed by their customer services team my account has been closed due to 'ATM Abuse' and must transfer the funds to another account. They have stated I have commited no actual fraud but they received a fraud flag from a card processor company on Tuesday 13th March. On this day, I had issues with an ATM which I tried on 3 occasions but there was a dispenser issues and the money come out. I subsequently, withdraw money from a halifax ATM some 30 minutes later. I just can;t get my head around how they can juse close my account with no reason. It will be an absolute pain to transfer business accounts and now my invoices are now held up as can't pay it in. Can anyone offer any advice, it just seems the worst customer service ever. I feel so helpless. Thanks, Willo53
  24. Hello, Sorry if this is long winded, I will try to be as brief as I can. I am having issues with Halifax regarding an Ultimate Reward current account that I had. In January 2014 I moved to another country to live, work & travel. I kept the account open as I may have needed to use it, and I did not know how long I would be away. Also initially I did have some money left in it. I didn't inform the bank as I knew I would have no fixed address due to always being on the move. I know I should have informed them now. The account at some point went over it's £100 arranged overdraft limit by £1, charges were added which went up to over £200. By the time I returned 6/7 months later the account had missed payments and had been defaulted. The bank have recently said that the account was closed 3 days after it was defaulted. I arrived back 3 days after this. I do not think I was aware it had been closed, I believe I used it when I returned and even gave the details to my new employer. I remember being able to see the account online, with the amount over £200 still owed. The day I expected to be paid I logged in and the account was no longer visible. I called them up and it had been closed. I asked what happened to my money and they said they could transfer it and I would need to open a new account. I did this and gave the details of the new account with them, they said it would be transferred ASAP. 2 weeks passed and I had still not received the money, I called and complained. I was told by recoveries or collections (can't remember) that it had been processed incorrectly and sent to different account details, this was their fault not mine. At some point I was given £50 compo into my account for this. Several days later the wages were transferred minus the outstanding overdraft, looking back it was transferred twice from different sources. Fast forward to present day. I have been looking at my credit reports and decided to enquire about the default/closed account. I called, and was passed around departments before being passed to recoveries/collections. The guy totally ignored my enquiries into what actually caused the account to be overdrawn and the subsequent default. He did bring up a double payment into the account and said I now had an outstanding balance of over £2k. I asked him to substantiate this, he just said it was owed. I said the account was closed in 2014, how can it now have a balance? Why have I received not notification or communication of this? He said I owed it and ended the call, he gave no information. Not even a demand or request for me to pay. When quizzed he said it would not appear on my credit reports but would always be outstanding with Halifax. A few days later I was called by someone from Customer Services for Lloyds banking group, we discussed the situation and she said she would remove the Default. Made no real explanation into why. She gave me £50 compo which I, perhaps foolishly accepted. 3 hours later she called back, she said she made a mistake and there was over 2k remaining balance on the account, she said she would still remove the default and could I pay the balance back. For her mistake she offered another £50, again I accepted. During these calls she was incredibly helpful and obliging, in hindsight maybe overly helpful. Later that day I made a payment of 1/3 of the balance. Perhaps this was a foolish move. The next day the default was off!!! Now the missed payments, the original c.£200 overdraft outstanding, and the account itself all showed up from Dec 17 to October 17. I now have loads of recent, red adverse marks on all 3 credit reports, the account is now showing as active and has moved to my open accounts section. 1 report now also lists a solitary missed payment and arrangement to pay over a 4 month period in 2015 when the account was well and truly closed. There are also warnings on both Experian and Equifax saying 0 months since last serious payment problem. This has had a very negative affect on my credit scores (I know the score is not important) and the overall condition of my reports are all now messed up by issues on this account. I tried for days to get intouch with the agent, she had given me her extension number. Eventually she called me back, I was now recording my calls. Her tone was totally different, she was quite rude, abrasive and had started accusing me of being deceitful. She said that I was mistaken about our agreement, she said the default would be coming off only once I had paid the outstanding balance in full (It's still currently off). At one point she said "can you give the phone to someone else so I can explain it to them, as you are not getting it". This was because I said the original default can't be used to force me to repay money that they transferred by mistake twice. She threatened to replace the default and if I didn't like it I should complain to the FOS. She informed me that the markers were correct and showed the account before it defaulted in 2014. They would come off once I had paid the remaining balance. I tried to explain they were now for 2017, she didn't listen. At a point that I was totally calm she said I needed to calm down. She became irate and then said I had really upset her. She also asked why I was addressing her as if she was responsible. She actually said in previous calls that she was in a senior department, could make any and all decisions and would be my single point of contact. I explained that I was addressing her as a representative of her company, not an individual. After the rollercoaster call I was honestly shocked to the point of laughter. I emailed her screenshots of credit reports relating to the new markers in 2017. I received a call today from the same agent, much calmer this time. She had looked at the screenshots, claimed they were correct and I was mistaken. They are apparently for 2014 and will be removed once I have paid. My main concerns and enquiries are as follows: -I was £1 overdrawn, hit with numerous charges, then defaulted and account closed. The £1 itself may actually be due to a charge or fee for using abroad. Is this fair/allowed? -They closed my account, I believe without notification and allowed me to use it before they did but after the default date. Did they allow this just so I would settle the c.£200 overdraft of charges? -They made a mistake and transferred the money to either someone else or a non-existent account. -Then they credited me twice. Never have informed me or notified me. To be fair i didn't notice or notify them at the time, I had various amounts going in from various sources that month and it was nearing payday again. -Agreed to remove and have removed default. -Effectively opened a closed account with CRA's, reported recent missed payments/arreas and have listed the account as active. -Are Demanding payment/refund for their mistake immediately or will continue to list recent adverse markers. -Threatened to replace old default at any time. I have requested my old statements and will likely send a SAR in the next few days to see what the charges are. I want this dealt with but feel they may just replace or add a default. In the meantime my credit reports have all been adversely. I feel Halifax have made many mistakes and are acting unfairly. Can anyone advise on how I should proceed? Thanks so much, I know this is a very long post but needed to explain in its entirety.
  25. Advice please Lowell had been chasing me for a Lloyds Credit card Debt. back in May I requested a CCA from Lowell, and eventual received a letter in September from Lowell's saying that the CCA was no longer available due to length of the time since the account was opened and that they were closing the account. Now they are defaulting on my credit file can they do this. ( I still have the letter from Lowell) I have put in a dispute with the credit file asking for it to be amended but they say Lowell are saying they have received no payments and the entry on my credit file can not be amended.
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