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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Team, I would very much appreciate your help and guidance with a recent issue I have encountered with Currys PC World. It's worth me noting that this is the first ever bout of shock and anguish that I've experienced with any retailer, and as such, it's fair to say that I was/am naive and did not really believe that such a huge company would treat me this poorly, to the point where I am genuinely questioning whether it is corrupt at its core. I purchased a monitor on 07/02/2022 from Currys online (worth noting that this is an "online only" product which I believe Currys buy from a third party and deliver directly to me, with Currys acting as the "middle man"). At point of order, their website at checkout stated I would receive the item next day if ordered before 12pm. I made it just in time and paid the 'express delivery' charge, but, the Currys order confirmation email stated an expected delivery date of 09/02/2022. The monitor arrives on 09/02/2022 (a day late as far as I'm concerned, as their website promised next day before I placed the order). After it is delivered I notice damage to the side of the box, a tear, about 20cm long. There was also minor damage to the polystyrene inside of the box consistent with the position of the damage to the outside of the box. It seemed most likely to me that something had been dropped on it during transit, but unfortunately I only noticed once the item had been delivered. I proceed to take a few photos (nothing too comprehensive as I never imagined I would be fighting this hard for a refund). I always thought it was commonplace for a retailer to refund you or issue a replacement the moment the faulty goods are collected. Clearly not with Currys. The monitor did not appear to have any physical damage, as the side of the box that was damaged was not the screen side. 10/02/2022 I proceed to set the monitor up, and notice a large shadow/discolouration down one of the side of the screen when it's switched on. I call Currys Technical Department, mention the packaging damage, confirm the product to be faulty, and am transferred to the Online Team to arrange a collection. The collection is subsequently arranged by Currys through DPD for 14/02/2022. Though, I had to call back on the 11/02/2022 because the first person I spoke to did not arrange the collection properly. That same day (11/02/2022) I log a complaint via Resolver tool over the situation with the delivery, damage to the packaging, webchat experience, etc, and all I really wanted at that point was a replacement to be sent out to me right away. If anyone is interested, an active e-mail address to log a complaint with Currys is: [email protected] DPD arrive as expected on 14/02/2022, collect the parcel, providing their own label/sticker which I assume is generated through their affiliation with Currys. He took photo evidence which clearly shows the product has been collected, which I have saved a copy of. 16/02/2022 the item was delivered successfully (according to DPD tracking). However, after multiple e-mails back and forth with Currys they have now advised me (on 24/02/2022) that the item is "lost in transit" and are withholding my money while an investigation is completed. I am told this can take up to 14 days. I am suspecting that the item was returned to whichever supplier they used, as opposed to Currys own warehouse/premises. Though this is purely speculation as I did not have sight of the delivery address, this was organised through DPD who labelled the return package at my door. Through frustration, I went militant on Twitter and in my complaint citing The Consumer Rights Act 2015, and insisted that my contract remains with Currys PC World as the retailer. It is their responsibility to resolve my complaint in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This also applies to any dispute Currys may have with the courier. Any third party supplier Currys have used is completely irrelevant to my refund, as again, my contract is with Currys. I have also made it very clear that I am now rejecting any notion of a repair/replacement and would like to exercise my right to a full refund for faulty goods returned within 30 days. In fact, the goods were returned well within 14 days. I paid on a credit card, though sadly (as this a whole new world to me) it was through PayPal. So although the transaction is for the full amount of the Currys order on my bank statement, it says PayPal and not Currys (I used the credit card as a payment method through PayPal, no PayPal balance was used). I am not sure if I can use my bank to raise a "chargeback" in this instance? Out of anger and frustration, I raised a PayPal dispute (24/02/2022) and submitted all evidence to them that I have (damage to box, product fault, collection pictures, return delivery confirmation, and complaint case file containing all e-mail correspondence). I think that covers everything! Any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated and I apologise if any "consumer rights" I have cited are non-factual. If I get my crystal ball out and put myself in the shoes of a crook, does it really seem that farfetched that they will miraculously "find" the parcel, potentially create damage to the packaging and/or product, and try to pin that on me? I am seriously wondering what lengths they will go to as the customer service I have received from them really should be criminal. Do they have the right to withhold my money whilst they "investigate"? Or is this a grey area within consumer law? If PayPal fail me, can I claim through my bank against PayPal, as they are showing on my statement? If so, how long do I have to put this in motion? Is there anything else I should be doing, or perhaps I have done too much too soon? Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great weekend.
  2. Once upon a time I had an issue with Currys and the purchase of a washing machine Hadn't realised it was 6 years ago! Anyway, back to the point. Much against my better judgement and only because they were the only ones who could deliver (allegedly) before Xmas, I bought a dishwasher from them. Amazingly it arrived on time the first time, and was installed. I wasn't present and it never occurred to my deputy to get them to turn it on so of course when I did there was a fault. 3 hours on the phone with the manufacturer's technical team failed to resolve it so we reluctantly accepted it would have to be returned. If you've ever had to return a large item to Currys you'll know they still do the 'contact the manufacturer for authority' thing even though they must know how wrong that is. I argued with them, they backed down and agreed to collect. Driver turned up on time, took one look and refused to take it because it hadn't been disconnected. Nowhere in the paperwork does it say the machine must be disconnected prior to collection and it never occurred to me that it would need to be since it's being returned as faulty and Curry's installed it. Back to Live Chat. They can do nothing until the driver returns to depot and updates the system, which will be after 6 this evening, so they gave me 3 different phone numbers for customer services/know how. Every one of them gets a recorded message then cuts off. Currently chatting with Team KnowHow on Twitter, and I hope they can resolve it because the replacement (from a different retailer, whom I really should have used in the first place) is arriving on Monday and there isn't space to store faulty dishwashers pending collection, not to mention the fact that I'm over £500 down until it's back at their warehouse and I get my refund. Basically writing this to encourage early action on the part of Currys as they'll see that I will follow through right to Court if necessary if they mess me about any more.
  3. 1ST PRIZE for WORST EVER CUSTOMER SERVICES they are deliberately breaking items then sending them back refusing to repair due to physical damage (they have done deliberately) which voids any warranty, make sure to take pictures of any goods you send for repair, they will break them and blame you for the damage, be warned that if you need to phone them then it might be a good idea to make yourself a pack up and flask of tea as your in for a long wait, oh and don't give up when they deliberately cut you off 3 or 4 times , don't believe them if they tell you you will receive a phone call from them soon ,, they never ring back,
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