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Found 4 results

  1. I signed up to Easy Gym on 20th of March this year. Then on the 17th of April, they sent an email out to everyone to say the showers are going to be refurbished starting the next day without giving a completion date. I haven't been to the gym since as we don't have showers in the office, and I can only go in the mornings to the gym. I am client facing so defiantly not a good idea to spend an hour at the gym, without washing. I have canceled my membership, as of this morning, but they are refusing to refund for the time I haven't been able to use the gym. Do I have a case for a refund since the gym is advertised as with shower facilities, but haven't provided them. They told me I am still free to use everything else in the gym so they won't refund. 20 March 2015: Signed up 17 April 2015: Easy Gym sent email to say showers going to be refurbished 18 April 2015: Showers out of action 24 April 2015: "Unfortunately we have discovered that this is a much bigger job than anticipated" 13 May 2015: I sent an email to ask about the refurbishment. 20 May 2015: Reply "Due to reasons outside our control we are currently unable to specify a date in which the works will be completed." 03 June 2015: "we were forced to shut down the showers by the landlord over alleged leaks. " 04 June 2015: Emailed requesting my account to be closed, my email was ignored. 08 June 2015: "We are writing to give you an update on our male shower room refurbishment. We have now received approval to continue our work and all being well, the new shower block will reopen on Monday 15th June. " 08 June 2015: Reminded them about my previous email, Also emailed another department about my closure request. 09 June 2015: They closed the account, but won't refund me.
  2. Hi, Can I just say what a fantastic site this is and the way people go out of their way to help others is very admirable. I only wish I had found this site before tonight and there may have been a chance for me I have been reading a lot of threads regarding repossession and see that others go to court hearings having done loads of preparation beforehand. Unfortunately I havent and now fear I am going to lose my house on Wednesday 18th Sep. To cut a long story short, and of fear of boring everyone, myself and my husband (although mortgage only in husbands name) have mortgage arrears of £3785, well I have paid £1000 in the past week so now £2785 with NRAM and have a court date on Wednesday so very soon. We are also in Scotland so from what I read things are done differently here? We had arrears from Dec 2010 that we set a payment plan up to pay back. We stuck to this arrangement but NRAM continued with court action. They issued a calling up notice and we received a court date after but this didnt reach court as the arrears were cleared before then (March 2012). Things were fine from then and all payments made until Dec/Jan this year. Myself and my husband split up for 6 months and during this time my husband didnt really pay much at all ( not sure if this is because he has never paid a bill in the 15yrs we have been together or head in sand). He made a few part payments but the arrears are now £2785 having paid £1000 recently. We are now due in court on Wednesday and im making myself ill worrying that I am going to lose my home. My husband cant make the court case due to an interview at work for a higher paid position, so I will have to attend for him (im assuming this will be ok?). Im just really looking for any advice on whether I should have done something before now to prepare better for this as the paperwork from the court did not have anything to fill in, so I assumed I just had to turn up, explain why we were in arrears etc and hope we can keep our home, or god forbid, not. Im sorry this is so long and thank you for reading Kerry
  3. Hi all, As you will see I am a "newbie" to this site and it's forums so please go easy on me in terms of judgement :-s My Story: I have had a mortgage with KM for 9 years and for the first 6 of those years I was keeping up with my payments. However, 3 years ago I lost my job and fell into arrears. I have been making payments on and off for the last few years and during this time missed a few more payments. KM has been to court - around January 2012 they were given a possession order. Since then I have been on an arrangement plan with KM and agreed to pay £440.00 per month (Please note my contractual mortgage amount is £382.87 and £57.13 was towards arrears). I defaulted on my last plan in December 2012 whereby I did not make the required £440 payment at all that month due to unforeseen motoring expenses. Since then I have paid the following payments; January 2013 £400.00 February 2013 £400.00 March 2013 £400.00 April 2013 £400.00 May 2013 £425.00 In March 2013 and April 2103 I got letters through the post both saying their records showed I was making payments above my contractual amount and if I continued to do so then I would not be charged the monthly £50.00 arrears charge. Both letters did ask me to urgently get in touch and to be honest I knew I had to speak to them as I wasn't paying the agreed £440.00, however, did not mention possibility of eviction. To my surprise I got a letter on 23rd May 2013 advising an eviction date had been set for 18th June 2013. From the 24th May to date I have called KM 16 times (to the cost of £80.00). I have gone through an Income & Expenditure and offered £448.02. They asked for a lot of information in support of my Income & Expenditure and to date I have sent 46 pages on 2 separate occasions detailing and supporting everything, including my unforeseen motoring costs. Every time I have called I have been told I have to speak to the Evictions Team who have never been available. However, on Friday 14th June 2013 I got through to Becky in the Evictions Team (truly one of the nastiest people I have ever spoke to) who asked for more proof - statements for a dormant bank account and advised my account cannot be passed to a manager for a decision until I provide this. So, what I have done is gone to my local County Court and submitted a N244 and have a court date for Monday 17th June 2013 as their was no way I could get the information to them by post in time. As part of my N244 I have gave the Court a copy of the 46 pages I sent to KM, along with my 2 covering letters and explained my difficulty in coming to an arrangement. However, I did forget to include my income &expenditure form in with the N244 and have been told the judge may not accept on Monday. Reason for my long post (sorry about that) is because I am so scared to lose my home and worried the judge will favour in KM. I just wandered what everyones thoughts were on the possible outcome and if anyone had any advice about going to court? Oh, not sure if you need to know this as well; Made a payment of £448.02 (which is what I am proposing) on 14th June 2013 - although they were reluctant to take this payment. Current Mortgage balance £69,000.00 - approximately Current Mortgage arrears - £5400.00 Mortgage term left - 21 years I would really appreciate any advice or support as am worried sick and haven't been sleeping/eating properly.
  4. Hi, On 18th October my car was in Clackett Lane (M25 services) for over two hours as the driver had returned from the US overnight and feeling very tired and not wanting to cause an accident he fell asleep and overstayed. I just received the email shown below from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd in response to my email (I wrote to CP Plus Ltd stating I would be happy to see them in court and explain before the magistrate/judge what happened. Equally I will be happy to see you in court so please don't bother sending any further correspondence unless it relates to a court date as I will not be responding.) Just wanted to check my position is OK - thanks Thank you for your email Mr Hall. Due to the content of this correspondence, I would like to clarify our position regarding this Parking Charge Notice (PCN). The site in question is subject to terms and conditions which are stated on signs throughout the area. Parking restrictions are put in place for a variety of reasons; including traffic control, congestion avoidance, etc and, as such, must be strictly enforced. As these terms were breached on 18th October 2012 (by overstaying the permitted time limit), a PCN was correctly and legitimately issued. Please find enclosed photographic evidence taken at the time of the contravention. Within the correspondence, court action has been referred to. As such, I feel obligated to inform you that, under the Pre-Action Protocol of the Civil Procedural Rules, court action must only be viewed as a last resort. I am attempting to abide by this direction by trying to settle the matter amicably without court involvement. However, if the matter does go to court it will be pointed out that, in line with The Protection off Freedoms Act 2012, you were granted a certain time within which to appeal; including to an Independent Appeals Service. I understand that this is not the desired outcome. However, unless further evidence is provided, the decision on this matter is final. Furthermore, while any further correspondence contesting the decision will be noted and filed, I cannot assure you of a response unless fresh evidence is provided that would have a bearing on the decision. As a gesture of goodwill, I will place the account of £120.00 on hold for 14 days to allow time for payment to be made. However, if no payment is received within this period, the matter will be passed on to our solicitors for further action to be considered.
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