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  1. ... in August 2015 BT hoovered £50 out of my bank account. I had cancelled BT sport in 2014 when my team were relegated and now out of the blue without any authorization from me they take my money. A year after cancellation! Their phone system is a joke. I was on the phone for half an hour (I timed it) just to cancel a contract I had NOT taken out. Later a guy from BT Billing rang me back who refused to listen to anything I was saying. Not least that I had cancelled the service in September 2014, that I had not been having the service since September 2014 nor been paying for
  2. Hi everyone A couple of years ago I looked into trying to reclaim PPI that was brokered by Norton Finance as part of a secured loan I took out in October 2004 to consolidate some debts. I borrowed £ 40000 repayable over 25 years and the broker insisted I have the PPI which was to cover loan repayments for accident, redundancy and sickness for the first 5 years of the term of the loan. they added £ 9790 for the PPI. In October 2006 I decided to remortgage and so the secured loan was repaid after just two years. Now, when I enquired to First Plus about the mis-
  3. If there is a dispute regarding goods that may have been seized by bailiffs and the debtor considers that those goods should not have been taken as they were considered (for one reason or another) to be exempt, then the regulations provide that there is a proper and FREE procedure that should be made under section 85 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Unfortunately, it would seem that debtors are wrongly making application to the County Court for injunctions and so far, we have yet to see one succesful case. Instead, there are many cases now being reported where debtors are having substantial
  4. This rip-off charge called a line rental is being increased yet again. This won't just be BT, they will all follow suite and up theirs as well, so standby Sky and Virgin customers. We're changing some of our prices from 20 September 2015 Line rental will go up by £1 per month. We've also made changes to some of our other prices and terms. Changes to our phone and TV prices are shown below. To check changes to your broadband package, click here (you'll need your account number and telephone number to log in). Standard Pricing† Calls to UK landlines and the Access Charge for
  5. I originally posted these in another thread... mods please feel free to delete those posts now... HI all! I'm new to CAG, unfortunately i, like most others here i suppose, have an ongoing 'billing issue' with one of 'the big six' which i have been trying to resolve for the past few months.... This thread is absolutely fascinating and has certainly added to my knowledge which, again unfortunately, i have been put in the position of HAVING to acquire. I have had months of stress, guarantees, inaction, SERIOUSLY insulted by a call centre member of staff.. the list goes o
  6. Got a summons this morning from my local authority for non-payment of Council Tax. I have been paying over 12 months despite them never actually issuing me a bill. I went and found the value of the CT and have been paying via Bank Transfer a value more than the 12 monthly figure. In December the Council changed their Bank account and this was the first letter we had all year. I duly corrected my payment on the bank but only paid £1 for the month. This would have put me slightly behind and in mid-January we got a 'Council Tax Reminder Notice' (No idea if its the 1st, 2nd or final) so I split th
  7. Will try to be brief: Bought a car circa 7 weeks ago for £2000. Dealer gave me a receipt. Also gave ME the entire V5 to fill in and send off! Within days I thought that there were issues with the car. I had filled in the V5...but did not send off. I figured at this point (perhaps somewhat misguided?) that if the dealer refused to carry out repair work to make the car right....I might stand a better chance of getting a refund and giving the car back if I told him he could have the V5 back - tipex my details - and so hence not record another owner on it - who then would look like
  8. Hello all. I am a new member of this Forum, thankyou for allowing me to join you. Here in Sleaford the Aldi supermarket uses Parking Eye to manage their car parking. PE has cameras at the entrance/exit and various notices around. These state that, to qualify for a free 1 1/2 hrs. parking the motorist has to enter their reg. number at consoles in the store. These are situated at a point after the tills before the store exit. The signs state that failure to comply with this will, note will, result in a parking charge of £70. I know of several people being ch
  9. Just making sure that everything I have done is correct. hubby got a claim form this week with an issue date of 10th March. So far i've acknowledged and am defending the whole amount, have sent HSBC a CPR 31.14 and have SAR'd them. THE HISTORY Originally hubby had a credit card, got into difficulty paying it off but all payments made were on time. They called him into the bank and offered him a managed loan to pay it all off which he took. We got into financial difficulties so hubby stopped paying it, he has had loads of letters which he hasn't kept so I do
  10. Two weeks back I received the standard letter that my CB based ESA will be finishing in June. Now I still have my Appeal pending after is was postponed in December as they wanted more info. Whilst I realise that the letter is pretty standard, if my Appeal is still pending when June arrives can they legally take me off of CB based ESA? Another curiosity, Pension credit told me I couldnt go onto IB ESA when my CB finished and I would need to go onto full Pension credit, there was no option !
  11. Hi all I have posted a previous post about an issue I had at work. Due to a medical problem I have at the moment I have been told that my duties now need to people to do. Which is great for me in the respect of my injury. The problem I have now is the company are putting me with the person who has verbally attacked me as in my last post. This man has also had the pleasure of calling me to tell me that I was not to work on my own. Which I knew nothing of the management decision until I got the call from this person. I have been told if I do not work with the man that attacke
  12. For those who don't know me I have had the lovely dealing with a company called Wage Payment and Payday Loans Ltd ran by a man (I wont use the word gentleman as he certainly isnt) claiming that I owed money, to the extent of him placing a claim against me, which he later retracted after proving to him that I did not owe a thing, did i get an apology from him? Nope I got a phone call from the police stating that I was harassing him and sending threatening emails??? (the post is here -- its lengthy: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?297067-Company-says-that-I-owe-them-mon
  13. Hi, I'm looking for some advice as Harlands seem to be saying I'm wrong at every point. When signing up for the gym I went into the store and asked: Can I leave the contract as I will be moving to uni late into it? Was told yes. Will there be any charges for leaving? No. Is there a way you can list these questions down on my profile so I have record of asking them? "Sure I'll do that now." So when I came to cancel as I had a chest operation in July, I was told I had to have a doctors form and send them £25 in cash/cheque, which I sent. And when I rang up today because t
  14. Hey CAG, I've been a silent reader for a while and find myself requiring a little advice. Basically I took out a 24 month contract with Orange, beginning 1st March 2011. The contract was due to expire on the 1st March 2013. I was paying by Direct Debit, up until a few months before the contract ended, where I cancelled with my bank so I could delay the bill payment for a few days. No issues there. However, when it came to the end of the contract period, according to my contract small print, I was required to give one month notice of cancellation. After having trouble actually contact
  15. Hi, can anyone give advice? as I'm really worried. I got seriously ill and had to say of work while this happened i got into debt for £7000, this debt went to around £10,000 due to them keep adding interest and also court costs. Was served papers to go to court for questioning, i attended court, they agreed that i had limited income and i could not afford to pay anything. Then around 3 months i get a letter from the Court saying another company has taken over my debt, i didnt know this could happen? I am now getting another process server coming to
  16. So, there were pilots of PIP which started in April. Anyone heard about how this is all going? Or is it too early yet?
  17. My husband has run into difficulties with Wonga, the emailed him to say that his payment has bounced but it seems from internet banking that they have taken part of the payment - how do we go about getting this back, we have requested a repayment plan and I have sent a letter saying they are no longer authorised to take monies from his debit card - any other info greatly received and thank you in advance for your assistance. SFx
  18. Sorry, another thread for Very !! I'm worried about a debt we have with them, my wife has approx £4000 owing and the APR is just under 40%, so in just over 2 years it will have doubled and in just over 4 years time it will have increased to £16,000. Due to changes in circumstances I've now written the initial letter to Very offering £50 p/m which is about all we can afford at the moment, and asked for the interest to be frozen - I'm not convinced they will do this (it strikes me that the type of company to charge 40% APR will not be sympathetic). One thing I've read is that a CCJ will nor
  19. Hi, am in WRAG, informed of this about Nov 25th. Since then, not heard anything. How long does it usually take for all the interview stuff to start? Thanks.
  20. Hope you stick with me as it's a little long winded. On tuesday of this week I had a visit fom a very abusive Rossendale baliff. I wanted to try and get some advice on a couple of things and whilst googleing Rossendale , I came across this forum. In september of last year I answered the door to what I now know was a Rossendale Baliff. He told me that I owed council tax which amounted to £440. I agreed to pay £60 a month , I sorted this out on the door step as I know never to let them in. I paid 2 months and then money became tight, inbetween this I changed jobs so thin
  21. And the DVLA does nothing And the BPA does nothing (no surprises there) And they try to tell us that POPLA is independent!!! Oh how we laughed.
  22. Firstly, Hi to one and all - new member here. I'd like to say thank you to all the informative and helpful posters who I have been reading for a while now. I feel much more confident about my problems now that I know a bit more than your average Joe! Now, the problem.... Got myself into a stupid payday trap like many have on here, with multiple loans covering each other until I reached breaking point recently and couldn't keep up. Most lenders have been very understanding, especially textloan, who I e-mailed a payment plan on my balance which was agreed no questions asked, and with no ext
  23. My partner had an accident just over 3 months ago which left us without his wage and to cut a long story short, he is now disabled. DLA hasn't been sorted out yet, ESA has......so to cover for a while pay day loans were taken out, and as ashamed and embarrassed as I am I need to talk to someone, all I want to do is cry all the time. They are as follows PaydayUK - 516.00 Paydayexpress - 425.00 minicredit - 156.00 WagedayAdvance - 388.50 1monthloan - 80.20 Lendingstream - 123.50 I am more than happy to cancel card as I have another anyway where my wage goes into. but I'm just
  24. I have been blissfully unaware of this for a number of months/years as neither Equifax or Experian report it on their own files but according to Noddle there is a default of £158 to Vodafone from 2010. Now I don't dispute the fact I may owe the money and would like to get to the bottom of it and have this removed from my credit file. I first of all spoke to someone on the online chat facility of the Vodafone website who couldn't find my details, so she rang me and put me through to Collections. They also could not find any account details and was directed to send a letter to "Esther Stapl
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