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  1. I have been with the Yorkshire Bank for approx 15 years there has always been money going into the account be it benefits or salary.But I only have a basic debit card account I went into my branch just after xmas as I had £170 of bank charges taken the day before xmas eve.The lady I saw said she could not upgrade my account which was a joke as my 21 year old unemployed son had walked in there last year & was immediately given a current account including £200 over draft facility.All I wanted was an account that would allow me to have a small overdraft of £50 because the majority of my fees
  2. Just after some advice. We have an outstanding bill to YW on a former address. We were initially contacted by Rockford who wanted £50 paying monthly but we told them we can only afford £5. They agreed to this but kept sending letters to us claiming that a repayment plan had not been set up. We have paid this for a few months now. Last month we were contacted by LCS and I replied telling them how we have been paying an agreed sum of £5 to Rockford and that we will continue with this and to provide their banking details for a standing order. In response to this I have received
  3. Hi all (again). Needing a lot of advice lately! I am proof that burying your head in the sand is the worst thing you can do Yorkshire Water have a CCJ against me for unpaid water charges. I haven't made any payments against this CCJ. I received a letter dated 01 March advising me that if I didn't contact them within 7 days they would be applying to the High Court for a Writ of Execution. The amount outstanding was £674.96. I called and made an offer of payment £20 every 4 weeks, I gave her my income & expenditure details which showed £20 was what I could afford.
  4. Yorkshire Building Society is today launching the lowest ever five-year fixed rate at 2.64 per cent and cutting rates by up to 0.1 per cent. An offset option is available for the five-year fix at 2.84 per cent and the product, which is available up to 60 per cent LTV, has a £1,495 fee. The product is available direct-only. Moneyfacts notes this product represents the lowest five-year fixed rate on record, overtaking the Post Office’s 2.74 per cent rate as the market leader. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/yorkshire-building-society-launches-markets-lowest-ever-five-yea
  5. Hi,im after a bit of help re:mobility bus pass, i got a 1 yr mobility pass which expires in a few weeks, ive re:applied for it again and was basically asked me the same questions over the phone but got a letter saying they had turned me down,so i am appealing the decission,and have to go to see a physio and been told they will examine my breathing, and walking (distance) and my medical history, im in receipt of dla care low rate, and not entitled to mobility high rate,which would mean i would automatically get a bus pass, basically id like some advice if anyone has actually been to one of th
  6. I have sent my first letter off to the Yorkshire bank today. I have been with the Yorkshire bank for aprox 20 years and over that period I must have paid out a lot in charges especialy when the children were younger and money was a bit tight. Does anyone know if I can claim for more than 6 years or is that the maximum time I will keep you informed as to how things are going. regards david
  7. A NEW mental health service for veterans and reserves has been launched in East Yorkshire. Specialist nurses in the region are helping military veterans get help for a range of conditions, including depression, whether they are related to combat or not. The Veterans Outreach Service found many ex-military workers struggled to talk about mental health problems or found it difficult to approach their own GP. Now, Humber NHS Foundation Trust is providing specialist nurses to cover the region, chat to veterans and work with them to get the help they need. http://www.thisishulla
  8. Hi, I took out a loan for £4000 with Yorkshire bank in 2002. I have recently put in a claim for PPI. I have the account number and I know the details of when it was taken out, which branch and roughly when it was repaid. They have come back to me and said as it is older than 6 years they no longer have any details other than the loan number I provided them with so cannot do anything more unless I can provide them with the original loan agreement which I no longer have... ..Is there anything I can do now or is that it? Is it worth going to the financial ombu
  9. i called in to yorkshire bank last year to ask them to trace the name of the company who i was insured with 3 years ago,but they said the information on they computors get wiped off their systems after 2 years,its really important i get the name of the compay i was insured with,as they have got 8 years no claims bonus of mine,which i need back asap for my car insurance,is there a email address for yorkshire bank? or could you tell me who i can get intouch with to help me find out
  10. My partner and I have been working hard at paying off debt to get his credit rating up so we can get a mortgage before our second child is born. All was going well, we had paid off around 7k in the last six months, cleared all outstanding debt and his rating had shot up to excellent. Then at the beginning of Nov, we got an unexpected water bill for £600. Part of the reason it was unexpected was because over the past year ourwater bills had suggested that we were in credit. Prior to this, around the time I was expecting our first child, we were going through a rough time financially, and w
  11. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has had success in a PPI claim from the Yorkshire Bank? my husband took out a loan of £3,000 with YB in 2001. He doesn't have any paperwork and the branch he took out the loan with are useless. I have sent a SAR letter to the address given on here with the £10 cheque. Has anyone done this and how long do they take to get back to you? The SAR was sent a couple of weeks ago but the cheque has still not been cashed. Still no letter either. Do YB drag it out as long as possible? Should we be prepared for a long battle?
  12. Hi, Been an avid viewer of the forums for some time as it gives fantastic advice... Here's the story anyway... My girlfriend has had a MCOL from yorkshire water for the whole year ( we're not on a meter ). ..because we both started on JSA and couldn't pay it for 2 months as we were waiting for the claim to go through... As we were a couple of months late.. ..( due to just trying to keep the lights on ) they went straight down the court route... Claim is for £265 Solicitors £50 Court Fee £15 Now....i've acknowledged service for her ( it's in her name only as
  13. It seems Jonathon Compton AKA Student Debt Recovery and Hull and East Yorkshire Debt Recovery Ltd has been a very naughty boy; http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Serial-fraudster-stole-400k-businesses-jailed/story-16647731-detail/story.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?250579-Student-Debt-Recovery-and-Hull-and-East-Yorkshire-Debt-Recovery-Ltd
  14. Here is the story (numbers are rounded) Yorkshire water billed us for about £600 for year 2012-2013. £300 due in April, £300 due in October. April instalment bill by some reason was not paid. Now they filed money claim for £725, (£600 plus £70 legal fee plus £55 court fee. The same one went to Mrs. Readalot.) Aprently we are whooping 2 month late with the first payment. My actions so far. - Called them and notified them that Mrs. Readalot is not anymore a leaseholder or owner of the property in question (lease was changed long time ago and it is in my na
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