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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've just received a very worrying letter from Drydensfairfax Solicitors telling me they will take me to court on behalf of Erudio if I don't contact them within a few days. Can they do this? The debt is from when I was a student in 1996, from The Student Loan Company. I haven't corresponded with The Student Loans Company since 2011. I asked for a complete breakdown of what they think I owe them using the Data Protection Act and the numbers they produced were incorrect! The amount owed was wrong in all their correspondence, it bore no relation to the numbers in the documentation they produced! I've paid, deferred, paid in alternate cycles over the years but according to them, I still seem to somehow owe them over £3000! I moved house. I am not on the electoral roll at my new address and have never been - 4 years and counting - so can they actually take me to court given that there is no proof that I actually live here? Is being on the electoral roll necessary for the commencement of legal proceedings? Can they really take me to court or is this an exercise in evoking deep horror and distress? Also, I am now 49 years old, will this debt simply expire when I'm 50?
  2. Hi there, I hope I am asking this question in the correct section (Admins please change if not) Can someone help me understand section 147 employment rights act 1996 ( in plain english) with regards to what it says about "initiating rights " to claiming redundancy. my partner's job role as been made redundant. There is an interim post on the table ( not very appealing) and also a "voluntary" redundancy package ( which is basically the minimum redundancy package) on the table. My partner is wanting to understand the mortgage protection cover she has in regards to the above "voluntary" redundancy package. The exclusion policy states.... you will not receive monthly benefit for unemployment in the following circumstances: unemployment caused by or resulting from: ii) any wilful act by you;or iii) resignation or voluntary unemployment- for the avoidance of doubt this shall exclude voluntary redundancy where you initiated your right to claim redundancy under section 147 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 time is of the essence as a decision will need to be made early next week.. and this information will have a bearing on the decison Many thanks in advance,
  3. Good evening all, I'm hoping you can give me some advice on a Student loan I took out in 96 which has now been passed to a DCA in the last few months due to being sold by SLC (as was) and they are now starting to chase. I went to Uni as a mature student back in 93 and received a student loan for each of the three years of my BA(hons). Since 2006 I haven't paid a penny or acknowledged the debt. HOWEVER, I did send back the deferment forms proving I wasn't earning enough. So, does this count as acknowledging the debt? Or can I assume it's now SB? Also, would there be any mileage in sending a 'prove it' letter or CCA/SAR to the DCA as I'm sure now twenty years later they'd be hard pushed to produce any sort of agreement I'd originally signed? Any advice really appreciated as the debt remaining on the Student Loan is 'relatively' small, but still I can't afford it, but what worries me more is the charges a DCA then CCJ/Bailiffs, etc might legally add. And I don't believe in burying my head in the sand unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Having cleared through some more draws at my mothers I have come across yet more paperwork for old loans at Midland / HSBC bank. The first loan was taken out in November 1996 over 42 months. Loan was for £5500 and had £750 PPI added to it. APR was charged at 9% and obviously front loaded The second loan was taken out in November 1998 over 60 months. Loan was for £9500 and had £1697 PPI added to it. APR was charged at 9.9% and again seems front loaded. As you can see the first loan roled into the second. Pretty sure I would have had a rebate but not sure if for the interest / PPI or both. I have no other paperwork showing any refunds etc, just the initial credit agreements As per each of my previous claims I had 6 months full and 6 months half pay through work at this time, so would have been covered. The fact each of these was front loaded also helps my claim If I had put in a SAR (I actually have done) on these loans, HSBC would (and have) said they no longer carry any information. However I'm pretty sure they will magically find info that may show any rebate against either of these loans if I put in a claim. Just want to check that I have all I need to put my claim in? Many thanks in advance
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