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Found 9 results

  1. Don't know where to start with these people! I am in debt with them so I agreed back in July to pay £140 per month, approx £99 is usuage and the rest is to recover what's owed, fair enough. Except today I check my account and they have debited £208!!!! The e-mail I got when we agreed the £140 per month did not at any point say it would increase to this! . I am so angry I don't know what to do but I know that I cannot affrod to be out of pocket by an extra £68 just before xmas Can I get this payment reversed somehow?? please help!! this is the e-mail I got f
  2. I have been with SSE for years. I have paid through DD never missed payments and have debt of over £900 because they were under charging our family for years... They set the payment plan up and now for years my DDs go up and up. Is there a way of getting this over turned/ reduced etc... I only found out when I attempted to change supplier a nd BOOM I would have to pay a huge debt!! So I feel like I am [problem]med into staying with them. Another thing to note when we brought our new home roughly 3 years ago they charged me double payments for 6 month
  3. I am moving into a housing association property in July I have been a tenant for over 20 years just exchanging to a different area with my new partner. It appears the new place has prepayment meters and I don't want them Its expensive and I have always paid by direct debit for years.I am with Southern electric and I will be again when I move, as it them have put the prepaid meters in at the request of the tenant there now. Will Southern Electric take them out and put in credit meters allowing me to pay via the bank? Free... I don't see why I should pay as I am a customer of theirs.
  4. I moved house in October 2013. I provided the correct meter reading in line with Southern Electric's instructions. I was then issued a refund on 26 November. Last week I was sent an online 'amended' bill asking for this money back. I spoke to Southern Electric who informed me that on 6 November they realised that they had mistakenly made the last bill up with an estimated reading and not the actual reading that I had provided them with when I moved and therefore the refund was incorrectly issued and I would now have to pay it back. They said they left a m
  5. Hi, I had some outstanding arrears on my gas bill with Southern, which was around £80 for the previous quarter and then a second quarter bill of around the same amount just came in. I got some reminders to pay, but they were the usual ones mentioning disconnection, which I have had in the past and of course have paid my bill up to date just after This last time I got a visit without warning where a letter was put in my door, and nobody knocked. I was here all day, and have a dog which would have barked if anyone had actually knocked. Clearly no one did. I have now been charged a
  6. Hi all, I purchased a property that required renovation in January 2011 but progress has been slow due to changes in circumstances. In the last two months I have received letters from Southern Electric and notes from bailiffs relating to a gas bill. In the ‘early days’ I received gas bills addressed to the previous owner/occupier but the status changed to ‘The Occupier’ in the last six months. The property has been unoccupied since I purchased it and the gas was already switched off (by lever) when I bought it. The removal of the boiler and gas fire was one of the first tasks com
  7. Hi, I've just had a prepayment Electricity and Gas meter installed. The Gas is with Scottish Power and is working fine! The Electricity is with Southern Electric and is causing me big headaches! Meter only installed on Wednesday and since then i have put £30 in, at as 4pm today I am about to go into the emergency credit again! I live in a 3 bed semi detached with me, hubbie and two children. Last night from 11pm to 7am this morning i used £4 electricity? Think the ghost must have had the TV on!!! Today I have had TV on for maybe 2 hours, sky box 2 hours and washer for 2hr 40mins.
  8. Hello, I was the responsible for the utility bills at my old place, where I shared with a few more people. I left the place a few months ago, and called southern electric and asked them for bills. So they sent me the bills, the bills said that they were actual (although I didn't tell them any readings), everything was paid, I appointed another guy as the responsible and I left. Two weeks after I left, the guys at the old place receive a bill of about £200, which was completely ridiculous (It was for about 2 weeks, and the guys definitely didn't consume that much in that period). Th
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I moved in to a rented property, which has got two pay as you go meters (gas and elec). These were installed by Southern Electric because the previous tenant got in to substantial arrears. However, I am stuck with the meters or limited to a few suppliers that use meters, consequently any sort of choice regarding who supplies my elec and/or gas is severely limited....[edit] If I want to be able to have a 'choice', I HAVE TO PAY to have the meters removed. ME !!!! Not the previous tenant who run up the debt in the first pla
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