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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. My wife has mobility disability. I parked at Iceland Hemel Hempstead, on 21 April 1016, in the disabled bay, and badge displayed on front dash. We shopped at Iceland then went home. Subsequently we got a PCN for parking without paying. I appealed to Excel parking, and wrote to Iceland customer services. The latter were unable to help. Today I received a letter stating that the appeal was rejected. I can now pay the fine or appeal to IAS. I am considering appealing as I don't think the signage at Iceland IS ADQUATE. There are two to 3 large signs on entering the car park saying that parking must be within bays etc, and that disabled badges must be displayed, but they do not state that badge holders must pay. There is a smaller sign by the pay machine which does indicate that disabled badge holders must pay. We have not had to pay at any other supermarket and the signs at the entry did not state this, so I did not go near the pay machine to read the sign which stated that disabled persons must also pay. I believe the signage to be in adequate. Will this be good grounds for appealing. I have taken photographs of the signs and of course I am now not going to shop at Iceland again
  2. Hello. Earlier this week I went to Iceland (Sheffield) to do an emergency last minute Christmas shop. I parked in a sensible position (in line with other vehicles, not causing an obstruction). To be fair, there were no marked parking spaces, but I (foolishly) assumed that it was simply because the area had been re-surfaced. 30 mins later I emerged to find that myself (and everyone else parked equally sensibly in the same area) had received a ticket from Vehicle Control Services, Sheffield. The fine is for £60 if paid within 14 days, or £100 or court action thereafter. I surveyed the area. It being a few days before Christmas, the whole car-park was bursting at the seams with cars queueing for spaces. To make it worse; the rain was lashing down, and so it was difficult to see the "parking restricted areas" signs in the area where I parked. (Nice small font, and no chance of me reading them from any distance). It says there were four of them, and I have no reason to disbelieve this. On the ticket it says that my car is filmed, but that the driver was not present. However; the Vehicle Control Services car was there when I returned to my vehicle; so it's feasible that they could have actually filmed me as the driver too. What do I do? £60 is a huge amount of money for a struggling single mum, especially at this time of year. But I'm nervous about ignoring it - because, to be fair, in hindsight I shouldn't have parked there. I can see 'old' forum threads advising to ignore the fine and all further correspondence; but maybe the law has changed since then??? I don't want to risk at greater fine, or court action. Any up-to-date advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I have been issued with a notice for a car parking charge of £100 (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days) for staying in an Iceland car park while shopping there. I've been there previously and paid the £1 for up to an hour (which is taken of your shopping bill at the till) but on this occasion I, genuinely, turned up with no change on me for the machine. My thought process at the time was "Well I'll be shopping in Iceand and I'll probably be out within 15 minutes" so I thought it wouldn't be a problem. The store was busier than expected so I was a little longer (24 minutes) having spent £25 in the store. Now, obviously, I'm in the wrong here as I didn't purchase a ticket. From my perspective, I was quite willing to but having no change on me, there was no alternative way to pay (no card machine). However, £100 for 24 minutes stay seems a little excessive to me, given that the purpose of the car park is for Iceland customers, of which, I was one. I no longer have the receipt of my transaction in store but I do have a bank record of the amount being taken from my account, as I paid by debit card. The date of "offence" was 02/11/15 The data of issue of the notice was 26/11/15 However, I only received this notice yesterday 02/12/15. It's a very similar notice that is discussed in the thread "Excel parking services ltd PCN" by "thugusher" dated 06/10/15 (sorry, I'm unable to enter a link to the post) At this point I have not contacted anyone regarding this, thinking I would be better to seek advice first. If anyone is able to offer me advice on what my next steps should be, I'd appreciate it, greatly.
  4. My wife visited Iceland store and she forgot to buy a ticket. Received today an 'invoice' for £60/£100 as ANPR detected our car for a 37 min stay without a ticket. I am the registered keeper although it was the missus driving. Please any advice to appeal this PCN would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a copy of the pcn
  5. I have noticed that there are hundreds of parking threads, and a few stickies, but I have not seen a definitive one with instructions for us if we receive a parking charge notice. I (apparently) received a PCN in Iceland car park in Andover from Horizon, on 29th October. I received 2 days ago dated 2nd december a letter from Horizon to me as the registered keeper, suggesting that I pay £80. I went into the store today and spoke to the manager who was wetter than a wet weekend in skeggie, so now what do I have to do, to not pay this charge? Many thanks added sorry but forgot. the charge is for failing to pay for parking. at 0910 and the car park was almost empty.
  6. Im sorting out a parking charge notice from Excel for a friend, its an Iceland car park and has a new pub opened next door to it, that’s where the friend was for just over the 3 hour time limit. Iceland was closed and the car park was otherwise empty. Its ANPR cameras not patrolled and she got the ntk by post within the time limit, so they have followed procedures so far. We soft appealed, they rejected and we now have the popla code. My question is an I simply cut and paste the template by coupon mad in post #20 and use it as a winning popla appeal from this.. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?p=64393064&highlight=#post64393064
  7. Hi all my question is as follows A family member and partner and passenger parked in the Car park of Iceland sign states no free parking for disabled drivers. Free parking for 2 hours, photo to prove this. Driver overstayed by 30 mins or so. Due to the following A late add to the story, the passenger in the car a (Motability car) is disabled and had an epileptic fit and was unable to get about for nearly an hour after the fit. Hence the late return and getting the PCN. Otherwise they would have left the site within the time limits. PCN issued by ANPR to the RK the company is EXCEL PARKING The RK can not drive PCN issued by post within 7 days (calendar) and clearly states that parking is for ONE hour only free, sign says TWO hours but was still over time regardless. The signs (contract) are on boards at 7 feet high on poles as seen in picture one, I am 6ft 2" tall and the angle to get the sign in full was as displayed in the photograph. in picture one the 2 hours HAS NOT BEEN EDITED AT ALL I have attached a PDF with the redacted PCN with pers removed, please can I draw your attention to page 2 where the "time limit is 1 hour" on the PCN sign says different. Any advice please MM
  8. Hi I hope some one can help me, I took my carer shopping in Iceland and parked in a disabled bay displaying my blue badge I never got out of my car as I am unable to walk around without having to carry a oxygen tank with me so tend just to stay in the car. Anyway shopping done Carer back in the car drive out 2 weeks later got a ticket from Excel Parking with pictures of me driving in and out of the car park. I wrote back to them explaining that I have a Mobility Car and a Blue Badge sent a copy of my Blue Badge with it they wrote back and said no I still had to pay but could appeal to Popla's which I did do they then sent me a load of papers through the post and today I have had a email from them telling me my appeal was denied do I have to pay this what can they do if I don't pay it they can't clamp or tow my car away the email said I can still pay the £60 instead of £100 but just before Christmas I do not have this kind of money and cannot believe they do not allow people with Blue Badges to park there why should you have to pay to shop at Iceland baffles me Please help if you can xxxx:smile:
  9. Hi guys and gals, Got a quick one for you :- Working in the southport area today and lent my car to one of my lads to pop into the town centre for some grub and bits and bobs. He comes back looking rather sheepish with an excel "Parking Charge Notice" in his grubby little hand !!!! He had parked in an Iceland car park with a 1 hr pay and display machine, paid his £1 for the maximum permitted 1 hours parking and yep, youve guessed it got back to the car 20 mins late to find the notice on the car. Just after some advice, is it worth paying them or after reading around ignore them and wait and see if they go for court action and defend it ? As usual any help or advice is greatly appreciated Gazbo
  10. Hi all, recently recieved a parking charge notice from a private car park in carlisle and the 10 days reduced amount time limit has now gone past. I knew there was some things to do to avoid paying the charge as it is a private park but i didnt realise that the laws had changed since 2012, i am not the registered keeper and i have ignored the time limit, the ticket has car parking management (cumbria) , PCN parking services who it says are acting on behalf of Car parking management (cumbria) , Northern europarks who are trading as Car parking management (cumbria) and is a registered trading style of roxburgh (UK) ltd. There seems to be a lot of companies involved with one car park and its extremely frustrating, has any one had any dealings with these lot and can tell me where i stand or what i can expect to happen, ie, how far will they take it.
  11. Hi guys, it seems a long time ago that these were posted, does that mean that no one can argue against these parking fines now? I recently received a parking fine from athena for parking 29 minutes over the allotted time of 1 hour. Is there no means to avoid paying out more money for going to shop at lidl/icelands?
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