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Found 24 results

  1. All I have to say is that should all watch this, then the debate can begin:-
  2. I’ve never needed a mobile phone except when travelling up north to see my mum who’s in a care home. Just before Christmas 2014 I got a mobile phone from EE so I could stay in touch with work, etc., while visiting my mum. When I set it up it was clear that it didn’t work. I tried all sorts of things and it still wouldn’t work. But I forgot about it for a few days. When I got back after Christmas I decided to phone EE and tell them that it didn’t work. The problem was that they said I didn’t pass the security questions; as a result I could not speak to anyone.
  3. I received a telephone call today from an agency that I had never heard of before and they want me to start soon at company b. I haven't applied for any jobs with this agency previously though and not sure how they got my phone number etc. Also can an agency send details of a company by text message to your phone ?
  4. I have applied for boiler grant through one of the big 6 energy companies. The subcontractor called and told me I can have boiler and installation if I contribute few hundreds of pounds, reduced from around £2000. Then I have applied through [removed] again - as first company didn't want to tell me what boiler exactly will I be getting. Not even output power... [removed] told me that I'm not eligible for grant at all as my current boiler is too effective [above 86%, but leaking]. I met all other conditions. I don't know what to think now. Is first subcontr
  5. New students are being alerted to a [problem] where fraudsters claim to offer a "educational grant" in a bid to con them into divulging bank details. The emails typically claim to be from the university's finance department and trick the recipient into clicking on a link to an online form and entering their personal and banking details. The Student Loans Company said students were particularly vulnerable to "phishing" attempts around the main payment dates, in September, January and April. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-37408373
  6. After having my car "serviced" at kwik-fit (they didn't actually succeed in completing all of the task - I'm not convinced that they even changed the oil), the manager mentioned that I needed the wheel alignment fixing as it was a few degrees out. This confused me as: 1. Checking the alignment is not part of the interim service 2. I had recently had the alignment fixed by another garage and the car drove perfectly well since then. So I questioned the manager about his figures and his reply worried me. He simply said that "the readings do tend to exagerate things a bit". This is not what
  7. Hello Ive got quite a big problem, on the 23rd of July my partner signed up to slimtoneplus and body cleanse on a 14 day free trail, I then went to check my balance today and exactly 14 days after she started the free trail I have been billed £75 and £37.50. I cant talk to anyone now because they are closed but i wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them, please someone help it has put me in a very bad position still weeks before payday. JB
  8. Not quite sure which forum to put this one but I think its worth sharing.... Over the last few weeks, we appear to be getting an increased level of cold calls and known [problem] calls. Some on mobiles but some on main home land-line. Not unusual in itself but it appears that there may be new technology out there, that spoofs your caller display into showing you a number with your own towns dialing pre-fix. When you see a call coming in from your own town, you naturally think its a genuine call. We've had 2 separate calls this week where we actually hung on until someone s
  9. I sent this to Forces War Records: "Forces War record" "Thanks for taking money from my credit card without Authorization. The original “come-on” was “download forces war record for 99p” After 10 days you would lose database access, if not renewed. I did not agree to any TERMS to continue. By default a profile was set up which included “auto renew my subscription” box. By default this box was ticked. Cash sums were illegally removed from my credit card. I feel that I must warn other people of this [problem], especially Old Age Pensio
  10. In 2011, MBNA got a bit heavy with my husband by doubling his minimum payments even when he said he couldn't afford them. He got a phone call a week or so later from a company called Wise 2 Debt who claimed to be a government funded debt management company who would deal with the MBNA on his behalf and get the interest frozen and to ignore any letters from MBNA and they would deal with it if he just paid them a fixed amount every month. An agreement was made and the letters kept coming from MBNA but they were ignored, as advised. Eventually h
  11. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and
  12. I signed up for the 14 day free trial which ends on 13th Oct 2014. I attempted to cancel the subscription, but could not get any further. When clicking on the "cancel subscription" link, I was taken to a page where I had to verify my email address by inputting the password. When I hit "Enter" NOTHING HAPPENS! This system will NOT let me cancel the subscription! So what next ?
  13. For those people that were transfered from O2 to SKY, beware of what SKY is trying to do, they are trying to make you pay for services you are NOT getting. Here is my story: Everything was ok, that is, until I received the bill. On 6th Febuary 2014, I received an e-mail, saying, Welcome to sky, entitled Confirmation of your payment details. I read it, because I didn't actually confirm anything with sky regarding such details. Plus, they were already taking money from me, I presumed all was ok. What a shock I got, I am, or was, to be billed £32.42. I
  14. I am in the same boat as many others, i had a foxy account from around 2009 and in 2011 i opened a wink account, i had no idea they were the same company and after a while i closed the wink account and told the CM it was because i was trying to save money, she told me all of your other accounts with us will be closed. ..great i thought as this was the only one, my foxy account remained open and i have regularly deposited and even updated my details, i have never withdrawn though as i have never won anything substantial until this week when i won £300 i wit
  15. Hi I have received letter from Pension Credit saying the are may phone me to make sure I am getting the right amount of Benefit after 3 years I am expecting a review I have nothing to hide Is it normal for them to write and ask me to supply financial details over the phone:!: I am very wary of anything that may be a [problem] I have tried to contact Pension Credit without success
  16. Please can someone help me regarding the below please...... Dear Sir/Mam, I bought atablet a little while ago (1.5 yrs ago) from Curry’s, Staples cornerbranch. My details areas below The tabletwhich I thought I had bought was Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Now when I bought thisfrom curry’s I was told it is on a finance plan called infinity – which coversme with whatever happens policy including loss, theft, water damage etc andlots of online storage. My understandingwas after 24 months the product will be mine and I do not have to return backthe product. T
  17. I have an agreement with Brighthouse and I have fallen behind by one payment because I was away visiting family over the new year, now I'm being constantly called 12 missed calls since Saturday from 8:30 in the moring to 7:40 in the evening. Would this be breaking the Protection From Harassment act 1997 section 1 prohibition from harassment which is below. Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. (2)For the p
  18. Hi, I was recently involved in what I believe was a crash for cash collision. Although there was only very minor damage to my car, which I didn't wish make a claim for, I immediately informed my insurance company and made them fully aware. My car has been photographed by my insurance company and I have also made a statement. I were informed that if this went to court it could take up to 18 months to reach that point. I am due to renew my car insurance next month and this issue is not going to be resolved by then. I usually renew on a comparison site but I'm not s
  19. Hi all, this is my first post as I am finding myself in a very tough situation and I really don't know where to go for help. I will try and keep my post as short as possible in the hope that people won't get bored reading it and I can be offered some real advice and perhaps even a shoulder to cry on because that's what I feel I need right now. My husband did some building work for a woman two months ago and she paid him the money into his Barclays bank account via online transfer. He completed the job and a month and a half later she goes to Barclays Bank and tell
  20. Hello everyone, My first post, I'm grateful for the website and all the valuable contributions made toward it by the community. I've already had a lot of what I wanted to ask answered already through reading I have had a similar recent encounter with Collectica who have clearly operated using foul practise. All the usual intimidation tactics of a [problem] company that seem to do the rounds every so often whether it be parking fines or whatever. Something doesn't seem right Here's what I understand about this company so far. Bizarrely it's owned by Serco, and allegedly one
  21. I know there is a forum specifically for currys, but I thought this one warranted a wider audience. I needed a phone quickly to replace one that was destroyed over Christmas. I rely on my phone for work and not having a phone will seriously affect my ability to make money. I found the phone I wanted yesterday on Amazon for £395 and at Currys for £399. I checked the availability at my local currys store and it said that they had plenty at all my local stores. Rather than waiting a day or two from Amazon, I decided to order online from Currys and pick it up from my local store. This is where
  22. How an utterly plausible con-trick left John Andrews £7,000 poorer and feeling a total mug The con began with phone call from woman claiming to be an inspector 'DCI Seymour' told the couple someone was using cards to buy items She said the card had been cloned and was being used to make purchases Con rested on clever technical trick, specialist technology and acting skills We feel so stupid: how could my wife and I have been conned out of more than £7,000 by one phone conversation? The answer is that the [problem] was brilliant in design and execution. It began
  23. Hi all, So a neighbor received a letter on Thursday with their address on it but with my name at the top. The letter reads, "On the Wednesday 25th April 2012, a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff about an incident that occurred whilst on stagecoach south Western Train property. Subsequently the matter has been reported to this office..." They go on to say I should reply in writing only within 14 days of the letter and ask me to fill out my details below. The details they ask for include, name, address, national insurance number
  24. Hi guys, This is the issue: I put my car up for auction on eBay, and it 'sold'. However, the winning bidder failed to pay or make contact after issuing several invoices and emails. After a few days another eBay member (with only a few ratings/transactions, all purchases) stated that he had an emergency during the final hour of the auction and never got to place his intended bid. If the sale fell through could he make an offer. I said if the winner continued in failing to go through with his contractual obligation that I would relist the car with bin (at the previous sale price) and let him
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