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  1. Hi, I need a bit of advise in regards to what should I argue against PC World (DSG Retail Limited) if I go in court. A short description of the event: I bought a Samsung Series 8 TV in 2016 for £1499.99 + Knowhow care plan for 5 years later with in a week the price dropped by to £1399.99 went to the store told this to a manager and he happily refunded the difference and also informed me that there a FREE BR Player in offer with this TV which he given me along with refund. Now back to 2018 in Jul 18 my TV had some fault sent for repair under Knowhow care plan whi
  2. Well folks, back in October 2014, I was seeking a good new computer and at PC World in Plymouth I came across am Asus All-in-One ET2020 PC for just over £300. I purchased the new computer after thinking about it for a few days, also decided to take the care plan at £4 per month believing that it would give me all round protection should anything happen. on the 17th February 2015, the worst did happen when the PC developed a fault with the TV tuner card. I duly took it back armed with my care plan agreement and all receipts to the PC World Plymouth store I was greet
  3. Hi all, yesterday while online I reserved a Panasonic 50" TV off the pc world website, today the 27th December i went in to pay and collect from customer service desk, the cost was £350.00, upon getting the tv home and setting it up the picture quality was very poor decided as I weren't satisfied & to return it, with intentions to look for something better at a higher price, only to be told they would deduct 20% which equates to £70 because I had opened the box! Can anyone advise me if I have been unfairly treated, the tv went back to the
  4. My daughter bought a Toshiba Iris 15F laptop 0n 11/8/13, togeter with a Whatever Happens Care plan. She woks in South Ameroica as a consultant for a USA comapny working online. The computer is her main work tool. In Jnauary 2014 it developes a fault with the key board and keeps swtiching off. She contacts PC world both by phone and email from South America, she informs them she will drop the laptop in at PC World Wolverhampton, for repair. This she does when on her 2 week vacation in July 2014. The laptop is returned to PC world 4 days before the end of
  5. Just been on the phone to PCWorld as the Ipod Touch we ordered on the 28th November has not arrived and I was told that they are awaiting stock and it's unlikely to be back in stock before christmas I have just seen that it is in stock at my local store and online and I am wondering if they are trying to worm there way out of selling it to me at the offered £100 price tag... What should I do? I felt pressured into opting for a refund as it's a Christmas present
  6. Hi,I wonder if anyone could advise me please? On Thursday, I purchased a MacBook Pro from PC World. I inspected the display models, and saw one I liked. It was £100 more for the retina display model, and didn't really feel it was worth paying the extra, so paid £899 for the non retina display model. When I took it home, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, I didn't like it as much. I passed by another PC world branch on Saturday, and decided to pop in. The retina model, is considerably thinner than my version, and also, my version is a 2012, the
  7. Good evening, My father bought a laptop from pcworld which to your credit worked fantastic up till this point. He purchased it in 2010 or around then and sensibly took out laptop insurance, (knowhow). He hasn't lapsed on a single payment and has never sent his laptop for repair until now. Before sending the laptop away, my father promptly explained the situation, that he is an IT tutor in college and uses it for marking. All seemed well. Originally on the phone he was told it would be 7 days or it would be replaced. Alas 7 days pass, no replacement, but a call to say they
  8. I bought an Acer Aspire V5-552 from PCWorld in December as a Christmas present. The laptop was opened and worked fine on Christmas day. The next day when it was opened up the screen was cracked. The crack quickly spread across the screen. Please note that this laptop was not dropped or in any way physically damaged. The crack was spontaneous and a result of a defective screen. The only fault I can find without taking it apart (which would void the warranty) is a slight ridge on the bottom bezel where the crack seems to start from. Presumably this was there when the lapto
  9. Last December I purchased an HP Pavillion G6-2240 ea laptop from PC World. This had Touchscreen capability. My son and my sister were with me and we all saw it demonstrated. They paid for it as a present to me. I collected the laptop a few days later and was given instructions on how to use the touch screen. About 8 weeks ago the touch screen stopped working. I contacted the Knowhow Team and was told that this model did NOT have Touchscreen. The Technician just didn't believe me. I felt very silly, and insisted it was on the laptop when I
  10. 13th October, took iPad into Kendal store with wifi hardware fault. Assistant very knowlegable and agreed that it seemed to be hardware. Said I wanted to claim under SOGA as iPad 17 months old and wifi chip problems are a known fault and connected to upgrade to IOS7. ipad sent off and went today (30/10/13) to collect. Letter with iPad saying could not find fault - Pardon? Ok, lets have a look at it now - iPad completely dead and would not even turn on. Plugged into charger etc - nothing, completely dead. Store said will send back again and it will be collected in 7 days time (06/11/13
  11. I got myself a tv nowt fancy logic make the same day I got it I noticed a volume problam I ad no way of getting back to the store £15 in a taxi I rang up to b told I cudt change it I rang of a mobile asked wud they ring me back my credit ad gone 2s I rang n my credit went wen I finally got through sum guy in technical dep sed it woz my aerial I new it wozt all 12mhts iv rang complained 2s theyv tryed fixing it the faults still there iv prooved its not my aerial yet its not good enough they mite as well of gave me a blank garantee FOR ALL THE GOOD TH
  12. So, the wife and I needed new laptops, and we saw the offer of £100 cash back. To be doubly sure that the offer applied, I rang their customer service line to ask if I could click and reserve both computers in one transaction, or whether we had to buy them separately to get the full £200. I was advised that I would get £100 off EACH laptop and only needed to do one transaction. I therefore went ahead and reserved the laptops, and went down to pick them up from Currys/PC World Derby. "39 Bruce" served me, and I again checked with him that it was okay to put both laptops on one tr
  13. End of April I bought a memotab 310 and after around a month and a half the chargeing port became faulty, the plastic holding the pins in place has broken. Took to pcworld and was advised if it was user damage I may charged for the repair. After 2 weeks chased the store and promised call back but did not happen. Phoned the 0844 number and promised store would call but no joy. Finally some five weeks after I returned it called into the stores and got a call back week later saying damage my fault and would cost £249 to repair, New item is £229!!!. Told them not acceptable to
  14. hi i would like some help with the situation i am having with the know how investigations team il explain i have a laptop and support agreement with pc world/currys and recently i had an accident where i fell down the stairs i contacted pc world where they said to bring it into store and they will see what can be done so i left it in there capable hands on the 5th oct 12 i got a letter back saying this. "we have carried out an inspection and in the opinion of our engineer the damage seen is inconsistant with the reported explanation and/or the damage exceeds what w
  15. I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop from Currys/PcWorld on the 12th October 2011. I found myself with a faulty hard-drive and faulty screen at the beginning of August and so returned the laptop for repair, under the 12 month manufacturer's warranty, on the 13th August 2012. Currys/PcWorld relayed the machine to Dell in order for repair work to be carried out but after a number of weeks had still not been returned due to "waiting on a part". I was told that if the laptop was not returned within 28 days (10th September 2012), I would be entitled to a credit refund of t
  16. Back in 2005 I bought a pc and acessories from PC world under the Government backed PC leasing scheme, repaying over 4 years. As part of the deal I had to buy PC Worlds "PC Performance" - something I would not usually do.When the machine became mine I kept it going purely because the deal included next day technician visit to my house when something went wrong.So last week it finally stopped working. Tried to call the help line - that no longer works. Eventually got through to them on another number hidden in the PC World website and was told they no longer do home visits - instead it is pick
  17. Hi new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. Over the past few years I have bought a Acer Desk top and Dell Netbook fromPC World, both of which I have being paying for the Whatever Happens Club membership. 3 years for the Acer and 2 years for the Dell. A couple of months back I booked both in for the yearly MOT check / tune upthat is included in the membership. This is the first time I have done it and only did it to get something for my money. Big mistake I found, first time I have used the service at all and found nothing but problems. I collected my property the next
  18. Hi there, I registered on here today after nearly a year of enduring pc world's service. I purchased an Acer Aspire X1301 desktop PC from this store on the 16th of January 2010. I also purchased the Whatever Happens Club warranty service they offered - now known as the KNOWHOW service. Right off from the start we had a problem; the first unit we received and took home would not start up. Now it's clear that this must have been some sort of sign for the troubles that would arise in the next years. We returned the first unit and got another unit. This unit we have had for nearly
  19. brought a 3d tv last week - have to admit i was a little picky as i wanted 2d-3d and mkv support after going through the specs online with the sales lady (pcw mansfield) we settled on a toshiba 42wl863b the only issue was the last one left was the disply model which we agreed to take didnt get any sort of manager discount on the disply as i used my staff discount got it home and couldnt get the 2d - 3d conversion working had to go to work so left it untill this weekend and tried updating the firmware see if that would help wouldnt take the firmware so ive had a good lo
  20. pc world have authorised a refund for non-arrival of my laptop, but theres a catch...... they will only refund to the card i paid with and do not issue cheques.. i closed the account down weeks ago so this is impossible. they say this is the only method as cheques are not possible nor to credit a different account????? so what do i do? they say that i am to open a NEW CURRENT ACCOUNT with the SAME bank i closed down with, then they will credit it, then i shut it down again?? what craziness is this? i explained i am not doing this as a bank will not allow me to do this for t
  21. In the first week of November I bought an Acer 5750 from PCWorld. About 2 weeks later I began to have some issues with starting my laptop and called Knowhow. They helped me restore default settings to the laptop and the problem seemed to be solved. A week later the issue arose again and once more they had me go through the same process. This again lasted a week before the issue re-emerged and refused to start up at all. I took the laptop to the store I bought it from where they diagnosed the laptop with a faulty hard drive which they said they would fix within two weeks.
  22. I ordered a tablet via PC world website and arranged delivery of the goods. The goods arrived as expected but two identical boxes arrived instead of one. I asked my brother and he says I should keep quiet for a while and if they don't contact me, I should sell the other and get some money on it. I checked the labels and both have the same barcodes therefore the same sticker. It was delivered by an external courier and when I questioned the delivery man what I should do he shrugged his shoulders and said that it is my choice. My conscience is bothering me and im scared that I am doing som
  23. I purchased the above in June 2009 at a cost of just on £400.00. Almost exactly 12 months later it died. As there were 2 days to go before the warranty expired PC World had to repair it FOC. This turned out to be the motherboard. In the process they wiped the hard-drive and it was returned to me in a non-operational state. Now 18 months later it has died again. This time PC World, or the Tech Guys, or whatever they are called want £60.00 up front to look at it before even considering a repair cost. I say it is not fit for purpose under the sale of good
  24. Ok, now this is long, but PLEASE read it – I really need advice! I first purchased a Tosiba laptop from a PC World store in April 2011.Within two weeks, the hard drive failed. I took it back into the store and hadit replaced with an identical model (they refused to do this via post, meaningI had to take time and expense to travel to my nearest store, over an houraway). Four weeks later, the cooling system failed. Despite me contactingcustomer services at the time, they claimed as it was over 28 days old it couldnot be returned. I must mention here that I work offshore for long periods
  25. I purchaced a advent lap top from pcworld january 2nd 2010 it has been in for repair twice to have the left and right click and the mouse done and the right click dosnt work again and i couldnt install anything including office 2010 which should have been installed when i purchased it so i had to pay £40.00 to have that done and they never touched the left click the last time and so it has to go back again. Im an oap and not very clever i know but i realy feel let down by this. As i am housebound and have to get someone to take it back for me and the 12months guarant
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