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  1. My OH has a repayment plan with this lot and continues to get reduced offer request letters on a monthly basis. a recent payment was missed due to a banking error she received an e-mail (they do not have our phone details as refused this in writing) from 1st Credit advising and that she was to contact them to reset payment plan. She made an on-line payment and sent an e-mail advising this and that all will be in order going forward. Today she has received another e-mail confirming that arrangement as been reset and she will receive a letter to confirm this. They are now also requesting a financial statement, proof of income, payslips to support the repayment offer. Now my questions are, is she obliged to do this or is there a template letter to respond to their request ? Should she also be requesting, CCA details, a notice of assignment details and copy of statements to check that payments are being deducted from the outstanding balance ? If so in which order ? It now transpires that the card was originally opened in 1991 transferred to another in 1995 then to the current account number in 1996. The account was then defaulted in March 2006 due to financial issues. Thank you
  2. Hi hi Sorry don't know if its right tread I had a 2004 1st national loan, ( which back then belonged to ge money), and even with the original paperwork, and after been sent/forward to santander as they seemed to have bought they portfolio, and after getting an answer the account is too old we dont have the data anymore- even though I sent them a copy of original loan agreement, I try through FOS, which also said they were in favor of the ;ender, |I just felt so discouraged that I just quit, this was over 18 months ago, is there anything I can still do? Many thanks
  3. This happened on June 19th, I was caught abusing a loophole in the self checkout where I scanned cheaper items to put in heavier, more expensive items down. I had being doing this for a while quite often, but didn't take anything of high value, just food on my lunch breaks. When I was caught, they said they were on to me for the past couple months. I had visited the Tesco only 2 to 3 times a week and at odd times during lunch (could be from 12pm to 2pm) and not everytime I did this, sometimes paying for a bag of crisps, etc. The thing is, the security guard didn't even pull me into their office, he took me to the side and gotten my personal details and didn't even bother calling the police because what I took that day was such a low value. Told me I would receive a letter telling me what action they will take in 2 weeks or so. Just got down my details from my drivers license, paid for what I had taken on that occasion, didn't take a photo of me and said I'm banned from the store. Did not mention civil recovery action. He said it's likely the head office will review the CCTV footage of previous times I went in and will probably take it to the police. I immediately wrote a letter to the store manager and head office, showing deep remorse and apologised, in which the customer service manager replied with a letter thanking me, but not saying what actions the head office will take due to data privacy laws. Not heard anything from the store itself. I was expecting this to trigger a DWF letter to pressure fines on me, but it has almost been 3 months and haven't heard anything else, other than that one letter so it's making me so anxious and worried. If it's taking so long, is it likely the are building a case and the police are getting involved? Or were they pressuring me into not going in again and have just left it at that? Or should I expect a late DWF letter and nothing else? Does it take multiple months to see one of these letters? People have said they're letting me sweat it: it's too much time to sit through hours of CCTV to see what I had took of relatively low value and it would not be cost effective to involve the police, but still a possibility, or it could have even been forgotten about. I have been told it might be sitting in a pile with others, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have received DWF / RLP letters relatively quick. Someone else had even told me there won't be any complicated background police investigation and my punishment would be very minor if I was to receive one, but I am still unsure and very very worried about it still, I stress about it often. I had also been told waiting this long could have potentially harmed any chances of a case, since it would have been proceeded with sooner after the incident? Would they still hold onto CCTV from April to June?
  4. Hello, I am in the process of trying to sort out my partners finances. He has several debts but I will post them in different threads. The first is 1st Credit and HSBC. I thought it was a credit card so sent off a CCA request to which he got a fairly standard reply that they were sorry he has a dispute and they would contact the original company for more information. Fast forward about three weeks and he received a package of papers containing a covering letter saying that debt relates to an overdraft and is therefore exempt from Part V of the Consumer Credit Act 1974; a facility letter; default terms and conditions (dated 2014) and a load of statements. I know I did the wrong thing by using a CCA request. Anything I can do to rectify the situation now?
  5. Charity Commission orders military charity to wind up - 1st Knight Military Charity READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-orders-military-charity-to-wind-up
  6. Hi Received letter from DRP (Debt Recovery Plus) to pay £160 for unpaid PCN from 14.4.18. I've never received a PCN from UK Car Park Management Ltd before, so this is the 1st time I've seen anything! Just called DRP to get more info - they have photos, say I exceeded maximum stay (or may not have paid). I remember being surprised on the day that it has changed at Brighton Met College to the new system, lots of people that day had confusion, couldn't pay by phone (there's no cash option) or was told carpark full, which it clearly wasn't. I have phone record on that day, but that's all but think we may have had similar situation where it said full and we put notice in the windscreen to say this. They asked if I moved recently - I did in Oct, but did update my address with DVLA, etc. Again this is the 1st I'm hearing from them. They just said on the phone I have no right to appeal or dispute, to pay £160 or further action! Any advice would be appreciated - should I ignore, should I contact UK Car Park Management directly instead...? Many thanks,
  7. hi, I have a 'Simply Be' account with JD Williams which has been repaid at a reduced (interest and charge free rate) rate for the past 2 years or so, they agreed to this when we contacted them to say we were having financial troubles. I have repaid each month without fail i guess the debt isnt reducing fast enough for them as they appear to have recently sold the debt to '1st credit'. A letter arrived from 1st credit saying that they are now the legal owner etc and that payments are to go to them now. I don't want my credit rating to be affected and i know the debt is owed but can i make an offer to them to pay it off at a reduced lump sum or is it just best to pay as we have been? I hadn't heard of 1st credit so am a little wary of dealing with them, hopefully someone can advise. Thank you H
  8. Rent pressure zones READ MORE HERE: https://beta.gov.scot/policies/private-renting/rent-pressure-zones/ Please note this only affects 'Private Residential Tenancies' in Scotland Only Rent Pressure Zone Checker: https://www.mygov.scot/rent-pressure-zone-checker/
  9. Thank you very much indeed in advance for any help anyone could give me as I am VERY worried I am going to end up with a large bill / CCJ I have no way of paying. Completely out of the blue around 6 weeks ago I received a letter from "1st Credit " based in Reigate saying that they were going to apply for a " stay " to be removed on a court case for a debt they were chasing me for back in 2015. This relates to a credit card that I opened in Feb 2000 (!!) - the last payment towards the debt of £25.00 a month I paid back in Nov 2011 !!! 1st Credi thought the debt on 18th Nov 2013 and filed a claim against me around the end of 2014. I defended the claim and asked for a copy of the terms and conditions of the agreement , copy of the S76CCA 1974 termination notice , a copy of the default notice and finally copy of the legal deed to assign. Although I was under the impression I had successfully defended the claim it looks like it was just " stayed ' and 1st credit have now successfully lifted the " stay " and consequently I have been sent a " directions questionnaire " that needs to be filled out and a copy sent to 1st credit !!!! It also looks like 1st credit have managed to find term and conditions of the card , copy of the assignment , stament copies and also a print out of the debt - obviously it looks like they have added a " spiteful " amount of admin and obviously I shudder to think how much inters they will aadd on from nearly 20 years ago !!! Interestingly it looks like they haven't provided a copy of the default notice or termination notice that I asked for ?? My question is - firstly is there anything I can do - is there other information they SHOULD have given me and haven't - also is it a legal requirement that they give me this documentation when chasing the debt and where is that stated ?? Apologies for such a long post but I really am worried - these companies really are incredible - they must have bought this debt fo net to nothing and are clearly determined !!! Once again many thanks indeed for any help / advice.
  10. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them explaining the debt was not with them but the original Visa company. The last visa company (Mint), was offered £1500 in full and final payment around 5 years ago. They refused. The debt was for around £3300. He has then successfully negotiated a monthly direct debit payment of £5 (this is with the APR remaining at 0 (zero). He is 68 years old and his income is very low. He can only afford to pay £5 per month. He has explained to them over the 5 years what his income and outgoings are. His “spare” money only equates to £5.00 every month. They have accepted this until last month when he received a letter from Wescot. This letter informed him that they are happy to accept the £5.00 payments per month (for now). He has received a letter from Mint explaining all information regarding his account will be direct from Wescot. However, he has then received a Mint Visa bill requesting £1555.00 be paid immediately! This is obviously extremely worrying and I would like to know what is the best action to take. Do I contact Mint for him and explain that the debt is with Mint – no payments have been missed and their agreement of £5 per month has been broken (by them). Do I make contact with Wescot and inform them that I fully understand they have paid my fathers debt. I would greatly appreciate any help on this as he is looking to make contact this week if possible. Thank you Chris
  11. 1st credit.. Hi having problems with 1st credit. Back in 2010 sent a SARS request on an old Halifax account that they were claiming that my wife owed to them. This request was unanswered . Sent an unenforceable letter which was also unanswered. They then sold the alleged debt on. Sent them a letter stating that this alleged debt was unenforceable due to noncompliance of the SARS request and had no reply. Fast forward to a month or so ago when she received a bailiff letter for nearly double the alleged debt. Apparently she had been taken through Northampton court without her knowledge. And had failed to make payment on the judgment against her and had been taken back to court again without her knowledge and was now in the hands of the Bailiff to collect on the monies owed. She has contacted said bailiff and they have said that she must pay £255 to try to have the case set aside. Dose She have much of a case to have tis set aside or is it a waste of the £255 which is money that we cant really afford. It was unenforceable as no SARS It was status barred as over 6 years without any contact There was no notification of court action And the alleged debt is nearly twice what was originally owed Thanks in advance for any advice that would help .
  12. Hi, i have a halifax credit card (pre-2007) where i have issues regarding interest rates, currently with 1st credit. they've told me to write to halifax to request the documentation (original form) as they don't have it, and halifax say they don't either. at the moment, my account's on hold, but i wasn't sure if you give advice on pre-court issues....
  13. Hello all, I have received a claim from 1st Credit in regards to an alleged Lloyds TSB Loan. Unfortunately the claim form came whilst I was on Holiday and so I have missed the date in which to respond. As advised by your Set Aside section, I have contacted both the court, and their representative. Whilst it bugs me to pay the Application fee (as I had no chance to respond) I want to still defend this. So any advice will be appreciated. Just to advise, I have not sent any letters as of yet, however, I did a SARs a year or so ago and so have a lot of paperwork that may be helpful. Name of claimant: 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd. Date of issue: 03 Aug 2016 Date of acknowledgement was the 22nd, I never seen the letter until the 25th and logged straight into acknowledge but judgement had already be served (23rd). What is the claim: The claimant is the assignee of a Lloyds Bank PLC debt in the sum of xxxx assigned on the xx/11/15. The statutory notices were sent to the defendant. The debt is a loan account first opened by the original creditor on or about xx/xx/2010 under the reference xxxxx. The defendant used the credit facilities. On the xx/xx/2012 the account defaulted with an outstanding balance of xxxx. The claimant and its predecessors in title demanded repayment of the sum due. In breach of contract the defendant failed to repay the sums due. What is the value of the claim? around 9,000 including their costs and fees. Claim is for Loan and was entered into after 2007 It has been assigned and it is the 1st credit issuing the claim. I received a chasing letter from 1st credit advising that the debt had been assigned with a copy of an suspect notice of assignment from Lloyds TSB. The reason I say it is suspect is that the address has extra letters in, which are then replicated on the 1st Credit Letter - almost as it had been printed from the same details. These letter have never been on any letters from Lloyds. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor: Not that I can recall, I know I never received the annual letters for two years of so. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? I think these maybe the letters I refer to above. I never received for two years then they were sent. I do not have the date they were last sent but I can find out. Why did you cease payments? Serious debt issues, I lost job, and then went self employed, then had a knee operation. What was the date of your last payment? Nov 2011 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No I advised Lloyds numerous times I was struggling and in financial difficulties, but they kept hitting me with charges. Late payment, charges, then taking money from my overdraft, taking me over my planned O/D resulting in more charges. What you need to do now. I have a copy of the CCA - however, I am not sure on what information I should receive as part of this req I will Send a CPR31.14 request to the solicitor named on the claim form for copies of documents mentioned/implied within the claim form. Request 1 - Loans/Credit Cards Thanks in advance
  14. I had a Citi card which has been Opus for some time now. I have never had an Opus card but have just been paying of the old Citi balance. Due to an ongoing divorce I wrote to Opus asking for a reduction in my agreed monthly payment from £50 to £25 and they replied agreeing to this request. Since then they have twice threatened to default the account saying that I am not making the minimum monthly payment. However when I spoke to them yesterday they agreed that they have frozen interest and charges but were not able to tell me why I was not making the required payment when it is what they have agreed to in writing. The lady said I was in breach of some agreement I have never heard of. They are threatening a default and to sell the debt. What is the best form of response please.
  15. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/17-things-more-expensive-morning-10135391 1: Council tax - on average 4% 2: Water bills - 2% taking the average water bill to around £395.00 3: Prescription costs - increase of 20p from £8.40 to £8.60. 4: NHS Dental charges increased. 5: Cost of a 1st class stamp has increased by 1p from 64p to 65p and a small parcel by 5p from £3.35 to £3.60 6: The cost of a TV licence has gone up by £1.50 from £145.50 to £147.00 Other items include mobile phone bills, broadband bills (although I see that some package prices will come down thanks to OFCOM) Air passenger duty Electricity prices and Car tax rates (Vehicle Excise Duty) will also increase.
  16. I've just sent off (with the £10 postal order) a Formal DSAR request to 1st Crud. All info required to be supplied, including a signature was provided in my formal and detailed letter. I've just received one of their 'please fill out this 5 page form' before we are obliged to do anything, however I'm not happy with what they are requesting I provide. There is no way I am ever going to provide them a copy of my driving licence, or bank statements and I'm back on here for some advice. I've been completing DSAR requests for approx 10 years, and apart from (almost) starting legal action with BC whilst some have been a struggle to get all info from and in a timely manner most have been compliant and not made me jump through too many hoops. (Oh apart from the DWP completely ignoring me for over 2 months! Still ongoing - but I class them in a different category to the CC companies and DCAs etc). Have the rules changed? I am now legally obliged to provide any of the following on the attached picture? Considering I've lived at the same address for over 10 years, and they've contacted me for 3-4 different companies at this same address, and threatened legal action to me at the same address, and supplied alleged CCA agreements, I would think that they should be fairly confident of my identity? Can I take this route, or will they likely play up and delay provision even though I don't (I think) have to legally provide the documents they have requested I send? Thanks ME_TOO
  17. Having booked a 17 day Sydney 2 day hotel room only stay and 15 day NCL cruise of Austria and New Zealand for Nov 2017. As the tv presenters had stated if you want to add any extra days on please just call back after booking as we are travel agents also so will make sure you get the best price? We contacted Cruise 1st customer service to request a quotation to stay an extra three days earlier in our hotel and change our flights out date. The email reply I have received offered to change our flights for £100 each and the extra three days in the same holiday hotel would be for a room only deal £845 each making a total cost £945 each to extend our booked holiday by three days. I found this quote unbelievable and therefore went online putting the three extra dates in for the same Sydney hotel for the double room only quotation. It came back £625 for the room and not each. so a different of over £1000 from the Cruise 1st one. I contacted Cruise 1st C/S and was told in an email reply that is the price we were given by our suppliers Travel Cube and if you can get it cheaper then I suggest you just pay for us to alter your flights and book your own accommodation yourself as that is the best price we can get. I replied I would be reporting this to the Salford Trading Standards and their suppliers Travel Cube as I and many others I have told think there is no way this can be treated as a fair profit and has to be a customer rip off price as it is done to a large tv audience and many may thing that is the best price and pay it? I feel strongly about this so I have reported this to both Salford Trading Standards and Travel Cube who are both investigating I have been told and will be in touch in due course. i have been told since a £100 per return flight each alteration charge is too high as well and more than Emirates would charge Cruise 1st to do it, also Cruise 1st have told me there is no refund to cancel my transfer cost from the airport to the hotel if arriving three days earlier on a coach!!! After my last email threatening to contact trading standards and Travel Cube there has not been a reply from Cruise 1st. So I have joined this forum to make sure other UK wage earners and retired people wanting a cruise don't get ripped off if wanting extras added. Thank you all Soundguy
  18. Me again. Trying to sort out my partners debts. He's got a debt with Opus and is being chased by 1st Credit. Sent off a CCA request on 28 October on 21 November got a standard letter saying that they are aware a dispute/query has been raised and they would contact the original creditor in order to request any information they hold but it may take several weeks for them to gather this information. Can I presume that they haven't got the original CCA? I'm not going to suggest any response to them anyway. The other question is all correspondence goes to his parents house which he only goes to every couple of weeks. Is it safe to request that all correspondence is directed to his new address?
  19. Hi, I sent letters to Tesco Bank asking for debt validation, deed of assignment, proof of contract they have eventually after 4 months passed onto Moorcroft sent them letter 1 got this response? Questions I have is We received the instructions in good faith from the client/data controller - What document do they require to show the courts they are the data controller is this the deed of assignment? Original contract with our client? I thought it was an agreement? could I state i requested a contract not an agreement in court they failed to supply correct document? Protection from harassment act 1 (3) © what is this? Statements during the lifetime of the account? Does that qualify as a bill credits and debits and adjustments of account? Passing on account to other DCA's? If they do do they need to supply proof to the court they sold this debt on to someone else? Thanks.
  20. Firstly I would like to apologise if this information is already somewhere and I've missed it! I currently have the following defaults (shown on my credit report): - Lowell: £733 (Date of default 02/01/2013) - Lowell: £660 (Date of default: 28/02/2013) - 1st Credit (Finance) Limited: £ 904 (Date of default: 16/07/2013) I remember receiving a lot of discount letters in the past which I simply threw away, now however, I want to address the issue and finally get my credit score back into shape by settling them all. At the moment, I'm seeing a ton of different routes like stepchange, requesting CCAs etc - I'm just not sure where to begin and would really appreciate some guidance.
  21. 1st Credit were assigned a debt from AA Finance and I got papers from Northampton recently. My defence against this claim is as follows: 1. This account was defaulted on 13/10/2009 but I have no evidence of a: a. notice of default sums letter b. default notice letter c. failure to comply with a default notice letter. 2. My initial request in early 2010 for a copy of the signed credit agreement was unsuccessful. 3. To date I have been approached by the following about this alleged debt: a. Apex Credit Management – January 2010 b. IQOR Recovery Services – letter dated 22nd March 2010 offering a “substantial reduction”. c. Geoffrey Parker Bourne – letter dated 1st April 2010 d. Robinson Way – letter dated 11th August 2010 offering a repayment plan. e. Geoffrey Parker Bourne – letter dated 10th January 2011 f. Nelson Guest and Partners – letter dated 20th January 2012 g. Westcot Credit Services – letter dated 31st January 2012 h. Westcot Credit Services – letter dated 3rd February 2012 stating that all collection activities would be suspended while my queries about ownership of the alleged debt are being investigated. i. Blair Oliver Scott – letter dated 3rd March 2012. Each of these companies has chased payment - each time I have asked for proof of ownership of the debt and each time I have received nothing. Before the claimant is able to enforce this alleged debt, it is important for the following matters to be addressed: - Evidence that they own the debt (and an explanation of why their claim is more substantial than the other companies list above). - Evidence of a valid and signed credit agreement. - Evidence of a valid notice of default sums, default notice and failure to comply with default notice. Until such a time as the Claimant is able to address these matters, they are not entitled to pursue this matter. I got a response from 1st Credit on 20th August and enclosed was a notice of assignment (seems OK), a "true copy" of a credit agreement and a "template" default notice. The issues I could see are: 1. The credit agreement shows me as the party listed but shows my current address - at the time of the "agreement" (2007) I lived at a previous address. 2. The credit agreement has no signatures by me or them, no reference numbers and says that it is governed by Scottish Law (Bank of Scotland). 3. The default notice has all personal details blotted out and omits name, reference number, amounts, dates and there is no notice of default sums or failure to comply letters. They are threatening summary judgement if I don't pay up within 14 days, so any suggestions on how I should respond? Thanks, D
  22. Dorabell

    lloyds tsb

    Hi alli need your advice again please:) in april i requested a copy of cca this is what they sent i will post up it looks like they have passed it on to Allied International, i have received this card throu the post it was in a envelope i requested my S.A.R which i received last week all they have sent me is 5months of statements from may to september 03 on my credit file its showing number 6 and has not been updated for 2months any advice is most appriciated thank you:)
  23. Hi All, I'm new here and after reading so many helpful posts I was hoping someone could help me. I have received claim forms and wondering what to do next, please find the information I have completed below as I have filled out the questions asked: Name of the Claimant ? 1st Stop Recoveries Date of issue – 11th Feb 16 What is the claim for – 1.1st Stop Recoveries Ltd claim this amount in respect of an unpaid loan funded by Uncle Buck Ltd. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. 1st Stop Recoveries purchased this debt from Uncle Buck and subsequently sent a notice of assignment to the defendant to advise. 2.The defendant has failed to respond to any correspondence or communication from the Claimant this denying the Claimant any opportunity in assisting the Defendant in attempting to bring the matter to an amicable conclusion. What is the value of the claim? £493.88 + £35.00 - Court fee Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? A Payday loan When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. 1st Stop Recoveries Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I don't know, Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? I don't think so. Why did you cease payments? I don't believe any payment has been made at all. What was the date of your last payment? I'm unsure, sorry to be vague but I want to be as honest as I can and I don't know. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? I have been on my Uncle Buck account and it shows I owe £0.00. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? No. no default notice is showing from Uncle Buck, Plan deal collections or 1st stop recoveries at all. I have a noddle account and check this almost weekly and have also in the last 2 weeks got my experience credit report. There is no default showing for this amount or from these companies. It's was either over 6 years ago or I suspect it was maybe 2 years ago maximum. Definitely no default registered with these companies. Any help at all would be appreciated! I absolutely cannot get a CCJ and I haven't done anything yet apart from recieve the forms. They went to my parents house and I have only got them this morning, my time is running out and I am beginning to panic! Please help!
  24. Hello Please help me with this. I received this offer but went through many other topics and I'm worried that they can sell rest off balance to other company. I should go for that offer? Or I should ask for Full and Final?? Already send them email that I can afford 2,700. Thanks for any help 1st Credit Reference : 00000000 Original Creditor : Partner Finance Your Balance : £10,000.00 Dear EDITED , We would like to thank you for your continued commitment to paying down your debt and progressing towards your debt free day. To support you in becoming debt free sooner we are able to offer you a 70% discount by way of partial settlement as detailed below: Pay in August and we will write off 70% of your balance You Pay £3,000 You Save £7,000 If you clear your account by way of partial settlement any default that is registered in relation to this account would be updated to 'partially satisfied'. The outstanding balance will show as zero on your credit file and you will not be pursued for any remainder of the balance by 1st Credit or any other third party. Please be aware ‘partially satisfied’ may be considered less favourable than ‘fully satisfied’ by future providers of credit. If you wish to take advantage of this offer you can follow the step by step instructions at our website to make a secure online payment. This offer is open until 31st August 2016. Discount offers (as detailed above) apply on a first come first served basis and may be withdrawn at any time. If you are not in a position to take advantage of this offer we will continue to accept your agreed instalments. If this is the case a response to this email is not required. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can receive free independent debt advice by contacting one of the following organisations: Step Change (0800 138 1111) National Debtline (0808 808 4000) Your local Citizens Advice Bureau Should you have any questions please respond to this email, or for immediate assistance, contact a member of our team on 01737 237 370 during our opening hours of Monday to Friday 8:00am-8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-1:30pm. Yours sincerely,
  25. I was on a private road which goes to Hayes station. There was a lorry infront of me turning, blocking g the road, so I stopped and let my wife out, turned round and went, instead of waiting to use a parking bay. The images sent to me are two mono 2 x 3.5 cm. The car in the picture is only 4mm's wide. Nothing on the vehicle is identifiable. SOME WORDING FROM THE PCN 0n 30/10/15 when this vehicle was packed in a manner whereby the driver agreed to pay a charge: " parking outside a marked bay / on restricted roadway / landscaped / paved area or causing an obstruction or inconvenience to others," - The signage in the area is clear and concise. Time stamp for my offence is one time only, does not state a period. No VAT registered details, or VAT breakdown of payment. The height of the text maximum on the signs is 1.5cm's. They are not lit at night.
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