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Found 25 results

  1. I noticed that Clearscore didn't show my RBS accounts (my main one's) or my FD accounts. All they were showing was an account i opened at NatWest as a backup in case i didn't like the road RBS took. They sent me to Equifax who asked me for dates. I explained i joined RBS when it was Williams & Glynne - mid 1970's? And FD when it first opened. they asked exactly the same question again (maybe my reply had vanished). i gave them the same reply. Now they have replied saying they have written to NatWest for details of my RBS accounts. Question: 1) Just how stupid are these CRA's? 2) How much do CRA's understand about the financial business and/or Data Protection?
  2. A incorrect address has been on my file and i need it amended but the company in question hasnt replied to me
  3. Hello all! I have been reading this website for awhile and decided to join yesterday! I am extremely interested to get anyone's advise or experiences with having Bank of Ireland put on CIFAS, how to approach it and how it can be resolved. Many Thanks Lisa
  4. After 6 years my Bankruptcy has finally been removed from my credit file. A default for one of the loans included also gone. However I have an old RBS bank account and loan account that for some reason weren't defaulted but were included in the BR that are still showing on my Equifax credit report as partially settled. I would like to get these removed. What are the chances?
  5. Dear all, I had two credit cards with Lloyds which I settled in 2010. The debts were at my previous address (when I was with my partner) and that address is linked to where I am now. I have been away from the previous address since 2007. I settled the debts in 2010 but continually get refused credit because of the link. Although I settled the debts (and have statements to prove this), the Equifax records show settled in 2012. I spoke to Lloyds and they told me that the accounts were still open until 2012 although I remonstrated that I asked them to be closed once settled in 2010. I suggested that they correct Equifax to reflect the true settlement date and they refused. I wrote to the CEO and his office upheld the refusal. The trouble is that Equifax shows the "arrangement to pay" marker on both debts until 2010 and then green boxes until 2012 when they eventually closed the account. Lenders are knocking me back because of the adverse information. Lloyds never did default me for these, otherwise they would have dropped off after the six years. Sorry for the war and peace.... Questions: 1. Have I got to wait until 2018 before these records drop off? 2. Can I get the linked address removed at all and when? Thank you, Jim
  6. hi all I just got my credit file today, and there is a credit card default from Lloyds tsb its listed like this start 20/03/2001 default 05/2008 end 19/05 2008 then my date of birth and last updated 30/11/2012 whats this mean as I have not acknowledge any debt or made any payments to anyone for over 12 years, is this statue barred as its now 2014 ? also it then lists credit card marlin financial services for the same debt as start date 20/03/2001 default 05/2008 end 21/05/2008 does that mean 21/05/14 it will be statue barred ? and is it correct the I should have both these listed on my credit file ? does not the default start from your last payment ? thank you all for your time god bless
  7. I've not done a credit check report before. I've done one with both Experian and Equifax. No real issues on Experian. Equifax however are listing Natwest as a default from quite some time ago. This loan was dropped after numerous agencies came after me and I was told they were unable to find the Credit Agreement. I would have thought this would stop anything like the pic attached shows? Any guidance on how to sort this issue out would be much appreciated!
  8. Went bankrupt in 2005 and also had BRU which expired in 2012. Noddle & Experian reports are both clear. On my Equifax report everything is clear apart from a Financial Association (my wife is the association) on a mortgage account which was closed in 2004. Can this be removed due to the account being closed 9 years ago, and if removed will it have a positive impact on my credit rating? as wife currently has a few financial problems? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hey all, dont know if this forum is busy, by the looks of things not very. Background story of myself, got credit cards when I was younger (in my 20's) was irresponsible with them and maxed them out and didnt care. Forward on 5-6 years I am now 30 and looking to buy a house with my missus. So I've been monitoring mine for over a year now and it hasnt been great, old debt is slowly dropping off but there is other things on it which I dont understand. Hopefully these screen shots may give a better understanding than I could explain. Regards Donal [ATTACH=CONFIG]41857[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41858[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41859[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41860[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi all I'm looking for advice on defaults / credit reports / scores as I'm getting totally confused. First a bit of history. Back in 2004 I got in a right mess with several different lenders totalling over 35K, all personal loans, CC's. I entered into a DMP with Payplan & although the first few years were a bit up & down, I finally finished that in May last year. During that time some of the debts were sold on to collection agencies, some were passed to other lenders when they were taken over, an Egg loan being one example. Because of the way the debts were handled, defaults were issued at different times, but the very last one has it's 6th birthday tomorrow. I have just done the free 30 day trial with Equifax & indeed only the one default shows, but they give me a credit score of 359. I read on here people with much more on their reports with higher scores, so I'm a little confused. CheckMyFile has my score with Equifax at 545. I am waiting for reports from Experian & Callcredit. Currently my report show's me up to date with Vodafone, Capital One CC, a new Capital One CC approved in the last couple of weeks, and no problems with my bank acc's, all this with no payments missed. It also shows one of my old debts with Northern Rock as 'arrangement to pay' but settled last year. Lastly it shows a settled loan with Co-Operative & a settled utility with BT. I am on the electoral register, havn't moved for 19 years so all good there. My red bits in Equifax score is the one default which reports an unpaid amount of £2200. This is all paid & done with & as of thursday no longer a part of my history, so should I expect to see a big improvement in my score? Many thanks in advance
  11. Hi, If somebody can help me that would be great,my issue is with Equifax. They have an account on my report which is in default with one company and then the same account is settled with another company. My question is should this be adjusted to show as settled on both and if so why would it have not been done? I have sent an email via their own ask a question site but everything seems to be "28 days" Thanks Graham
  12. Hi All, I'm having an issue with Equifax. I have access to their services with my Capital One card - and upon viewing my credit card I get a bit red "WARNING" and my "Credit Accounts" section is red. However - there's no defaults, no ccjs - no problems at all. On the phone they said everything is in good standing with my accounts, and the warning should not be displayed - however they can't do anything and I'd need to email them. When they replied to my email, they said there's nothing they can do - they cannot tell me what's causing it, they cannot remove/change it, and they cannot tell me how they come to the decision. They told me that the "warning" isn't given to lenders. However - my problem is - something on my credit report must have triggered their warning - and that something is also going to be given, in it's same status, to lenders. And Equifax don't seem to want to tell me what's causing it, nor are they willing to change it - they're essentially telling me to "ignore" it. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks!
  13. So I want my Equifax credit report because according to checkmyfile.com, it is still displaying an account that should have stopped reporting in October 2012. Online I complete the application form and at the end I do not get my CR but instead, please call this number (0844...) to complete your order. I call it in all innocence and am connected to a Rep who wants to 'check' all my details including asking for the answer to my "secret question". So I decide to ask where the Rep is based and she says somewhere in Asia (I get this after several attempts). I cancelled the order. Firstly - I did not have this hassle registering with Experian. Second, I will not give out that information to someone based outside the UK. Sort yourselves out.
  14. Hi, I need some advice Please! I have joinedEquifax and run myself a Credit Report. The Credit Report came back with two problems. 1. Iam currently not on the Electoral Roll. Very easy to fix with the council. 2. A“Date Last Delinquent” on my mortgagefor earlier this year. The problemis the “Date Last Delinquent” has just lost me my dream job! I contacted the bank about this “Date Last Delinquent” entry as I was unawareof a default on my mortgage. I have a Virgin One Account which they cap at aset time of year. At the cap time I amsupposed to have paid enough money to cover the years caped amount. Well lastyear was tuff work wise and we came to an agreement based on my work load thatwe would catch up by April this year. I am a contractor and I had two contractscancelled on me at the start of the year. So I could not meet the deadline of April.I contacted the bank and extended the facility to give me more time to get upto date. I am now currently a year in advance of my payment schedule. I never missed a monthly Mortgage payment and had an arrangement with thebank. But they have told me that because the money was outstanding for over xxdays they report this as a “Date Last Delinquent”. Can I get this removed? How do I get it removed? This really lost me my dream job I am gutted. Designtime
  15. well good morning all. just got up and found out i've got an alert from Equifax. so i logged in to find that Capital one have done a search on my file , shock horror, fire and brimstone the little b****** . why am i so upset the answer is I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM OR ASKED FOR ONE. so my question is how do i get this search removed as i've not given them permission to search my file. thanks
  16. Hi, this is my first post. I have a 4 old style student loans (pre-98) which I was served a Default Notice in 2003 which covers all 4 (I still have the original notice). However on recently checking my credit report Link Financial have noted a default on my record with a date of 11/07/2009. Should this date not record the date the original default was registered? if so, how do I go about getting this changed? Thanks for any advice.
  17. So I have checked my credit file today and it shows a few settled accounts like old store cards etc. Can I have these removed from my credit file and will it aid in improving my credit score? I have a total of 7 "settled" accounts on file from a mobile phone contracts to store cards etc.
  18. After a long time of getting my credit record completly squeaky clean (999 rating on experian) I discovered tonight that on equifax, my credit record has been totally trashed. There's two problems. First one there is a CCJ at an address that has been incorrectly linked to me and is in my name. It's a long story and there's a thread in legal issues about it. Basically I have had a long running saga with a DCA who pulled a dirty stunt, by issuing court proceedings at an address I dont live at. As a result I got a CCJ at this address as I was unable to defend this claim due to not knowing about it. However I am in the process of having it set aside. However due to the DCA searches, I am now linked to that address. One thing to make clear, this is not a previous address, it is an address I have no connection with either past or present. Is there anyway I can get this link removed ? On experian I'm not linked and have a perfect score as a result. The second Issue I have which is trashing my record is that I have had 25 credit searches in the past 6 months. Half appear as credit searches and half as standard/unclassified searches most done by DCA's. i think they were warming up for screwing me up in court by making sure I didnt live at the address they suppplied to the court. I didn't give these DCA's permission to search my records, I know that a creditor or owner of a debt can do it, however these DCA's didnt own the debt in question, they were chasing on behalf of another DCA. is there any action I can do to remove these aswell ?
  19. Hi all. I've just been checking my credit reports with experian and equifax. On my equifax and experian report, they state the 1 CCJ i have plus the 2 defaults that expire in Jan next year ( maybe earlier. Sorry, originally put the wrong expiry date). However on my Equifax report, there is a new CCJ that dates from 03/10/2008 on an address that i havent lived at since september 2001. There arent even any records of any defaults on my file relating to this. Just a CCJ. How do i go about finding out who this CCJ is from and getting it removed? I've been to Trust Online but it only gives a very simplistic overview. The same as i can see on my credit report. My experian report says my credit score is fair to good, while my equifax report says it is very poor. Can it be removed because it was served at an address which ive had no connection and have not lived at since 2001? I would like to clean this up as soon as possible as myself and my family were planning on purchasing a new car later this year and with the status of this entry, it will be hard for us, unless we pay it outright.
  20. Hi there, im new to this site but im hoping someone out there can help. A good number of years ago i took a loan out through Capital Bank for a car purchase. Months into the agreement the car was involved in an accident and was written off. Due to the fact i needed a car for my work i took out a second loan after being advised that the insurance payout would be prompt. However it took alot longer than expected and as i was then forced to make payments for two loans i defaulted on the original. A creditor was then issued to my account, ZINC Group LTD. I set up an agreed payment plan with them, i made the first two payments and then i received my insurance payout and cleared the remaining balance. This was in October 2009. In Januray 2010 i received a letter from a different creditor stating i still owed an outstanding balance to Capital Bank, a balance which matched the total figure that i had paid to Zinc. So i contacted Zinc and after many emails back and forth i then received a confirmation email from a Mr D Mcmanus, a director at Zinc, saying the debt had been cleared. I then contacted Capital Bank and forwarded the email to them. They told me they had still not received a penny from Zinc however this email cleared me of any liability for the debt. So i though that was that.....how wrong could i have been. This week i applied for a loan with my bank only to be turned down immediately. They could not give me an explanation for the refusal so advised me to look at my credit file. So i opened up an account with Equifax and i thought all looked fine, until alarmingly i noticed that there is a debt showing as outstanding with a creditor called Hillesden Securities for the same figure that i thought was cleared over two years ago with Zinc. I have tried to contact Hillesden to get an explanation of the debt but there is no answer on the phone, i have emailed Equifax asking for help but have had no responce. So i have come to this forum to seek help and advice as to what i can do. I have bank statements showing the payments and i still have the email from Zinc stating that the debt was clear so surely that is enough to prove the payments were made? What can i do to clear my name and clear this debt from my file? Shall i contact my bank and put it down as fraud? I really dont know what to do. This is deeply upsetting and im running out of options so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Hi, Just obtained all my credit reports as needed to check everything is in order for future house purchase.All is well with Experian and Equifax, however I have found a CCJ in 2008 from Callcredit which has alarmed me. I think I know what it relates to - management fees for a property I own were late a few years ago but I did pay them off in full and still do (the property is now rented out). However I never received any letters regarding the CCJ. Also, interestingly, the CCJ on my Callcredit file has an incorrect postcode, the rest of the address is correct. e.g. the property address I lived at is 42 coronation street, LS3 3WJ, and the CCJ says 42 coronation street, LS3 3NN. This probably explains why I never received any documentation about the CCJ. The CCJ bothers me and I would like to get it removed, but I will be applying for a mortgage soon and wondering will mortgage lenders even check with Callcredit, as I thought they only check Experian and Equifax ? Im wondering if I started disputing this CCJ if it would trigger some sort of alert and maybe end up with the CCJ showing on my Experian and Equifax reports, which I really dont want. Im just wondering if its best to leave chasing the Callcredit CCJ until after I have got my mortgage taken out, as I dont think lenders check Callcredit ?
  22. Hi I'm wanting to find out if I can get a default removed from my file earlier than the 6 years? I defaulted on a Next account about 3 years ago whilst I was away travelling. The account has been paid & is now closed. I've written to Next to request the default be removed (as I heard this is an option) but I've had no reply. I'm wondering if this is something I can request? Thanks
  23. I am on protection from cifas someone is using my name (they cannot spell my surname right) also my email was wrong too is that a victim of fraud? VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES (i dont drive, their have my email address is wrong ) martin knows my email address and all site team has got it) LEEDS BUILDING SOCIETY (same as above) SHOP DIRECT FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED (same as above.
  24. HI , wonder if anyone can help i enclose word doc ref my problem i had a few problems back in 2000 and went on payment plan and paid every month without fail on one of my debts CL Finance took over the debt and i paid them monthly as well but having checked my credit file they have marked it down as no 6 say 6 payments missed but i didnt this is affecting my file can i get it removed as they have not put down the right information . any help on this please Credit Card.doc
  25. I'm absolutely gutted! I don't have any unpaid bills for at least 20yrs, however I've been turned by T-Mobile. I've requested Experian reports last night so I'm waiting, Equifax supposed to be instant have not yet given me a report since I've registered last night saying they need to contact me?! I'm a bit flabbergasted to say the least, turned down by a mobile company...for a paltry £600 over 18 months! Help & suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks.
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