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Found 10 results

  1. It's just a cash gift to me as he's "splashing the cash" after the sale of his deceased parents' house, but I don't know if I should declare it to the DWP, because they might then decide I don't need the ESA or HB at all and just use that money instead for a couple of months. I wouldn't put it past them, frankly. What should I do?
  2. I had a DRO last year which after closing my business down wiped out about £9,000 of business rates and other things such as unpaid tax and electricity etc. All well. We live, we try and if we fail we hope that we can pick ourselves back up and have another go. Now, today I had a letter from Rossendales they said I owe £1000+ for over payment of tax credit. There's no way I was overpaid. To my knowledge it was all signed off and all acccounted for in the DRO. I am trying to move on, not be dragged down by this crap and I will not let them affect me. What to do? I actually called Rossendale and told them this and half way thorugh realised people say do it in writing. They only told me what I know, that they are acting on behalf of HMRC. Really not sure what to do at this stage. Please advise. I am through with these people trying to mess me up.
  3. My daughter has been plauge for 2 years now over a bill they said she owed . They have now addmitted that she did not need to fill out a self assesment as she was on paye, But say that she will still have to pay the £1000 fine even though she did not have to fill one out in the first place , This is sheer maddness can someone tell us where or who we can get involved to sort the mess out. 2 years of stress is taking it's toll Please help.
  4. Hi, hope you can help I opened up a flex account with Nationwide in May and they offered me a £1000 interest free overdraft (which I signed for) for a year. Today I got a letter from them to say that my overdraft has gone down to £250 and from November I will have to pay interest. Are they allowed to just withdraw an agreement? Thanks
  5. Read with interest (excuse the pun) that PaydayUK were falling foul of offering loans that customers would struggle to repay. They offered loans that would normally "fail" their internal credit check/affordability check. Out of interest purely, I logged in to Wonga tonight. I was immediately offered £1000. I earn £1156 take home pay, and they know my outgoings (which is about £860 all in) Repayment amount is more than my take home pay next month.. Not that I mean to take a loan, but I'm curious if this doesn't fall under the same criteria that PDUK has been slapped with. Worth a note, should it be raised? If so, who to? etc. *amazed* even with no outgoings I'd default....lol.
  6. Hello, I'm a new user and new to forums in general. I would really appreciate some opinions from everyone on a large bill from orange. After several phone calls I was finally told to email the executive.office @ ee.co.uk I have since sent the message to executive.office @ orange.co.uk as there was no response but all I get back is their template email. I will copy my message below as it details the situation. Thanks. -------- Dear Sir or Madam. I very much hope that you are able to help me. On May 4th I went on a two day trip to Barcelona and whilst there my phone was stolen. At my earliest opportunity (and easily within 24 hours) I had to use a stranger's phone to call my mother back in the UK to block the phone on my behalf. When I returned back home I called Orange myself to make sure that the block had been implemented without any problems and I asked if any calls had been made before the phone was blocked. I was told that there was a call made and the cost was 14 pence only. I requested a replacement SIM which arrived soon after. This call was made on May 6th at 9.47pm. On the 29th I was in my local EE shop to look at a replacement handset and by chance alone was told that my monthly bill was more than £1068, there had been no other notifications of this. I was advised by the staff in the EE shop to cancel my direct debit until this issue was resolved. On the 29th at 17.05 I called Orange and spoke to an operator named Trilok. I explained the situation and was told that as some of the calls seemed to occur after the phone was blocked, the billing team would be contacted to recalculate the amount. I told him that all of the calls made on May 5th were fraudulent and I was then told that 'all the calls made on the 5th would be waived'. I confirmed this with him several times. I was told that the billing team would contact me within 48 hours. On the 31st at 13.37 I called again as I had not heard anything. I informed Orange that my direct debit had been cancelled on the advice of your staff. On June 3rd I received two voicemail messages from Orange billing team. Unfortunately I was working in court that day so was unable to take either call. However, at approximately 5.40pm on the 3rd I called back. I spoke to an operator called 'Bryan' who confirmed that all the fraudulent calls were removed from my account and that my bill should be no more than normal, as my bill had always been under £20. I re-confirmed this with him several times and was told that would be the case. With that assurance I agreed to set up a new direct debit for July and told him that as my previous direct debit was cancelled there may be a month where I hadn't paid. I asked if this would cause any kind of problem and was told it wouldn't as it should be rectified in the next payment. I also asked if there could be a £50 cap placed on my account but was told this wasn't possible. After the call ended I received a text from him at 6.06pm asking me to fill in a survey on his performance should one arrive (it didn't). I was under the belief that all matters were resolved until I then had a text on the 8th demanding payment as there was no direct debit. I assumed that it would be an automated message as my June direct debit had been cancelled. I phoned all the same. I had a lengthy conversation with Mags Douglas who told me that there was no record of the recalculation of fraudulent calls as discussed on my 29/05 conversation with Trilok and she also informed me that the 03/06 conversation with Bryan didn't even appear on her system. On the 11th (after several failed attempts to get on touch with Orange) I finally spoke to someone who confirmed that all calls are recorded and can be traced. It was also obvious to him that the fraudulent calls on May 4th were not made by me. He also confirmed that there was no record of the conversation I had with Orange on June 3rd. I would like to formally request a copy of the phone conversations that took place on May 6th, May 29th, as well as the 'missing' call that took place on May 3rd. I would also like to formally request a copy of the phone conversation that took place when I moved over from 'pay as you go' to 'contract' detailing my terms and conditions. I am a long standing customer and have always been very happy with Orange and the service you provide. I have recommended Orange to all friends and family. I have recommended Orange to my mother's company, which now has a business account with you which includes all her employees. On a personal note, I discovered this news after returning home from my wedding on May 25th and as I'm sure you can imagine it came as a very unwelcome surprise, our honeymoon plans are now on hold until this issue is resolved. Kind regards
  7. I hope someone might be able to help me here, I will explain but try to keep it simple. I moved into a 1 bed flat in August 2012 and this was for a 6 month tenancy, it was a shorthold assured tenancy. I paid one months rent upfront, he didnt want a deposit. The second month came and i spoke to my landlord if it would be acceptable to make weekly rental payments as i get paid weekly where i work. He agreed. I went on holiday for 2 weeks in september, paid a few weeks before i went and when i got back mistakenly only paid 1 weeks rent. as time went by, the landlord noticed we were 2 weeks out of sych with the rent, not a problem, i will arrange a payment plan to bring the 2 weeks arrears down. Anyway, our front door was a wooden one, just like the one you would use for a bedroom door, well that was badly effected with mold, basically he painted over it after the last tenants left, i didn't see any problems when i viewed the property and when winter hit the mold was coming through the paint, i do suffer from asthma as a result have a weaker immune system so i had a episode of a chest infection. As it was winter the door was sticking that some times when trying to leave work i couldnt open the door that eventually over a course of a week or two the door handle came off. I did report the problem to him about the door about 2 weeks before the handle fell off. Anyway he said he get someone out to fix the door, the person came out to look at the door and said straight away that the landlord told him to just put a fresh of glossy white paint over but he said the door was that bad that only a new door would fix the problem. So the landlord came out, he was with someone who quoted him £550 for the door to be replaced with a proper UPC (if thats how you spell it). he then rang me about an hour later and said he paid a deposit for the door to be put on order and said that it would be installed in a weeks time. Which whilst i waited i had to climb out of the bedroom window to get in and out of the flat as the door was badly damaged. the door was suppose to be put in a week before Christmas and i got alot of excesses saying the door wont be done now until after christmas as the maching that bonds the door was out of order awaiting a new part. January came, still no door, so he paid someone to screw the door handle back in. I was not happy as you would imagine, at the time i had no fire alarms either. So already he has breached the law and the tenancy. He came to my property to install the fire alarms as he refused to pay someone to do it (BTW the fire alarms are powered by the electricity wire hanging from the celling). He went thought the rent statement and started to get rude so i ask him polity to leave, he got up and started to walk to the front door and so suddenly for no reason came back into the living room, and said 'This is my flat, if you want me out make me'. So i went to get the house phone and he started to get aggressive to a point he was that close i thought he was planning to beat me. I called the police, still refusing to leave, the police women told him he has to leave. So he did. As he walked out i got alot of hate crime, saying i was Puff (term for gays). That he hopes i rott in hell. 10 Minutes later, he returned only to try kicking the door in, i had to hold the door to stop him gaining access. Luckly i had my phone on me so i called 999 and the police were with me in less then 5 minutes. The police warned him and he was shaking by how the police was laying the law down to him. So from there i refused to pay rent, I also had to quit my job because i was scared to leave the property. Because of the landlords actions. He is now taking me to court as he is claiming £1058 for rent arrears/Damages. (he did serve a S21). I got advice and i can counter claim for the disrepair. But what i cant seem to establish can i also counter claim against losses to earning due to his actions and behaviour? CAB and Shelter both said there is a chance that there is but to seek proper legal advice (solictor). I have evidence of a Police Report, Photos of the Disrepair. Also what can i claim for? Thank you for reading, Sorry its a long story but i would like to ensure you get the full facts before advising.
  8. After returning from abroad I logged on to my internet bank to find that T-mobile had billed me for £650 with a promise to take a further £400 next month. When contacted, I explained to T-mobile that I did not use my mobile at all abroad except a couple of texts. I was told that I was wrong and have to pay. There explanation was that I probably called my answer phone alot! They added that their system was infalable, didn't make mistakes, and there was no way to appeal this bill. I have since filed an indemnity claim through my bank who were very helpful, but i'm worried that this unpaid sum will effect my credit rating. What rights do I have to stop them pursuing me and passing this onto debt collectors?
  9. Wondering if anyone can help me, I worked for a company called Ultrasound Weight Loss, and they text me last month to say that I was being made redundant on what was supposed to be my payday. The manager then gave me a date for payment, which would the 1st of July. On the day before this I recieved a letter saying that the company had ceased trading and all payments were suspended. I have no indiciation of whether I'm not I'm going to get the money I'm owed, and have no idea how to go about retrieving it as I'm only 19. The family owning the company are known , I worked 12 hour days without breaks, I never recieved a pay slip while I was in their employ and the working conditions were horrendous. Please can someone give me some advice on how to get my money back, I am owed £1210 for a month's worth of work and it seems no one is willing to help me get it?
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