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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Last year I separated from my husband, as a joint debt we had an unsecured loan of £30k from NRAM which we had for years, my ex then decided to go bankrupt leaving me liable for the loan. I paid my half of the monthly amount due for a few months and then just couldn't continue to pay anymore. I wrote to them in December 2016 offering them a full and final settlement figure, which they ignored (this was quite low). The first time I have heard from them since me contacting them in December 2016 was last month they wrote to me to say I still owe £28k. (even though through interest this has been paid back and more!) They are now threatening: *instructing a field agent to review my position *Debt collectors *CCJ *Bankruptcy They have given a time limit for me to get in touch with them. I don't know what to do, I haven't paid in over 1 year now, I live in rented accommodation, I don't own any assets, I have a limited company am worried if they do make me bankrupt then I wont be able to carry on with this. Do I offer them again a full and final settlement offer? I don't have any savings I would be offering this via a third party. Has anyone been sent a similar letter? Does anyone know of NRAM accepting and Full and Final settlement offer? I've heard that when a company sells a debt its usually at 20% - 25% of the amount, is this correct? Should I offer at this % of the balance? As I don't want for it to be rejected again. Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, This is by way of a warning to all. I got a parking ticket from my local authority and did not dispute it. I had gone to the bank and we got locked in because of some systems failure and I ended up with a parking ticket. I did not dispute and sent in a cheque for the fine. In the meantime I moved house. I got Charge Certificate notification 3 months after I moved ( my old neighbor was kind enough to do some redirecting of mail as an when because Royal mail was charging £180 to redirect mail for my household. We thought we had notified everyone that needed to be informed). I immediately phoned up LA parking services to inform them that I had sent in a cheque to pay fine as I had never disputed. I was asked to email with the information which I did along with informing them of my new address and asking to pay at discounted rate and notifying of my new address. Fast forward another 3 months and 'enforcement officer' from Newlyn at my door, clamping my car and demanding £407. I am unemployed and have been since May. Hubby paid despite me saying let him take the car. Eventually got through to the council who said phone court and file late witness statement. Enforcement letter from Newlyn arrived 24 hours after enforcement action. Court denied application despite evidence of move from DVLA and evidence that LA had been writing to the wrong address despite evidence of notification of change of address before any enforcement action was required without reference to me and if I want a re-evaluation of decision, I need to pay more money. The Courts and the local authorities are making money of you if you have the temerity to move house. They claim that their system only checks addresses once and they have no responsibility to ensure that they are directing their communications to the right place. Be careful people, you can only get justice if you have money. I am going to write to my local councilor and see what happens but surely, this should not happen? Even if they only check with once DVLA, I wrote to give them my new address. Be careful people.
  3. Criticism as £30-a-week disability benefit cuts go ahead Peers have backed down in their battle with MPs over cuts to disabled people's benefits after ministers invoked special powers to push them through. The government was twice defeated in the House of Lords over a £30 a week cut to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for certain claimants. But it is set to go ahead after peers deferred to the elected Commons. Ministers claimed "financial privilege" to assert the Commons' right to have the final say on budgetary measures. Ministers argue the changes will encourage people to get into work, but this is strongly disputed by opponents. The cuts in weekly support from £103 to £73, contained in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, will apply to new ESA claimants in the work-related activity group, bringing the rate into line with Job-seeker's Allowance. It will affect people who are deemed unable to work at the moment but capable of making some effort to find employment, including attending work-focused interviews and taking part in training. Ministers argue that too few people in the category are moving into work and that while the lower benefit rate would save £55m in the first year, £60m would be spent on supporting claimants to take steps towards finding work. 'Harmful impact' Work and Pensions minister Lord Freud acknowledged peers were only withdrawing their opposition with "great reluctance" after the Commons asserted financial privilege - its right to overrule any Lords proposal that has cost implications. He insisted that the Lords had "discharged their duty" by scrutinising the bill to remove "unintended consequences" and sending back concerns for the Commons to reconsider. But Paralympic gold medalist Baroness Grey-Thompson said she was disappointed such a "dreadful and punitive" part of the bill - which has been opposed by more than 30 charities - was going ahead. "It may be seen as a victory in terms of voting numbers in the Commons but we can't forget there are many disabled people who will lose out," the cross-bench peer said. Link
  4. Tesco is to charge customers for click and collect orders through its Direct arm costing less than £30 The supermarket giant, will introduce the £2 fee on Tesco Direct orders on 2 February. It already has a £4 charge for grocery shops below £40 which are ordered online and collected in store. In July, John Lewis introduced a similar charge for orders collected in its stores and in branches of Waitrose. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/jan/06/tesco-direct-charge-click-and-collect-orders
  5. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/news-and-analysis/regulation/fca-hits-insurance-broker-with-30m-fine-over-misselling/2006613.article
  6. My child was sent a cheque for Christmas for £100. Sent it to the Building Society where she has her Child Trust Fund (her only account). I received a letter to say it was received and would be credited to her account. This week I have received a letter stating that the cheque has been returned by our bankers as 'Refer to Drawer'. This amount has now been debited to your account and returning the cheque for your reference. Then to add insult to injury...... The letter continues that there will also be a charge for this returned cheque of £30, please forward this remittance to the society in due course. Can anyone please advise what I should do about this? I do not see why my six year old should lose funds from her account because of someone else's actions. Can they do this? Thanks
  7. Hello all, I have recently had £30.00 debited from my current account by Halifax which has now left me overdrawn. The charges we for a few direct debits which I was unable to pay and so my bank have charged me £10 for each returned direct debit = £30.00 I have tried contacting Halifax by phone to ask if these charges could be refunded due to my current financial instability but an adviser informed me (after liaising with the customer relations department) that, "...because you have previously had a bank charge refunded on your account in October 2011, we are unable to refund you again." I asked the adviser if I could speak with Customer Relations personally but apparently customers cannot do this. I have since logged a complaint which the adviser has passed onto 'Customer Relations' who will either contact me by phone or write me a letter. Either way, I'm still left £30.00 overdrawn which I am unable to pay back and accruing additional charges on top Is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance
  8. My son recently changed jobs, and his salery went into his account on a different date, and one of his Direct debits did not go through, he realised that it was going to happen and called the company to explain and make the payment by debit card. They refused, saying that they could only recieve payments by direct debit. The payment did not go though and they have charged him £30.00 returned payment fee. Is this payment excessive and can anything be done about it ?
  9. like most people my phone and broadband cost is going up and up. My contract with BT ends in february and i have decided to cancel and go to virgin media. After contacting BT today to give advance notice (30 days) they informed me i would be subject to a charge of £30 to end my service. when i pusherd this with the BT customer agent, she informed me this fee woulld be deleted if i was only transfering my service to another provider. they said this £30 fee to totally cancel was not through a contract with BT, but open reach (a BT group company) This seems an unfair term if true, and any ideas on this rouse of a contract with open reach and not BT
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