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  1. Fredrickson international started hassling me about a week ago via text , calls ect, over a £400 dept to nationwide, today they phoned my employer, causing me no end of problems, I have a meeting with my line manager later today, I have written to them, saying I will only deal with them in writing, I asked for a means test form, as I am a single dad living in a rented furnished property , after my wife kicked us out, please can anyone advies me what to do, before I lose my job. Thank,s
  2. I really don't understand this section of the ACT 19 Worker subjected to detriment by co-worker or agent of employer “(1A)A worker (“W”) has the right not to be subjected to any detriment by any act, or any deliberate failure to act, done— (b)by an agent of W’s employer with the employer’s authority, Let me paint two scenarios so you understand my question Scene 1: A worker makes a protected disclosure, the worker's employer sends an agent to act in a detrimental manner to the worker Scene 2: A worker makes a protected disclosure, the employer's
  3. Hi, Looking for some advice if possible My partner and i recently went through the process of trying to get a mortgage. After providing all our financial details to the Mortgage advisor his view was we would only qualify for a Mortgage with a high risk lender such as Kensington which I will not entertain. Reasons are: - My partner is in a debt management plan with Step Change, any reputable lender will be put off by this. - All but one of the debts in the plan are over 6 years old so do not show on her credit file - The only debt that is less than 6 years happens to be th
  4. Post for a friend Letter from Mortimer Clarke concerning a CCJ issued in July 2017. Please fill out this I&E form within 14 days otherwise instructed to life the stay and request payment of £50 per month. No CCJ on credit report. Requested copy of CCJ. Defaulted back in March 2011. 1st letter knowing about CCJ. My question is does sending stat dec as never received the CCJ paperwork and couldent defend claim, where does it reset it to? Does it take all the way back to 2011 so debt would be SBd now or to the original court date in 2013 and debt not Sbd?
  5. CAG Newsletter - October 2010 01 -October 2010 Newsletter.pdf CAG Newsletter - November 2010 02 - November 2010 Newsletter.pdf CAG Newsletter - December 2010 03 - December 2010 Newsletter.pdf
  6. Morning Caggers, Received a letter from BW Legal yesterday re an alleged parking offence at an Excel car park dating back to 2013!! The Excel parking letter is stating that "Your account has been passed to our legal team" BW Legal have said the following: Contravention Description: Parking without displaying a valid ticket/permit Contravention Location: Peel Centre, Stockport Anpr Charging Scheme Std (60-100) "We have been instructed by Excel Parking Services Ltd in relation to the Balance Due for the above PCN. For the avoidance of doubt, the Balance Due inclu
  7. Hi guys. Here is an interesting one for you that I would appreciate any help in clarifying. In short, I purchased a buy-it-now item on Ebay. The seller is a business. Before I paid the seller contacted me to increase the cost of the postage (I do not live in Highlands or anywhere like that). I did not agree with this and when he followed up with a rude message, I chose to not proceed. So, I messaged the seller and politely told them I would not proceed and requested they simply cancel the sale. They refused. They then re-listed the item immediately AND subsequently opened a non-payi
  8. Hi Been working now since mid 2013 and still with the same company enjoying work and making good money Back in 2013 i came out of work and got greedy with money went down the stupid route of borrowing money from Wage day advance i borrowed £130 in total and with being out of work stupidly didnt pay it back after forgeting about the debt and settling things like overdrafts and other stupid little things i finally got back on my feet slowly improved my credit and things was going well. The other month got a letter from this WDA requesting i pay back £290 i emailed
  9. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/65567/best-car-insurance-companies-2013 I'll add my own experiences with swiftcover through and beyond this period start 2013 - start 2015 It was initially very difficult to contact them if you had doubts or problems with 'self management' at the start, but by the end of my time with them, the email contact had improved massively and the responses were good rather than just a response referring you to the premium rate number as it was at the start. The self management online changing of features/cars was effective and penalty/charge free
  10. In April 2014, significant changes were made to the way in which bailiffs can enforce debts. Most importantly, the fees that can be charged are fixed and transparent. The following page is an overview of the new regulations. Terminology The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 modernise terminology. The terms levy, distress or distrain are now known as the process of ‘taking control of goods’. A walking possession agreement is now called a Controlled Goods Agreement and bailiffs are now known as enforcement agents (although they can still be referred to as bailiffs). Warr
  11. Good morning - I wondered if anyone could help me. My live in partner received a Notice of Enforcement from Jacobs Enforcement Agents yesterday for an upaid Borough Council parking ticket on 31.5.13 with the total sum being £157 (£82 debt and £75 compliance stage fee). She has until 6pm on 27/08/15 to pay. That is the first notification she has had in relation to a PCN and the problem is that her car was still registered to her old address in early 2013 as obviously all the paperwork was sent there. She maintains she never received a ticket on her windscreen and would have paid it a
  12. Hi, i wonder if anybody can give me some advice.. I have just gone through a credit reference check to rent a house, i have done this before without any issue and even had a mortgage approved so my finances are good (988 score on experian!) . I work full time and have always paid my bills, i have no overdraft or credit cards. The letting agent flagged up a CCJ on my account from 07/06/2013 which was filed by Npower for £2,185. I moved out of this property on 01/03/2012 after only living there for 12 months. I worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and for the last 3 months i bare
  13. I am not clear on some aspects of the regulations and placing a deposit on an item at a show where the business has a temporary stall i.e. NEC show. If we place a desposit for instance on a caravan and then change our minds later i.e. 10 days later, are we entitled to our full desposit back as the caravan has not been delivered and is not even built and we have paid over £100 deposit using a credit card? Secondly, if I place a deposit and the caravan is built and delivered to the dealership, but before I take delivery, there is a change in circumstances and we need to cancel the order, can
  14. Hello everyone im looking for a little help if possible please ive just been declined for a mortgage and after checking all 3 credit reports there is 1 debt and default listed from Vodafone Ltd Gemini on all reports from 2013 for £852 its still listed at my previous address and i have no idea why its showing on my file as defaulted i closed the account fully down before moving abroad due to family problems. They were fully notified along with every other company and paid the early settlement figure over the phone. I have been in contact
  15. Hi, Any advice really appreciated. I moved into a flat in June 2013 with a prepayment meter. I told EON and they sent me a new keycard. I used the card to top up at local newsagents every time I needed electricity. I moved out the flat in June 2014 after a 12 month tenancy. All good with the landlord, agent, council tax, etc. Now July 2015 I've had a snotty phone call from EON saying I owe them £250 in unpaid electricity. I've checked my online account with them from my time in that flat, and sure enough if shows unpaid £250. I'm min
  16. Hi i have been trying to find the actual legislation allowing taxpayers the right to choose to pay over 12 months instead of 10 if you notify your local authority before the start of the financial year. does anyone know what regs this ruling comes under? i want to be able to quote it in correspondence to my LA who are blatantly ignoring my right to make this choice myself. they are operating on the old system whereby they use their discretion as to whether or not you are allowed the 12 month method.
  17. Hi My partner recieved a parking fine from UKCPS. Im not sure if it was left on the car or just came through by post. But this was back in Feb 2013. I advised her to ignore as it was what i thought was not enforceable. We had parked at a local retail park where there is no charge. I think we may have parked in parent and child bay whilst running into Boots for some medicine. The woman who was employed at the time by UKCPS took photos of the inside of our car without us in it. She was so close to our car she may even have touched it. Anyway, i advised to not pay as no money had been lost b
  18. Hi All In July 2007 During my time at HBOS I became severely ill with encephalitis (similar to meningitis) which left me disabled and stuttered and completely inaudible amongst other symptoms. As a result In 2008 I was let go by HBOS after 8 months of SSP - due to my long term sickness. Unsecured loan 1 - From HBOS - £5000 (New Car) 2007 unsecured loan from HBOS - last payment must have been Late 2007 early 2008. I applied under my PPI insurance during the first few months of my illness and I believed that was that. as I dont remember much of the following 2 years as I fell
  19. Hello I am helping a friend who would like to go to university next year. She moved with her parents from Romania to England in Feb 2013 and is currently at school doing second year at sixth form and will take A levels next summer. Is she eligible for a student loan and maintenance grant if she starts at university in England in 2015, or does she have to have lived in England for 3 years? If there is a 3 year requirement then presumably she just needs to wait a year and go in 2016? Anyone know if Romania offers any financial support for its citizens going to University out
  20. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/39367 Child Support Agency overhaul needed for sake of children and non-resident parents Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions The current legislation for the CSA doesn't allow for living costs of the non resident parent. I've argued this point many times over the phone with the CSA who are not interested in the devastating consequences this can have for the children or as in most cases, the father as a result of this shockingly awful government agency. This agency needs a serious overhaul and n
  21. hi cliam form sent nov 12 2013 dwp got it atos got it 5 dec 2013 no news at all m p has witten one month ago she still not heard anything back from them either is this a record
  22. Hi There People Does anybody know of the difference between the "White Book 2013" and "White Book 2014" All I can come up with is this link from the Justice website; http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil Is a "White Book 2013" still in use in the County Court ?
  23. For at least six years an individual (known to many on here) has posted on various websites (including this one) claims that debtors are not liable to pay bailiff/enforcement agent fees when enforcing unpaid Magistrate Court FINES. Furthermore, since 2007 that individual would advise debtors to pay the amount of the fine only in CASH into the ATM 'Drop Box' in the Magistrate Court foyer in the mistaken belief that the distress warrant would be 'expunged' or 'revoked'. In 2012 the individual took over a small 'advice forum' and since that time he has continued to provide the above 'advi
  24. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?421564-I.C.O.-inform-us-what-we-knew-already-lenders-rank-highest-for-DSAR-complaints
  25. I work in a small garage who own several company cars. We are allowed to use these cars to pick up customers etc., On 10 April 2013, one of the company car was photographed doing 35 mph on a 30 mph limit area. The following week, a Notice of Intended Prosecution was received. As the owner cannot identify who the driver was, he requested further information. A couple of letters were exchange in the ensuring two months. At the end of October 2013, the Garage received a Summon to appear at the Magistration Court. The owner pleaded not guilty on the provided form. Now a hearing date has bee
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