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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All, I have tried to do some research on this but I have found this forum and hope you can help. I came back from holiday yesterday and have received a Unpaid Traffic Penalty Charge.. The offence was dated 11/07/2018 and the Date of issue for the certificate was 04/09/2018.. The letter states the following it says that I have lost the right to appeal to either the council or to the TPT and they have increased the penalty charge.. Now I did make this turn as I was following the Satnav.. didn't see a sign.. I have checked google maps and it is signed.. What I am looking for advice on is that this letter I received was the 1st communication that I have received about this offence.. I have had nothing previously about this.. The letter has come just shy of 2 months after the offence date and they are saying that my charge has increased and I have lost the right to appeal.. even though this is the 1st letter I have received... Does anyone know where I stand with this? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello hope you are well? I just received a PCN from Brent council for violating a no right turn, unfortunately I followed my satnav and turned right but I never saw the sign on the pavement. My question is that the spelling of the road is wrong on the PCN notice, does this mean I have grounds to appeal? Thanks. Kind regards Ummi
  3. Hi. I hope someone can help me. My wife received a PCN 50R for tuning into a right hand turn whre there is a No Right turn sign. The sign is beyond the turning though so you don’t see it until you are actually on the turn or performing the turn. Does anyone think this is wrong and can help with stuff please? Thanks in advance. PCN1 is in advance on the right hand turn and PCN2 is almost on top of it. You can see in PCN1 that the bus obscures the sign. Andy
  4. Hi all, I need your urgent advice. I performed a right turn at a point of the road where it turns out I wasn't allowed to. The big grievance I have about this is that I actually looked carefully before making the right turn to see if there were any signs and I couldn't see any! In the absence of any signs I assumed it was OK to take a right turn. Few days later I received a PCN from Transport for London alleging a 50R contravention. I went on Google Maps to see if there were any signs that I could have missed. After a few minutes of looking on Google Maps Street View I managed to spot a No-Right-Turn sign on the left hand-side of the road. This sign must have been concealed by a bus or another tall vehicle, as I could swear I looked around very carefully! And I have to admit, this sign is placed somewhere I would have least likely expected it! Have a look on the Google Maps here: http://goo.gl/maps/LEyUu (bear in mind, I was in the right lane) Below is the PCN I received (with personal details hidden). You'll note that the date of the letter is 4 Dec which means I only really have 1 day left to either pay the discounted £65 fine or lodge representation. So your early response on this is very much appreciated. Another question while at it: if I make a representation, does this mean I lose the right to pay the discounted £65 penalty should my representation not be upheld eventually? Page 1: Page 2: - here, on the second picture, my car is the black one to the right of the white van and the sign is just to the left of the van. Page 3:
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