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Found 24 results

  1. All I have to say is that should all watch this, then the debate can begin:-
  2. I’ve never needed a mobile phone except when travelling up north to see my mum who’s in a care home. Just before Christmas 2014 I got a mobile phone from EE so I could stay in touch with work, etc., while visiting my mum. When I set it up it was clear that it didn’t work. I tried all sorts of things and it still wouldn’t work. But I forgot about it for a few days. When I got back after Christmas I decided to phone EE and tell them that it didn’t work. The problem was that they said I didn’t pass the security questions; as a result I could not speak to anyone. Couldn’t report that my mobile didn’t work! The weeks went on and I made other calls to EE, but was told each time that I had failed the security questions. Meanwhile, of course, I was paying for this non-working phone every month by direct debit (or standing order, I forget which). This went on for month after month, and still I was paying for a service which didn’t work with no way of getting the issue resolved. It was such a small matter (as I never need to use my mobile except at Christmas when I am away with family) it was out of my mind for 99% of the time. Eventually I reasoned that I was going to be paying for this broken thing for years – and they were never going to listen to me because they would always say that I had failed the security questions. I took the only option which was then open to me. I cancelled the monthly payment to EE. Now things actually made sense, and at last I was not paying regularly for something that had never worked. At this point let me be clear about something. I could install apps on the phone and I could use it for playing solitaire and other stuff like that. But I could not do what you are expected to be able to do with a phone, i.e. communicate. EE themselves will be aware, as they would have access to such data, that: Number of phone call I made while in that contract = 0 Number of phone calls I received while in that contract = 0 Number of text messages I sent while in that contract = 0 Number of text messages I received while in that contract = 0 That is the level of service I was getting from my EE mobile phone. In the meantime I had paid over £650 for this nonsense. I phoned EE again. again I was told that I had not passed the security questions. But by this time I was aware that the operator at the other end was reading a large amount of text which had been written on my account, EE was obviously well aware of the issue. Also EE would have been aware of the 0 calls and 0 SMS aspect of my strange account. It’s just that they obviously didn’t give a monkey’s. I asked how I could resolve this. How could I prove my identity? I was told to go to my local EE store with some ID and I would be given a password which I could use in subsequent phone calls to the help centre. I did. I phoned EE with my new password and asked for my money back. I was put on hold for several minutes and then told that the account had been passed to the Collections department as it was in arrears (of course they would have been flagged as in arrears: the only way to stop being mugged every month was to cancel the monthly debit!). (Oh yes, and to add insult to injury, because of the misperception that I was in the wrong EE was allowed to put a black mark against my credit rating. I also had debt collectors writing to me. But I was able to explain to the debt collections agency what had happened and they just dropped the case against me immediately- no excuse with security questions there: I just TALKED to them and they LISTENED! It's what people do.) The person I spoke to in the Collections department acted exactly as Collections people behave and said that I could not have my money back. When I explained that consumer law was on my side he said that I had “failed data protection laws”. I reminded him that data protection laws were there to protect consumers, not corporations who sought to rip consumers off as EE was obviously very keen to do to me. I also said that I wanted EE to delete the black mark that they had put against my credit rating. Characteristically he said that he couldn’t do that either, again, because I had “failed data protection laws”. EE is yet another company who uses data protection laws to their own advantage; to clobber consumers with them! I wonder if anyone else has been treated in this way by EE or another supplier. I’m also wondering how to get my money back – and to clear up my credit rating – from such a bunch of intractable people.
  3. I received a telephone call today from an agency that I had never heard of before and they want me to start soon at company b. I haven't applied for any jobs with this agency previously though and not sure how they got my phone number etc. Also can an agency send details of a company by text message to your phone ?
  4. I have applied for boiler grant through one of the big 6 energy companies. The subcontractor called and told me I can have boiler and installation if I contribute few hundreds of pounds, reduced from around £2000. Then I have applied through [removed] again - as first company didn't want to tell me what boiler exactly will I be getting. Not even output power... [removed] told me that I'm not eligible for grant at all as my current boiler is too effective [above 86%, but leaking]. I met all other conditions. I don't know what to think now. Is first subcontractor taking me for a ride, trying to flog some old type of boiler or maybe it is proven to be bad quality and maintenance cost will be high? I'm not giving names as I don't want to imply anything. PS - Am I right to think that '[removed]' is government and impartial?
  5. New students are being alerted to a [problem] where fraudsters claim to offer a "educational grant" in a bid to con them into divulging bank details. The emails typically claim to be from the university's finance department and trick the recipient into clicking on a link to an online form and entering their personal and banking details. The Student Loans Company said students were particularly vulnerable to "phishing" attempts around the main payment dates, in September, January and April. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-37408373
  6. After having my car "serviced" at kwik-fit (they didn't actually succeed in completing all of the task - I'm not convinced that they even changed the oil), the manager mentioned that I needed the wheel alignment fixing as it was a few degrees out. This confused me as: 1. Checking the alignment is not part of the interim service 2. I had recently had the alignment fixed by another garage and the car drove perfectly well since then. So I questioned the manager about his figures and his reply worried me. He simply said that "the readings do tend to exagerate things a bit". This is not what it states on the kwik-fit web-site about the state-of-the-art precision machinery that they use for alignment. So perhaps the exageration was coming from elsewhere? I was provided a feedback form and emailed this concern together with other things they did wrong - but still await a reply. Presumably Kwik-fit can make a fair bit of money from their £49 alignment check plus extra for each wheel they see fit to actually align. Just wondering whether others have been unexpectedly been told they need their alignment adjusted?
  7. Hello Ive got quite a big problem, on the 23rd of July my partner signed up to slimtoneplus and body cleanse on a 14 day free trail, I then went to check my balance today and exactly 14 days after she started the free trail I have been billed £75 and £37.50. I cant talk to anyone now because they are closed but i wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them, please someone help it has put me in a very bad position still weeks before payday. JB
  8. Not quite sure which forum to put this one but I think its worth sharing.... Over the last few weeks, we appear to be getting an increased level of cold calls and known [problem] calls. Some on mobiles but some on main home land-line. Not unusual in itself but it appears that there may be new technology out there, that spoofs your caller display into showing you a number with your own towns dialing pre-fix. When you see a call coming in from your own town, you naturally think its a genuine call. We've had 2 separate calls this week where we actually hung on until someone spoke at the other end. One caller claimed to be able to get us pre-assigned government compensation if anyone in our family had worked in construction or a factory and the other one claiming to be from Microsoft who wanted to speak to the owner of our home PC. Put the phone down on the first one and the 2nd one put the phone down on us (we were playing dumb) Googling the number after, shows that there is no record of the number on any of the "Who Calls Me" type of websites or registered against any genuine business It would be interesting to know if anyone else has been caught out by this.
  9. I sent this to Forces War Records: "Forces War record" "Thanks for taking money from my credit card without Authorization. The original “come-on” was “download forces war record for 99p” After 10 days you would lose database access, if not renewed. I did not agree to any TERMS to continue. By default a profile was set up which included “auto renew my subscription” box. By default this box was ticked. Cash sums were illegally removed from my credit card. I feel that I must warn other people of this [problem], especially Old Age Pensioners who try to find out about their war friends. Unless you are street wise you will lose over £100 per year every year." They make up your profile after giving them 99p for 1 download using a credit card. Some time later you get a email saying your access will stop after 10days. By default a box is ticked by them to say "automatic renew membership" nearly £10 pounds is taken from your credit card every month. By this time you have forgotten all about the site and think it's been cancelled. Only checking Credit Card Statements reveal the deficit. CPAs can be stopped by informing the bank, but stopping Forces Records may be a lot harder.
  10. In 2011, MBNA got a bit heavy with my husband by doubling his minimum payments even when he said he couldn't afford them. He got a phone call a week or so later from a company called Wise 2 Debt who claimed to be a government funded debt management company who would deal with the MBNA on his behalf and get the interest frozen and to ignore any letters from MBNA and they would deal with it if he just paid them a fixed amount every month. An agreement was made and the letters kept coming from MBNA but they were ignored, as advised. Eventually he rang MBNA who said that hey hadn't received any payments at all when he had paid Wise 2 Debt approx. £1500 over the best part of a year. He was served with a default notice which shouldn't be there as he was paying it but they weren't passing on the money. Wise 2 Debt shut down and re-opened as Lloyd Anderson. We wrote to the Ombudsmen who agreed that Lloyd Anderson should refund the money but we are still waiting over a year later since they told them this. If any one could advise me as to a) who is the authority on these matters and who can force them to cough up, and b) how would we go about getting the default notice removed from his credit record? Any advice much appreciated!
  11. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and pop it back in a post box. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/crackdown-on-[problem]-mail-delivered-to-residents-homes-sept14
  12. I signed up for the 14 day free trial which ends on 13th Oct 2014. I attempted to cancel the subscription, but could not get any further. When clicking on the "cancel subscription" link, I was taken to a page where I had to verify my email address by inputting the password. When I hit "Enter" NOTHING HAPPENS! This system will NOT let me cancel the subscription! So what next ?
  13. For those people that were transfered from O2 to SKY, beware of what SKY is trying to do, they are trying to make you pay for services you are NOT getting. Here is my story: Everything was ok, that is, until I received the bill. On 6th Febuary 2014, I received an e-mail, saying, Welcome to sky, entitled Confirmation of your payment details. I read it, because I didn't actually confirm anything with sky regarding such details. Plus, they were already taking money from me, I presumed all was ok. What a shock I got, I am, or was, to be billed £32.42. I know I had received an e-mail, again from SKY, saying that February’s payment would not be collected, but unfortunately I deleted that mail, and I thought that e-mail was in part goodwill gesture for all the interruption during the switch-over from O2 to sky. you can imagine my shock to get a bill from them, not only for the days I did not get any service, but also for the month of March, which I will not be using anyway, because I asked for a MAC code and am transferring out from SKY. I looked at the bill very carefully, as I wanted to know exactly what I’m paying for, and this is the part I almost had a heart attack, I’m being billed for services...wait for it....that I’m NOT getting. Yes, you heard that right, it's not an error....I’ll be paying for services, I'M NOT GETTING!!!! At this point, I’m fuming, I’m ready to go pvp on someone. I contacted SKY, and their excuse was something along the lines that. ..I’m paying an excess for those people that want the package to make it more attractive to get it. I'm paying for something I’m not getting to make it attractive to someone else? Um...I don't think so. This was not part of the contract I didn't sign or agree to, nor was it ever explained to me in advance of moving over to SKY. If it had been, I wouldn't have moved or let it go ahead over to SKY in the first place. I made a few posts and rant on facebook page and on the phone. All to no avail. However, SKY is well informed that I will NOT be paying the bill, nor will any such bill ever be paid for by me at any time to anyone. If SKY wishes to pursue this bill, I’ll be charging legal services at minimum wage, per hour. I am charging minimum wage because I’m not legally trained, but I do know some people that are, and will have no problem pursuing it all the way to court. I have to charge a fee, because this is wasting my time and effort, plus, it's like me paying for their imaginary services I’m not getting, I’m applying an imaginary charge for my time and effort. overall, I’m very disgusted with SKY, hiding fees and charging for rubbish that it's there, I call that fraud. At very least, it's misleading and borderline theft. will use any and all legal avenues to pursue this, and I will go to the high court if needed. I have cancelled all direct debits and standing orders concerning sky, and I’ll see you in court.
  14. I am in the same boat as many others, i had a foxy account from around 2009 and in 2011 i opened a wink account, i had no idea they were the same company and after a while i closed the wink account and told the CM it was because i was trying to save money, she told me all of your other accounts with us will be closed. ..great i thought as this was the only one, my foxy account remained open and i have regularly deposited and even updated my details, i have never withdrawn though as i have never won anything substantial until this week when i won £300 i withdrew and yesterday i received this email Dear Leanne, This is Danyelle from the Security Department at Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Cassava Enterprises manages security services for ‘Foxy Bingo’. I am contacting you with regards to your ‘Foxy Bingo’ account with the username [edited]. Kindly note that your documents have been received. However, during a routine review it has been brought to our attention that our records indicate that you had previously requested to be excluded from a website that operated by Cassava Enterprises Ltd. Kindly note that once as such a request has been made, all related accounts on gaming sites licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services under the laws of Gibraltar through Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) must also be disabled. in accordance of our Responsible Gaming Policy, your new account has also been closed. As such, you are respectfully asked to refrain from registering further accounts with sites owned and/or operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Any new accounts registered shall be immediately closed upon detection and any successful deposits or accumulated winnings shall not be paid. Thank you for your time and understanding. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for the future. Kind Regards, Danyelle Security Department Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. it wasnt a new account it was an old account i have for a very long time, they have let me deposit hundreds over the years and no one ever said to me they were linked with any accounts on other sites! I wont take this laying down.. .has anyone successfully received a deposit after getting this email?
  15. Hi I have received letter from Pension Credit saying the are may phone me to make sure I am getting the right amount of Benefit after 3 years I am expecting a review I have nothing to hide Is it normal for them to write and ask me to supply financial details over the phone:!: I am very wary of anything that may be a [problem] I have tried to contact Pension Credit without success
  16. Please can someone help me regarding the below please...... Dear Sir/Mam, I bought atablet a little while ago (1.5 yrs ago) from Curry’s, Staples cornerbranch. My details areas below The tabletwhich I thought I had bought was Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Now when I bought thisfrom curry’s I was told it is on a finance plan called infinity – which coversme with whatever happens policy including loss, theft, water damage etc andlots of online storage. My understandingwas after 24 months the product will be mine and I do not have to return backthe product. They will also refund meback 25% of the money paid during this 2 yrs period if I decide to trade it. But it came to light that I have to return the product after 24 months duringan incident last year. I didn’t want to buy a tablet outright and wanted apayment plan, which possibly could have been interest free. The sales personwas really pushing me to go for the infinity deal as it would cover me fortheft, loss, provide me online storage facility and load of other stuff. Myresponse to that was, I don’t need all of this, can you pls suggest pure andsimple payment options for which I can buy the product interest free in ayear’s time. But the sales girl pushed me for infinity and suggested that itwas the best deal I could have. She explained that infinity comes with knowhowand if I need any help I can contact anytime and get any issues sorted. So atthe time I thought that infinity was the better option as it covered me for alot of things if they ever happened. I also inquired again that at the end of the two year period the product willbe mine and she went on to say that it’s like a mobile contract and if anyissues you can bring it back within a week’s time. I took her word and neverread the full agreement (like all of us do). I was not shown that the productwhich I thought I bought was actually never bought – it was a lease I had takenout and also there was no clarification with regards to no cooling off period. She printed all the paperwork for me to sign. Last year I hadlost this tablet from my work place at Heathrow airport. I got a crimereference number to get a replacement; I was very low as I had bought this formy dad as a present. The infinity deal Ihad taken out, to my surprise did not cover for loss. Rent smart flatly denied replacing thetablet. During this process I had gonethrough the entire terms and conditions of the infinity deal. To my shock Ifelt cheated, duped and lied to. I feel I have been missold a product. So Idecided to visit different curry stores and inquired about this infinityproduct. I visited staples corner again, central London, Watford, harrowbranches when I had lost my tablet last year. To my shock all the salespersonal never reveal that infinity deal is actually a lease and not an installmentplan to buy a product. They do not reveal that it does not cover for loss, theydo not reveal that at the end of the 2 yrs period you return the product andyou almost pay double the price, they do not reveal that it does NOT have acooling off period. I was very very lucky that someone had actually returned mytablet back at my office I would like tomention that I have a taped conversation as a proof from one of your curry’sbranch where your salesman lying to the customers about infinity e.g. thesalesman advises that it covers loss whereas infinity does not cover loss andalso he suggests it’s a payment plan with a 2 yr contract like mobile phone which is again not true as it’s a LEASE, this is just an example of the blatantlies the salesman say to get higher sales. What I amtrying to get at is, what if some kind hearted person not returned my tablet. Iwould have had to pay the entire 24 months with no product in my hand. I have beenduly paying the monthly payments but I feel cheated and missold theproduct. I want to keepthis tablet and do not wish to return back at the end of my “LEASE” as I feelthis is a rip off and a missold product. I wish I had taped all of theconversation during my actual buying (I thought I was buying but I was actuallytaking out a lease) process. There is no way the tablet is worth £ 552 (£23x24). I would really appreciateif someone can get back to me and advise if I am allowed to keep this tablet asI feel really cheated on this. Kindly try andput yr selves in a customer point of view and respond. Regards, Vish
  17. I have an agreement with Brighthouse and I have fallen behind by one payment because I was away visiting family over the new year, now I'm being constantly called 12 missed calls since Saturday from 8:30 in the moring to 7:40 in the evening. Would this be breaking the Protection From Harassment act 1997 section 1 prohibition from harassment which is below. Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. (2)For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other. (3)Subsection (1) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows— (a)that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime, (b)that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or ©that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable. I also have dlc and osc but I have tried to cancel the osc with it being "optional" I thought I could but was told by staff that I can not cancel as it is now law that I have to have the cover in case anything happens to item I thought the dlc covered this side of things. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
  18. Hi, I was recently involved in what I believe was a crash for cash collision. Although there was only very minor damage to my car, which I didn't wish make a claim for, I immediately informed my insurance company and made them fully aware. My car has been photographed by my insurance company and I have also made a statement. I were informed that if this went to court it could take up to 18 months to reach that point. I am due to renew my car insurance next month and this issue is not going to be resolved by then. I usually renew on a comparison site but I'm not sure what I should enter when asked "have you made any claims/had any incidents in last 5 years" as this also asks if my no claims bonus has been affected. If this incident investigation is still ongoing will my NCB have been affected? Any advice/info appreciated
  19. Hi all, this is my first post as I am finding myself in a very tough situation and I really don't know where to go for help. I will try and keep my post as short as possible in the hope that people won't get bored reading it and I can be offered some real advice and perhaps even a shoulder to cry on because that's what I feel I need right now. My husband did some building work for a woman two months ago and she paid him the money into his Barclays bank account via online transfer. He completed the job and a month and a half later she goes to Barclays Bank and tell them that she made the payment in ‘error’ and so they reverse it and give her the money. After digging into this we find that she told the bank that she had paid my husband cash as well as the online deposit, but she only realised this nearly two months later! This is a untrue, as she never paid him in cash. Barclays have taken the money from his account and even worse, he is left £800 overdrawn. He has no overdraft facility and they just decided to take all his money from his account and give it to this woman. My husband worked very hard to earn money, we were about to move into our own place (we are living in shared accommodation). Barclays have taken £4500 from him without any kind of explanation or even asking him about the matter. They have literally ruined our lives, we have no money now – we have bills to pay, we have had to borrow money from friends. The stress has got to us and I suffered a panic attack over the weekend and had to be hospitalised. I then found out that I am pregnant with our first child, but all this seems to have taken over and we can’t even enjoy what is supposed to be the happiest time of our lives We have spoken to Barclays on the phone, in branch but they are unwilling to help. They have said we can go to the Ombudsman and take the woman who did this to a Small Claims Court, We will pursue her, I won’t let such a [problem]mer get away with this but it will all take time. On top of that my husband’s wages will be eaten by Barclays yet again to pay the £800, plus fees. I just feel so lost and so badly treated. Surely it's wrong and Barclays should be held responsible to some extent. I mean - to take money from someone’s account without any explanation? Or giving us a chance to explain our side of the story. Is there anything we can do? The stress is really making us so unhappy and I fear for the well-being on my unborn baby. Can someone please help and advise us on what to do? Thank you.
  20. Hello everyone, My first post, I'm grateful for the website and all the valuable contributions made toward it by the community. I've already had a lot of what I wanted to ask answered already through reading I have had a similar recent encounter with Collectica who have clearly operated using foul practise. All the usual intimidation tactics of a [problem] company that seem to do the rounds every so often whether it be parking fines or whatever. Something doesn't seem right Here's what I understand about this company so far. Bizarrely it's owned by Serco, and allegedly one of the directors has a peerage which when putting the pieces together is a little worrying really isn't it. I had a dispute with the courts over a fare and wrote to them on two occasions. In one instance the clerk agreed to suspend the case for a month to allow me to send letters back in as they had wrong address. The letters were ignored and the severity of the situation continued to increase until more recently they have passed the debt on to Connectica. Now Connectica use the same tired old familiar routine combined with loads of heavy threats in their initial communication to me. They're chasing this same debt that I was non-the wiser had escalated in the first place as technically it was in dispute, but their letter page is riddled with inconsistencies and lack of specifics. Has anyone actually had a run in with a Collectica debt collector yet? All our dates seem similar, they're a recent operation and hungry for our hard earned money, no doubt they'll be hoping for gullible mugs to pay first time round. Anyone still riding there demands out? How much has it risen to? Someone posted on here the max they can blag is £300? Above all else. THIS STINKS. The circumstances in not only mine, but everyone's case I've read so far are utterly unreasonable and this needs to go to Watchdog, or Moneybox Extra on R4 for further exposure....anyone else interested in blowing the lid on this government endorsed operation before someone gets hurt. Any thoughts or experiences welcome. Kind regards, Jc
  21. I know there is a forum specifically for currys, but I thought this one warranted a wider audience. I needed a phone quickly to replace one that was destroyed over Christmas. I rely on my phone for work and not having a phone will seriously affect my ability to make money. I found the phone I wanted yesterday on Amazon for £395 and at Currys for £399. I checked the availability at my local currys store and it said that they had plenty at all my local stores. Rather than waiting a day or two from Amazon, I decided to order online from Currys and pick it up from my local store. This is where the issues started. Currys website wouldn't allow me to create an account and gave me a number to call instead. I called the number and paid for the new smartphone over the phone. Within an hour or so I had received an email telling me that the phone might not be at my local store and telling me that they would call me to explain. They didn't call me. This morning I called them and was told that they didn't have any anywhere and they were unable to tell me when they would have them in stock! I asked them to refund the money immediately so that I could buy one from Amazon. They said it would take 3-5 working days to refund the money. I went a bit mad and they told me a manager would call back. The manager called back and told me that they had some in Preston and it was only an hour's drive from where I live. I calmly told them that I was an active member of the consumer action group and that I had the CEO of Curry's email address in front of me. I suggested that they have the phone sent by courier to my house, or my local store, today. I was very polite. She said that she would see what she could do. She phoned back ten minutes later and said there were no phones anywhere in the country! Now I have no phone and not enough money to buy a phone that I need desperately for monday. Can anyone suggest a course of action? Surely, stating availability in order to get a sale is bordering on criminal activity!? very angry.
  22. How an utterly plausible con-trick left John Andrews £7,000 poorer and feeling a total mug The con began with phone call from woman claiming to be an inspector 'DCI Seymour' told the couple someone was using cards to buy items She said the card had been cloned and was being used to make purchases Con rested on clever technical trick, specialist technology and acting skills We feel so stupid: how could my wife and I have been conned out of more than £7,000 by one phone conversation? The answer is that the [problem] was brilliant in design and execution. It began with a phone call after dinner on a Friday night. My wife answered the phone and the caller announced herself as ‘DCI Jane Seymour of the Serious Fraud Office’. The inspector was polite and matter of fact. She asked my wife if she had been in the Apple Store on Regent Street that day or the one in Covent Garden? My wife replied that she hadn’t. But DCI Seymour reported that someone had bought expensive items from these stores using my wife’s debit card — and the transactions had been within four minutes of each other. Anyone who knows central London knows it is almost impossible to get from Regent Street to Covent Garden in such a short time — something was definitely amiss. The inspector then broke the news that someone had cloned my wife’s card and was using it to make major purchases. Panicked by this information, my wife called me over to the phone and asked me to speak to DCI Seymour. The inspector explained that the Serious Fraud Office had been monitoring Apple Stores, conscious that the launch of the latest iPhone would make it a target for criminals. ‘Do you have all your cards with you?’ she asked. Yes. ‘Are you sure?’ Yes. In the background I could hear hubbub that made me think of TV’s The Bill or Prime Suspect: the faint sound of people chatting, the sense that DCI Seymour was at one desk and other detectives were hard at work on the case, too. Having established that neither my wife nor I had been to the Apple Store, she asked if I had noticed any strange transactions on my cards. No, I replied. ‘But we’re worried,’ said the inspector. ‘We think all your cards have been compromised. It may be that someone has hacked into the National Database. We need to block all the cards now.’ Inwardly, I shivered. Does this mean identity theft? ‘Yes, it could be. You’ll need to take part in a police investigation later. But we need to block your cards first.’ Immediately, I was suspicious. Why would she want all our cards? Was DCI Seymour who she said she was? How could we know she was really working for the Serious Fraud Office? Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249752/A-999-credit-card-[problem]-cost-thousands.html#ixzz2GpwIOqkG
  23. Hi all, So a neighbor received a letter on Thursday with their address on it but with my name at the top. The letter reads, "On the Wednesday 25th April 2012, a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff about an incident that occurred whilst on stagecoach south Western Train property. Subsequently the matter has been reported to this office..." They go on to say I should reply in writing only within 14 days of the letter and ask me to fill out my details below. The details they ask for include, name, address, national insurance number and occupation. Now the thing is I wasn't on any South West Train that day - I remember it well and combined with the fact it was sent to the wrong address and them asking me for my national insurance number leads me to believe this might be dodgy. The letter look professional but I could knock that up in 30mins on Photoshop. Has anyone else had any experience of this before? I am planning to ignore it but wanted to see what you guys think first. Cheers!
  24. Hi guys, This is the issue: I put my car up for auction on eBay, and it 'sold'. However, the winning bidder failed to pay or make contact after issuing several invoices and emails. After a few days another eBay member (with only a few ratings/transactions, all purchases) stated that he had an emergency during the final hour of the auction and never got to place his intended bid. If the sale fell through could he make an offer. I said if the winner continued in failing to go through with his contractual obligation that I would relist the car with bin (at the previous sale price) and let him know so he could have "first dibs", so to speak. He replied stating that he couldn't afford the final sale price but would keep it in mind incase I wished to sell it for less or he had a change of heart. The winning bidder then got in touch stating that he never placed the bid, and that someone must have placed the bid using his account as he forgot to log off his eBay account when using a public computer. He'll ask around but doesn't hold any hope, "sorry, cant help". I informed him of his legal obligations and that it was his responsibility to take reasonable acne basic security steps to protect his account, and that he is fully liable for any account activity where he has not ensured such basic responsibility. I also mentioned that unless he take responsibility for the bid that I may considerd court action, to which he replied that "that would be crazy as court action never works. I would have to be able to prove just who placed the bid, and since it was done in a library, and it wasn't me, this would be impossible. Besides, I have no money" I even stated that because of this, I am facing real costs, of which will not be refunded as this is the second something similar has occurred amd eBay don't refund for a second relisting. I stated the non-refundable costs to me where around £35 and reimbursement of this would be in my mind taking responsibility of his neglect and in such a case I would cancel the transaction,even without filing the non-paying bidder thing. Then the other eBay member, contacted me again stating that he is still interested in purchasing the car, and if the sale has still not taken place could he view it? Looking into this other member, his location is the same as the winning bidder, and his few fb scores where all purchases made from the winning bidder, all for goods purchased at much lower than eBay expected prices (around £5 each for things like laptops, printer etc.). Quite a coincidence wouldn't one surmise? Upon further investigation of the winning bidder, he has sold a lot of mainly Volvo cars (but under the amount required to be listed as a trade seller/business account, most in the condition expected of mot failures, more than a private member would have access to, but he is not listed as a trader/business account holder. During this, he had another car up for auction, another mot failure type car, which 'disappeared' early after my last ma to him (outlining his legal responsibilities, eBay account responsibilities and asking for evidence has filed fraudulent activity on his account, and if he needed evidence support his claim that it could be available through a subject access request to the library where he used his account - asking for cctv and computer log records.) I did a few searches on his listed address and name. His listed address is to a blind and curtain fitting company (that only comes up with that address on the Google listing yellow pages type thing, however all other addresses for the same company come up as being elsewhere and who's company house registered address is not that on the Google listing. He states thaer he has lost his job recently which is why he is selling his car as he can't afford the £700 the garage want to fix the head gasket. However, this is just the type of sale reason he gives for his previous car sale listings (wife wants an up grade, got in p/x don't like, head gasket just went can't afford to get fixed etc...), but in his history he has some cases where he buys parts for some of the cars he later sells at auction.... Now, here are what I have gleaned as being my options: 1. Take it on the chin, block both members from further bidding on any of my items, relist and absorb the costs. 2. Take it on the chin and quit ebay, pulling my info from both ebay and paypal, refusing to pay the fees and face possible action my self. 3. Issue to the small claims for the selling price of the car, plus interest, plus storage (@ around £50 p/day) for 60 days, after which disposing of the vehicle or possibly go through the process of reclaiming the car. 4. Relist the vehicle and issue a claim for the difference in price should the car sell for less, plus costs in fees plus interest. 5. ?? What do you guys think? Any advice or anyone with actual experience in this kind of thing? I haven't yet closed the open unpaid item case wiry eBay yet as to leave my options open.
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